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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of possession in religion and how it can be used to assert themselves. forgiveness and good deed are emphasized, and attention is given to pandemic-related health and staying up-to-date. The importance of shaping one's body to fit in the image and finding one's "has been done" and "has been done." The speakers offer tips on staying healthy and finding one's "has been done" in various aspects of their life, including their past experiences, desire to act as a Islam queen, and plans for the future. They end with a promise to make one person better.
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iraq mannerheim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi

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RO Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim swindler, Hiroshima nurai the Baraka la de da de Mille kuwahara

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Adi and levy Hala palma de la jolla Talia boo Akuma X and Y mela wahoo Allah xizhou Soto love loving firstly My dear respected brothers and sisters as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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The eyes that I've just read off from Susan muku, to the 67 suit of the Holy Quran, and Allah azza wa jal says that

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he praises himself and praises himself, he says so high, so majestic, is the one in whose control is Old Dominion, in whose hand is all the dominion, in everything that is of ownership, it all really belongs to Allah. And he has power over everything, the one who has created death and life, so that he may see or reveal to you or show to you, or test you, which one of you will come out with the best of actions

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or who are eligible for and he is the most his his, the mighty Almighty, and he is the most forgiving. Now my brothers and sisters Allah azza wa jal says, says In this ayah Leah blue cocoon au sanwa, I'm Allah, he's there to test you. To see not that Allah doesn't know, law does know he's there to test you. To see which one of you is the best comes up with the asanoyama. With the best of action, with the most beautiful Accent Accent comes from Hassan, which means beautiful, which means good, which means nice. So axon laminam is the most beautiful actions as sanathana means the most, the most of the best in Allah site. asanoyama means that you did it with something that qualifies it

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to be really good. Now, just before I carry on, I just want to say that there's official recordings being done here. Now, others want to do recording, that's fine, but please don't put it up unless these brothers or which whoever gives permission, they put it up. So that if there's any editing to be done, you know, we get the editing done, because sometimes, you know, you might say something, and then you might later on saying, maybe I should have said that, you know, because some brothers get very offended only

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some of us get offended.

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They say What did you call me? What do you call me? Huh? Huh? So I'm gonna get in a can to get you in a

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service. That's what they do. Then they go after these all these timing speakers only. And I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. So we've got an official group recording if I need to edit anything, I can do that. So I'm going to ask everybody else please. If you're going to record fine, don't put it don't put it up anyway. Okay? Until I pass, not that I'm going to say stuff, which you know, is going to be dodgy. So my friend, please carry on doing whatever you want. You can record the whole conversation is alright. I probably say a good few words to you as well. But this, this part of the Quran that says a son What Amala one thing Allah didn't say Is he didn't say axon Allah.

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He didn't say Allah wants to test to see which one of you does the most action a lot.

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He didn't say which one of you listen, listen very carefully. Brothers, please sisters. Listen very carefully. There's no point of me. You know, there's many speakers across the world today. And there's many hotels. In fact, you know, one of the signs of the last hour is one of the signs of the last hour is that yuck, Sudoku, Tada. Those who give sermons will be plenty.

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Those who will give sermon will be plenty, but at the same time Rasulullah sallallahu said he said yeah, Canelo he said he said the

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realm of knowledge itself Allah will lift a lot will take away

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so our knowledge is getting less hot thieves are getting more and he said the Yarrow column which is a Sahih, Hadith and bajada he said that the pen will become mighty which means that there'll be a lot of writing a lot of writing a lot of speakers but less knowledge.

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Let's not you know why less than that is because those who those people are thieves and they don't practice what they preach. And those you know those writings that are out there not a writing you know, you go to the internet is full is full to the brim you you can spend a whole lifetime and you would not be able to finish the amount of stuff written just about Islam. Nothing more just about Islam.

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Why do you think

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Last last we say that is because those who taba those people who are hotties were writers were people who have knowledge who don't practice what they preach in our last site, that is not knowledge in Allah site that is not knowledge in Allah site, Allah azza wa jal has said in sort of Mahara get said that he said about about the some of the Jewish people in the past, some of them who said, when they knew they did not know,

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when they knew they did not know, meaning that they had knowledge, but they never practice it therefore, Allah disregarded their knowledge. If you want to find this, please read the scene later on Sudoku Baqarah, which is a second suit of the Quran. And number 102. Allah azza wa jal says low can we Alamin first Allah says Allah kata Allah mu these people knew this, they had the knowledge. And then Allah said Africa loca and if only they knew, which means what, which means they had the knowledge where law says, This is no knowledge to me.

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You can find people brothers and sisters today, you know, martial law, the guy can quote, left, right and center. Now

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he can do all that for you. The moment you do something, he's got a headache for you, the more the moment used to turn right, he can quote an eye for you. You can do that. But if he doesn't have the practice model, this is no knowledge. If you don't practice if I don't practice what is not, in fact, myself, I've got to be very careful more than you because on the Day of Judgment, you know, some people will end up in hellfire. They will come the Sahara Desert Mojave they well first on the day of judgment that they come up. And this is really scary and you know, it worries me your last resort protect me say I mean, and it should worry anyone who possesses knowledge, because Allah azza

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wa jal will call certain people and one of the people Allah will call are the people of knowledge and Allah will say, you know, what did you do?

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So, the person whose personal knowledge will say, to allow them to you know, I learned all of that, you know, I learned the Hadees that the Muslims, I learned the quotations, I learned the references, and I learned the Quranic verses, and I learned how to tell people you know what to do live de la, Chica, luckily, I did it all because I wanted to please you, you know, I learned all of that so that I could give the hotels and I could give lectures, and I could tell people about it, and I could guide people and so on bleep Tila, just to just to please you. And Allah will say to him

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you're a liar. You lie. You just lied. Cannot Well, I can NACA, alimta Lee in your car in a car. But you only learn that because you wanted people to say, you know, what a wonderful recital he is. That's why you did it. You learn to read, not because you want you to please me, you learn to read because you want you to recite in such a nice voice that people say

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he's not showing on his face. He doesn't have to show his face. I'm not saying please don't get me wrong. There are wonderful cars across the world. They have good near as well, the good intentions, well, I'm not the judge of the intentions. While I'm telling you this, I'm not judging anybody for his intention, but I'm telling you that Allah doesn't see what's on it. So you know, in on his face, he'll probably hook up like this after it's just finished. There is a

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not too much, but inside is gone.

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He's looking forward to it. He's looking for the fourth and he finishes.

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there's not only the Quran, there's the there's the people who give, you know, lectures, you know, one of one of those that said, and I'm gonna be serious with you.

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One teacher

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in whatever modalities You know, he said, he said, he said, I feel when I've given my lesson, and I go back, because I checked my Nia because some of the things that I said to you even the jokes that I cracked inside the lesson, he says that if I rewind these things in my mind, and it thrills me to know how well you enjoyed it, enjoyed my jokes and enjoy

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My comments, then that is a deficiency inside my sincerity.

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You know my sincerity for Allah sake, that's a deficiency because I'm not supposed to do that. I remember once,

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one of my first one of my one of my first times I was giving a lecture, every one of those. I had wonderful stuff. I really, really look up to some of most dads. And one of them was one of the Rahim and remember we're madrasa.

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And he arranged Well, he had a he had a lecture in Bradford. And we were going from Nottingham to Bradford. And chef name, another teacher, a wonderful teacher of mine. He was also with us. And both of them decided on the way because both had five minutes of a speech each both had that. So Sheffield Rahim said,

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May Allah give him a long life is still still alive. Now luckily, my long life and the good life. He said, he said, Why don't both of us decide to give

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Hasson our five minutes each so that he ends up with 10 minutes and I want you to speak you only speeches let him do a speech. Now I thought it was the first time and it was it was a good crowd of about 1000 people. And you know I did get a bit of a stage fright and I just standing up I felt a bit dizzy with the first time I stood up and one of those people gave my speech and humbler I got praised by my teacher among for him later on, he came to the other side. And he praised me and so on. And I remember when I when I finished

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and going back to the madrasa and I obviously I felt good about it. Right? This is one of my first lectures from in front of our teachers. And they've praised me and so I feel good about it. And what my aim is he said to me, he said, because how did you feel afterwards? And I said, you have a really good in our humble line in front of all these, you know, people and so on. He said, he said good. He said, I'm gonna do two rockets.

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He said, I'm gonna do two rockets.

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I said what which two rockets. He said, Go and do two rockets of Chicago to Allah. So I went and did two rockets of Chicago. And he said to me, he said, don't know, don't think that you were able to do that.

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And don't think you did it for your sake.

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He said, praise the one who made you do it.

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Praise the one who made you do thank the one who made you say all of them, thank the one who brought the crowd. Thank the one who made them, Listen, and thank the one who made you say in a way that they were affected by it.

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Because when you and he told me this, and for you Don't forget these lessons, he said, whenever you give a lecture,

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he said you give it he said what's your heart after you've given it? If you after the after the lecture,

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you turn away and you are thrilled inside and you feel good inside? That you know what I mean? He said there's nothing wrong and feeling good inside. But if you're if your attention goes towards the people, and if it goes towards your words, and if it goes towards your comments, and that's where your head is buzzing, he said well, your sincerity has been affected. But if you after it, you try and suppress yourself. And you try and look towards the the one who gave you the trophy and the ability to do this. And you carry on turning towards him and you go into sudduth for his sake. And you thank him so much for giving you the opportunity to do that. He said then then you should be

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happy about that. So behind Allah, then you should be happier and yeah, it makes you think so these people on the day of gentlemen that will come up I know there's gonna be surprises May Allah protect me on his merit. Protect me, mela, protect all the people of knowledge of his time and so on. But then Allah will say, Allah will say to that person, you did this. You did this so people could praise you. That's why you did it. And the Thumma O'Meara V, then Allah azza wa jal will order the angels and the angels will take that person, tie that person up, drag that person along his face on his face, so that they grabbed him by his by his feet, his faces on the ground, that dragging him in

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front of Masha in front of all the people of the day of jasmine, and they take him all the way from my use. Use hobby to my neuropathy now, and after that he's thrown into the fire.

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And there's another this is Psy D Muslim. And as a scientist and Buhari were on the Day of Judgment, people come in to help file and you know, they're common people, and they come inside, and when they get into Hellfire, they see they see their most knowledgeable or most

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them is inside Hellfire before them.

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The most knowledgeable

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you know is before them.

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And this person who is in there, he was like the Imam or he was there the hottie or he was the lecture, he was the die or die. Yeah, he he used to call them tools good and forbid them from evil. He used to be the guy who's to say no, don't do this guys don't do this, you know, it's, it's not right you know, and he used to preach amongst them and he used to quote the Hadith and he used to quote the Quran and they look at him and they say to him, yeah Fulanis so so so what are you doing uh, we understand about ourselves. What are you doing here? He said come to our moto comm Bill Maher roof.

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While it is you say that I used to call you too good, but I never used to do it myself. Welcome to unhackme and in mooka, whitey, nice to tell you not to do something bad but I used to do it myself. And you know I situation will be he will be on all fours.

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He will be going around like a mill. He will have something tied to him. Just like a donkey goes around the mill. He will be going around that but the strenuous situation around his neck and around that mill or whatever it is going around is so strenuous on him for $10

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that all of his intestines will come out

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all of his intestines will come out. That's the situation of the one who is to quote Quran and Hadith Quran and Sunnah but never used to practice Quran Sunnah, my brothers, we are full Today we are full to the brim of these people, you know, you just go on to the internet. And I'm telling you the amount of people who are like almost they know everything. It's It's It's serious that what do these guys even know? They couldn't even tell you their name in Arabic what it actually means seriously, they couldn't even read Surah Fatiha properly.

