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The importance of praying for Allah's presence and connection with the waif is discussed, as well as the need for a culture of peace and acceptance. The speakers emphasize the importance of staying true to Islam and the need for a culture of peace and acceptance. They also discuss the importance of forgiveness and providing bonuses for those who do so. The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be a mix of personal and professional personalities discussing their emotions.

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my point is knuffle prayers, extra prayers that we pray, not the fart prayers but the extra prayers we pray. We're supposed to use them as an opportunity to get closer to Allah. And even fourth prayers were supposed to have our mind in knuffle prayers or fod. prayers were supposed to have our mind. And the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam used to have his mind they know the prayers.

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But there's a secret of how to get ourselves to do this. And there's a secret of getting ourselves to be connected with a lot. Now some of us might not might not know the translation of the Arabic of the Quran that we read this fine today's session, you'll see that to get connected with a la xojo You don't have to have your Arabic I mean, it's really good. I'm not saying to you not to learn Arabic or not to learn the Salah sections look.

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If you can please at least once in your lifetime, make an effort to try and make your your head know that when you say Alhamdulillah it means all praise when you say lilla he is for Allah. When you say Robbie, it's my Lord when you say Allahu Allah mean is the world so All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the world. Try and get your mind to know that it's a really important part of a Muslims life. It's really important part. Okay? Because what it will do is, it will make us feel that we know what we sing with Allah, there's got to be a connection there. We can't carry on all our lives. Allahu Akbar.

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Love, love, love.

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reciting, reciting, reciting, reciting. I don't know what you're thinking about.

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I don't know where the mind is going. Because there's no connection with that kind of Salaam in that kind of Salah is a tick box,

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which means you've just done the job.

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A guy just checked in his workplace, done something got a tick box. I was here. I was here guys. Yeah, I was here. He gets the salary or the paycheck at the end of the month. But he hasn't really done a good job of what he's supposed to do. It's just a tick box is just look a lot in my fine angels. I've written it down, gone long gone. Fine. you've prayed. You're one of those who's prayed. But in terms of the internal problems we have for them to disappear in terms of me becoming a person whom the Salah has the Quran and said in a salata, tanha and in fascia, you will Mancha that when you start praying, the pray itself will prevent you from doing bad deeds, and, and going towards

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obscenity and going towards things that are lewd and shameful in terms of that that's not going to happen in terms of Allah saying is that he knew somebody was Salah, Salah is a means of you getting help from Allah, that's not going to happen very rarely that's going to happen with that kind of Salah in terms of me becoming a person who Allah said, If let me know you are successful now. And Allah said la comunidad de una Latina Arizona fear those, those people who will actually earn the right to go to genital for those, that's not going to happen in terms of Allah saying harsher in those people who are in turn in turn, they fear me. And those people who are always thinking about

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returning back to me on the Day of Judgment, how they're going to meet me and how they're going to see when the dead doesn't mean that's not going to happen in terms of me becoming a person who wants I do the Salah, and my Allah is the one who is talking to me and I'm enjoying the salah and Ally's replying back to me and all that. I mean, the reply might be there but the benefits of all of that

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is not going to be my life in terms of a person having mood because Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa Salatu knew he said Salah is light for me to get light in my heart light in my life becoming pure in my life. That's all happening in terms of me being a person who finds comfort in Salah, because it says in a hadith of Bokhari when something used to bother the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam he used to come straight in the masjid and he used to get straight in his Salah.

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And that's the thing that used to relieve him. In fact, he said to bill out of the alarm on who he said bill or to bill out because he believed or the alarm used to give the event. Ariana de sala de la obala by giving the event relieve us in terms of Salah becoming a matter of relief not a matter of burden and matter of me making it a cooling element because Professor Lau has been said in one Hadith or Salatu kurata

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Salah cools me now, Salah is the appeal of Mize Salah is something that is so desirable to me in terms of that that's not going to happen to me or you if we do that kind of Salah where it's just,

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you know glucose

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due to the cause three root cause which recur my legs get up

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and trying to choose the shortest sewers and trying to cut corners and whatever. And some people find the fatwa that you know, you could say a shadow line and lotion or Mohammed Abdullah Zulu, alongside Allah, Mohammed

