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Hussain Kamani
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You're listening to the Calum Institute podcast series, beginning of guidance by saying Kimani

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To find out more information of the saints column course entitled the prophetic code, a study of prophetic manners and etiquette. Visit Olam slash prophetic code below hamdulillah hamdulillah hookah phenomenological. Medina Stouffer Susana tsujita pseudo Hartman mb ligula skia wasabi Hello, I'm about

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a double Juma advocate of Friday.

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No Good Friday is a day of celebration for the believers. It is an honor day there has chosen for this.

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Now in here this author says that an jumada meaning indeed Juma is the celebration day for the believers. And the reason why this is a celebration date is because this is a very special day. Historically, many great events took place on this day. And the purpose of the Law Day was some tells us that when we go for the Juma prayer, there should be an extra preparation for this day. Extra bathing, putting on your best clothes, putting on your best of perfume, as we're going to read up ahead. And now one point I mentioned before we won't afford

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that they this Friday in Arabic we call it ju ma that's a correct correct pronunciation Juma is wrong. So many people they read this name with a spoon on the mean that's incorrect. It's jumuah. That's the correct pronunciation of the name of the day. Now, the second thing the author mentions he says that hustle love Allah be he had the Luma that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given the day of Juma specially for the soma. For the Jewish community, Allah subhana wa tada gave them Saturday. And for the Christian community, Allah subhanho wa Taala gave them Sunday. However, Friday was the day that Allah subhanaw taala saved for the Ummah and this is a special gift from Allah subhanho wa

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Taala to the oma. And likewise, there are certain virtues of Friday that other days do not hold. For example, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that the person who passes away on Juma if a person has to pass away on Friday, he gains the reward of a martyr. And another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us the one who passes on the date passes away on the day of Juma that person is saved from any punishment of the grave. So we learn from these virtues that there's a special, special uniqueness special rank for the day of Joomla. And here, the pop salon is teaching us these two these narrations, and there are other errors that are coming up ahead

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is an unknown period of time during which no Muslim serving as a tie for something he needs. But then he mentioned to him. Now here's the second thing that's very beautiful about this Joomla is that in the 24 hours of Joomla, from the mothership of Joomla, from the mothership of Thursday, to the middle of a Friday, those 24 hours there, there is a special time in there. And that special time is such that any person that makes the law, and their law matches that special time, Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept the law immediately. Now the scholars they say what is a special time? Why is it so now this is where the scholars they come in, they have the discussion, some scholars

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say that that special time, the first thing that we all know that the most scholars, they agree that the this unique time is not a long period, it's a very short period. It's a very small window, that opens up on Friday, and then it closes, maybe a few moments, it opens up, you make your last few matches that was accepted immediately. And then that window closes again till next Friday. That's why we from our teachers, and from our from the pious scholars from our teachers, teachers, they were those who would spend the entire 24 hours of Friday just making law, they would finish off all the sleeping they needed to do before Thursday Muslim and next time they would sleep would be Friday

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after the rest of the full day that would be an ethic off making law making you know, the speed reading salon, the whole 24 hours was a very special 24 hours because they wanted to catch that special window of law. You know, our teacher used to always tell us the story. I don't know if it's true or not, but I'm sure it is. But it's it's an interesting story. There was a lady she used to live in India. And she had a tequila truck he is like a grinder and she she used to you know,

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spin her grinding mill for wheat and sell whatever she had at the end of the day. So everyday she did this for her entire life and she thought to herself you know, what did I earn after doing this all my life maybe $1,000 $2,000 in my savings, you're not going to earn too much in your savings if that's what you're gonna do for a living right. So, one day she went to the moms up and she heard the feed the chef was leaving the hotel and he said that at Friday there is a special window if you're the odd matches that window like secured why immediately. So that lady she sat there and made a lot of Allah. Oh Allah make this into make my my mil in gold will not turn it into gold is tricky.

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Go to Santa Ana, right. Allah make this meal of mine gold. Well I've turned it into gold turn it into gold. She made that law the full day. And finally she made the water full day she made the law the full name when Mother's Day

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came for Juma. She got tired. And she said Huda other family comes from Geneva, if not gold, literally the silver and it turned into silver anyway.