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Seriously, they can't read sort of factor from love hurts. So whenever I actually get scared, I come sometimes to Jamaica, there's not a proper amount I get scared because you know that if he doesn't read factor how properly with the proper degree, then your Salah won't be accepted. He won't be accepted but you've got these brothers and you've got these sisters who are like, you know, the, you know, they call them the,

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the Facebook or

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you know,

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the Facebook or LMS and they're the Twitter Muftis now that Twitter, Twitter Muftis, Twitter, Twitter, some of this Yeah, that's what they are. And they think you know, they are they're, they're some kind of you know,

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online jihadis you got these online jihad is I don't know if you know about this online jihad is what they do is they really really spoil it for all of us. Because what happens is these non Muslims, they come on the internet and they start saying bad stuff about Allah, bad stuff about the prophets and lots of bad stuff about the Quran about Muslims, right? brothers sisters, come on. Just Just allow them to do it. Allah said to us in the Quran, Allah says in the Quran, they will do it Allah says you know what's coming out of them a Allah says was coming out of the mouth is not that bad. Allah says you want to see what's inside the hearts. Well not to feel sudo room Akbar. Allah

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says, You know what in their hearts about the hatred about you know, I'm not talking about all of them. There are some of them okay? Allah says well not to

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run around high 150 you find around that Allah says what's inside the heart is worse now brothers sisters, come on. They did it in front of Satan or no, they swore at him. They did it in front of Satan. I would say Indra salia they didn't say that a Brian did Ronnie put him in the fire. Forget swearing I say that. They say give me the fire what a burn you

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they do need to say that are you know you name him Cesar Moosa is in the Quran. La, ya la takuna gala dinner other words don't be like those people who hurt musallam they need you to say you dinar Isa, they tried to kill him. They tried to crucify him. What do you mean? They said a few swear words with a promise of lots of them. And you basically get really you know, the jihad is they get excited. That's it. They get excited. Yeah. So they say some bad words to what are the problems? Then these Muslims they get on there they say oh, you

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How dare you say that you come in front of my face and you say that? I'm gonna bust you. I'm gonna kick you. I'm gonna.

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I'm gonna do this to your mother.

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Sarah and the Muslims are writing this. Who in the world wanting to be an online jihadi.

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All I know is you do more damage to the standard and doing any good because then

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What does non Muslims do is they say ah Did you see these Muslims they swear these Muslims they're bad inside and see these Muslims they argue like these Muslim the foul mouthed, these Muslims they've got they've got this excellent they make the impression of us. Okay, you haven't got any good thing to say back to them to stay silent

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to stay silent. So could Rasulullah sallallahu Santa Sahaja man can you be like

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Alia Smith, whosoever believes in Allah and His messenger and he should either say something good or just stay silent? If you haven't got anything to write good on Nintendo says Allah you know what, Moses guys? What's fun about them is they say all of that, because they know the name is that the guy's name might be, you know, Yahoo or something. But his online name is Jane.

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Or it might be Samantha.

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You know, there's that there's that, you know, there's all these, there's weird things happening actually a guy is really weird things happening around us and on the internet and whatever is happening, honestly. And the guy knows, no one knows who he is. He's behind the screen. No one's gonna pick on him. No one's gonna ever see who is no one's gonna chase him. No one's gonna find him. So he writes wherever abuse he wants. And I'm telling you brothers and sisters can use especially you young brothers and sisters, don't get excited about this. Look, just do your hair, just do your good deeds. Allah azza wa jal wants to see us do good deeds, and he wants us to practice what we

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know Halas. Now, in practice in this two ways of looking at it, one is you look at AXA, which is you want to make the most abundant of actions. And another one is you want to make it the most beautiful of actions. All right, now tell me this year brothers and sisters, when an artist when an artist, you know, he draws something, right? The artists that grows it in, let's say, a day, and the other artists that spends a month who in on the same sort of picture Who's most likely to impress people, Tony,

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the one who does it for a month, okay, this is art. This is art. When a you know when a person does, you know, training, let's say you training for football, you train for one month, and you train for one year, or you train for a week and another guy trains for six months. Who's gonna who's gonna be the best indian? The one that is more or less morbid? What's he trying to do? He's trying to perfect his skills. It's not about how many goals you can score. It's about how good I have beautifully, you're able to put everything together on the football pitch. Right? It's not about scoring the goal only it's about passing, you got to know when to pass, you got to know when to not score, and just

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put the ball back towards your player. You got to know all these things. It's about the beauty of the of the game, the beer of the game is not just to get the ball whacking straight. You can't do that. You can't do that. The same way the beauty of our actions is not you know, Allahu Akbar

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having to connect with Allah

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for cat six cats a toccata handler that he gets. The beauty is not in that the beauty is when one of us gets up and we're getting up for Salah let's just discover this you getting up for Salah the beauty is that you get up not with your body only you don't get up with your with your tongue only you get up with your heart. You get with your mind. You make yourself feel that you know Allah azza wa jal I want to show him how much I love him and how well I want to do this so it's not about you know some some some provinces that I you know they do this every Ramadan they do. This is like the sisters asking sisters, how many how many operands Have you have you read system? How many grants

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Have you finished system?

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And you know, they got a competition some of them I've done six Hutton's I've done six times I finished the Quran. Someone said I've done eight. And it's like, Yeah, you've done eight. Okay, I'm gonna try and do 910 Okay, there might be a beauty in that you might think so. But allows there was I tell you, there is a greater greater beauty in you. Just doing it even once in Ramadan, but do it with with your good energy towards aligning with your heart. Do with your mind doing the spirituality a lot less much more worthy. I remember a few years back, I was with I was with my chef in hajj. Chef Rashid Rahman Pharaoh was in college.

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And so often I came up to him and I said, Sure, I'd like to just sit with you for a few moments. Just while you're doing some very bad I'd like to sit with you and he's always rejected. He's always said no.

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Do you do you separate I do mine separate? See, this is the best thing you do. You know you don't wanna you don't want to put a show up for you know, you don't want to show on for me. You know, when he's in his a bother he knows you know that I'll probably be watching somebody just watching admiring him this and that, you know, what's how's it gonna feel inside? So he's told me to use separate I do mine separate. Okay, carry on. So every now and again are asking me she would you would you allow him to just sit with you for a few minutes? And it would be a no and once he said yes. And he said yes. To me Alhamdulillah in the huddle,

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I had to the huddle, we go into the harem after acid, Chef, no, please, would you allow me to sit with you for a while and he said, Okay, come along. And I was Whoa. I've got my I've got my, you know, few minutes with a few moments with him. So when I sat with him in that he sat in a place. So I know people complain. I just we just had a conversation before we came as a chef is getting impossible to not have women near you. He said it's not impossible. He said it's possible. As a chef is getting very difficult. He said it's not difficult at all. He said you need to know you need to intellect hunt those places where there's only men.

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So when we when he went to a place Allah Hopper, he had the full view of the Kaaba. And he was just mending all men, not a single woman and even nearby hamdulillah. So as we said, Now the chef, he's doing a hotbed of the Quran, right? So what he does is he takes the Quran, right? And he opens it, and he's on the 28th of June

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28 or 29th economists were bad 28 years. So he opens up.

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And he reads two irons, two irons. When he read it, imagine this is an when he read it. He was had tears flowing from his eyes. He wiped his tears. Right? Close the Quran, put the code onto his chest, held it very tightly. And he cried.

00:27:02--> 00:27:24

And he tried to hide his tears as best as he could, you know, look at the people around, no one knows that he's crying. So he's he's actually his body shaking, while his cry, but he's trying to hold it. He's holding, he's holding the column is trying to hold himself from being seen crying, and then he wipes it, then he opens up and

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and he reads the next two verses. He's read two more verses.

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And his tears are flowing again. So then he again without anyone realizing he quickly, quickly, you know, wipes, close the crowd again, puts it to his chest. And he holds it tight. And he's trying to hold himself from shaking too much less people find out that he's crying. And then he opens it again, and reasonable to us. And he's doing this and he's doing it and I'm just watching. I'm just I'm just like trying to be noticed. But I'm saying Whoa, you know, so had a lot and he was one of us doing that.

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Oh, have

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you seen those guys in a you know, in the bottom? You see us obviously seriously, you see them on the on the you know the video recordings right? First is you go in front of the heroine, please try and avoid those video you could be seen across the world seriously. Somebody could tell you that the soldiers and these guys

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you know shaking their hands and the bodies alone.

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You know could try and control you in front of people actually come on cameras are watching you as well. You know, you gotta try and hide. You don't do react. Okay. So the shape hides me to it does it? He hides every two as it is. And it kind of reminds me of things right next to him. There's a guy next to him.

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He was from India, and he didn't even realize what's going on. Right? And then after a while. So see the Indian guy next next to my chef says,

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He says he says so and so said I'm lying down now. Would you just wake me up in a bit. So she said fine. He has chef moved out the way he made him stretch his legs in his place, made sure that he's most comfortable. And the shed is literally about half inch next to this guy know how congested he gets. The chef is still reading the Koran. He's still crying all the way to Margaret near McGriff. He wakes the person up he does other no one realized that this is going on. Right? We come to Margaret so when we stood up from a grip as soon as the man start reciting the sheriff was crying in his Salah, is crying, crying all the way till he went to recall and I could see he just his body's

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slightly shaking, but he's trying to stop him and he's just just just wiping his tears finished mclubbe then he's had to do some liquor. He just silently just remembering a lot. He cried in that he made he cried in that. Then after that he took the Quran again. And again, he was not by now he's on the 29th juice every two hours is crazy.

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He's holding the plan. He's trying to hold himself again. He's crying again. He can't go past two hours without crying. Right? That happens. And then he shall come to stand up and we did their shot. After that we left he went to his hotel, I went to my hotel.

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Then we got together. In the nighttime, there's a there's a gathering, we've got together, somebody in the gathering asked him as a chef, how many times have you come?

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How many times have you come to the domain?

00:30:28--> 00:30:35

And the chef said, This is my fifth time. But the chef added, he said, it's not about the fifth time.

00:30:36--> 00:30:43

He said, I will be so happy. If Allah accepts even one of these.

00:30:45--> 00:30:50

It's not about how many times I've done it. It's how many have been accepted to Allah.

00:30:51--> 00:31:06

Even if one of them it gets accepted, thou be an integrated. Chef narrated a story of hustling bustling, Rahim. Allah said, hustle bustle, Rahim Allah, He came.

00:31:08--> 00:31:09

He came once

00:31:11--> 00:31:43

a lager, he came once to His disciples. And he said, I saw an old lady. And by seeing the old lady, and by talking to an old lady for a little while, he said, that has become it. She's made my day. And he's become my lesson for the day. And she was crying. So they said to chef, Chef, tell us what is it? He said, I came across this woman, she was old. And she was crying. She was crying. And I and I stopped by she was an old lady, and she had knitted this, this jumper. So I said to her, why are you crying? And she said,

00:31:45--> 00:31:50

I'm crying because my beloved husband is coming tomorrow from a long journey.

00:31:51--> 00:32:15

And I'm crying because I've spent so long in meeting this this jumper. I've done my best to get it right. I've done my best to make it lovable to my beloved. I want him to like it. But I'm crying because if my beloved doesn't like it when I give it to him tomorrow, then that will hurt me that I didn't do enough to please Him.

00:32:17--> 00:32:56

And shake them cried he can be disarmed he said so handle I said look how many Salas we are offering to Allah Quran we do for Allah but we never think we are doing this for the beloved for the man but it doesn't cross our minds like we know we're all happy and I did 30 days fasting I did you know Mashallah two days as well number one coming up Yeah, why is lovely Oh man, every Monday and Thursday as well. You know, fasting added this slide attached as well. We got together we did tiamo ln Masha Allah whole night, you know, we did that. That's what we were talking about. And he said, we've never taken to ourselves. You know, we've never asked the question. We've done all this for

00:32:56--> 00:32:57

our beloved,

00:32:58--> 00:33:32

but has our beloved loved and accepted the actions that we have done. Okay, so the first Hadeeth we're going to look at is the Sahih Hadith where Rasulullah sallallahu tells us, why are you doing something and it's a hadith to tell us about the armelle we do it for Allah azza wa jal signal brothers sisters the Allah say when you do an action think about his intention three three different times before you do it. Who am I doing it for? while you're doing it? Who am I doing for after you've done it Who am I doing it for? Or whoever just done it for

00:33:34--> 00:33:54

if you think these three if you try and check yourself is much better that you've done it for loss sake a little bit then to do something plenty and it's you know, there's there's different different needs that are going through. So this I had everyone most people have heard about enamel enamel v net, and our actions are determined by intentions.

