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Al-Baree & Al-Musawwir

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The transcript describes the history and meaning behind various names and their significance in various cultures, including Surah Hadid, which is the seventh of the Surah number 30, and Surah Hadid, which is the seventh of the Surah number 30. The use of "will" in reference to the creator's concept of the earth is highlighted, and the use of "will" is highlighted as a way to express gratitude for something or someone. The transcript also touches on the topic of Islam, including its favorability on women and its use of images to create clothing models. The segment ends with a suggestion to stop the discussion for the next day or the next week.

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with what today the name of

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the bank is from one of the

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world's normally die.

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to set up in a minute, as easel job.

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Harley is backed

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by, as we explained last time bearing is is a name that is more specific in the name of our heart

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of heart It is something that is quite common

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in terms of a lot creating something which hasn't even come into Voodoo the existence. And it also means that Allah has made a blueprint of it without anything proceeding, that is, is a name that shows that Allah has to plan this and he is now making a commitment to reduce into existence. And he is now executing the plan according to how he was going to make the creation he has made the creation.

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Now, there is no one that can be called bad because that is the only one that can take you have this name value.

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And one of the things that Barry has one of the meanings of value is that it can come from borrow which means that Allah has created this from the earth. So where Allah has used that in the Quran is in sort of Reggina which is the 98 pseudo before and I remember seven ambassador in and levena mo ominous father how to do that.

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Surely those people who have believed in actions, they are the best of the creation of Allah has created the best of those who are on the earth, meaning that they have been created by Allah azza wa jal from the earth and Allah has made him the best creation on the earth. And in the central dogma azula he says that those of them who are who have not done well, the machine or who are the policies, they are shoveled blurrier than the list of those who have been created from the earth. So that's one of the means if it's from Bara, otherwise from

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the name, Barry is is a name that shows that He is the Creator and he executes his plan after he has actually made the design and he will make to come to existence.

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Now, one of the things that this this name has

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one one of the features of this name is that Allah subhanaw taala. When he has created this individual before he has created the individual, he would have already planned for it some things that will have will come come to within the life of this creation. So in Surah Hadid which is the 57 suitable for an another 22 Allah says Masada we will see that into the outdoor Rafi and physical electric guitar in the public.

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There is no affliction, whether it's in the earth, whether it's within yourselves, except that it's already in the book before we have created it. Before we have created this now, what does number I have refer back to what does this refer back to?

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If you look at this, I am sort of happy to see that you will see that it is feminine. It's a feminine word. We'll see that with the top of

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the hour, the word feminine, and the word and also filling in. So this three words here the last one. And when Allah xojo has said that, he he has he has created an exception. This affliction will be for someone but before the affliction actually before someone

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it will be for them. before Allah has created the earth before he has created the soul or before he has even created the Mattila now if they have been

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The mean or the the pronoun in Nevada on this island, if this is referring to the masiva, to the actual application itself, that means that before Allah even has created the eviction, he has destiny, where it's going to be home. And the second meaning is before he created the earth, He has testing, where exactly this assertion before the third is, before he has created these individuals in the soul, it is very clear, where this will see what is his misfortune moving forward. So, according to this,

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this is not the raha which comes from a last name, but it was named by means that a lot not only creates not only create, for example, the creation of human beings, but he also creates for example, the elves and he also creates non tangible things like a diva or depiction of lava creates the affliction.

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Now, in the end, you will find that Allah has sometimes used other words, but he refers to them as iteration after he is a blueprint, these eyes can be found in the in the Koran, for example, sir and via the ambia, which is the 17th surah number 30, Allah says, or john laminin, magical machines in hiding, from water, we have made everything come alive, from water, we made it the whole life. So now, the water itself, before Allah even created any water, before that, even that even time came that he created the water,

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he was an alcoholic, he was the creator, when he wrote the water into existence, when you bring it into existence, he was unbearable, this is known as alarming to me

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and him making other things come into existence because of that robot, because that move is going to make them come alive. This is also from the napalm that Allah has sent in the Hata compassion thing is sort of sad, I have a 71

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he said that I create, I will create a human being or human beings from from mobile clay, Allah has said that that means a Muslim here is the hardest, because they have not yet created that. However, he has said

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that in various items,

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that he has created the the human being now look at this verse, For example, sort of

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12 to number 14 is the 23rd sort of the first one in southern Sudan.