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She caught that special moment right at that time. So the two things we learn, first thing we learn from the story is that never lose hope and allows mercy because Allah will give you when it's best for you and whatever is best for you. Sometimes you ask for something and a lot is and give it to us because that's not good for us. How many of us have been making the law our entire life or law make me rich? Or Allah give me the dollar sign? Oh, like, give me so much money. Give me all the bling in the world. But we don't realize that that bling and that money, it's not good for us. It's possible that that money may bring arrogance in us. It's possible that money may take us away from Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. How many people have lived on this road that Allah gave wealth to? And it took them away from Allah? Is that right or wrong? So many people, they lose their religion because they don't think they're, they forget they're dependent and because they have wealth, they think they're independent. And the moment you think you're independent is when you've lost the plot altogether. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala is the only one that's independent. We will always be dependent on loss of Hanna Matata, the story of Kaduna is there, there was a person during the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he made the law that he said the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah gives

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me both the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he kind of tried to push it off, but he was insisting. So the prophesy law sort of made law for him. The Sahaba said, after he became wealthy, he stopped coming to the merchants for prayer. And then a time came, we realized that prison stopped coming for Jew masala. And during the time of the Hanukkah, he even stopped giving us a cup.

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And then he remembered the purpose of the law while he was sitting told him that day that don't ask for wealth. That's why it's important that we never asked for things that we want. Rather, we should say, Oh Allah, if this is good for me, give it to me. If it's not good for me, then keep me away from it. Especially when it comes to matters of marriage or house a car is bigger decisions which sit well law. If it's good for me, then give it to me, you know, we make the law of his taharah. And in the law of his heart, if you read the translation, this is what we're asking the lorrison Oh Allah, if it's good for me, then give it to me. And if it's not good for me, then keep me far away

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from it and keep that thing far away from me as well. Okay, so here we're learning here that there's a special time that if you catch that moment, while making the alarm, fire your dog gets accepted. Now when is that time again, the scholars have a large discussion. Many scholars they say a mature a large group of scholars, they say this special time of law being accepted on Friday is between the author and Muslim of Friday, the author and Muslim that's why you realize back home in India and Pakistan or even in the Middle East, you'll find that it's a common tradition. That Friday after after Salah everyone's in the masjid. Have you guys noticed that Friday after occidental Muslim

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everyone's in the ledger they're making the blob because they're trying to catch that moment, there's a very special moment, everyone spends that time, another group of scholars caught the eye of being amongst them al Maliki, he used to say, along with another, along with other scholars, too, that this special window of law lies between the two who does a Friday. So that's not the time to sleep, or play with your phone or miss it altogether. You should be in the masjid when the mom was given the photos when he sits down that small little window he has there that he gives you that's the moment to start making your blossom as much as you can from the bottom of your heart. Some

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scholars say it lies in that the 100 Salah during the 100 window of Friday, you know before the fighter Salah time. So there are different opinions given in this regard. And some scholars even hold the opinion that this timing isn't one particular time of Friday. It revolves every Friday, it changes your understanding. They say every Friday that time changes. And the reason why I love some panel data makes it change. So we search for it. And when we search for it, we'll make more logical lots of panel data and make more about that along it. Yes. So prepare for it on Thursday by cleaning your clothes and so when did we start preparing for Friday, not one hour before July Salah. We start

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preparing for Friday. Mmm Roseanne is telling us one Thursday night, Thursday night is when you pick your clothes up. It's kind of like how we do for eat. You know, no one prepares for the day. We start preparing for the days in advance, right? We go shopping and we choose the perfume match our shoes and hat and all that stuff. All the preparation starts in advance. So here is also saying when it comes to Juma Don't be careless. Don't be careless. When it comes to Juma, don't prepare the day up start preparing the night before and that'll allow you to be prepared for drama properly. Yes, so prepare for it on Thursday by cleaning your clothes in by glorifying so cleaning your clothes. Now

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in our in our world, that may not mean a lot. But if you don't wash your clothes on Thursday, you won't have clothes to wear on Friday. And the reason why I say won't mean a lot to us because now we have washing machines you just throw them in an hour later they're ready. But in those days in order for you to have clothes ready to wear on Friday, you have to wash them in advance because you have to wash them with your hand squeeze the water up, put them up to dry. And it was very common even till today. If you go to some of the villages across the world, people on Thursday all the people of the village will gather together they'll go to the top of the pond and they'll start building their

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clothes because that's how they wash them. They beat their clothes and they wash them and wash them. Everyone does it Thursday and then Friday. You see them coming into the mud with nice white clean.