00:33:55--> 00:34:00

Now, when we've done one when we are doing actions for Allah azza wa jal sake

00:34:02--> 00:34:44

we must remember that you know, it's a good thing to prepare yourself and say, I'm doing one deed Allah has given me 10 in return this is a Sahih Hadith in Muslim and Buhari or Buhari has raised this particular hotties in front of me that you do a deed Allah will give 10 times in return for that deed now motivate yourself motivated but when you do a sin allow only gives one sin This is in a hadith I'm not going to quote to you the full Arabic because the whole time will be will be taken by me quoting all the Arabic to you, right? But you can find this in Sahih Bukhari Hadith number 7501 save yourself 100 lamb doing it. Let's give him 10 time return. Not only that, when you doing a

00:34:44--> 00:34:51

deed, think to yourself that yes, my angel is writing it down. When you have wassa in your heart, you know somebody

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

who said he says say I'm meant to be languorously. So I believe in a lot. I believe His messengers in his messengers. You know, somebody

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

They get what Sasa? No, no, don't don't get me wrong, everyone in their life at some point they're going to get some kind of injection from the Shakedown even I've got it sometimes you know shaytan says you believe in you know, he says he says you believe in someone who you know wasn't born who never came out of anything who just was there you just believe in that you seriously believe in that you know it comes Sunday you know you really believe that you're gonna wake up and the grave and then all is gonna be true what about if the Hindus are right What about if the Christians are at wherever the Jews are our injection big time.

00:35:39--> 00:35:41

What do you do when it gives you injection?

00:35:42--> 00:36:01

When you give your injection, you show him reaction. What kind of reaction? You tell him you give me injection I give you rejection. injection rejection. Yeah. So what kind of rejection you're gonna give him when he when he gives an injection you say to him, Oh, Mr. Shaytan. Oh, thank you.

00:36:02--> 00:36:21

Thank you for saying that. You know why? Because I'm gonna say now, savant Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah subhanho wa Taala you just allow us to sound like us, all of us. I believe in you I believe in I believe in you messenger. I believe in the message I believe in Allah believe in the devil. Thank you. Thank you for reminding me to do because he if you weren't around, I wouldn't even be doing because

00:36:25--> 00:36:51

that's what I do. I've done this in the past until about 20 years ago. Sometimes you get what's what's the injection and is the best way to kick it back at it. Because you don't want next time. He's gonna make sure that he doesn't come to you to give you injection. Hey, you can say this one. He he's bigger than me. He's more clever than me. Doing some. And there's a Hadith of the Prophet Allah that actually directors to that he said Allahu

00:36:53--> 00:37:34

wa sallam we sachet upon the Quran laka Ohashi attack, he said, I will not turn the waswas of the shaytan turn that into your remembrance and you'll fear Allah, this is a drive the purpose of the lesson. So when you do it, give yourself a motivation. Think about the angels now. You know think about angels. Do you think a lot we know right now you know when I said to you, I just said you brothers come to the middle angels sit on you, you know most of you came forward. You know why you did that? Is because you said yeah, I want angel to see see what the angels say on me. On angel to say on me, yes, that's why you move forward. If you remind yourself of this, you will be motivated

00:37:34--> 00:37:58

to do it. The other one is called a van is called when a van is called just straightaway say to yourself, I better say the same thing as the Muslim is saying if I say then Rasulullah Salah said is in a hadith which Asahi, whoever will say with the heart, the whole agenda, he will enter Paradise. You say Martin says a lot more.

00:38:00--> 00:38:36

from the heart. Allah you are the greatest ally. You're just saying one, one, say it again each and then you save from your heart you guarantee yourself inshallah to paradise each time you say and give yourself a pat on the back. No one's gonna give you a pat on the back. No one's gonna say to you, you know, you know, Hyrule or whatever your name is. You've done a good job. You know, carry on, no one's gonna come say that to you. You've got a thank you 700 in less than an hour like today, you sitting here right now. Right? You should feel good about it. Because that's such a Muslim says that the angels will go to Allah. All the way from here from this gathering here, all the sit on top

00:38:36--> 00:38:53

of each other top of each other. all the way till they go to their heaven. They go to the seven heavens to Allah azza wa jal. Allah says Whoa, what do these people want? They want your forgiveness. You know, there are many things they ask what do these people want? forgiveness Allah says tell us I'll give you good news. I forgive all of them.

00:38:55--> 00:39:13

And then the angels say you know, but a lot you said all of them but there was a man who just came in he was he was like uh, he was someone's passing by he just wanted to come and do a shower or whatever. You know, he came he just did he wasn't part of the talk he went by we came in looking for his shoes or whatever he went out. Allah says you know what, I forgive him as well.

00:39:14--> 00:39:40

I forgive him as what like when you come motivate yourself? I say I say right when you when you go for Voodoo even you go for what do you think I'm going to do when Rasulullah Salaam has said my sins are going to fall off my arms? They're gonna fall off my face. This inside is a Muslim. Imagine when you do we do feel good about it and hamdulillah since I've been watching, you know you might get an injection again.

00:39:41--> 00:39:48

We will say injection now the injection is is you just did a sim you want to go do to Ronda, you hypocrite. You hypocrite.

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

say to him, Mr. shaitan de la jolla. Yeah, rejection. I'm going to do it because Rasulullah sallallahu said what he said at beer as

00:40:00--> 00:40:27

Seattle has an athame haha The moment you do a bad deed straight away follow it with a good deed Allah will wipe it away along with what your body do at the moment you did a bad deed like some brothers they sin and they feel bad about and they go down and then they think oh my god are gnarly law victims they tear themselves apart. You know if you've done a sin The best thing is to do is say okay, I've seen shaytan got me You got me once three times I bro

00:40:29--> 00:40:38

three times I'm gonna go do my whoo I want to go do my records I want to do on set October I want to say to allow you know Allah forgive me. I'm gonna I'm gonna say You know what? Get the Shakedown back again.

00:40:39--> 00:40:47

Every reason I mad a shaytan probably kicking his legs on the ground by now. Yeah, then get up and do the event or something they should I will tell you I've

00:40:48--> 00:40:51

had these diminishes it says when you give the event

00:40:53--> 00:40:59

the shaytaan He not only runs but the howdy says la who dropped you know the Rockies

00:41:00--> 00:41:01

dropped his

00:41:05--> 00:41:09

he runs and as is running Yeah, his father comes out to

00:41:11--> 00:41:11

LA who

00:41:12--> 00:41:27

had this so you that shaytan made me do sin. Ah get up Yeah, just get up. Just give the man right that shader Are you gonna make him you're gonna make him leak some serious gas

00:41:29--> 00:42:06

serious gas he won't be coming near you for some time. Now don't feel bad about you know your human being under the day series brothers sisters. You know your human being ended the day if he knocked you down once you knock him down three times and listen to the things that you forgot you know what the dean is about? The Dean is about getting the shutdown away from you so you know you go to the toilet. You know Bismillah Allahu Allahu became the vice so Allah protect me from these devils. You go in there with your left foot, the left foot even in you get reward for that the door you said shaytan will not see you you're in the toilet shaytaan considering what is in a hadith right? If you

00:42:06--> 00:42:16

don't say the draw if you don't say the draw out what happens is the shaitan not only comes inside but the Hadith Timothy says he plays with your bowels

00:42:18--> 00:42:24

he plays with the bowels so you inside there you're thinking going to be out there in five minutes. He's taking the 20 minutes and you still not halfway there.

00:42:28--> 00:42:28


00:42:35--> 00:42:42

he says to us, he plays with your bowels. Yella Abu Dhabi plays with the bowels so you say the DA Allah protects you

00:42:43--> 00:43:04

while you come out of the toilet go for Nicola Forgive me you got to vote for that you're going for you will do you're going to do as you're going to say Bismillah you can reward for that and handlers reward reward reward right you make the intention for the widow you get reward for that however, he likes his multiple lover. You go and wash your house this is to feed my wife since I've been washed. We finished

00:43:05--> 00:43:30

eyeshadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allahu la sharika lahu eyeshadow Anna Mohammed Abu rasuluh you say that point towards the point towards the sky with your right finger index right index finger Rasulullah was used to do that Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam said Sahaja you said to Allah Who? Jana samanya all eight doors of Jannah will open for you You may enter in whichever one you want.

00:43:32--> 00:44:15

Allah Holly up you know a loser man who said you can't see this. Yeah, what was awesome just told me this is happening. You believe it is happening. You believe and it comes with wasabi telling you man, you know, you take a hammer out first time Take a sledgehammer and next time. If three times liquor doesn't work, do five seven times, right? You've done your thing now you're going for your Salah. Think about it. I'm going to the masjid every step I take with every big hoopla every step I take one step I take one good deed next step I take one bad deed gone one next step good deed next step but the next good deed again next step, but the con Is that a lot? Right? As when you walk into

00:44:15--> 00:44:52

the martial law hockey game that is gonna say, Man, I drive to the masjid man. I need to walk to the masjid. You know, I tell you, brother, you don't know maybe on the day of jasmine every time you will turn you know when you came to the masjid here. Every time we turned maybe be a llama. Maybe you don't know. You don't know because you're burning petrol to get to the masjid. You're burning petrol to get mustard Allah will give you a reward for that, you know, you probably him You never know it might be it might be his allies are hammering you never know. It might be you know, the guy who takes his steps. He's taken five steps are you just press the gas once he's taken 20 steps, you

00:44:52--> 00:44:59

press the gas a bit more. Right. So when you pressing your gas, maybe 20 rewards are given to you 20 D buddies are gonna use

00:45:00--> 00:45:34

Don't know what will happen when you come to the masjid you come inside Sahih Hadith a Muslim Says the guy walks in I'm gonna say this to you and you know you brothers in this Masjid i think i think you need to put this hadith you need to put it up in a one poster and put it all over this this Masjid yeah you know when the brothers walking for the Salah is one Hadith Sahih Muslim as long as you can do this you got you got the reward Yeah, let's say for example you come in the masjid and you know you know you don't want to pray you don't want to pray you just want to relax. Have you know guys normally come they come and relax right? back they come tell me to come on guys. Yeah,

00:45:34--> 00:46:16

they relax over there. So the comments I don't want to relax it they don't want to pray Salah people are praying as soon as they say now I want to sit down right fine but it looks fine. Rasulullah sallallahu taala Sahaja Muslim. He says as long as you do not break the etiquettes of the masjid which is you do not speak as long as you do not speak you will be regarded inside Salah as if you are doing Salah you sitting down you do nothing but the Salah has Salah has has stopped you from going away. As long as you're there sitting in silence, madam this Allah will give you the reward of actually praying a lot but anyway, you stand up whether it's a sister at home, brother in law

00:46:16--> 00:46:54

southmost brother home, you stand up when you stand up and you saying you take Mira to the era. Right, same thing. thing with the back of my hands. I'm smacking away the dunya behind me with the front I'm submitted to Allah. Allahu Akbar. Now when you when you stand you when you stand in your Salah. Just say to yourself No, I want to make these two records without my mind my heart going anywhere else. Because this hadith of Bokhari says whosoever will do will do and they will do a nice we'll do a good Whew. It's not like fast. It's like you take your time you're doing it properly. You're watching it really improperly. You do a good job.

00:46:55--> 00:47:07

And then the person comes for salah and he saw in his Salah in her Salah. They do not think about anything lamb lamb, you will their face their heart does not turn to anything except for Allah azza wa jal,

00:47:08--> 00:47:55

Allah azza wa jal, His Messenger says you have entered paradise, say to yourself to focus on do make it a challenge. I want to do these two records. try my best not to think about anything else. All you need to do is say Allah is watching me, Allah is watching me. So how to lie in a lie. Watch me, you know when you're in the toilet. When back in the toilet when you use your tissue three times or five times. You know how to use tissue using once using three use it five, don't use four, don't use two. say why man? What's up with you man? Well, if you do it three times, five times, in odd numbers you can reward for that. In the toilet seat you can reward

00:47:58--> 00:48:23

you see in there you can reward analysts doesn't smell nice there. But Allah is giving you reward. Choose your tissues probably haven't time to take it. Allah will give you a reward for that you're doing your nose, you know your nose, and you putting water you know what you're doing? Budo just think to yourself, Allahu Allah has given us this because the waswas of the shaytan goes away from you. You don't realize I don't realize his brothers but Allah. These are all scientists that I'm quoting to you. Now,

00:48:24--> 00:48:38

you've you've done one will do you will do goals you do another will do accounting. You will get reward for this right? You have done Buddha you know the waters cold sometimes you would call this a hadith in Bukhari,

00:48:39--> 00:49:22

Hadith and Muslim, Muslim 251 you're trying to you know, you the waters cold, you detest to do it. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam has told us he says Shall I tell you something which will wipe your sins away and which will give you high ranks in front of Allah. They said of course messenger of Allah, He said he said doing Moodle again when you detest to do my brother, you know you wake up early in the morning, you know when you wake up in the morning? Yep. You know, I tell you the best thing to do early in the morning. You got your necessity. You know, our man. Our man, the blanket. Oh, the mattress, the pillow. And the heat inside. Makes me feel that I'm in paradise.