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Allah says that I have created the human beings from from the from from from the claim itself, then later on on the mobile play the later on, he says,

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I will settle this human being within itself then

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I will create the the scene and I will move it on to something else I will make it a cleaning thing and then from there, I will make it move on I will make making a different item and each time it will grow. Now all these

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allies have harlot

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when he has when he has made it come to existence, unless perhaps a gala is the battery.

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Now, what is this all mean? This only means that

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he has the ability to bring things into existence and since he has the power to do that,

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if one of us wants something from Allah azza wa jal have something to do creative. For example, somebody wants to see if they can get a son or a child, it is only allows them that can give that son it

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can give the child there is no one absolutely no one that can give a child without a lot of having his inshallah are having his, his irata are having his his, his will for that thing to come into existence. Now how people's people's

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bodies or the village get corrupted. For example, if I give you an example,

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if you have

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if you have a person who goes to the items and the person is possible the items

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says give me this give me that oh I will give you this.

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How the archive is corrupted is the overtime a lie is always given to everyone according to his sister of man is a

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man who will give everyone now after three years is already ordained that this person will have a child that personalities an idol worship so that person comes to the island the worship silent again number one, he gets nothing because of worship the idea that the two he gets nothing because of worshiping the idea number three and suddenly he gets a child. Now, Allah did not give this person the child because he was the idol No, login this person this child because it

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doesn't matter what color you are, doesn't matter what race you are, despite what religion you are, doesn't matter what race you are, doesn't matter whether you believe in Allah, Allah, He will give sampling fortunes, and He will give 71 misfortunes and these are not according to religion is another good reason. Otherwise, if you if all Allah blesses was according to his

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religion, what this would mean is that Allah azza wa jal would have had to give the most religious people the most of the fortune of this world, and the religious people, people who are not religious, Allah should have given them nothing on this earth.

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So what happens is that the person we worship the idol, after three years, he gets his child and he says, oh, for three years have been worshipping his idol. So that's why I got the child he the idol gave me the child, and therefore they got off the path, therefore they are not believed in Allah. And Allah did not do that. Because they worship the idol. I'm not doing that because I'm trying not to live anymore was and he will always give word for that I created allow him to do that. I'm going to give you this many children in this many years, I'm going to give you that. So now when you have Muslims, there are certain Muslims, they go to certain grains, and they start asking for certain

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things. They might go to the grave of mcarthurglen they might go to the grave of Satan, it might go to his grave, you know,

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box and I don't know how many names there are of these of these different people, by them leaving India Sharjah

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grave in Bangladesh, they will go there and they will ask, they will ask the digital say, I want a son. So I'm asking you to give me a son, or to pray for me to get a son and all of these things. These are things that are not allowed in Islam. These are things that are because Allah azza wa jal has given permission to us to talk to him and to God and directly, Allah has given us an order to do that. So that means that when somebody wants something come to existence, we don't talk to any other individual, whether they're dead or alive, will go to a lab or the director which is what we want to be because there is absolutely no one who can give anything at all, whether it's in this world or in

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the next world, whether it's something we see or we don't see, there is no one who could give us anything except for our lives and

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so that is the name of Allah and Barry.

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Now you come to a name

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of Allah azza wa jal, the next name which is Alamo soul with and so

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now I'm so good the next time if you go through the names again will Lovelady land No. And

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Rama, Rahim and valley produce a Sarah and looking at hi Ming, Aziz

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a harlot and daddy.

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So this thing of Allah

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appears in

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the 59th surah for 24 years there. And also in Surah alley, we're on the third floor of the house. And in the sixth Allah said, The day you saw roofing or honey cake Asia is the one that fashions you within the womb of your mother within the rooms, a lot of passion within the womb.

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Now somehow, if you actually think about it, from a liquid from liquid that has no substance. I like good bones.

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That is apps if you think about it. A lot makes hard scope. Makes hard bones makes a hard body

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out of a small, unwanted liquid, which is in form of semen. So once that's in the middle, the whole process of it to get to the customer, which is what we should allow fashions every single part, if you think about it,

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the minute details of a lot planning every single bank, how how small that bank is, how small the cells are, within the body when is being formed from the mother's womb, and is a miracle.

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I can see every single day with things abroad, it is a massive miracle that he created from such a minute.

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And it creates hard substance from soft, soft substance that is alarmingly Soviet now, you saw what it means our final fashion the entire body.