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Abdullah, that sooner or sooner today's to say the Salawat and you know, cut it there and my smash one Oh, blossom cross a once even Can I just go in there and come back up again? Would it be counting and looking for those photos and do the cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, and some people don't even straight in the back? When they went to doing this? A lot of you see some people say Mallanna Allahu Akbar, one of my teachers said, he said we call this Salah

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dolla dolla Whopper. So the guy says semia law holy man Jaime de is supposed to straighten your back. And you're supposed to wait for a little while. Okay, and then say Aloha. But yes, this guy says semirara law we live in LA who akeeba and sand straight back into from one straight into the other one are some people in between the surgeons you see them the local law

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they haven't even straighten them back yet alone.

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Up law up down. This kind of Salah is not going to even if you're doing it a little bit faster, but it's not with the rhythmic not with the with the passion to try and get the closest with Allah is not going to happen. So let me start first start with the brothers and sisters who are listening. Try at least once in your life to go mentally through all the salah and when I'm reading the Arabic when I'm reading the Arabic I can sort of, you know put together what I'm saying it's important for a Muslim to do that. So Allahu Akbar, Allah is the Greatest lies the greatest. So hi Nicola home glorified are your law firm? And I praise you a lot. What about a cosmic blast is your name mattala

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dukane. So hi is Your Majesty, Allah, Allah have a look and there is no other God besides you. I hold the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. I seek refuge in Allah, Who is I see refuge in Allah from from the outcasted devil Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem and In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the most kind. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen This is the servant he says. I say this, that All praise belongs to Allah Who is the Lord of all of the worlds

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and to pause there and then a Rahmani Raheem. Why pause there? If you can pause it you don't have to pause there. You can say altogether Alhamdulillah Allah Amina Rahmani Raheem Malika MIDI but if you can pose that pose them Why? Because you allowed the agenda he replies back in according to hadith of Muslim hamadani Abdi my servant has praised me, Allah says that to the angels, and then r Rahmani Raheem the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the most kind. Allah azza wa jal replies back by seven Athan, Allah yahagi my seven has truly, truly given some some praise and said some words of praise for me. Maliki omit the Master of the Day of Recompense or Day of Judgment. And

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Allah says for whether la you have the MD, my servant has said that I am in charge of all matters is delegated all matters to me, have been me ouabain ab de la Abdi masal. Later on Allah says, this is something between me and my servant and my seven will shall have what he's asking for. Why? Because the servant is really connecting with Allah. He cannot do for you only do we worship or serve? What Yeah, kind of Stein you only do seek help. And Allah azza wa jal at that point, he says, you know, this is too dangerous. This is between me and my servants, or my sermon. My servant shall have what he's asking for and then we say a dinner Serato Mr. De Mola, guide me to the straight path, meaning

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guide me and make me like Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Make me like the MBR Allah him salatu salam who are all on the straight path. Make me like the chosen ones. Those who are the righteous people, those who are close to you, those who are sidiki in the truthful ones, make me like them. serata levina naantali him the pathway of those whom you have favored by email via email or bar lead. I don't want to be on the pathway of those who have earned your anger. I don't want to be on the pathway of those who have who have earned

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You're off.

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And then person says, you know, a surah, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem In the Name of Allah, the Most kind, the Most Merciful. And then to get to the next part, whatever the sudama might be, and if you can just get one or two suitors in your mind, just the meaning of it. It's brilliant short Sutras, short sellers. Let's just say for example, if you were to choose Elijah and US law he will fit How many of you know that Sora Ivanka and US law you will know that Sora hands up Hands up.

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Okay, that's good. Most of you know that good. Let me do that one. Either.