00:49:24--> 00:49:40

snooze time. You snooze, you lose. Brava Yeah, you snooze, you lose. Because you snooze. Once you lose to that next minute, you know, the sun's up. You missed your father. Now brothers, sisters, I'm telling you this. You hate to get out of the bed.

00:49:41--> 00:49:59

Prepare your mind the night before. When you go to sleep. You know what I'm gonna jump out of bed. I don't care what time I wake up doesn't know what time I'm gonna jump out of bed. I'm gonna jump out of bed. And there's a beautiful Hadith that says that, you know, if you sleep with liquors, let's say for example, you're trying to get asleep or somebody will say I can't get to sleep while I'm trying to get to sleep.

00:50:00--> 00:50:23

You know the best way to go to sleep to all those brothers and sisters who are having problems going to sleep is just to the vicar of Allah. You know with your mouth closed, you don't have to even move your tongue also move your lips you don't move your lips. You don't open your mouth. Close all of you keep your mouth closed. And c'est la ilaha illa Allah keep it close keep it close. Say La la la la la la la la la la.

00:50:24--> 00:50:25

Don't Don't move the lips.

00:50:27--> 00:50:40

You do you do in a year. Do you see Rasulullah saw some said he said the best record is La ilaha illallah wa Vic, there is no better liquid than light light. So imagine you're on your bed

00:50:41--> 00:51:14

and you're saying like the light in your mouth. But your lips are not even moving. One thing is Uncle shaytan is going to lullaby you to sleep Brava he's gonna say Papa go to sleep before you get to Jana for those you know, peace please. He's going to Rockabye you to sleep next thing is if you wake up in the night had eaten tibideaux Buddha would you wake up in the night because you did Vicar and you went to sleep Rasulullah sallallahu said as soon as you wake up and you did Vic and before he went to sleep

00:51:15--> 00:51:20

What do you make at the moment you wake up Allah will accept it

00:51:22--> 00:51:32

but you can't lose out here this whole deal when you know the whole deal is that reward reward reward mechanism good so whatever and then if you if you get up in the night

00:51:33--> 00:51:42

and you get straight out of bed just get out of bed he's gonna it's gonna be cold he's gonna use your body's gonna say you think okay bed paralyzed? No.

00:51:44--> 00:52:21

No you go and you do you will do brucellosis and set your ranks will go very high as soon as you do that. And then what do you do just just make will do just do some record something get back in bed again. You can do this done a lot of you know doing Allah loves the most beloved Salatu after to Allah after for Salah is the 100 Salah just do it and get back in bed. And if you make a habit of as soon as you wake up just get out straight away. Just do will do if you hate it just take this up. No, no, no, no, no, no, I don't wanna hear that. I want my status to go high. Oh my safety super high. You say that to yourself. Allah azza wa jal will give you that. So hamdullah you know, like

00:52:21--> 00:52:27

the assignment on you know what you shouldn't be thinking Rasulullah saw some cities Allah Yura

00:52:28--> 00:52:30

Beynon, la La, la

00:52:31--> 00:52:57

cama your da will not get rejected between the oven and the karma. Baba, put your hands up or from your heart just make dua to Allah you don't have to even put your hands up for da Allah has made this Deen so easy you can keep your hands down just make dua from your heart them and go with the tongue. You know we're in Britain right i think about this America. We're in Britain, and most of our weather is what comprar was was it? Was it

00:52:58--> 00:53:07

just have you down to what the same brothers say was most other weather rain rain? Yeah, Masha Allah hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

00:53:09--> 00:53:28

Al Hamdulillah You know why? Because Rasulullah sallallahu told us he said, When the rain falls, Allah accepts das Brava aka losing bread unison hamdulillah you can't lose every time it rains just making it seems

00:53:30--> 00:53:34

you know, we got two benefits. One thing is all the women have to cover themselves up hamdulillah

00:53:36--> 00:53:41

gorilla everytime rains I always think hamdulillah these women they have to cover themselves at least I can walk

00:53:43--> 00:54:14

and the second one is I'm making dua analyze SFT madra you can lose him his brother you can lose Dean boy you can lose everything Allah has given us is about now let's say for example you make booboo noise you think I made will do that. I may think I'm gonna be like those horses who have white forelocks on the day of on the Day of Judgment Allah said they'll be group of people who will have whiteness here. Why is beaming white you know you don't want to do well do you think Wonder Woman I'm gonna hold my will do man

00:54:16--> 00:54:21

they want to hold the wood well first thing is please before you think about holding you will do first thing what you're eating

00:54:23--> 00:54:28

you know I'm saying like the Bible tells me in Ramadan he says the man please make blasphemy I can't hold my will do.

00:54:31--> 00:54:41

I said Robert was a man he goes I'm inter alia because I have to do Moldova for five times during taraweeh because I just can't hold it. I said bro, you know before you say that to me. Can you please tell me what you had for if

00:54:45--> 00:55:00

the guy had right? The honest the guy had. He had the emotions. Here the kababs he had the Santa Ana de Santa. Santa is a channel which is a chickpeas in a chickpeas. They give you big time big time gas which

00:55:00--> 00:55:01

gasps big time.

00:55:03--> 00:55:40

I'm telling you how many ma'am I know you know what I know. Because as an Imam, I had to honest This was when I first became a man. You know, the worst thing is that you stand up for salah and then you know, you got something knocking on your door and you don't use it. Listen, stay inside. I've got to finish. Now, so I had to literally you know what I did? I tested all the foods, all the foods that gave you British Gas and power. Yeah. Scottish thing. Yeah. Ola gave that I had to like, stay away from it. So I'll tell you what they are. potato. Potato chips. Yeah. disaster if you want to keep you will do disaster.

00:55:41--> 00:55:48

chickpeas. Yeah. Anything with chickpeas and so on. disaster. Big beans. Allahu Akbar.

00:55:49--> 00:56:03

Big beans. All right. And the one oh my god, the one that is silent. But it is violent. Silent but violent. Yeah. Yeah, you know what? That is? No one that is? boiled eggs.

00:56:05--> 00:56:40

Silent but violent. I tell you, if somebody left one of those off, yeah, they'll probably be headlines. If you let it off in the underground in the headlines. Muslim terrorists try to kill people underground. Right? So that's another one even I don't know with me the severe reaction to some problems and so on and there was other things as well. But these are you know, all these things they can so I used to avoid them on the days I'm leaving Salah on my day off. I used to have those foods right because you can allow your system to clear before you get back satola was brought you know you if you want he did he was taking everything?

00:56:41--> 00:56:43

Haleakala halaal Bismillah

00:56:45--> 00:56:54

nowhere else here. So he stuffs himself with biryani and rice and you know, and then we see some problems with the meals and I what he's what he's done that.

00:56:55--> 00:57:30

Of course, he's going to be in World War Two down there, bravo. He's gonna have sirens going on every record that he's done that in and out, in and out. Right. So what I'm gonna say to you is that if you if you're one of those, you should think to yourself, I want to be one of those who keeps you do you know that? You know that for lots of the horses that are white? Yep. These are horses. These are horses that are not like you can see a horse with a white fall up from faraway Rasulullah. sallallahu has told us that there's going to be a group of believers on the Day of Judgment, they're going to be with white forelocks because the amount of Voodoo they did as in you can keep you do you

00:57:30--> 00:57:53

try and keep you doing Oh, you do Voodoo Voodoo. And also last last when I said he said from the ACA No, they asked him this much of a lie. They said How will you How will you recognize us, he said I will recognize you from the reminiscences of the Buddha that you did. So you want to say on the Day of Judgment, I'm gonna have shining limbs, I'm gonna have a white beaming face. Think about that. And when you come

00:57:54--> 00:58:12

you come to the you come to the master there must be so keep it clean rather than you see a piece of dirt. Just clean it up. When you do that one of the best deeds is in New Orleans and one of the worst things is you see some dirt inside the masjid and you don't want to clean it. Now the one who gives that

00:58:13--> 00:58:47

when you give a van and you want to give them your neck will be the tallest person like a giraffe from the dead does not allow will make your neck stretch out in the on the Day of Judgment allowance the whole of the day to see your face. You give it one thing good about it I gave the event and on the day of that now we'll have that huge event is finished. First say not most people don't want to advance is most people say a lot more about the data. Yes Yes or no? Yes. Yes. They forgot one thing anyone tell me what they forgot. Before they should say a lot of mortal body that was

00:58:48--> 00:58:49

one of the football

00:58:51--> 00:58:52


00:58:53--> 00:59:15

Thank you, saying Allah suddenly Allah Mohammed sending salutation the prophets Allah blossom is as soon as and neglected so now of this day and age, and he neglected sooner you will do Allah will give you the reward of a Shaheed of a Shaheed so I'm asking you remember that Allah sagala first and then a lot more about the time when you've done that my brothers remember

00:59:17--> 00:59:57

that you know your your sound as far as you sound will go in advance this is in a heartbeat and and none of these had these dive brothers none of these are live I haven't got time to give you a reference of every single one. If I carry on looking here my eye contact will go and you'll get a bit bored as well. These are how these are all acceptable at Hardee's. The third is to sound will go as many humans and genes that fully hear the sound of your advan you will get that much of forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal so that's why you should say the oven loudly. That's why you now please, brothers who are inside the masjid who do give a van. You know, I know you you love giving

00:59:57--> 01:00:00

the event but you'll have some mercy and other brothers sometimes

01:00:00--> 01:00:19

Want to give the advantage well allow them to give advantage one inshallah Yeah, we will have the right is in inshallah, yes. So if somebody else you want to add them to the ledger now and again give them I know there's rules and regulations for every Masjid but be very good if you can give them as well because they want to also share the reward as well. Now don't use my quote against those brothers. Mom said you spoke to me.

01:00:22--> 01:00:26

Right? You coming inside the masjid.

01:00:27--> 01:01:03

You come into the masjid right foot Allahumma alarm of Talia Baba the right foot. You get your left foot out you get reward. Your person who comes and joins the jamara siadh is 25 times more than your individual Salah. So try and join up with somebody and do your prayers 27 times according to one narration you will get if a woman stays home and she has done her Salah but she had the knee and intention that she would have gone to the masjid Allah will give you my sister the same reward as well. Allah will give the same reward now

01:01:05--> 01:01:39

this isn't a hadith of Ahmed in Muslim volume number one three phase number 371 and where it was last Allah hula has given almost no i'm not saying the exact words but he said he said to me that you will get a lot of reward when she stays home. Now you come to yourself Do you know yourself so you make straight just to make your straight lines Allah will make you love the Muslim Brothers automatically that you're the man the Unity will be there. I'm telling you about this I've seen this with my own eyes, the certain muscle kids who are upper class masjids

01:01:40--> 01:01:54

you know upper class mosquito talking about upper class Masjid Brava you know, they basically basically they come with suit boot so the guy doesn't want to stand too close to you because he's suits getting a creased rubber.

01:01:56--> 01:02:25

There are brothers like that seriously, they suit is gonna get creased, or because you might have a body odor which he doesn't want on his suit. So he doesn't want to be close to you. The same must is observed. Now the Unity inside is not there. Rasulullah sallallahu told us according to hadiza Muslim, he said to nice me meaning he said make sure there's no gaps straighten your lines otherwise Allah will cause a difference in your hearts

01:02:26--> 01:02:35

alone Cause a different now you want to you want to love the brothers that are around you then stand next to them stand next to them you know he's my brother in the in the dean, you come to the

01:02:36--> 01:03:06

you come to the masjid and you basically use it I mean whether you say quietly or loudly you should think Rasulullah said what are the angels say? I mean to Miami, you're in the master you're at home you make dua for your brother you know for brother just make that your brother doesn't even know that you made the offer it Allah has appointed an angel with you when you make your da and every time you say give my brother this forgive my brother that angel is saying May Allah forgive you May Allah give you this May Allah give you this as well allow

01:03:08--> 01:03:52

you think about it just get the say the angels making an angel the making draw for you. What else do you want? You come to the salon time The earlier you pray the more reward you get the early you pray the more you will now brothers you know these these brothers they do this I'll be very honest with you right now wintertime Yeah, you know what happens? What happens is the Salah overtime kicks in about 1150 right? Most people are still praying maybe by one o'clock 115 one third world answer time is getting very close. Come to some it's two consultants to 30 or 220 to 15 right if you pray earliest you get the most reward not only that you don't go close to the next Salah what the brother

01:03:52--> 01:04:19

does then or the sister does is they pray the Lord about to tip and the answer is prayed about four o'clock 20 minutes 15 minutes before the Muslim and a Muslim is delayed slightly. My brother my sister just shifted all back you praying the same Salas of the times when you could have shifted one back and done it. My sisters especially Yeah, what they do is they start cutting the onions at 1145

01:04:20--> 01:04:28

Yeah, some of you are laughing You know it goes on anybody you brother You make can do that man. telling you about Regina.

