Zakir Naik – Why do Muslim Men Torture & Degrade the Women

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A non-M-thirteen-week article on the topic of Islam's actions towards women in Afghanistan shows that Muslim men are torturing women and degrade them. The article also highlights that some of the media's actions are parting of theipped war of peace, with men being portrayed as being "boards" and " legions" in the Islam world. The article concludes that the media's actions are parting of the war of peace, and that men should not be portrayed as "boards" or " legions."
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Salam Alaikum brother. This is a question from a non Muslim audience. Her question states that we see on television many women being tortured in Afghanistan. Why do Muslim men torture or degrade women and Islam? Sister? That's the question that we see on the television, you know, that Afghanistan, Muslim men are torturing women. So why in Islam, Muslim men torture and degrade the women? Sister? This question was replied, just a few days earlier. On the second day of the conference, on Saturday, on Saturday, 31st of October, I gave a talk woman in Islam protected or subjugated, and I gave the talk in detail. So ask your friend, to watch that tape, watch the DVD,

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inshallah it will answer all your queries regarding your main point that she saw on the television.

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Then in Afghanistan, Muslim men, they are beating the woman.

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And one when I was traveling, I came across a Malaysian couple. Both of them are doctors. They said that they spent more than a month in Afghanistan. And they told me that what they saw on television, the Taliban is beating the woman. They aren't Taliban's. So I asked them, How do you know? They told me that we have been Afghanistan we have spent more than a month we know how the Taliban tied the turban. You know, when we see an Arab, we feel all of the same, Emirati, Saudi Kuwaiti but they themselves know that a Saudi ties the country in a different way. And Emirati ties in a different style. If you go to a Kuwaiti different style, to similarly the Taliban, they have a particular

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style of tying determines what she told, and what he told a couple that what they shot.

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Even that they didn't do properly. That mean they could shoot the parting of the sea in Hollywood, you know, 10 commandments, Moses PB upon the party of the fee, but they made a fault when they show Muslim men in Afghanistan beating the woman. So therefore the Quran says in Surah Surah, chapter number 49 was the Mythix. Whenever you get the information, you check it up before you pass it on to the third person. What we realize this is the gimmick of the media and in the last conference, to do the need. My last talk was media and Islam war of peace. And I showed how the media goes out of the way to malign Islam. I'm not saying all Muslims are 100% good Muslims, there are black sheep in the

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community what what the media does, picks up these black sheep and portray so Jackson pretty Muslims and many a time they show things which absolutely nonsense. It does not exist in Islam. So ask your friend to watch my tape woman's rights Islam protector, subjugated and media and Islam war of peace hope that answers the question.

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