Haleh Banani – How to Improve Your Character In Ramadan 03

Haleh Banani
AI: Summary © The host discusses the danger of pride and how it can destroy relationships. They explain that pride can lead to a waste of time and money, and that pride can also lead to a loss of respect and connection to the community. The host encourages everyone to take responsibility and work on themselves to correct their pride.
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Salam aleikum, this fella was salat wa salam ala rasulillah. Today we're going to talk about the Ramadan character. What is it Ramadan character repair. And we're gonna work on our character during this month in sha Allah. Yesterday, I was telling you to write down a list of your shortcomings, what areas you would like to work on, it's good to have that list. And each day, I'm going to talk to you about a different area that we can work on ourselves. And today the focus is on overcoming pride. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam has taught us that if we have a mustard seed of arrogance in our heart, if we have that pride, we cannot even smell diagnose. So many of us, many of us are very

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knowledgeable, we're very practicing the very good head jobs, the length of the beard is excellent, the recitation is wonderful. We're doing a lot of hair for the community. But what we don't realize is that we have pride in our heart, and it seeps through in different ways. Now, what is the danger of this of pride? First of all, we said it will prevent us from going to China. So all this that we're doing all this effort we're making in Ramadan, to extra prayers, extra reading, the things that we do throughout our life, whether it's charity, whether it's raising money, everything that we do, if we don't correct these things within our character, then it's a waste, right? So we have to

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focus on that. And realize that with pride, what other dangers are there, it really destroys relationships. So many of the marriages that I work with a lot of the couples that I work with, their biggest issue is that they are too proud, too proud to admit that they're wrong, too proud to apologize, too proud to make any kind of effort or initiative. I just had a couple of the other day that they got into this dispute. They had a beautiful day, a beautiful evening together, they went out. And one of us did something that angered the other. And it just destroyed the whole evening, the whole week of effort. And I told her, like, what could you have done? And she goes, Well, that's

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just my pride. I really couldn't get myself to take that initiative. And I said, What would have happened? If you did, you admitted that you were wrong, and you you made a mess, like everything would have been resolved so many times in our relationships, because of the pride that we feel like Why should I take that initiative? Why should I apologize? Why should I always make that is what destroys us. So what I want us to do this Ramadan is to become aware of this in our heart. And try try our best to crush the pride. If you sense it in your relationship, whether it's with your spouse, whether it's maybe with your parents, if you feel too proud to apologize, maybe you've heard

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that maybe you've disrespected that maybe you've done things that has really crushed them. Take that ownership take ownership while you have the chance. Now many of us

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this may be our last round designed to take advantage of these opportunities to mend the relationship now. So that's within our relationship, sometimes within sisterhood and brotherhood.

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within the community, we see that this pride kills and kills the sisterhood in the Brotherhood. Many times you find sisters coming into the message, they're coming from beyond, you're coming to purify your heart, you're coming to make that connection to deposit spiritually. And yet they will turn their head and not give sellouts because of the pride. And this pride may come from thinking that you're you're better, you're smarter, maybe you're a better race, you're better, whatever it is culture, and this is going to destroy us. So sisters, brothers, please, if you sense that you have this fight, if you feel like you're too good to give salads, if you think you're too good to sit and

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converse with someone, work on yourself, make sure that you're correcting yourself, I'll share with you a personal story. When I went to Hajj like maybe five, six years ago,

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one of the things I really tried to focus on was not having an ounce of pride in my heart. And I reminded myself that it was a book that I read how to make the most of your head and that really guided me and I hope whoever is going can read it in

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his mind reminded me that all of these people that you see see millions of people and many of them they might be from the village they may, they may actually not be they may be very disheveled. They're not clean that they don't have the hygiene. And it's very easy to look down on that because we are we are so clean. We're so fresh and we but we we have spent so much on the on the hotels on the places that we're saying. And it was this conscious effort that I made that you know what this

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First, well maybe the shovel this person who is laying on the ground, it looks sturdy or may not have may not be very educated. Maybe an Olia of Allah may be so loved and so dear to Allah. So who am I, to look down upon this person I really tried to guide my heart and I urge you, I urge you to do that today. Be very cognizant of this when you go to the masjid and you see someone next to you and you think something just occurs to you for whatever reason, whether it is they're not religious enough, they're not. They're not smart enough. They're not educated or whatever it is. If you feel that in your heart corrects yourself, say esta hora, la, la mina Shay, tada, Reggie and make an

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effort to be kind make an effort to be extra courteous, because if we don't correct ourselves, if we allow this cry to grow, then it's going to keep us from China. So I pray that whether it's in our relationships, or whether it's in dealing with our brothers and sisters in the community, that we really work on crushing this pie, says I cannot share. Thank you for tuning in.

How to Improve Your Character In Ramadan 03: Overcoming Pride

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