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Hold on. Yes. by cleaning your clothes and by glorifying a law much in seeking His forgiveness on Thursday evening, footnote four, it is a time that equals a special moment of Friday in marriage. Okay, let's read the footnote. Yes. In Islam, the beginning of any day begins from the sunset of the previous day. Hence, the beginning of Friday in Joomla is from the mother of Thursday. That's clear. So the beginning of Friday is actually from the negative of Thursday. That's when it starts. All the virtues also start from there. Yes. Big intention to fast on Friday, but along with that says facing Saturday or Thursday, because there is a rule against fasting on Friday. So Friday, fasting on

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Friday is a good thing. But the purpose of the law while he was sort of prohibited to fast only on Friday, he said a lot of them said if one of you wishes too fast on Friday, he should add a day before or add a day after add a day before Thursday and Friday or Friday and Saturday. The Hadith is narrated by Muhammad enema Mr. mamani Yes, we have a ritual bear. Okay, now, when further comes have a ritual bath. Many people have this question that when can I take my bath for Juma? Do I have to take it right before I go to prayer? Can I take it Thursday night? Can I take it Friday after a lot because we all know there's a special virtue of taking a bath on Friday before going to the prayer

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but when when do I actually take that bath. So hearing that because the law is telling us that the time to take the bath for the Friday prayer is Friday after further Salah. He says when further smoke comes in. That's when that window opens up. And then until Jamal you have that window that this is the window to make your that some scholars say you can make the bath from Thursday aftermarket Uppsala as well. However, this is the amount of Assad his opinion here that Friday after fighter Salas when that window opens up. Now it's time for you to take your listen to between this between this period and the Juma itself. However, it is preferable to delay the bath until you leave

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for the masjid. So if you're going to go for further salah and stay in the budget until Juma then take your bath before

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if you're going to go to the masjid at 11:59am then take it before that don't take it after you guys understand that delay the bath until right before you leave for the budget so that way you're fresh, you're clean and you have that feeling of being you know, extra prepared when going through the motions. Yes me when it comes have original band for a vampire party is an obligation upon every adult. Now obligation. Again, we know according to the Hanafi school of thought taking a bath on Friday is not an obligation. It's a tsunami. It's an emphasizing every person should try their best to act upon the sun. Yes, it is establishing emphasize practice that dress up nicely with white

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clothes, dress up white and dress up nicely with

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with white close the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he encouraged wearing what he said a lot while he was sitting pull the Sahaba the wear white clothes for indeed it's the best of your clothing. And then he said a lot while he was at him said look a funeral fee and water come and also multicam and also shroud your disease in white clothing as well. So why clothing is a good color. It's a color The Prophet said a long while he was sort of like we should make a habit of wearing white, especially when it comes for drama. Yes, they dress up nicely with white clothes for dead is the clothing along most highlights best use the best smelling perfume you have and be very thorough

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in cleaning. So we use the best smelling perfume you have. So it's a good thing to apply perfume on Friday. When you before you come for the Juma prayer, apply some perfume as well. So that way there's a beautiful fragrance when you come in the machine then people aren't offended by any bad odor that may be coming out of your body. However, when applying fragrance to the body, it's important to know for men that you should not apply fragrance that is used by women. There should be a distinction. And there is a distinction between men and between the fragrances used by men and the fragrances used by women. There should be no confusion, someone just smell it and think, Oh man, and

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then he looks at me she has a brother with a beard there.