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Through law he will forget when the help of Allah and the Triumph came

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of a loss of agenda when it comes

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to atanas and you when you see a lot of people, they will come into the fold of Islam in troops for sub back behind the ROB big at that point. At that point, him the praise of your Lord

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was still fear and seek forgiveness in Canada wobba surely he's the one who who accepts the Toba and the repentance of his servants. Subhana Allah the surah if you study it, you know that Allah azza wa jal has given the surah to the province of Lahore, it's about the end of his life when he will be triumphant anyway, person will will you know, just say the surah will know that that allows Odin is powerful. That's what's in his mind. Allahu Akbar, Allah is the greatest ally is greater than everything that is out there. Super hanabi allow the my lord is so pure, the great one. So here is my Lord, the great so pure is my lord the great Subhana Allah Subhana Allah to head down semia

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Allahu leemon hamidah Allah has listened to the one who has praised him Allah has accepted from the one who has praised him robina Lord la callaham Allah callaham for you is praise Allahu Akbar. Allah is the Greatest that you're on the ground with your nose, they with your forehead, they with your palms, with your toes on the ground with your knees on the ground, and then Super hanabi and Allah my lord is so pure, their highest Allah highest, Allah anandi what I'm the lowest in this position, you're thinking of Allah, you know the thinking of Allah and the Prophet Allah Hartman said what up Cora boo Maja Kula abdomen rugby for who of us allottee that the closest a servant can get to Allah

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in this world the closest a servant can get to Allah is in his sajida so when we were many sujood and we're saying these words and we mean what we're saying and we're trying to get closer to Allah, you know, like you're the highest and we say that that's the closest we are to Allah Allah but it's the closest we can ever get like think about it. What what this means this means that at even when you're dry, even when you're in hajiman, when you know other other positions in your whole life, you cannot get as close closer than the part when you do so due to Allah this hadith Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Messiah, DS Subhana Allah so it's a closest let me spend some

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time here. If I can, if I can do more than three times I want to do five times if not, I won't do seven times Take your time. Take your time, say nicely and say it again. So the hanabi Allah, Allah, so pure is my Lord, the highest, the highest. So pure is my lord the highest and you want to say from your heart and then a lot of lies the greatest sit down the if you can say in between there, Rob balefully. Rob Finley My Lord, forgive me, my Lord, forgive me, it's a better thing to say. And then a lie hopper lies the greatest and again so Hannah, Rob Gill Allah a few times, and then a law paralyze the greatest and then you read sort of far too high again, with your heart, read another

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surah whatever surah that might be and try and get your like, let's say let's take for example, you know, pull out the bananas, okay, which many people know. So, say this is my Allah saying to Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam say these are all the bureau bidness I seek refuge in Allah, the Lord of mankind, mullikin nas, the king of mankind de la, he NAS, the God of mankind, inshallah Lila was, was in Hannah's, from what what am i seeking refuge from, from the one who from the evil of the one who whispers the outcasts is the one who Sly and sneaky and he whispers, and levy us with refuse to loot in as the one who whispers in the hearts of men, men agenda to oneness that exists amongst the

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jinns and exists amongst mankind. Okay, so I'm seeking refuge from that and I'm asking a lot to help them from that is a wonderful drive. Once you learn that, learn the meaning of it. And then you're going to recall like I just said earlier and sudduth and you sit down

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In your dahiya

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to the

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all compliments praises they are from Allah wa salam were to an any good or a bad or a good good act of worship done it belongs to Allah or a bad and any good words said by the mouth. It's all for a law

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about a seller adhere to the Legos adhere to the Lego salvato Yvette Assalamu alayka you hanabi Oh prophet to UB Salam and basically we were sending it we're not imagining the prophet in front of us. We just saying these words and we know that Allah angels will take these words to the prophets of Allah Horace and is part of our Salah to do but we don't imagine that we've got the prophets of Allah has in front of us something that's not right Assalamu alayka un nibio prophet salam, on what law here in the mercy of Allah wa barakatu and the blessings of Allah Salah Marlena let the peace of a lobby on all of us, while arriba de la historia hain and all the righteous servants of Allah, a

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shadow Allah Illa Illa ly bear witness that there is no other God besides Allah, what I shall do under Mohammed Abdullah Sudan I bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu ism is a servant and the Messenger of Allah, Allah Houma suddenly Allah Mohammed Allah I want you to send your salutations on the Prophet sallallahu wasallam well, Allah, Allah, Mohammed and to all the family and the extended people who are beloved to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to his immediate family, to his extended family, to all the people that are even close to him, not even his family, like for example, the Sahaba and others. I want you to send it to all of them come out so late Allah Ibrahim, just as you

