Hadith 154 Riyad us Saaliheen

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Hadith 154 Riyad us Saaliheen – Yaser Birjas

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Sir Amara Rasul Allah

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remember Naga Rahim Allah Allah Quran Abdullah nom de la Sol de la hamaca under this chapter that Muhammad Allah safeguard your your good deeds. This is Abdullah NONDominant asked by a parallel Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam the Messenger of Allah. Allah Sam said to him, yeah, Abdullah la de la funan can accumulate rocketium la Motta finale. He said terms of law salam o Abdullah, do not be like so and so. He used to get up at night 4pm and he stopped doing that.

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Did you guys hear that? What the professor's have done, Abdullah Abdullah

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Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah Don't be like so and so. Because he used to wake up 4pm Alain, then he stopped doing that.

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Which means he's telling him when you do something try your best to make it continuous.

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What is the best way of making it continuous as your man

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as you guys tell me

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practically What does that mean?

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Remember that the chapter before

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they're exactly start something small, affordable. Some brothers they want to emulate the plan always they want to plan three, four hours to emulate and they do it once in their lifetime and then they stop doing after that.

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You don't have to do four or five hours to emulate them at once. Just do half an hour. That was half an hour. You know what? Just 20 minutes is wake up 20 minutes before

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you can't wake up before it's too hard for you. Fine. Do it before you go to sleep.

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I can't do that either. You know what? Go to the other room after we're done. Do you okay I'm over there. And don't worry even even though there's a camera that that will see what you'll be doing. We're not going to show it to the people

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that's between on the last panel Tyler is do something 20 minutes 30 minutes slowly and gradually and he will you will be continuous. The question now why would you prefer Salah Sam, tell Abdullah I'm not going to ask this why Abdullah Rama in particular. You guys remember

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we had had it before that was related to us that concern the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and regarding Abdullah's worship, what was it

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is to pray every single night.

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And the problem was worrying for Khalid Abdullah is it sure I heard that you finished the Quran every three nights or every night he suggests also That's true. He thought the problem is going to tell him Mashallah keep doing it. Because Don't do that.

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Don't do this.

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Finish it every month, which means if you could you know spread out your citation within a month that would be great on our salon at Fox Amanda I can do better than

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it was okay fine, then

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do it every every week, Colorado Casa Amanda can do more than this garden. This is a three days I can do better than as the professor is Nope. There's nothing better than this.

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And if you're going to have to do it in terms of fasting every other day, which also applies to the EU that is sometimes also Thea, the prophets of Allah Salah he was concerned that Abdullah is you know, consistency of doing it so frequently is going to lose energy. And then he might stop at some point like he told him take it easy and do it you know properly.

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And so how are we learned from the hardest from before our beloved Rahman asked, he said that he said, I wish I wish I listen to the profits that are lost that day. He thought the problem was give him an instruction other command. So therefore he thought if all the profits given me instruction, I can do better and Charlottetown but he said I wish I've heard that I wish I listened to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when he told me not to do it, you know so often. So this is something for all of us to learn that we need to do something start something small and shallow to Allah. I will grow big with Eliezer Paulo Donna, any questions?

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Hold on.

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No, that is true. We cover that many times actually. The best of the good deeds. Allah subhanho wa Taala are the most continuous, even if it was little, but as long as most continuous. These are the best these to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So it makes something a little that's continuous in shallow data that would last long.

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He still hates the first operand every three days.

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Now he's actually the height has multiple, multiple Yani parts of the generation. One time was about his Salah, and the Quran was about his fasting. He was fasting every single every

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Single Day. Now Aloha. Yes.

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Eating with the left hand this is considered a sin

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will be considered a sin but definitely sunako has a sharp dislike among some of our demand the Prophet said to him it was the right time the man said I cannot draw against him well there's a reason for that because the man colorata Cumberland he said that out of Oregon's

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the prophecies, okay, then you may never raise your hand again. So isn't

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it was paralyzed lumps? Yes.

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What is this word? That's it, there's no doubt about it. But the prophets of Salaam he was kind of like give him a shed which means

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instruction, not as a command. But when the man originally rejected the prophet SAW some instruction, the prophet service element that

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the prophet SAW Some said furnace shirt on it could have been anywhere she will be she managed because she thought eats and drinks using his left hand.

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Now, I know a lot of you right now gonna have all these questions. Okay, what if my left my right hand is smeared already with all the juice and all the sauce and all the stuff and so on. Can I hold with my left hand and then bright hands underneath the cup and start pushing all the surface

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is Gemma simply just simply grab the grab your cup of the right hand. And if you think that your hand right hand is so messed up, just be lick some of that actually.

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That juice that sauce off and then grab it. If you have a tissue just wipe it off. And then grab the cup. It's not a big deal of shallow data summarizes Okay, what if I have a standard in my right hand

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and my cup is the left hand my drink in the left hand so can I switch right left will keep switching in the sandwich with the

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HMR just follow the son of the Prophet sauce and he said eat or drink with the right hand. Just do your best manage. Find a way to always follow the sun of the prophets of Allah Allah.

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Now I know a lot of I know I know a lot of left the people who actually stopped eating and drinking with the left hand and they still write and handle and do things with their left hand. That's fine. Yeah, well, you're one of them. But eating and drinking, they guide you to the right time.

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alone again.

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If you forget that's fine. forgetfulness is fine, but if you remember then just do to the right and the charlatan Allah. Last question sugar.

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There is a Hadith of the spirit of authentic authenticity, the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He said if the person who drinks was standing knows what he's putting in his stomach, he would have thrown throw this out completely. Now that's the spirit of authentic authenticity, Allah Allah knows. But the prophet SAW Selim recommends that when you drink and eat, that you do it while you while you're seated, however, not as a man. It's a shell, which means instruction, evidence to this oil Buhari algebra we thought about the law and one day he made will do and then when he was done, he got up and he grabbed the other men the remains of the water, and he stopped drinking while he was

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standing. When he was asked, What was he doing? He said, I heard some people saying he's not allowed to eat to drink while standing, he said, but I saw the Prophet sallallahu Sallam on out of drinking his cup of milk while he was standing on the back of the camera. It's not it's okay to drink while you're while you're standing. Although some alama they say, well, the Prophet did on arafa because he wants to show the people that he wasn't fasting. Though the Prophet didn't actually will stand in an alley understood It's okay. That we say it's okay.