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Someone that shouldn't be how it is. This is a special fragrance for brothers, and especially fragrance for sisters. Now in our communities. Throughout history this has always been known. Like they say back you know, you know this in the older days. I can't comprehend this because in our in our times, it's the whole concept is different than the fragrances but they say the scholars have written that the fragrance for men is one that has a strong smell a little color. And the fragrance of a lady is that which has a lighter smell but stronger color. Now the reason why I said it's hard for me to understand this is because in our day and age, there's usually the color aspect of

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fragrance isn't involved. There's not really colored with it. So that's where it's hard for us to understand it but I'm sure in those days the fragrances had some sort of color to it. So they're saying for a lady more color less smell, because we know the purpose of a lot lolly was sort of explicitly. He said last curses upon the lady who wears fragrance and then exits her house because that fragrance will attack will attract the attention of people around you. So making sure that you do not apply fragrance for the sisters when leaving the house. The fragrance should be worn at home. However if you wish to apply some fragrance, then apply just a little fragrance so that we at least

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you can smell yourself. That's okay. So

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Lisa negates the bad smell coming out of the body. For the sisters. That's not an issue. But applying perfume to a point that every person you walk past, they smell you in their head, they're turning. That's what's not permitted in Islam. And that's where a lot of those curse comes in. So for the brothers, when we're applying fragrance, it's good to apply a lot of fragrance. But again, bear in mind, don't put on fragrance that's, that may cause the people to get a headache. You understand? I'm saying, Don't do that. Don't impose your fragrance on other people. I once came to the budget, and I had a bad headache. After I was over, asked a brother next to me, I said, but what

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kind of detail did you put on? He said, it's called genital for those

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who've got Jonathan for those. So I said that someone should change the name to that. Because I'm sure if that's identified for those smells, people are going to start changing their laws. Like and I'm just joking, right? But the point that I'm making is that don't apply fragrance. Another thing is that don't don't impose fragrance on the person. You know, when you offer fragrance to someone we know that the person who is being offered shouldn't rejected the prophecy, lots of them. He said not to reject when someone offers you perfume. However, don't impose it on them. Maybe you can when you give fragrance to someone ask them how do you think the smell is? If they like it, then say why

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don't you apply some, but don't give it to someone and force them to put it on because that happens. I remember a few years back when I was leaving probably at ICC, there was a brother in our community Mashallah who was very sincere. And out of his sincerity everyday he used to put his ether on the spot and this masala right here that I'm sitting on. Now, when I would go into said that the smell would just really to shoot into my head and I have a bad headache. So I made announcements once I made the announcement once I Brother, please, whoever's putting this it's a lot of value, but just don't put it on this musala put it on another massala because it's hard for me to Priscilla. And

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that brother he kept doing it kept doing it until I found out who wasn't I approached him directly. I said brother stop doing this because it disturbs the Imam and that and if you're leading the rally here, it also causes confusion while you're reading because you need to focus. So these are things that you have to be careful of that when you're putting perfume on. Don't put on perfume that may be selective to your tastes and may harm other people. And the best way to get around that is to apply perfume lightly and not overwhelmingly apply it Yes. Be very thorough in cleaning your body by shaving, cutting your hair, trimming your nails and brushing your teeth. So doing these three things

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that are mentioned here, these three things should be done on a weekly basis and preferably on Friday. What are the three things The first thing to shave under your navel area. The second thing is to shave under your navel area your arms and shave under your navel area your arms and then trimming your moustache and also cutting your nails. So these are three things that we should do every Friday, grooming yourself properly, yes, and carry on all other kinds of personal hygiene including perfuming of yourself, then go early to the main mosque making your way there go early to the main mosque. So the idea of Juma is not that we should hold a Juma and every small budget. There

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should be smaller massages throughout the city to facilitate the daily prayer of people so everyone can be can easily go and attend. But however for Juma there should be what we call the jam the jam it means that the one that combines the main machine, and in the presence of the gym images, all other massages closed down the smaller ones, and they attend the big machine and that's where the main hold was given to gather a large amount of people. You guys understand that? And why don't no matter whatever you whatever your opinion is, whatever school of thought you follow your Hanafi, Maliki Shockley, whatever it is, you put that to the side, and for Juma, you gather together in one

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large hall and one large gathering to show the strength of the Muslims and the numbers of the Muslims. Yes, make your way there calmly and unhurriedly are indeed the messenger of a loss of

