When Someone Converts to Islam

Hamza Tzortzis


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When a new Muslim sister becomes Muslim,

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you know, I've seen you know, I've heard of so many horror stories that someone forces the jilbab and the hijab on them and take off that lipstick and bla bla bla bla bla and like, oh my god, there's a priority. Let them focus on their Salah their relation with Allah then everything else falls into place. And we act as if we were catapulted from my mother's womb with a niqab and a Mahaffey. Yeah, you just remember where you came from. Many of us were sinners, proper sinners, and we're still sinners, right? But we act as if with muscle.

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We have to be very careful, guys. Very careful. Just remember where you came from. Remember who you are yourself. So everyone's on a journey. That's my point.