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said to salutations and Ibrahim Melissa Bala le bryman, to the family of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam and he is extended ones in NACA Hamid Majeed, surely you are already praised you are glorified without me having to say this Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad Allah send your blessings on Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam Allah Allah Muhammad and on to the family and the unto the extended one of the beloved ones are the prophets of Allah Allah is lm, commas come about Allah Ibrahim, just as you sent your blessings on to Ibrahim Alayhi Salam Allah Allah Ibrahim and on to the family and the extended ones of of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam in the Gambia the magician you're already praised

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you already glorified without me saying this Allahumma inni vollum to Allah I have surely wronged wrong what nwsc myself, lumen kathira great wronging I've done to myself, when I feel to know that nobody will forgive sins. lanta except for you. Follow fiddly. So forgive me, my favorite Amina and Nick. I want to forgiveness that is befitting you from your high exalted position. Not a forgiveness that is small but a great forgiveness nothing at the end. What harmony and have mercy on me in Africa and tell her food Rahim. Surely you are the one that is off forgiving and the one who has most mercy. And after that when a person has said that assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah persons looks

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to the right and says, peace and the mercy of a lot beyond to all of you now, if he's got his angel, his angel offices, they're sitting there writing all of this. So first is I've said it to that Angel. If I'm in Salah in a group of people, I say also to all the people on my right, I say to all the genes on my right as well, because there are genes who join us very good genes that join us for Salah every time we pray in congregation. So we say to all of the mighty or the angels on the side, as well as all of them. And then as salaam aleikum, wa rahmatullah my left Angel here on all the men and women, whoever on that side and all the jinns and whoever on that side, my Salaam goes to all of

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them. Okay, that is, you know, it's a different world. I've been talking to Allah All the while, yes or no guys, because yes or no. Allah's Name is in all the whole world. Now, this is on every believer to try and get it in his life just once. If you can take some time out, to learn the meaning of Salah to try and connect the mind with what I'm saying to Allah. Because if you don't my brothers, my sisters who are listening, it's you know, I've seen people who are 60 years old, who are 50 years old, who are 70 years old, who even 3040 and they've been praying and praying and praying.

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But unfortunately, they haven't got the link with a law they haven't connect to the law. Why? Because of them not engaging with the law. Now, some of you might be sitting here and thinking, well, I've wasted my life. No, you haven't wasted your life. Every time you've done your Salah, even if you do your Salah without meaning there is still reward in that don't give up Don't think well, amen. What's the point of me doing my Salah You know, I've been reading without meaning and now the Imam says well, you know, it's not good to do that.

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I'ma leave it No, you still do your salad because you are at least ticking your box because if you're not even there, then it means you're absent. You're not getting no paycheck at the end of the day if you're absent okay? If you if you come to work you might not have done a good job but you were at work they will still pay you if you never came to work from the beginning, then it's like absent without leave without paying him and that's another thing on the dead gentlemen you'll have to answer answer when you don't do your Salah. But if you do your Salah with horseshoe and with good concentration, then that means you not only did your job but you did it well. You're actually now

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you deserve a bonus. You guys understand? That's when they give you a bonus they say you know this guy's been working really well he's put his heart into nucleus projects better than anybody else you know, we need to we need to reward this person at the end of the year. They'll give you 10,000 pounds 20,000 pounds whatever extra as a bonus because they appreciate what you did. And that's the Salah we're talking about see most of us are in the middle those who are praying in the middle we do a tick box and that's it we're not getting any other benefit from that Salah of really getting a bonus from Allah saying that Okay, now my seven has done this. I'm going to help him the Quran has

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said it's time to do something solid or solid when you do a solid like that. Allah says okay, I'm going to help my seven when you do a solid the proper allowance okay my smile, make my seven stay away from sins. I will make my seven do that I will guide my seven. This is in Quran in masala Tottenham.

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This is in Surah

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Surah Anka booth okay surah number 29 and number 45 you will find that Allah said I will I will make make the Salah, make the Salah, stop him from sins. These are bonuses that a person gets Salah to know I will make the Salah neuron light for this person. Salah becomes a link with alasa which Allah will make that happen. Hey