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whoever goes to the mosque in the first hour. It is as if he offered the camel and sacrifice to a lot. So whoever goes early for Juma prayer and goes there in the first hour, he gains a reward of sacrificing a camel for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Tada. Okay, yes, whoever goes into the second hour, it is as if he offered the cow. Whoever goes in the third hour, it is as if he offered a sheep. Whoever goes in the fourth hour it is as if he offered a chicken and whoever goes into fifth hour, it is as if he gave an egg. When the mommy merges the registered registers are folded closed, the pens lifted and the angels gather at the pulpit to listen to the remembrance of Allah. So here

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is telling us that when you come for Jamal tried to come early. Why is that because at the door of the masjid, there are angels sitting there and they're noting down which hour you come to the masjid. The earlier you come, the more the reward you gain. Now how much the cow sheep costs. I'm going to start a candle start with a camel, okay? 1500 $2,000 it says if you give all that money in southern just by coming early to the masjid, then cheaper than the camel is the cow. Okay, it's a little less than price. That's for the person who come to the second hour and like this gradually working all the way down until the person who comes in the last

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hour when we were Did you give as if he sacrificed an egg for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala 20 cents journal aka vehicles like the 20 cents you take this and you get some reward too. But that's like bonica energen. It's like barcodes, one egg. That's your reward there but it's still something and the purpose of

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allowed ism says when the Imam comes up for the hookah, the angels they close the registers they lift their pens up, they come to the front and they also join in the hotspot. And now the people that come after the hotel has started, there is no reward for them at all. They lose that extra reward that they could have gained when coming to the masjid. Now here are the Hadith mentions. The first hour, the second hour, the third hour, the fourth hour, the fifth hour. What does this mean? If Mahajan, Atlas Kalani who was a great 100. He used to explain this by saying that you take the time between father in law her father Angela. Okay, so let's say fighters at six in Juma is at 12.

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Just for argument's sake, so how many hours is that? Six? Let's just call an hour, let's say fighters at seven and Jamal's at 12. So how many hours is that? Five. So now you divide five into five and you get five. Now, let's say for some reason for yourself, I was very early in Jamal, so I was very late in the period between both was 10 hours for example, that gap between the two was 10. So now you would, because the he's mentioned five hours. So nine, divide five by 10 by two sorry. And then you'll get Yeah, you divide divide 10 by five, and you'll get two hours and two two hours will be the window for each of these five unique rewards now in our Masada Allah protect the reality

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is everyone gets to egg.

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At least in Chicago, I can testify to that in Sharla. Right, everyone's getting the egg. I've only seen people take the reward of the capital in Macau macadam and Madina munawwara. You know, when you go for Hajj Nomura people actually go for Juma when they go for fudger

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it's true, they go for further salah and they don't come back at all. They just sit all the way there. And that's the only way you can get a good seat there. If you want a good front seat and that close to the Kaaba and the mataf area where you can see the image even though you go for pleasure, you don't come back. Otherwise, if you try to play the Chicago trip where you wake up half an hour before, take a shower running last second double parking get in, you won't even make it past the gate of your hotel, let alone getting inside that courtyard of the Hummer inside the machine itself. But we should make an attempt to an effort to try to come earlier to the machine. Yes. It is said

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that people gain closeness to Allah on the Day of Judgment according to how early becomes a law. Hurry man because it is saying that scholars say that depending on how early you come to the masjid, that will determine how close you will be to Allah on the Day of Judgement.