01:04:31--> 01:04:58

Yeah, have mercy on the sisters 1145 lot is kicking at 1152 my sister's trying to cook at 1145 so now she's gotten to the onions right? Then she putting the oil inside. They should put the admin side right I should give him a stir. Now that sizzling partner combo for salon I sizzling I can't emphasize sizzling right. Now the next thing is chop this the garlic and the coriander and these are all

01:04:59--> 01:04:59


01:05:00--> 01:05:03

motors gonna burn if I leave you but by now it's only 20

01:05:04--> 01:05:28

I said Alhamdulilah enough time to pray right? I've got to put the meat in so put the meat in and give it another stir giving muster and alcohol. You put some more water in and then she's not cooking one rubber you have after mercy on it she's cooking three four, so she can't burn any of them. She said this one that one juggling together by now It's one o'clock 110 115 she says okay, let me do that now. It's not gonna burn up or tidy up.

01:05:30--> 01:05:33

So she goes and tidy this tab is that clean these cleans that you know get

01:05:34--> 01:05:45

by now. It's nearly two o'clock. If my sister had started her cooking 15 minutes later, brother would you die?

01:05:46--> 01:05:49

Tell me brother, would you die? Would you be dead? Go Live your silent

01:05:51--> 01:05:53

or not? You almost understand me I'll be dead.

01:05:55--> 01:05:58

Yes or no guys, come on. You scared to say because it's just as this in from then.

01:06:00--> 01:06:03

Because your lunch is going to be late. 15 minutes now. No, go.

01:06:05--> 01:06:15

Go home. Tell your wife seriously. I'm not making this. I've seen sister do this. Go home. Tell your wife. Don't put the cooking on an lm 45 is lm 52

01:06:17--> 01:07:00

Have you will do lm 45 1152 you do your salad first. And then you start cutting down and then you can no worry about wasila through anatomy. Right? Then you have you know each single one that allows the will given given us of the press. Every single one has been spaced out for us to remember Allah azza wa jal when you've done that, brother, you've just finished your Salah. You know what to do, please do this for me. Yeah, you just sell a Solomonic Corolla or extra you just done that. Please. It will take you only few seconds to 30 seconds. You don't know the reward for this 30 seconds. You know what it is? You just sit there and Sahaja Muslim and it's also in other nations as well. So the

01:07:00--> 01:07:28

heroin law 33 times Alhamdulillah 33 times Allahu Akbar 34 times I come to summarization, 33 times just to 34 you get both included in that. And after that, c'est la ilaha illAllah who had the hula, hula, hula, hula, hula, hula hamdu wahala coalition coded to say that once you know what you get, I tell you what you get. The Sahaba came to the Prophet sallallahu. And they said Mr. Voila, they said it's not fair.

01:07:29--> 01:07:31

What is not fair, it's not fair.

01:07:32--> 01:08:00

The brothers are Muslim Brothers fast like us, our Muslim Brothers, they pray like us. But they have something which we don't have. They have money to give somehow we don't have money. We're poor. It's not famous. So Professor Lawson said, should I not tell you said it should not tell you to do something. If you do it, you will get the reward of all those who gave sadaqa before you and you will get the reward of all those gifts that are after you as well.

01:08:02--> 01:08:44

Allow us a promise. You know all the South Africa across the world Muslims are giving you will get reward for this how simple it is. 30 seconds, 40 seconds maximum. You gotta finish this after every first Salah soon as you finish Subhanallah 30 times 130 times a locker 34 times. And then the ones that lie, lie lie. In other words, you say that once Allah will give you all our reward. And he said in Sahih Muslim, he said, if your sins are the same as the froth of the oceans, you know the oceans that they bring the froth at the end when they hit the seaside. He said if they are like that Allah will forgive all of your sins

01:08:45--> 01:09:06

just for doing this. That's all you have to do. Right. So next I want to see this, you know, Imam here is going to tell me that the brothers Marshal in Edmonton when they walk in, they're so calm because they just want to sit down and be in Salah because they never spoke. Right? Remember the Hadith. And once the Salah is finished, they're all sitting down. All sit down, no one's getting up.

01:09:11--> 01:09:31

And does does all of this display. And do please try and do sitting down you're trying to have your remembrance a lot when you've done this. May Allah azzawajal accept us or may give us give us more to do in the law. You are a person who is getting up early in the morning and you do for rockets.

01:09:32--> 01:10:00

In a hadith he says that by you doing further Salah Allah has taken up the guarantee to protect you for the rest of the day. Just Why you didn't further So get up for further I think allies with me for the rest of the day. Brother You know some of you hear your heart wants to come back in the masjid and Ultron again, you know when you're done your mother if you want to configure Shai denisha, even tranquil further, we've done that you drank with dawn. If you do that, give yourself

01:10:00--> 01:10:05

pat on the back, because you will be under a large throne on the Day of Judgment.

01:10:07--> 01:10:38

Allah will honor you by being under his throne because your heart is attached to the master has said, you know how much reward there is, you know, brother sometimes you think you're you think you're a simple man, you're a simple woman, what will Allah give to you? Well, let me tell you a story is a true story. I had recently, recently this year, I've lost two of my students who have gone to the academic who've gone to the, to my students. I taught them in UCD stem school when I was teaching over there. And

01:10:40--> 01:10:43

one of you know, both of them, so behind a lot, both of them.

01:10:45--> 01:10:51

They were the type that they were challenging students. You know, when you get challenging students, you know, the ones that mess around a little bit.

01:10:54--> 01:11:11

Well, they were that tight, and they used to make they'll make you laugh and so on. And you would never think you would never think that Allah azza wa jal would give them at least one of them such a great status. One of them his name is Teresa Abdul Rahman

01:11:12--> 01:11:15

used to live in West London. He's Abdul Rahman, he became a medic.

01:11:17--> 01:11:38

I told him, he was a challenging student. But you know, we got on hamdulillah he left the school. He became a medic. And then he went just this year. There's just a few months back brothers. He's a normal person. Okay, now he's just like you young guys. How old is he? He's about 2728 How old is not older than that?

01:11:40--> 01:11:43

He went to Syria to give

01:11:44--> 01:11:54

to help the victims over in Syria because he's a medic. You know, as a person, we have people who are who are distraught over the people who need medical aid even that to help them.

01:11:56--> 01:11:57

And he got shot

01:11:58--> 01:12:40

over them. Right. He got shot, the blood flowing from his body. normal person guys, I'm telling you, this guy probably doesn't even do his, you know, extra whatever. Nevada blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. He doesn't do that. He just normal guy kid is going over there. But you know, when you have your faith with Allah and you do things for law, look, look what happens. His blood is flowing. He's been shocked. They put him into an ambulance. And this has been witnessed by several people over there. Several people have witnessed this. Soon as they put him into the ambulance, and they laid him down. The whole ambulance was filled with the fragrant of musk.

01:12:43--> 01:12:54

strong smell of must. And they said where's the smell coming from? You? They say you put that you put that under No, no, no. He says somebody doesn't know his blood was smelling a must.

01:12:57--> 01:12:57


01:12:59--> 01:13:21

And this is sign. And this is you you you read the Hardys and the Hadith says that our Shaheed he on the Day of Judgment, he will come to Allah and he will have his bloods meaning of musk. Now, a lot of this is witnessed by several people that they weren't they were burning him. They could smell the mask, his grave, the soil was smelling of mussels.

01:13:23--> 01:13:54

Allah shows the science Allah shows the signs and this is not new, great, great emammal summer This is the individual my students Allah May Allah bless him Allah bless his family me. But look at look at the status Allah gave to this to this young boy, you think your your normal average Joe and you're going to do some of these and maybe Allah gives no you don't know what Allah has kept for you. In the next world. You do each one you will see what Allah will give you only when you get to the next slide. Not before that

01:13:55--> 01:14:30

Friday comes brother's the last hour of Friday. So there's about 45 narrations of this that you do is accepted try and at least spend five to 10 minutes on a Friday before Muslim Salah between us or non Muslim your your dog has accepted the 45 narrations indicating towards this right you get up in the in the night. You get up in the night You're done. You're tired you know what Allah will give you in return for that. Allah said in the Holy Quran Allah said you do not your eyes do not know what I've hidden for you

01:14:32--> 01:14:41

know what that is that is Toll Brothers. You know how to name you know who to name brothers you know, brothers normally there are no hurry, but then a few hours because they know how to name

01:14:43--> 01:14:51

their name, you know, if you don't know how to you know hold now for some of you you may be you're interested you know.

01:14:54--> 01:14:59

Allah will give you beautiful, beautiful girls, because you pray to tajan

01:15:01--> 01:15:09

No Why not? Because sisters are listening. Don't worry about it. Allah will give our sisters even more Allah will give us to them Allah

01:15:12--> 01:15:15

that's more than what they can ask for Al Hamdulillah hamdulillah

01:15:17--> 01:15:23

my sister please don't feel offended if you want to let somebody asked me the other day, you know, what are the sisters get?

01:15:24--> 01:15:45

But I said the symbol. I said Allah said that, you know the servants are gonna come to us. The servants are going to be very very beautiful though servants. I said if the sister feels like it, Miss Mila, go do you want but Allah will not make your heart like that. Allah will make your eyes is that just for me? Just for you. hamdulillah

01:15:47--> 01:15:49

then you come. For example.

01:15:50--> 01:15:57

You hear you know you said simple thing was was Allah said you know when you hear the cockroach or

01:16:00--> 01:16:13

either cockroach in the morning he has told us he is told he said don't don't let us dig. He said Don't be a person who curses the cockroach in the morning because he has woken you up for Salah.

01:16:15--> 01:16:16

This is a hadith in Abu Dawood.

01:16:17--> 01:16:31

Sahaja Buddha is walking on second one is he said when the when the cockerel has made the sound right. He said MC da straightaway because that Cockrell has seen an angel.

01:16:33--> 01:16:36

The salasi ninja when a dog barks, he seen the devil.

01:16:37--> 01:16:40

Melissa Harris, how does

01:16:41--> 01:16:46

the dog barks is the devil, the cockerel? He makes it sound like he seen an angel

01:16:48--> 01:16:51

Rasulullah sallallahu early in the morning you wake up to the cat's father.

01:16:53--> 01:16:55

You can say Yes, Father what

01:16:57--> 01:16:58

he said.

01:17:00--> 01:17:09

He said la Houma. La Amina dunya Jamia account one had a Muslim he said those two records are more beloved to me than the whole of the world.

01:17:11--> 01:17:48

To look at when you hear that you don't want to miss you. You don't want to miss the two records further. As soon as Thomasina In fact, you know when you do your to record sooner and target sooner there's one thing that you should think about which is that insha Allah if you're a good believer Allah will make your whole akhira from the moment you die to the moment you enter Jannah the same duration of youtuber cuts further sooner is inside as a Muslim that's for a believer have believed brothers have been I don't know how well you know swears that you whole world says you are terrorists. You're this you're a man you're on terror. Just smile just get on with it man. You know

01:17:48--> 01:17:59

right now we've got everyone on us the whole every day when the news you know what I say? I say Alhamdulillah is what when the news every day, you see and

01:18:00--> 01:18:25

the more they talk about us, the more non Muslims who come into this Deen Sharla they're gonna say that fundamentalists that fundamentalist, but where's the Quran? On a fine is Jihad? Or is it? You can look inside? And they're gonna find things like Allah says, are you who believe, Fear Allah, as you ought to fear him? I was in

01:18:27--> 01:18:31

the next one. Allah will say those who do good deeds, I will put you in Paradise and God is

01:18:33--> 01:18:46

someone that will hit them. Not only that, but as you know, right now, niqab is an issue. Hejazi an issue Be it is an issue. Yeah, all of that is an issue. How do you know what you should do? You should grow long beards. All of us grow long beards.

