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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of red flags when it comes to religion and how it can affect one's relationship with others. They explain that some people, like the interrupted couple of years, do not want to marry and do not want to practice religion. They also mention that people who do not the right or want to practice religion are considered a red flag.
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So what are the red flags that I think it is so important for you to

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immediately when you see it to hit the break and to reevaluate?

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I think one of the biggest red flags when it has to do with the religion and I want to break this down to many points, red flags that are related to the legit number one one someone who is basically

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have and I'm talking about I'm not talking about somebody who's not from your same religion that's that's a different conversation, talking about someone who's Muslim like it, but someone with a with the with the Abida or a belief that is against what you believe in.

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Like you marry someone, okay? Who is not on your belief.

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On Faizal, a sister that I know

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she married a guy even though she's so she knew that this person is shot from the shell.

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But she's Sydney, she's a convert to Islam, she converted to be a Muslim said. She said, I was in a situation I need money, I need to pay my rent. I couldn't find anyone except this neighbor of mine, who was nice enough to pay my rent several times. And the fourth time he said that will be your Maha considered all the previous payments.

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I agree. I told him but your shear. I'm Sydney he said now. She says I know the red flag. But I didn't listen to it. I didn't pay. He's like secular. He's thus in America reason. Most of us live in America. He's from overseas, isn't cared about she is and he said I don't care about you. After the first kit, going back to his country, guess what? Mom and Dad starting saying to our kids? Yeah, Lee. Yeah, her saying, you know, all these kinds of she things start embedded to our kit. So many people marry a Christian woman or someone who was like Christian, and all of a sudden, after a while. You never go to church. But now since you're going to the mustard, I want to take my kids to

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the church. So things change after a while. And I became something she has to deal with and get divorce and have a kids when she was young age divorce, she couldn't take it anymore. Because she see things that does Cooper should and be dad that she cannot take.

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Another person told me about his story, his wife, she was prescribed to some extreme kid of Salafi groups. And he's not this kind of person. So when you see someone like that, it actually caused a lot of damage in their relationships later. Someone will follow certain shoe hung up then and believes in and you know, some kind of that that's a red flag. And that's a big red flag.

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Because your spousal impact

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at the man but was up some Angela himolla. He's a chef. Remember ashmit

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When he went to Yemen, the Yemeni people want to hold him in Yemen. He's not from Yemen.

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But the people of sun out want to hold him in Yemen. So what they did the metod him a woman from sun hat from Yemen. But she was a Shia. He asked his chef has just said Don't marry her.

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Any student of knowledge he thinks that he's Jonnie simians follower, he married her. Guess what, when you read the biography of God was up to date. They said what kind of Etosha year he was influenced by Shia Islam.

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Or him Allah, she influenced him.

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So one of the red flags that I considered a big red flags when it comes to the religion when you see someone who is very different, also, not necessarily that that believe or prescribe to a certain sector group, also groups. Like for example, I dealt with a case when someone marry a sister. And she ended up like a pro ISIS.

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And she told him my motto is to go live in Syria.

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Guess where he's living right now?

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He's doing 18 years in jail.

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You know, so, exactly. There is living right now. But you know what, that's a red flag. Someone like Hey, I prescribed to this psycho. Like, I'm like, what all these, you know, somebody like prescribed to some like ideologies are something that is not from the Sunnah. Not from the Quran and Sunnah. That's also something that a big red flag

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another one, somebody who do not prescribe to anything, but have no respect for the religion.

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Anyone who have no respect even if this person not because I don't expect everybody listening to my talk, has to be religious person. My talk is very general. Even if you're not a religious person, even if that person he or she not religion.

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but they have respect for the religion. But don't ever be married to someone who have no respect for religion. Because in the end of the day we as Muslim religion play a role in our life. You don't want to be met if it's today or later how much you committed to this to the religion is another question but I think more important to me that you make sure you don't ever marry someone who have no respect for the religion Sophie see per se praying or fasting he makes fun of you or have no respect for allowing you to spend money or time and learning your religion. You know, have no respect for your teachers for the Quran that you learn someone like that you don't want to have as a

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husband or a wife

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somebody respect religion value religion, so anyone who showed disrespect to religion is something for me a considered a big red flag to make you know what pulled up yes, people might change later on when it comes to how much they committed to the religion any I don't know much I learned in my own loss grew religiously. We married or would not very practicing Muslims and now we grow together. That's understand, but someone who have no respect for the religion and all considered this backwards stuff. That's a red flag.