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exactly whether I'm supposed to be the hollowness, or whether I'm supposed to go inside where the cheeks supposed to come out of bringing out allowing fashion the cheeks and touching the chin and so on fashion, the actual eyes itself, and the handle the boat, the fan itself, the exact pose, where allows you to make the hairs come out of order all of that is fashion. Now.

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So what are you so good to sweep frustrating means to, to put to make to give a 3d 3d form to something which which is there as a substance. Now the same thing is there in terms of if a person was to take a piece of clay, or take something and they were to mold a statue out of that. And if they fashion the statue, and they make the eyes of the statue, the nose of the statue, and so on. If somebody does that, even though people in the lives of the NBA Live the profits that have done this. So for example, it was through loss of a lot of time. And there were people whose passion is either in saving up Abraham Eisenstein, those people used to do that, in fact, my grandmother so the father

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used to do that until after passion, his idols and to make them to create them. The zoo was a virus and I said very clearly, in several Hadith that I shall see

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the people who will be given the most severe of punishment, the most severe punishment the people will be given that on the Day of Judgment, there will be

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people who are fashion designers. Now, this is one of the meanings of fashion. What this means is that they made idols they made others believe that these are real things that can give benefit that can save people from how and when people worship them. Obviously it was only stone so on the day I've done a lot of bring these items that iron soda, Amir Allah says that I will bring up there I will think to worship, I will bring them up. And in a heartbeat, he says allow me to say various having since I was allowed to say now you know, we used to worship these items below into these idols and make them come alive. And if they can't blow into them and make them come alive, then the

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severes the punishment will come over those people who used to worship and

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now there's various hobbies one of the hats for example, Holly Holly's number 5950 to 109, you will find that

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Allah xojo has has a lot of other investment assets at this function for these people. In fact, what happens in Sydney is a young group

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of young lahori managed to sit on

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the fire itself Jana will bring out its neck will bring up some slack. It will have two hours which with which it sees it will have two ears with which it listens, and it will have a tongue will decide on their own with his tongue. Speaking This is Johanna that has taken his neck out of itself. It will say in New Guinea.

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I have been ordered to consume three different types of people. Number one, liquidity Jabarin.

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Anyone who's been a tyrant and we've been very stubborn, a stubborn child.

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person, I've been ordered to continue that person into helpline. Number two will be calling

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anyone who have

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called a day T, or one who is not where they were to call anyone other than allowed, although they worship never made it than where they worship, I ordered to suck them and serve them within myself, we can help. And the third is the most only those who used to do dust we used to fashion others, and make make the eyes and Facebook and so on and make them into iTunes. Now there have had a fella that had a difference of opinion with his hands, is it's only talking about

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is it only talking about the the fashioning of these idols? Or is it also true that photography is a big debate amongst the scholars of this world?

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And the that being divided over many different episodes, the camera photography has commanded been divided over these, which one does it actually refer to.

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They're all convinced that it refers to the islands and fashion on the island. But some others, especially on a map of the eastern side of the East Coast, so that some of them not all of them, some of them have dealt with the camera and taking pictures and so on is involved in this. Many others or others believe that that is not the case. But this is something which they have a right to differ over. Obviously, I believe that is only something which is 3d. So if you fashion something which is feeling like

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there is something that you shouldn't do, but it is 2d, and it's something again, you've got a my own opinion is, and this is according to many orders, speeches and opinions, that hurdle, which is that every accomplishment or every command will allow the hyena to have a reason behind it. Now since this will last a long time, you find that there's lots of advice and there was a piece people some of these people used to fashion islands. And this was one thing he had said in front of the people who used to create this, then it shows clearly that that is the reason why because it's going to lead to shift is going to lead to the worship in

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other deities or the gods of Santa Rosa. That's why that is one reason. Second is like for example once was to listen to Lars who came to his house.

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And he found a secret and it showed me alone how she had sold into the into the the door that he had had a veil veil,

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across it. And that veil say to deny some of you Barbara she has sold inside

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the screen, or you could say the school or the

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the form of a bird. So she had sold that as a designer.

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When I saw that, he said who did that. And then he

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said, Well, I did that and then engaged in his salon. When engaging in his opera. After he finishes I said, Bring that curtain down. It has distracted me in my salon. So he ordered her to cut it into pieces. And then the profit remained he said make some

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pillowcases out. So she cut through the actual image itself. And then she made the cover of the cushions in the house in the house. For this lesson the law has allowed us again in the autumn I would say that the reason why was because it was a distraction to his salon salon in order for this to happen for them to take place. Now.