01:18:47--> 01:18:53

The more we have long beards. Yeah. hamdulillah if they don't like my long beard.

01:18:55--> 01:18:57

You want me to go away from you? You go away.

01:18:58--> 01:19:02

You want me to go away from Britain because of a long beard. You go over mujin

01:19:03--> 01:19:06

Why? Because the thing is, I've done anything wrong.

01:19:07--> 01:19:23

Along the way when Amita was my he was the sisters he was in the garden. They use all these things about you know, there's gonna be this issues security issues as a security issue. That means every single man who's riding a motorbike is a security issue.

01:19:24--> 01:19:30

Every man who rides a motorbike every man who runs a motorbike Yeah, he's got on his head. Why is it gonna dead?

01:19:32--> 01:19:33


01:19:34--> 01:19:40

is not see through helmet is he? His brothers Tell me then you start designing see through helmets.

01:19:41--> 01:19:43

Then I'll tell the sister to take in the harbor.

01:19:44--> 01:19:59

Because you guys, you guys, you're not getting that you are getting out you. There's so many things you can say. There's so many things you can say. In fact, what you should say is right, you should say is that you know these people that do all of this for one reason they're trying to do

01:20:00--> 01:20:12

demonize us, they're trying to make us feel that, you know, you're you're a fundamentally you're an extremist. If you're not with us, you're an extremist. What we need to say to them is no, I'm going to say to them, come tell me. Can anyone tell me what you need to say to them? Anyone? Tell me?

01:20:14--> 01:20:14


01:20:15--> 01:20:16


01:20:20--> 01:20:23

Gonna go. Now, Robert, I don't want to go GA.

01:20:25--> 01:20:26

anyone tell me what to say?

01:20:27--> 01:20:35

We should say sorry. Sorry. Yeah. So you know what you should tell you something deep, you know, what you should say? I asked my chef once.

01:20:37--> 01:20:46

asked him a question. And I said, What about if this is asked whereby that is a word that does ask a borrower they say that they said, he said, he said a beautiful thing.

01:20:47--> 01:20:53

He said, who said that every time somebody asked you a question, you have to give an answer.

01:20:56--> 01:21:02

He said, every time somebody asks you a question, you don't have to give an answer. There are certain answers that are complete silence.

01:21:04--> 01:21:19

Certain answers that are complete silence. You know what I'm saying that brothers, you know, the 80s. I know the 70s. My parents when they were here, they will call you I'm sorry, to I'm sorry, if you please don't be offended. They call them back. They're calling packets, all packets.

01:21:20--> 01:21:46

And that they went through a lot of bullying. Right? Until about the generation before me they went through a lot of bullying. And my my father, like he always had his hat on his head. He got called so many names. He probably didn't understand half of them. hamdulillah my mother Masako names Yeah. You know, most of the generation did. They didn't even didn't even reply. They just carried on they just carried on doing what they're doing.

01:21:47--> 01:22:25

I'm not saying we shouldn't reply to the people in the media. But I'm saying you know, brothers love service. You know, we should do good thing. Just carry on practicing your deen. Just carry on practicing your deen because Allah azza wa jal has put into you something which they haven't got. You got a man and be proud of that. Be proud that has given us email. And when you see them have mercy and have pity on them, don't look at them with anger. Say I have pity and mercy didn't say what what? Why you have mercy on me for what you say, look, say you can you can do what you want in this world. Yeah. And you can say all these questions, one thing you haven't got, which if you

01:22:25--> 01:22:36

haven't got no belief of the next life, if you haven't gone with next life, everything I do is a problem. See, when I do do too many times, you're gonna think I'm fundamentalist. When I do my Salah, you're gonna think what it was in

01:22:38--> 01:22:39

the head.

01:22:40--> 01:22:45

Don't make any sense. When I don't want to become a gay, I'm a problem to you.

01:22:47--> 01:22:51

Because I got to try and be like, Well, you know, it's accurate. It's accurate, and accurate.

01:22:53--> 01:23:18

When I don't want to do something you don't want you'd like, I'm a problem. Why? Because I will have to confirm but I don't have to confirm to you. Because when we wake up, when we wake up on the Day of Judgment, on depth judgment, you're going to be surprised. You can shock and before that shock, I'm asking you to believe in this message or at least read it. At least read it. Now. You're sitting there you send salutation and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

01:23:19--> 01:23:25

You send solicitation proofs of asthma each time you say so Allahu Allah alayhi wa sallam say sallallahu alayhi

01:23:26--> 01:23:28

wa salam, O Allah, Allah Muhammad.

01:23:29--> 01:23:46

Every time you say that Allah has just sent you 10 times mercy alized putting on you. You say 10 times on the Prophet sallahu wa salam you say Allah said Allah, Mohammed Ali, Mohammed, you say that 10 times Allah is giving you 100 times mercy. This is in several a hadith.

01:23:47--> 01:23:56

You say it 100 times Allah just giving you 1000 nurses, you know what I say to a lot of brothers, and a lot of sisters. I say to them,

01:23:57--> 01:24:21

I say please, brothers, please sisters do one thing. What is that? I say fill your houses with salutations and the purpose of the lesson and fill your houses with the Quran recitation, our professor has told us he said do not make your house a place that is that is left deserted. Don't desert your houses.

01:24:23--> 01:24:51

Now, how do you desert I said, those those houses there's no color and red inside them. They are deserted. He said save some of your core and for your houses. He told us save some of your Salah for your houses. You know one other thing I do when I'm home, I try and pray in all different rooms of the house because you want to spread that barkai spread that blessing all around the house as as best as you can. The more you spread around and handled I mean the more Allah azza wa jal will give you.

01:24:52--> 01:24:59

So you've you basically, you've done that now you go to the marketplace. Most people most people don't think about it.

01:25:00--> 01:25:10

Edmonton outside the outside that you got you got shops there. Every time you go past these shops every time you come to mercy I want to teach you how to get 1 million rewards.

01:25:12--> 01:25:13

1 million

01:25:15--> 01:25:26

Allah Whopper You can't miss out on these brothers. All you have to do is when you walk past the shops yeah some brothers they go from the master to the shop shop to the Master Master shop have cavada come back the machines gone

01:25:28--> 01:26:16

Do you brothers? Yeah 1 million rewarded every time you go for carwash inshallah. Yeah. What do you do is you say when you get to the marketplaces of the places where they buy and sell, you say la ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lahu la Hulu Allah will handle your he will you meet wha hoo ha you lie moods, you have to add a bit in wha hoo ha you lie a mood be a deal higher order condition or did you say that Allah has given you 1 million rewards allowable. You come to a janaza Rasulullah sallallahu taala he said he said you get the reward of an entire mountain and in time mountain just by buses by being inside Salatu janaza.

01:26:18--> 01:26:29

And again, that's it that's a sign Hadith. You've Europe person who wants you to trust me you're gonna use your fingers. You're going to use your fingers.

01:26:30--> 01:26:50

Every part you use will speak for you on the Day of Judgment. So do that. In fact, when you do your Salah it's in the sooner that Rasulullah sallallahu would look for another place to do his Salah for the next Salah why he wanted each place to be a witness for him on the Day of Judgment each place.

01:26:53--> 01:27:08

Brothers you come inside you come inside your Salah. You know one beautiful thing you should think about when you get into a suit. When you think about the Hadith, the closest a servant can get to Allah azza wa jal

01:27:09--> 01:27:42

ever is inside us to shoot. That's the closest you can can get get to Allah when you get to sujood Yep. One thing to do is give pour your heart out. Pour your heart out for Allah azza wa jal to hanabi Allah Subhana Allah, he just meaning from your heart, that you are praising Allah azza wa jal, you don't know the Baraka is actually one thing that the alumni have said, and this you can test this yourself, those brothers and sisters who do Salah with concentration, a lot increases the memory power.

01:27:44--> 01:28:26

Those brothers and sisters who do Salah by by concentrating Allah increases the memory power a lot of brothers and sisters they have they have exams, right? What you do is you do your Salah with concentration, Allah will give you your memory power that you want. Now imagine that you saw you know, so you know, this, this culture around us is such that when you see you know, you know they show us these programs, and you see a person who's tripped over you see, you know, all these gags, gags and funny things, and you've been framed or whatever else and people supposed to look at someone getting tripped over Can you hurt. He's supposed to go Hey, hey.

01:28:27--> 01:29:12

You're supposed to become a laughing machine. And the worst thing about it is you know when they show you the program, and they show you the program, those programs that they show you they're not real people laughing they put a they put a artificial sound on to make you remember that you're supposed to laugh. That's how bad it is because they ain't got anyone who laugh at them. You know what our Rasulullah has taught us? When you see someone who who is in a masiva you supposed to straightaway remember Allah azza wa jal This is a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu Hassan had is a good chain, you supposed to say Alhamdulillah hymnody. If any man tala cabbie Allah has saved me

01:29:12--> 01:29:15

from the thing that Allah has tested you with.

01:29:16--> 01:29:29

You supposed to say that straightaway. Well * balani Allah Kathy remember Allah Tata Frieda, Allah has given me preference over many of his creation that is created brothers when you see someone in distress, don't have someone just had a car accident.

01:29:32--> 01:29:33

I've seen brazuca

01:29:35--> 01:29:59

because they train you to become a laughing machine. No, yeah, he this is this is the religion where you have we feel for each other. We have Rahami Have mercy on each other. This is what has happened. You want to have the the, the angels you want to have the angels come and hug you at the time of death. According to the Quran, surah two rod and number 23

01:30:00--> 01:30:33

In 2014 just have Subbu Bhima sobre la banda, the angel will come they sell Salaam to you, they will greet you at the time of your death by you just having some patience. In fact, if you want to go away from this world with the best thing most you basically look if I asked you this question, do you want your deeds to be the heaviest on the day of jasmine? Yes or no? Tell me Okay, second question. Do you want to be next to the Prophet sallallahu on the day I've done yes or no

01:30:34--> 01:30:44

according to a hadith the simple way to that and it's an accepted Hadith intimidating which is you just have to have good character as a good a

01:30:45--> 01:30:49

good cat that's all you have to just be nice to people. Just be nice

01:30:52--> 01:30:58

that's how it is. And you're gonna say you know being nice. I can be nice course I'm always nice.

01:30:59--> 01:31:16

You know, when you get angry, you got to try and still be nice. This was the real sooner. In fact, you know the next time you get angry. Just think about this hadith. Again. I think it's intimidating. Think about this hadith Rasulullah sallallahu said when a man or a woman when you become angry,

01:31:17--> 01:31:23

when a person becomes angry, and man cavum aveva sorry this this head is actually sorry this hadith is for a man

01:31:24--> 01:31:52

man cavum Aveda when a man becomes angry and a man suppresses his anger and he has a pardon Allah unit for this person he has full power to execute his anger but he's you know held his anger that says no I'm not going to do anything bad in reaction on the Day of Judgment Allah will call you and He will line up all the whole reign of Jana he will line them up in front of you

01:31:53--> 01:32:07

yep all the miss you know the Miss universities of Jana Allah gonna line Oh up for you. Allow them say to you choose whichever you want for that one time you suppress your anger.

01:32:09--> 01:32:15

You can say I want that one. Please allow that one. Then you say well, ah, you know, I got angry another time and I said,

01:32:16--> 01:32:54

I'm not gonna do anything. Allah says choose the second one choose the third one choose the fourth one who was angry. Think about this Hades. May Allah azza wa jal makers, people have good luck and good character. In fact, on the day of judgment, if you want a lot of light, there's a few ways of getting it if you want a lot of light and you will be recognized for your light. One is those people who walk to the masjid in the dark hours further on Russia, those people who walk to the masjid Rasulullah sallallahu said he said give good news to the people who walk in the dark hours of the dark hours, either in the morning or evening, have plenty of light on the Day of Judgment. And

01:32:54--> 01:33:33

another one is Rasulullah. sallallahu has said that sobor patients will become light on the Day of Judgment sobre el dia, most a lot of illumination will come from this have patience, my sister, you've got somebody treating you badly in your house, my brother, you got somebody treating badly. Just have patience, Allah will give you a lot of light on the Day of Judgment. In fact, on the day of judgment, you want to fill your scales up, maybe you know, maybe your person said Well, I haven't got that good o'clock, you know, good character. I'll tell you one way to fill the scales up. Rasulullah saw some said, he said just say this from say Alhamdulillah say

01:33:34--> 01:33:38

All Praise to Allah say All Praise to Allah.

