Hasan Ali – How to get sins forgiven by salat al-tasbeeh

Hasan Ali
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Guys, do you want your sins forgiven like razorblade forgiven? The Prophet Lawson said to his uncle, our boss of the love and he told him to do this next action and he said, This is what he's going to get. He said, Your sins and well who are the first and last forgive him? He said Kadima who were heavy. They said that old sins the nuisance recent sins forgiven, he said, the things that you did out of, you know, Hata, which is as a mistake, and the sins that are done on purpose forgiven is asahina who can be reset the small sins, the great sins forgiven? is a settler who Alinea the sins that you've done because the government secrecy and

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since that you didn't get them in open, forgiven, guys, this is a lot of sphere. And a lot of scholars have said all the combined narrations together come to a level of Hassan divided which is, you know, it's acceptable. Or they say sign the lady that it's authentic for a different reason. So you can practice this, a lot of scholars have have accepted this. Now, how do you do serata spear? Okay, so that's the space for rockets. And the process. So let's talk about so they learn how to do it everyday if you can, if not every every Juma, if not every month, if not every at least once a year, he told him to do this. So here's a chance to do select the sphere and get those sins

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forgiven, like raise a baby shower. So what you do is you start off by saying that we're local, and then there are a few generations of generations of went to say what to say, but I'm going to give you the easiest narration of all of them. Okay, this is the easiest one. And you're going to remember one thing, right, which is before factor one, you're going to do this you're going to say that this be 15 times Okay, that that's going to tell you now and in all other positions is going to be 10 1010. Now let me explain how it is okay, so you start off. He said, blah, blah, blah. You tie your hands. Okay, you say 200 a lot more behind the Caracas Banco de la gente como la. Now before

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Fatiha say 15 times Why are you standing say Subhana Allah He will humbly lay you well. I love Allah Subhana Allah u 111. Iodine, Allahu Allah 15 times repeat, this easy way to count is to press your fingers. Okay, so this is number one, as you're holding, as you're holding this, press this as one, press that to press that three, press that four, so you got a count of hundreds of percent five versus six like that. each finger just just press a little bit so you know where you are. And you know how many times you said it and it's easy to count. One hand five, another hand five, the Nice hand fires 15 days Hanalei will handle level eight and Lola. Now once you've done that, then you say

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sort of heart to heart, and then you say any surah you want. And then now before the ruku, you need to say again Subhana lykki. Well, hamdulillah he was Allah Allah but 10 times a second, just press your fingers and know that this is 10 times you said it and now you're going to recall supernova dreams from

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now in ruku. Before you get up, you say again 10 times Subhanallah you 100 language, Allah, Allah say that 10 times and then get up. Now why are you standing you say something, I love them and how many there have been I would have been harmed. And whatever you know, 100 curfew on table if you want to add down so and so on. But then you say before going to says that say again? 10 times Subhan Allah He will humbly lady well I love Allahu Akbar, say 10 times and they're going to salute now in your sector, of course, 100 will Allah and also have mentality we want to say? And then again, 10 times Subhana Allah He 100 Allahu Allah, Allahu Allahu Akbar. And then you sit in between the two

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soldiers, and again, before you go to the next stage that you say Subhan Allah He 100 Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, but 10 times again, then you're going to find the center of the rocker. And you say after Swami Radha, three times you will say so how to live you were hamdu lillahi wa ala lower level for 10 times. Now, if you've counted how many times you've said it in this one record, it's 75 times. So 15 times before Fatiha. Okay, let's let's count this Okay, 15 times before Fatiha, then 10 times before record was 25 and 10 times in Roku 35, then 10 times while standing after record, that's 4510 times the first says that 5510 times between the two sides. There's the 65 and

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10 times in the finances that is 75. Now, all you have to do is repeat this for the next three records. So now you get to to your second record. And remember what I said before far too high, you say 15 times of Hanalei, he would humbly like you La la la la and then just carry on the slides as I said the first record you're going to do again six second record you came to to hear after the second occasion to to hear I should rely lower sugar. No, I'm not assuming you've said that you stood up okay. Before fighting again. 15 times of handler you will humbly lay well I have a low lower and then the rest the same

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For the for the third record for the fourth record each record you're going to factor how you can do su rock and then just repeat everything I've said I've said which is before recorded attend that in record 10 after record 10 in a sense that 10 between three sides is 10 and in the final says the 10 as well the 75 in every single one of the records in total you would have done a 300 times this is the spear so the Hanalei you were hungry leg was lower but Okay, now guys just do this make yourself feel really good inshallah our sins will be forgiven razorblade, stylish Allah and Allah azza wa jal milazzo accepted, accept your Avada and as I've said, it's it's it's a no many scholars have said

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this is completely this Salah is completely fine to do because the different narrations different combination of the different chains of narration make it a strong or make it a headache that that is acceptable.

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