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These are different than others have said no, a lot of that is because he is the only one that can create anything whether it's 2d or 3d. Now he has said Allah has said in the Holy Quran

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that Allah has fashion you and he's the best of fashions, best of those who create any types of fashion or the images of faces or things that have things that have a spirit, sort of outfit, the 14th soda and obesity for designer, the last three to 10 is the best of those great, so therefore, no one else should should try and create like a law that did does that mean that you shouldn't even go to a picture of a person that is alive or something like

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Haskell. So this is where they both sort of different in this sense.

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Some have said that at least some of them are possible. I've said for educational purposes, it is fine to have the books and other things, and others have not. Others have not agreed to that others have have rejected that idea. They've said that for any purpose. It is not right for me for them to have that.

00:25:29--> 00:25:34

And Anita says we're allowed to tell them to bring them alive. This Hadith is an AMA

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5951 Halley's number 2108, in Muslim, were littler, the

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that is happening says they created they made certain things that were images, what does that actually mean? Whether it's paintings, drawings over the 3d, it is again, not so clear. But that's that is a Hadith of the first era. So in this sense, Allah azza wa jal, he is

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so good. And it means that we have a belief that Allah so tell a priest different things. Now within that. What that means is, as mudflow of Allah, as creation of Allah, we should recognize every face, every image, every single nose, every eyes,

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that are being created, who is the creator of those eyes, allow the Creator, the node allows him. So if you see some of the nose, their nose is really big, really big nose, on a small face. Now, when you look at something, which is strange, and you look at one thing, you think, Oh, this is a strange thing normally makes people so blonde, you will make people laugh, but it's not like it's not like

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anything strange, you see, it makes you look at it, and you might sort of start to find it amusing or you might find it find something which is strange, therefore, something might even marketing somebody who might not have been wrong. So if somebody finds is that a large eyes that are much larger than the rest of the house should normally be on the high. So sometimes it

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is really small, there is only a small for the teeth, and it is

00:27:36--> 00:28:00

assumed to have large teeth. So we will have a large neck. All of this is from who from al-musawi, and the one who has fashion. And however he is fashion, he is another some people, I'll be honest with you. You know, like some people they find it amusing to look at people and market them and say, Well, you know, he's so skinny, and others might look at others and say he's so fat.

00:28:01--> 00:28:34

Ask fashion as an he has fashion our digestive system. Some people who eat the eat, and the eating, eating just a little bit. But Allah has given them a slow digestive system. So it automatically gives them a large stomach or a large body because the food doesn't process for as accordance, okay, as others skinny people who eat twice or three times as much, but they never put weight on.

00:28:35--> 00:28:37

This is who's doing this

00:28:38--> 00:28:40

pilot is the one who has

00:28:42--> 00:28:45

pre ordained for them how they should be allowed.

00:28:47--> 00:28:54

So we should not look at ours is one test from Allah, one test from Allah because Allah says

00:28:56--> 00:29:06

that you could take somebody else who is different from you, or who is lower than you in status, and you could start ending up mocking them.

00:29:07--> 00:29:17

set in stone is very, very clearly not to mock. Now, one of the things again with this atmosphere that I just said,

00:29:18--> 00:29:19

was super, super

00:29:23--> 00:29:24

comfy. So

00:29:25--> 00:29:52

the angels are allowed, they do not enter a house where they will do your soul on the moon, there's going to be an image of something that is living, but there is a picture of something of it now. Does that mean that the brigade refers to the 2d pictures? Or does it refer to the 3d either items or models and so on, is referred to that. There is a debate amongst scholars openness, and again, they all have the right to default.

00:29:53--> 00:30:00

Some have said even if it's 2d, they will not enter and others have said no unless it's 3d. So what does

00:30:00--> 00:30:42

Not nothing that means that if it's in the shape of a model and it's got images of fate of a face and so on, that's what the angels have right now the angels of mercy will not enter that house or that place. But others are different because say there's an art show Viola Haha, she had a kind of thing that looks like a dog and she bought into this muscle muscles place I used to play video, but then there are other mindsets about dogs that I had any images or any facial sort of history of the face was actually fashion down the center. So therefore there is this debate between the scholars and into the to remain as a debate What do you actually refer to that

00:30:44--> 00:30:58

said that a Sheldon as severe as a punishment will be for those people who have created the street or who make a fashion faces, which which people to do. So lots and lots of talk about these things

00:30:59--> 00:31:01

that will be delayed for some time to come.