01:33:39--> 01:34:02

Say from my heart, say from my heart, then Allah so they know what do you do for me? The scales will be in the so much on the scales. He said, he said the whole of the heaven and the earth will get filled up just by saying Alhamdulillah that could fill your scales up on the Day of Judgment just by you saying Alhamdulillah

01:34:04--> 01:34:49

you get you get ill right. Believe whenever loses this is again sigh honey, the Muslim, you get ill as you're ill Rasulullah sallallahu said Your sins are being wiped away. Sahaja Muslim 2575 so I'm ill again wrote, in fact, you get ill and you can't do your Salah and you Good thing you couldn't do. There's a Sahih Muslim that says when a person becomes a Musashi, you are in your local town, you are able to do all your actions, but then you start to travel and you weren't you weren't able to carry on all your good deeds, or you are well used to do good deeds and then you became ill and you weren't able to carry on the good deeds. Rasulullah sallallahu said he said all the good deeds

01:34:49--> 01:34:59

you did while you're in your local place, all the good deeds you did while you were good and healthy. Allah will continue to write that while you're traveling alone continue to write that while you're ill

01:35:00--> 01:35:16

You could be ill for seven years in bed, Allah will give you all the good reward you did when you were good and healthy Allah. So I'm asking you brothers, you know, why are you healthy? Just get a good pattern get a good rhythm. The moment you get sick, don't worry about it. Relax. Allah said pension time.

01:35:18--> 01:35:18


01:35:20--> 01:36:00

Just said hamdulillah all those good days Say hi this Muslim Congo wrong Yeah, relax Alhamdulillah you know knock arrest and get reward as well. Some brothers you know, they get old and they say no, no, no, I got diabetes I still fast. got diabetes. I don't care so fast. I kill myself I become Shahid no problem. Barbara, don't don't do that to yourself. If Allah has made you ill and you shouldn't fast doctors advise you not to fast because it could really have a serious health problem on yourself. Take Take the option and don't feel bad about it. Sell hamdulillah This is a gift from Allah. As long as you've been fasting for your life while you're ill permanently you cannot fast

01:36:01--> 01:36:06

Allah will give you the reward of fasting although you're not fasting with everyone else.

01:36:08--> 01:36:28

You can you know Allah, Allah made it so easy. You know like some some guys they died in a car crash. Some guys they die drowning some some person might drive to die in an earthquake, natural disaster. Some woman might die giving birth to a child who Sula lasma has called all these individuals who said they are Shahada, their Shahid

01:36:29--> 01:37:08

destination. In fact, you know, you think that you lost a child. You think you lost a child? And you think that would be the worst thing that's happened anew you can grieve while grieving actually we have some of that child is your ticket to Jana. Just have some of them said it is a whosoever will have, you know, who said we would have lost three children? Then they will and they have suffered Allah will give them paradise in return. Somebody sort of said, What about two children? He said to one another person, what about one child, those two lessons or even one child, you lose that? And you have somebody occasions you go to in fact, imagine a man is born blind.

01:37:09--> 01:37:24

A man is born blind. Or let's say you had another problem. You had a hearing problem. You could have went from you could have a limping problem. You know, it's all brothers, you know, we're not all equal. Somebody has suddenly another, you know, your pain. You have some are free, there is no other Listen to this. Again, it's a healthy body.

01:37:26--> 01:37:41

Allah azza wa jal says that when my surgeon has patients when I take his two beloved things away from him, meaning his eyesight, when I take his two beloved things from him away from him, he has patience, there is no other reward I will give him except gentlemen,

01:37:42--> 01:37:47

you get to the next slide. You have Subhan Allah has planned a lot planned for you that you will have gentlemen.

01:37:50--> 01:37:56

My brother, you know what was the last the last man said he's told us not to wish for death.

01:37:57--> 01:38:49

We should hope for a long life. Hope for a long life but with good actions. So the drama that we do is our law. Give me a long life with good health and good actions say I mean, well as will give that because in Sahih, Muslim suka Salaam said la Minamoto Illa Hara when a believer continues his life is increasing. Nothing gets better but accepting goodness in fact brothers you know right now it's wintertime Yeah, you might be complaining motherly be so early right. motherly be so early, isn't it? Right. You think if it could be a bit late and so on, you know, the wintertime is the Safe Haven and it is the epitome and the greatest part of worship but you know why? The whole night Allah has

01:38:49--> 01:39:14

given us a long life night to do plenty of Ava hamdulillah serious positive when Allah gives us a long day hamdulillah Allah has given us a long day to do some some good works when Allah gives a long night. It's the best thing for Arabic you know one who worships Allah, Allah Allah extended a shot for you if you can do to have good karma lay any time after after shanaar let me give you another one.

01:39:15--> 01:39:20

You brothers and your sisters over there you come and you meet another Muslim brother Muslim sister.

01:39:21--> 01:39:50

One had he says that if you're the first one to say Salaam before the other person says Salaam to you. Allah will be pleased with you on the Day of Judgment. Allah will be happy with you on the Day of Judgment. Now the Hadith says If you really love your Muslim brother, right, and if you really love your Muslim sister, I'm talking about the love of the heart brothers, not the love of the body. You know, I'm saying like, you know, I'm saying somebody who might take it the wrong way. So you love them from the heart.

01:39:54--> 01:39:59

Then Allah azza wa jal will will announce on the Day of Judgment, whoever loved her

01:40:00--> 01:40:18

Another Muslim brother for my sake, come under my throne on the Day of Judgment. I will give you a shade like you got, I will I will honor you on this day putting you on under my shade. There is no other shade except for this this shade and again this is a an acceptable Hadith

01:40:19--> 01:40:57

brothers. You know when he says the way you think Allah is going to treat you that's how Allah is going to treat you the way you think Allah is going to treat you. And I'm the one year of DVDs Osiris and Buhari the way you think Allah is gonna treat you Allah gonna treat you you know what that means? If you're feeling down, just start to do good actions and make yourself feel up again. inshallah. inshallah I've set a stop for the law. I've done matoba I should make myself feel good again. Yes, inshallah and just make yourself believe inshallah good because you're not going back to the sin again. It's not like you're gonna see me you're gonna say, stuffing, stuffing, let's figure

01:40:57--> 01:41:10

this. You can't do that. But if you're doing good deeds, and you've got you make your mind up and shout out loud, why shouldn't Why should I laugh again, put hope in yourself, because I believe it doesn't lose hope. Continue to give yourself a good

01:41:11--> 01:41:12

you know, good push.

01:41:13--> 01:41:17

If you want to become a person.

01:41:18--> 01:41:21

If you want to become a person, I'm going to give you these brothers listen to this year.

01:41:22--> 01:41:25

My brothers, the way you die is the way you will come up on the Dave Jasmine.

01:41:27--> 01:42:01

The way we die is the way we're going to come from the dead gentlemen. So put it this way. I want to come up on the Day of Judgment. I'm just saying this for encouragement, I've got nothing against you if you don't do this, right. Brothers, I want to get up on the Day of Judgment. And when I get up I want to be known. You know because the thing imaginal you know, you know this Islamic clothing and Islamic clothing. Or if you if you regard the hat, the turban, the the commies and so on regarding Islam, Islamic dress, no one will come up with Islamic dress in the Day of Judgment. No one.

01:42:02--> 01:42:11

You can't wear that you can't come even if you die in your best clothes. You know some people that die, they put me my best clothes. Yeah, and they die. They're gonna wake up naked.

01:42:14--> 01:42:27

Be scared, they're gonna wake up naked. You can go with as much as you closed, you can take your wardrobe in your side degrade, you're not gonna be able to dress in the ribs and everyone comes up naked. So you haven't got any of that. You can't take your miswak with you on the Day of Judgment. You can't

01:42:29--> 01:42:38

use as soon as the problem you can't take it with you. You are circumcised in this world you will come up uncircumcised on the Day of Judgment even down there, you're not going to be seen as a Muslim.

01:42:40--> 01:42:44

Nothing on you nothing on you. No clothes, no identity, nothing.

01:42:45--> 01:42:47

The only thing is

01:42:48--> 01:42:57

that the Muslim who wants to be seen on the day of judgment to show his Sunnah on the desert to show a Muslim identity is the beard

01:42:58--> 01:42:59

for a man

01:43:00--> 01:43:03

if you've got a beard, you come up with the beard

01:43:04--> 01:43:11

I'm encouraging all my brothers or my sisters to encourage the sisters in Christ their husband not for them to grow beards okay.

01:43:12--> 01:43:14

Sister things are gonna grow my

01:43:16--> 01:43:29

sister encouraged your husband because you know some brands some brothers they don't keep the beard because of the sister misses with you. Some brothers they don't grow the beard because sister she says my wife tells me I'm getting a bit you know he

01:43:32--> 01:44:06

again he when I go near her then she starts getting you know a bit irritated bunny. Sister please. Uh, you know, the thing is Brava You know, when you keep your beard first. I'll tell you, though, if you've shaved if you shaved your beard, and you've had a practice of shaving your beard, and then you keep your beard. There's a stage the brothers who've done this Alhamdulillah You know, my beard is from the day it grew from the lighter blue element. And maybe all brothers are not fortunate to have that. But you know, the worst day is when your beard is just grown a bit. There's a stage when it kills you

01:44:07--> 01:44:23

is it kills you right? Because it's growing and it starts to you not even a mustache you know, mustache grows a bit can cover he man. Religion, you want to just trim it down. You wanna shave it? Yes. And our brothers tell me

01:44:24--> 01:44:59

you know, right, you know, when is he you just gotta have supper for a few weeks until it grows out of that part. The itchy part. let it grow is going to each is going to become really irritating for a few weeks. When you've gone past that stage. Then it won't eat you anymore. Just like your hair. Your hair. You know when you first shave your head, right? You know we just had you done ombre you shave it. First time you put your hat on this is really odd you put it on the pillow it's really odd it makes you feel really odd and itchy and all that right after a while. is gone.

01:45:00--> 01:45:23

Same way with the beard after a while it will go. Now when you keep your beard just please sisters. You want your husband to be next to the property seller last and on to for the profits to meet them with a suit on the face, trying to encourage them and brothers yourselves trying to keep it and if you're going to keep the brothers, brothers, you're going to keep the beard. Remember, there's one thing called a beard and one thing called a pseudonym beard

01:45:24--> 01:45:34

is a beard. And this is certainly a beard. The beard is you have a little bit coming out you got a beard it Don't get me wrong you a beard a handler, but you haven't got the sooner

01:45:35--> 01:45:39

the sooner beard is to make you long. That's now a soon beard.

01:45:41--> 01:45:52

When you make it long, it's a sooner beard because Rasulullah saw some all the Sahaba if you read anything about any Sahabi and so on, you will never come across a Sahabi who had short beard.

01:45:53--> 01:46:08

You never come across a Sahabi who trimmed his beard who kept it short as all sorts of fashions coming out. Those are the fashions. And now you got a beard that is like just the it's called the Joe beard. Now the job beard. He just did the job.

01:46:10--> 01:46:13

Just a job. It's called a job yet.

01:46:16--> 01:46:29

Our call is something else. You know, if it wasn't gonna be a racist joke. Anyway, I'll leave that one. There's other there's other brothers who get a side beard in a side beard is growing here I say

01:46:30--> 01:46:35

as a side beard, but then I have been done. So other beards to have a goatee beard

01:46:36--> 01:46:40

is down here, some other shape around and then make like a samosa beard.

01:46:42--> 01:46:55

Those sorts of different shapes at some time having done it is done here. The cheek beard haven't been cheap yet. It comes down here to standard asset just under cheeks. That's it. That's not gonna say anymore. Some other brothers, they have the Mexican beard.

01:46:56--> 01:46:58

mustache growing really low.

