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Haitham al-Haddad


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The speaker discusses the importance of considering the option of survival and growth for individuals, including a woman named Kavita Masha Allah who is moving. The speaker also talks about the woman being an innocent person and the woman being an innocent woman in Islamic culture. The speaker mentions a court case and the importance of protecting individuals' legal rights.

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Today I am visiting Kavita Masha Allah, as you can see, yeah, if you can come from this side, as we can see she is moving. I so and she's moving her hand her fingers, as you can see. Yeah. So now

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asking, how do we consider, okay, this young lady has a dead person or eventually going to die. Even if he's eventually going to die, all of us are eventually going to die. Doesn't she have the right to survive and to live and to grow up? I think all of us are getting with it. And Muslims or non Muslims agree that she has the right to survive to live. And from an Islamic perspective, she is an innocent

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human being, that she has the right to live and to survive and to worship Allah, Allah Allah and to enter the highest place in general. That's why he from an Islamic perspective,

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doing anything he's moving,

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doing anything that might

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bring the life of this child to an end, is considered to be capable.

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Allah Devo Allah says in the Quran many more minimum.

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Hungry hon II have a lovely well loved, I think you were under severe punishment for taking this over the province of smmc. The caliber to be dismantled, brick by brick, which is easy

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in the sight of modular Allah,

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taking that sort of video, so we can go on and on talking about the severity of taking the life of an individual from an Islamic perspective. Anyway, brothers and sisters make the first Aveda she is your daughter, she's my daughter, she is the daughter of everyone had case should be the case of everyone, whether again Muslims or non Muslims because they have mother Marcia one is fighting for the bigger case here, which is to give right for young individuals like this all for even elderly people to survive. And to worship Allah, Allah Allah more and to know more about the creator and the purpose of their creation. We ask Allah to give her immediate chicken

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and we ask

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Allah delighted to give her mother and her family her mother by the way, she is not going home. She is staying

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in the hospital here for a long time. Yeah, we ask Allah, Allah Allah to help her to help the father to support them. Zach Mala Phelan was Allah Allah Salah Mubarak and Vienna Muhammad while your San Diego main today's to analyze the first of suffer 1441 and the 30th of September 2019. Hopefully we will hear that good news this week. And and I am I am personally have the trust in our legal system that it will give to feed a right to live and inshallah we will have good news from the court. This week inshallah you will do is a must