00:31:03--> 00:31:13

Perhaps even until the day it doesn't have to be a greater Mark continue and whether one is acceptable The other is acceptable on which one

00:31:16--> 00:31:18

has meant on semester has meant

00:31:19--> 00:31:21

now we've come to

00:31:22--> 00:31:29

an end. So can you say the names again from all over the world lovely lovely.

00:31:34--> 00:31:37

rahimullah medical blues is

00:31:40--> 00:31:41

widely known as

00:31:44--> 00:31:45

the cocktail

00:31:48--> 00:31:51

bar you So good

00:31:55--> 00:31:56

afternoon Soviet

00:31:58--> 00:32:13

which is the one who he loves to forgive. And we will have five major very close another name which is Goku allows Oh, that is a who is the oft forgiving and how far is in the in the

00:32:14--> 00:32:27

form of it being mobile on mobile and who is allies. putting it into an extreme version of average means that Allah really loves to forgive, is

00:32:31--> 00:32:35

what we're going to do inshallah. inshallah, if we you.

00:32:39--> 00:32:44

With the following, we will continue continuing

00:32:46--> 00:32:52

to make a heart and soul. There's at the beginning of this book, there are a few debates.

00:32:53--> 00:33:27

There are a few parts here that I covered some of our parts I haven't actually covered with you. One of the debates about the small lab and Christina is which one of the names is part of his actual nature and which one of them is as just a characteristic. So there are certain names, some of them might have said, for example, Ally's height is part of him, everything is part of him. And there are others that are his stuff out that he shows

00:33:28--> 00:33:40

that he will show a part of what he does to with his creation, but it's not necessarily a central part of Alaska.

00:33:41--> 00:33:52

And they have divided these into certain things that will be part of him and not others. Again, it's a debate that I don't wish you to go deep into. So I'm not going to

00:33:54--> 00:34:34

cover that one thing that is important is that allows Odell His names are not confined within these 99 there are many other names that a lot has been evident the law has, that are outside of these 99 that are mentioned in the Quran. For example, Luma hij, the one of great sort of heights in sort of average, the 72 of the hook for iron. You will find that Allah has mentioned his name, his name, a good mileage. by the law, he did mileage Lhasa into the mileage fall. So he has a bad name but

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his name that name hasn't been mentioned the 99 names. And for example, it says in the Holy Quran, Zulu man

00:34:42--> 00:34:51

31st surah and 27. One our Anima from our living shadow Ratan Abdullah one value what do I mean by the Serato.

00:34:52--> 00:34:54

Man if you can imagine

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

if you were to get the seven oceans that

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

You got if you were to turn into ink.

00:35:04--> 00:35:59

And if you were to take all the trees of the entire earth, and you were to make cannabis out of them, which you would dip into this ink, okay, so you make small small pens out of all the trees of the entire US. And you make incredible new oceans of the entire earth. And you sit there, take a pen, and you basically dip it into the ink and you start writing, writing what some writing the writing about a lot, and his names and his attributes and his wonders. You start writing about his names and the things that he has alasa he says that man defeated kalama wa, he says his names you cannot ever come to the end of his name, or his words for his praise, whatever it is, you will not

00:35:59--> 00:36:03

be able to come to the end of that the seven oceans of ink will finish

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and the pens will also be finished in a heartbeat. He says

00:36:09--> 00:36:16

so in another part of the car. So that is the 18 surah number 109 last

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Allah says after the seven oceans finish, Allah says that if I bring you another seven oceans similar to that, so you use that also to try and praise me, you will not be able to come to the end of my praise except that your oceans have been whatever you had, it will be dry and finished. But my caravan my words, my face all that will still not have finished. That's Allah Azza wa Jalla his his name's attentive, his name's aplenty, and he's he is so great that we cannot encompass just a few words to describe Allah azza wa jal. So do not think that the 99 names are our only legal name because there'll be many other names of animals. In fact, this actually goes more than 200 the names

00:37:11--> 00:37:17

of animals more than 200 protect them from I have written to say from from the eyes of the Quran,

00:37:19--> 00:37:20

the names of Allah Buddha.

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Okay, we're going to stop here for today and inshallah tomorrow, or next week, ie 730. We will continue with the name of a file kahar inshallah, to continue those names.