01:47:02--> 01:47:41

All sorts of beards and mustaches. See you and the sooner you make it long as Russell Russell in five different iterations has told us is an awful Aloha, you know length and he didn't say keep it he said lengthen the beard and lengthen the beard is the sooner if you haven't got a beard again, please I got nothing against you. Some brothers that can't grow a beard because it really the biggest sports and all that and they have to take you know that takes some kind of creams and so on. Please don't look at a brother and think that Brava has another beard is this that don't don't do that. Because he could have a heart. He could have a heart that is more worthy than your beard.

01:47:42--> 01:47:50

And I'll be honest with you, my staff, wonderful Rahim. He said that, you know, he taught in Pakistan in a

01:47:51--> 01:47:58

in a university. And he said they weren't in this universe, Pakistan, where he taught he was he said there was an Arab brother there.

01:47:59--> 01:48:25

And he was young, he was unmarried. He was young. He was handsome. And he said, You know the girls, they dress themselves up nicely just to get their attention. They came to the college dressed them up nice because they really wanted him to take one of them. Right? And these two come with all sorts of makeup. And in short, this ensures that just to get his attention. And my teacher said he's and that guy that our brother he was clean shaven.

01:48:26--> 01:48:38

But he knew 10,000 a hadith of by heart. So Haneda 10,000, a hadith of by heart, and he goes he taught. He goes never a day did I see him look at one of those women?

01:48:40--> 01:48:47

Never did I see them. I said when I saw that man, he goes my whole perception of people without beards changed.

01:48:49--> 01:49:16

He said, I see so many others with beards and they're looking at these girls. And it was this man he hasn't got a beard and doesn't even look at them. He doesn't even want the attention and is unmarried as well and he's young and he's handsome. He doesn't want it that's taco for you brother you know taco in the heart is more word I'm not saying don't keep a beard. I'm saying that is more worthy than you trying to show you piety on the outside the piety on the inside is greater than the parity that you will have on the outside

01:49:18--> 01:49:23

when you just a few more we've got about 30 more minutes and then you know I finished

01:49:24--> 01:49:50

I want to give you some some things that you can do so last lesson said to us and do what do you want to be tell me this? Do you want to be the person on the day of gentlemen you come and you've got the most reward more than anyone else? Yes or no? Yes inshallah. This will take you literally a minute or two after father and after mother.

01:49:52--> 01:49:57

Say this 100 times. So behind the law he will be Hamdi said

01:49:59--> 01:49:59


01:50:00--> 01:50:08

Allah He will be handy After further and after you say 200 tons all you have to do, you don't have to spend one more minute. So

01:50:09--> 01:50:12

it might take you two minutes. So behind Allah subhanho wa

01:50:14--> 01:50:15

sallam, he said,

01:50:16--> 01:50:26

If you do this, you will come on the Day of Judgment, no one has got more reward than you, except if he's done the same as you or he's done more than you allow aka

01:50:28--> 01:50:29

when you want to.

01:50:31--> 01:50:53

You want If you want, you know, though, you know people die for the whole world, people die for the whole world. Right and and they die for you know, they want the Lexus. And they ask the Merc and thereafter they you know this, this luxury and then after the five bedroom houses and they're after the business prospering another and you die rather you're dying for a little business, a little corner shop, you're dying for that to to make loads of money.

01:50:55--> 01:51:22

Looks at yogacara shops, when you dine for him, and you want to make money or some sister is dying for her, you know something to work out. for her to get a little gold piece for her to get a necklace or a jewelry set. Whatever it is for you, brother for you to get the next you know BMW something, you're dying for it. You're dying for that. And Rasulullah sallallahu said, the next thing he will take you to do.

01:51:24--> 01:51:41

Five seconds. Five seconds is more worthy than all the BMWs in the world. more worthy than all the Lexus in the world of Bentley's in the world and all the Ferraris in the world is more worthy than all the jewelry in the world is more worthy than the whole of the Dubai market

01:51:42--> 01:51:53

of gold Sukkot dead soon to that. Now that tab has two meanings, two meanings, one vibe is gold, and the other half is gone.

01:51:54--> 01:52:19

So when they go to su casa hub sukhov Gold su casa de also God, you can't find your wife anymore. She's taking your credit card. And she's disappeared. Never do that. Never do that. So qutab su casa right? Listen, worth more than that. worth more than all the houses worth more than the best places you can buy worth more than all the shops that you see worth more than all the businesses five seconds after five seconds.

01:52:20--> 01:52:39

So last lesson said for me to say the next phrase is better to me more worthy to me. Then wherever the sun rises above the whole world, the whole world and everything else in the universe better than that. So behind Allah 100 in

01:52:41--> 01:52:41


01:52:42--> 01:53:22

LA one Allahu Akbar Allah Subhana Allah, wa Al Hamdulillah Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Akbar, but as you just gained more than the whole world and what are they can they say it again? Subhana Allah you will hamdulillah you Allah, Allah Allahu Allah God, you just said that Allah which Allah has given you two whole worlds well, you know when you're going out, you know what we should do, but honestly, what we should do is just make a habit. You're walking, to make a habit to say this once, twice, three times, save yourself three worlds four worlds in jamnagar this much five worlds six worlds.

01:53:23--> 01:53:24


01:53:25--> 01:53:26

you have

01:53:28--> 01:54:00

if you become a person who sends Salawat and the Prophet sallallahu anism all the time or as much as you can. The Sula Salah has told us that in that case, all of your fulfillments Allah all of your needs, allowing fulfill all of your needs allow fulfilled just this simple cell Allah Allah said, No, no, no Mohammed, Salah Allahumma salli, ala Sayyidina Muhammad, is it is it too much to say Allah? Mohammed? Mohammed you say you say you getting 10 1010 you know

01:54:01--> 01:54:29

the the Ramadan Allah sending the message I think at the same time, if you say more and more Allah will it be it maybe this help Allah will fulfill your needs. In fact, if you're a person who wants all these needs of the you know, you want all your needs to be fulfilled. You haven't got time to do so much. to the next thing. Seven times in the morning after further, seven times of mothering you say this allows you to fulfill all your needs.

01:54:30--> 01:54:39

tribe brothers, and see if a lot has to do things for you. has to be a love. Letter ilaha illa alayhi

01:54:41--> 01:54:59

wa who robbed Bulava, she loves him. If you want to find this you will find this Don't ask me to give you the draw written later on. You will find it at the end of Surah Tauba the last idea of surah Toba surah nine in the Quran. You will find it there has been

01:55:00--> 01:55:36

Allahu La Ilaha Illa who Allah He talkin to wa Hua Rob wolf outer shell of him. If you say this, if you say this, Allah azza wa jal will fulfill all your needs. Seven times the morning seven times the evening will only take you about 15 seconds in the morning and 15 seconds of the evening to say, and Allah azzawajal will give you all of that. My brothers, my sisters, when you feel like that you want to please Allah azza wa jal, you want to please Allah azza wa jal simple simple, you drink some water,

01:55:37--> 01:55:42

just drink some water or you had some food, just say Alhamdulillah said

01:55:43--> 01:55:52

have you been Muslim says you just had food or drink and you just sell hamdulillah that itself just pleases a lot.

01:55:53--> 01:56:08

So please Allah in fact, you don't want to lay down to eat with you just say Bismillah if you remember and the better thing is, if you want to try this year, if you ever forget, we know you just had some food. You hadn't the food. You forgot to say Bismillah e or barkatullah? You forgot to say that.

01:56:09--> 01:56:14

And then you remember halfway through, say Bismillahi r well, who are you? Do you say?

01:56:15--> 01:56:18

Rasulullah sallallahu has told us that

01:56:20--> 01:56:23

shaytan vomits out all of the food he ate with you.

01:56:25--> 01:56:40

He vomits and I will tell you one thing. Next time it happens next time you forget and genuinely halfway through. You say Bismillah Allah wa you can almost sometimes feel something just churned in your stomach. You can almost feel that

01:56:41--> 01:56:55

there are certain signs you can almost see like give another one. Grab a get a baby that is less than four months old crest is our test is so many times get a baby that is four months or less.

01:56:57--> 01:57:03

And in your lap in your arms. Right? And what do they will we can

01:57:06--> 01:57:10

write busy looking around trying to grab something to put in them out yet.

01:57:12--> 01:57:14

Just start reciting the Quran.

01:57:16--> 01:57:27

This was hard to see, the baby will just stay above it will stop it will stop doing a new thing. How many nine year old?

01:57:28--> 01:57:34

Man Mr. Haney Maliki only did they go look at your face. Maybe we'll look up at the sky.

01:57:35--> 01:57:46

They will look over the ceiling. They will stare they will stop moving. I've tested so many times. You know why? Because the angels are coming down. And that baby sees the angels.

01:57:47--> 01:57:58

Soon as the baby gets to that five, six months. And they can say Gaga googoo Gaga. Yeah. And they're about to say to you, I saw Angel gagaku Allah will make them not see them anymore.

01:58:03--> 01:58:17

So before they before that happens, I'm telling you do that. Do that while they're in before four months, put them in your lap, read the plan. And you can try anything else. You can try you know, Twinkle, twinkle little star, they're not gonna go.

01:58:21--> 01:58:24

Probably looking into how I want to know what you are.

01:58:26--> 01:59:07

They're not going to stop I'm telling you put music on put music on. They won't look up to anything else on singing anything. They won't do that. But they freeze the moment you read the Quran recitation, and they just freeze. They're just looking at this staring, staring instead. Because they asked you know, there's a Hadith, the Hadith where one Sahaba came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he came to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam. And he's mentioned Well, I said I was reciting the Quran early in the morning. I said, my my horses, they were colored. they'll move you know jumping. The four legs were raised high and they were making you know the snorting sound. And

01:59:07--> 01:59:19

he said I saw light around is accepted Hadith. So leitrim Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said that was the effects of the angels that came to you the effects of the angels that came to you.

01:59:20--> 01:59:40

I'm telling you brothers and sisters, you might not see it, I might not see it in my life. But Allah azza wa jal has put a power of power in this world in doing the vicar who wants to get treasures you know, you know you want a box of treasure in general just for you and all your wives and for my sisters for you and your husband.

01:59:41--> 01:59:59

Who wants to who wants a whole box of treasure? inshallah, I'll give you this in one second, or two seconds to take two seconds to say like how La quwata illa Billah said, The how La quwata illa Allah. Allah will give you what Rasulullah SAW said can zoom in

02:00:00--> 02:00:07

musi Jana, he said these are the treasure boxes of Jannah. Full of treasure that you will get.

02:00:08--> 02:00:11

Yeah. Next time Look at us Allah, Allah Allah.

02:00:13--> 02:00:28

Allah will give you lovely treasures, don't take it out on their brothers. Take it easy. Now we've come to the, to almost the end, I'm going to give you only give you one thing before we move on brothers sitting here,

02:00:29--> 02:00:41

sitting here. And those listening you might think well, so much has been said, I don't know which ones I'm going to be able to act upon, which means I won't be able to act upon. But just remember this mother's I remember the sisters.

02:00:42--> 02:01:25

As long as whatever action you do, you do it for Allah sake. And it's done because just for Allah and his foot purely for Allah, and you just meant it for a law. And the beginning was for a law the middle was for a law the end was for law to the best of what you could do for law, even though you did little actions, but it was for Allah See, this is called a class. This is called sincerity. You will be a person who please a lot in the many people who would have gotten a lot of actions and they haven't probably pleased a lot. So is this remember, whatever you try and do try and do it with sand mazzini masini means that you do it in a way that you try and you know you try and do it with

02:01:25--> 02:01:40

beauty. try and do it just to allow for a lot to be pleased. Whatever action you do, do for Allah insha Allah handleless came from the heart. You send me what you say that is more worthy than saying 100 lilan Let me see some brothers with a tsp.

02:01:45--> 02:01:47

I remember looking at the pole looking at Arsenal, Manchester

02:01:51--> 02:01:56

and it took me some time to do to speak the talking to the guy in the hands to move on. I think what he's

02:01:58--> 02:02:01

saying yeah, that was quite good. Yeah, you what you just did that.

02:02:03--> 02:02:04

Simple is that you

02:02:05--> 02:02:30

have the mind for a few moments that is more worthy than you doing. 1000s of them without the mind allows you to give me a larger, I'll give you two feet to active on what I've been said, allows us to fill our scales on the Day of Judgment, a lot of good deeds. May Allah make us very close to Allah. May Allah give us the best places in Ghana. Allah person gentle for those who are law makers, the people of actions to me