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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The importance of learning in older age is discussed, including the age when children are 4 and older and the age when children are starting school. Pr practicing Islam is crucial for growth and success in life, and teenagers may try to stay away from the church. The speaker emphasizes the need for parents to encourage children to practice Islam in a specific area, as it is crucial for them to grow up in a school age.
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The baby is young now. What should the baby be listened to baby should only be listened to and should be surrounded with this time? Yes. Now most of us get happy too early with our babies.

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Our children, the babies now as a toddler, the toddler becomes four years old. When we stand for Salah Have you seen our four year old comes right next to a good or two year old? The good the good the good. First, the hat on little wonky right stands in front of us. Allahu Akbar looks at us. When we go to Roku they go to Dooku and

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diversity Yes.

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My child is so beloved to me. My child's already gone to heaven or paradise with the we get so excited. Especially when a child wears the topia's child sits down on the Salah, a child does this allow

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a child reads the Surah kulula A child reads

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we get super excited.

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you're making a big mistake. The mistake is this. If you sat with a four year old next to you and you basically took some ganja in your mouth

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you give a chance to that baby to do exactly the same thing he will do exactly the same thing. You sit there on the you sit there in your house and you start doo doo doo doo doo all that you see a baby doing

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the baby is only copying

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you gotta understand the baby. Allah has made babies he's put some things on babies they just want to copy the people around. They will not copy the eldest That's all he's doing. You do anything you jump up and down like a monkey he'll jump up or down like a monkey you sit there silently all day the baby will slowly sit sit as well like you your hand movements, your your mouth movements everything they do wants to copy. This is not the time to get excited. Yes Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah your your child is praying Yes. When he's seven is praying don't get excited yet.

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When he's 10 he's doing is that? Yes you send them to the mother's Masjid is our care care care of hurdler? This

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the real deal starts when they are at the age of 1112 the real deal starts at the age of 1112.

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And unfortunately most of us have got muskets and muck tubs where we send our children from the age of 546 or something we send message a when they're 1112 they finish reading the Quran and then we have another big party that

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we get behind the Maulana Imam sub Mossad Xyzal the Quran should you condemn church or

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what days you're gonna finish the Quran and they they have a you know, they have a race to try and get to the end of the Quran. By the time they 11 or 12 they finish the Quran. You call everyone in the masjid everyone comes the Quran Academy is done. You know everyone's happy, you know, the who's the most happiest on that day? It's the kid that finished the Quran. You know why? Because he said bye bye to everyone. He's not coming tomorrow.

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He's gonna put that Quran on his shelf inside the home. And now he's at the age of 11 or 12 or 13. And guess what? This is the moment when you need the child to practice Islam the most. And we make him leave the Masjid. Is this true or not?

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This is the problem.

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The system that we should have is don't make it I'm telling all the parents here. Don't tell your children when you finish Quran this the objective of the Quran that No.

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I want my child and I'm gonna ask the educators of this Masjid to say look, make Tajweed the main thing. Let them read how to do that we let them finish the Quran only. Only when limited how it's how it should be done. When they're reading with Tajweed they've done five just with you give them to Starbucks. Give them two different places to read. One place they read to the teachings of the masjid another place they read at home and tell them encourage the student to do his own tilava her own try and finish the Quran at home. We have seen like these students have finished the entire Quran they don't make a big deal out of it. They finish the Quran every single year. We have

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competition every single summer for them to finish one Quran. We have competition Ramadan for them to finish Quran. If you start in Shaban if they do half of Jews from Shabaan all the way to Ramadan if a Korean doing that by the end of Ramadan, they finish the Quran. Our students are 1314 15 they finish multiple commands. Not a single student where we are in our academy has ever said in 25 years I finished the Quran I need to leave the Muslim

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is how you put your mentality in your community in yourself. Never come behind the Imam to make your child just finish the Quran reading No, because then your your child will leave. The objective should be your child should stay to 1516 is all they need this they need when they're teenagers. That's when they really need it. Most of our kids go off the dean at the age of 1213 1415

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That's when they needed Islam the most that's when they needed the masjid the most. And we made the system that they're gonna leave the Quran now I'm gonna ask you to reverse all of this make them come to the masjid In fact when they 910 11 bring them with you to the masjid make it a habit. Make sure they do Salah with you in Gemini in the house if you're not going to come to the masjid make sure it's built inside the matron you're asking them to our inside the house even though the left the masjid even though today when they're not going to go to the masjid ask them have you done your portion of the Quran ask them this.

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When you're under Deen like this okay now your kids are growing up the Dean needs to be what first the Dean the religion needs to be in me as an adult.

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I need to be practicing some to the best I can

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and then my children will follow me because the children will just follow whatever the parents are doing. They will follow good or bad they will follow anyway. After this what is the next Baraka

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in it next thing is my friend when the children are growing up if your children have grown up, as they're aging, each age has a new challenge. The smartphone does a challenge to try and get the children to cut control how many hours they play the the PlayStation five, the experts have you got rules inside your house to limit the time they're spending on these things. Okay they are for entertainment, entertainment stays for entertainment. We have to remind one another inside the house. We are not here in this dunya for entertainment because the next home sweet home is migraine, your grief.

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That's the real home sweet home after this. I'm here for maximum I'm here for 6070 years maximum.

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Even if that if Allah gives me the time to stay till 6070 My time is limited to your time unlimited. I've already told my children my house. This is not my house. I've told my children I look at my house. I want you to do this. Look at the four walls of your house and say this I'm leaving my child is not mine. To say in your mind this is not my

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wallet I'm telling you this is the best way to live. All the things you own in this time don't look at it as its mind. The moment you look at his mind the house the the land that you own the assets you have the Bumbles you have never look at it as your own

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In fact, you should already have written your will see your will. I've got my will already written

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it's written the things that needs to be done as soon as I die. I've written I've sold it there

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have entrusted certain people already soon as a die. Just take that and it's in a book I said here's the way the book is gone. Gone. enforce it. I'm ready. We all gotta be ready. Any moment I can go anywhere when you can go wherever we go. If you cannot stay here you can make you can buy the best leather sofas. You can buy the best carpet for your house every time I buy something from my house. Okay. That's for the next generation. That's for them. Okay, I'll use it for a little bit. I was looking at like this. Any card that you have. Okay.

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One day, you know, I'll go to the graveyard of macabre the scrapyard. We both go you don't say the poha

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nice can you get out for him? Let's get it out for me is the truth. I'm making I need to make my next home build my next home was my next home. It's a great

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