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There's a lot in Surah Rahman at the beginning where Allah azza wa jal three times he mentioned the word Meesa Meesa Meesa is a balance Meezan is our scales. Meezan is when you've got two sides of the scale balanced, what Allah azza wa jal is saying is that you're going to learn and I'm going to teach you but you will human being, you have to keep the balance right? In all the things I want them to do, you got to keep the balance right. And this is the main point of the reminder today, that Allah azza wa jal is teaching us through the Quran, he has given us information that many of us who are Muslims, who have who have received this revelation will receive this, this whole Quran we

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have got an imbalance within ourselves, we as human beings have to find the right balance. So Misa is a word using beginnings of man and what Allah is saying, he said, Hola, taco ofin means don't create don't exceed the limits in the bands. Now we know how bands works, right? The balance or the say, for example, you got a pair of scales in your hands. Okay, so let's just say this is the right hand of the right part of the scales. And this is the left part of skills. If you've got 50 grams of weight on this side, okay, 50 grams of weight on this side. And you've got say, let's say for example, you've got a bit of wheat. That is exactly 50 grams on this side is going to be exactly in

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the middle. Am I right? Yes. But 10 of you're saying yes, because am I right? Yes.

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Unless you scale your body right. Now if you put 50 grams of weight on this side, but you will now become 60 grams of weight, then what's gonna happen is that because this one's heavy, it's gonna go down a bit and this one is gonna go slightly up okay? And we know how it works right? You put too much weight decide to go all the way down you put to less weight than decide to start going down. And this we just we know how the balance works. What is a mark tried to tell us, Allah azza wa jal is telling us that since the revelation came, the revelation is a manual, it's a manual, what is the manual mean? And manual means that it's only description. It's given you information, but with the

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manual you also need someone to train you how to do it. So for example, you're going to become a plumber. You're going to become a plumber. You're going to you're going to get a you know a you're going to do a course in plumbing. So you go and learn from him first they tell you okay, this is the pipe this is the soldering is

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this how you how you put two pipes together, blah, blah, blah, but they're not going to stop there. They're going to take you to the real workshop they're going to take you under another plumber and that plumber will show you exactly those two pipes in the drawing that you have in the manual that you had is going to show you how those two pipes have joined together and he's going to show you how it's done. Now when the guy shows you that your teacher the plumber shows you how to do he's going to do quite good in a very good way he has no

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history so many years. Now when you do it what's going to happen

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when you do first time second time what's gonna happen are you going to make these mistakes or Sinagua? Yes, yes you're gonna make mistakes. But then as you go along you have what do you have to do you have to balance your knowledge your everything with what the teacher is doing when you get it perfectly perfectly right just like your teacher did it then you're someone martial 100 You got the balance right now are you guys use me first in the beginning, your teacher will show you something and then you got to start you're wrong, your balance is wrong. He showed me again you got to slightly write your balance about that. Then he showed me again again again again again and even a

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few times and you got it perfectly well. Now your balance is right in that plumbing section. Now he's going to show you another one. He's going to show you something with the boiler with a boiler you've got what you want boiler he shows you again you read the manual to come to us you do the work same thing happens you've got to carry on doing the under him until you get the balance right

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and that was that was okay that was just one boiling some Bosch boiler Yeah, but you got another Bosch boil another brush boiling another one another you know who's the boiler this one that one that one that one. And now you're going to learn all the different ones you got to find the balance in each single area. That's just boilers then you got to do radiators, then you got to do all sorts of drains and also the other things. Okay, you got the point. The point is in every single section, as your teacher is taking you through this, you've got the manual on the one hand, you need the teacher on the other hand, but you need to get your own balance strike as you learn. Has everyone

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understood what I'm trying to convey to you? Yes, now let me bring this to my actual message. Allah gave the manual as the Quran.

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Allah gave the manual the manual the book of this description is the Quran. Allah said the teacher, the human teacher as Rasulullah Salallahu salam ala Rasulillah salah.

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lava, his life, his actions are perfectly in harmony with the minute of the Quran. Has everybody understood that? Everything about Lawson does in every way he does it. If you want to know the exact balance if you want to get your 100% Right, if we're gonna get to Quran 100% Right, you have to look at Allah was his actions and his behavior and his speech and that's why we say Quran and Sunnah. You say not only Quran but the Sunnah as well because if it wasn't for the prophets of Allah, Islam would never know how a human should perfectly demonstrate that God has everybody understood