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AI: Summary © The Prophet salallahu's use of the symbol Aisha, which symbolizes the influence of the Prophet on people's behavior, led to the influence of the Prophet on a woman named Aisha who was on the battle of overhear. The influence on a woman named Melissa, who claimed to have won a race with her sister, led to her being a woman of what she was. The importance of not giving too many false assumptions about a woman named verily led to her being a woman of what she was. A young woman with a shoulder injury and was watching a dance performance by the Prophet Islam, who had a chin injury and was watching the performance.
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Shadow The Allahu anha is one of those young Sahaba she was very young. She came to the provinces and house. You know what the thing was about her was that she liked many of the Sahaba she was very eager to learn.

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And she observed all the features of the Prophet salallahu Salam, she watched what was Muslim did what he didn't do and she became one of the greatest Muhaddith that one of the greatest narrators of Hadith. She narrates 2000 a Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And one of the things about Aisha Radi Allahu Anhu was

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that she loved and as he wanted, you know, before I sort of finished the, you know, before I can finish the talk, I must say to you that the Sahaba the Allah and again one of the reasons why they were like this was the character of the Prophet Allah so He blended into people wherever they were he blended into them so if you when he was with his friend Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu anhu, he blended into that age. Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu was two years younger than Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he blended with him. But when he was was was a son was with Khadija who was 15 years older than him. He blended with her at her age. And when she was almost read later on with Isha, but the Allah Anna,

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who is many, many, many years younger than him, he blended with her according to her age. So she says that the Allahu anha she talks about when Prophet salallahu Salam used to sit. And he used to say he used to talk about resources, say, you know, my wife Khadija who passed away, she was a wonderful woman. And of course, young Sahar via, you know, young woman hearing that her husband is talking about another woman who, man, guys never do that in your life. Okay? Never don't even come back from another house and say that Curry was nice, you'd be dead.

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Don't say that. See? They're not laughing they know they'll kill you. Right? So here's just two lessons and talking about another character and saying how wonderful she was. And obviously burning, it should have the Allahu anha. So she says, yeah, yeah, I know. I know. She must have had like a tooth missing here. She was an old woman, wasn't she? She probably was getting a bit too old and so on. Now, how does a woman say that because of the character of Sula, Salah, and he allowed that he blended in with her. He blended in fact, when he used to come, she used to get a kiss on the cheek when de Sousa says And we used to come in her quarters. And he used to say with the beautifulness of

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smiles, he said how are you Aisha? How are things going? Are you okay and so on the clock the process and then you know he used to come down to her level, her level. In fact there are Hadith that describe the prophets of Allah Allah and by night, most of them we get through I should have the Allahu Anna and he was very affectionate towards her. Without her we wouldn't have any of that. But not only that, she grew up to be a woman of what she was still young. And she she wanted just like the other wives of the prophets, Allah Smith, she wanted to journey with the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam. So what happened is that she journeyed with him, she was on the battle of overheard.

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She was there. What was she doing? She was serving water to the Sahaba or the Allahabad mind. Now according to different narrations, her age would have been at this time in overheard, her age would have been around 15 years of age or let's say

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five now about 13 years of age, or according to another nation with 23 years of age, whichever it was, she was a young sabia who's carrying water while men are fighting on the battlefield and given them and if there was any, if there were any Sahaba who were injured, they had the duty the women had the duty to pick them out or bring them back into the tents to look after them. She had that with her. Why and not only that, you know once she's she you know prophesied Allah Saddam, he used to go out sometimes. And he used to just go for a walk with his with a couple of his wife, sometimes one wife something a couple of days. I used to go for a walk, Star food law, Melissa, the staff Rula

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for a walk for work, work,

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work. This is our profit and loss of going for a walk with his wives couple of his wives all with one wife. And once what did I show the Alana? She says she says to him, she says mengirim Allah she says, You know what? Let's have a race.

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Just me and you have a race process and said, Okay, you want to race Let's have a race.

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On your marks, get set. Go. Both of them raced each other. This is recorded in the Hadith.

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Raised each other,

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and Rasulullah Salah some betta.

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Then, few years later,

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I think about another 678 years later, she said to the Prophet, Allah Salam, another occasion she said, Ministry of Allah, Let's have a race. He said fine, it's a race.

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So they had a race this time I checked the hola Anna she beat the Prophet Allah Islam. Allah Aqua is recording that hadith. In fact, as being a young Sahaba once

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she put her chin unto the shoulder of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is a Hadith in Bukhari is the last narration I'll give you because time is new into Mowgli plus you're gonna see some of the books as well and we're gonna give up the third hole as well as the last one I will say to you is that she had the chin of the prophets and her own chin on the shoulder of the prophets, Allah Allah is Allah hadith of Buhari, and he was in his quarters of his hoogenraad. Inside his, you know, they used to have his curtains. And these were his little, you could call them compartments that he had. And from there they watched out on to the courtyard of the masjid where there was some Ethiopians or

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Abyssinians, who had come to demonstrate a war dance. It was just a play sort of dance of war. And they were demonstrating it and Rasulullah Saracen was watching that, and his wife, beloved wife, I showed the Alana she was watching it with the prophets of Allah Islam. And she was watching, watching watching promises and was watching with her until President said, Aisha, is that enough? She said, now, so they kept on watching, watching watching and he said after a little while, I said, is that enough? He said, No Mr. Ally not enough. And she kept on watching with him, loving to test her her love and the love of the private citizen for herself until she said that you know what, now

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his shoulders must be hurting him. And then then when brucellosis master. She said that is enough, and they both came back into the pile. Now what does that show that shows Rasulullah saw some how he was with this young Sahabi are the Allah who are unhappy