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When your agenda when Allah gathers all the creation together, they will be front row seats, second row seats, courtside seats, and then they're going to view all the other top everyone's going to be there. And how close Will you be to allow the Day of Judgment. And this is referring to the Hadith in which Allah will recite Quran, you know, the famous narration in which Allah will gather all the creation together. And then He will say to them, what do you like, What do you want, and everyone will be standing there and they won't even know what to ask from Allah. So then the prophets will say, Oh Allah recite for us, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will recite, and what will he recite their

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different opinions? Some say he always had sort of some sort of you have seen some scholars say surah. And

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so in that gathering that very special VIP gathering, how close Will you be to Allah depends on early you come for fighters depends on early you come for gemasolar this is what the scholars used to say. Likewise, there's another Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there are three things. If people knew the true virtue of them, they would raise their camels to beat the others so they can be first in it. You guys understand that? The Prophet said there are three things they hold so much virtue, but people don't realize their virtue. If they knew the true virtue of it, they would raise their camels with one another, to

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see who can beat the other person to come there. First, what were the three things The first thing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said other than if people knew the true virtue of Amanda would race with each other to see who gives the other, but no one wants to give the other one because we're all coming late. The second thing, the virtue of standing in the front line of sama. If people knew the virtue of standing the front stuff, they would race with one another to come. And one Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, they would come to the front stuff, if they knew the virtue of it, even if it meant that they had to drag themselves on the ground and come you guys

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understand that even if the legs were non functional, dysfunctional, they would drag their bodies on the ground and come to the front stuff if people truly knew the virtue, the virtue of praying in the frontline. And the third thing The Prophet said a lot of them said, Look, we'll do either Juma to come early for Juma people knew the virtue of coming early to Juma they would raise one another to see who can get early to Juma. Yes.

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Then will you have entered the mosque? Seek out the first row. If people have gathered do not step over their shoulders or not step over their shoulders. When you come to the masjid try to sit close. You know before our for our lectures before our events we always tell everyone gather close by gather close by Everyone sit together. Don't leave gaps. Don't sit on the wall don't sit on the corners. This is actually based on this Hadeeth right here. And what is the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaching us that when we sit together sit compact, when you come for Salah, fill in the frontlines, don't pray in the corner in Salah that could have been permissible,

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right? Yes or no? That could have been pressed once a lot that the monks sent here and then you pray wherever you want in the month to just follow the Imam. But the purpose isn't to be like that. He saw some didn't like that. He said everyone start the front line. Make sure there isn't

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no gap at all. And then you can start the second line. Make sure there's no gap at all then you start the third line, even for our gatherings. That's exactly how it should be. There should be no gap at all until you start the second line and no gap at all until you start the third line. That's the way our gathering should be compact. So here the monk is teaching us that when you come for gemasolar don't sit by the exits. Everyone sits by the exits. Why don't they sit by the exits.

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Easy exit after June salado after Santa Monica Santa Monica run. Because if you sit on the front line by the time you get to the door, it's going to be jam packed. The parking lot situation is going to be very bad. So everyone sits by the exit so they can leave fast. Here your mom was always teaching us know when you come for your massage. Come to the front line, sit there and don't rush on your way out, be relaxed. Now if the budget is full, don't force yourself to the front line now you're late you snoozed now you lose out on it so sit in the back now find your place closest and go and sit there don't cross over people don't jump over people. Now what is considered jumping over

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people, the scholars say Curies your foot to go over someone to the point where your foot is going over their shoulder. Because you can cause them harm you can harm them. But if there's a gap there and you can easily slide through the middle, that's not an issue. If there's a space in the front then to go through people like that it's not there's nothing wrong with that. Yes.

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Or pillars before that. The second thing that was already mentioned there is that

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do not pass in front of them. If someone is praying Salah don't cross them. Now when you come for Jamal, you're making your way to the front, someone's praying there don't cross the go around them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Hadith that if the person if you knew if you truly knew the harm of crossing a person while praying Salah you would stand there waiting for 40 years and you wouldn't take a step.

00:26:42 --> 00:27:14

Process him said you would stand there for 40 years but you wouldn't cross him because you would know if you knew how harmful and how bad it was to cross a personal praying summer. So never cross a personal praying Salah if a person is praying Sunnah, ideally you should walk around them. Now the person who's praying Salah if you're a praying Salah Be smart, don't press the law against the four walls of the masjid so no one else can cross you know, and don't pray Salah right in front of the door of the machines because everyone's going to be an inconvenience, try to find a place where you're not going to put people at inconvenience and press a lot there. Now, once you've done your

00:27:14 --> 00:27:48

job as the one who's passing by, you should not walk in front of someone, ideally you want to go around them if you can't go around them because there's someone praying behind him someone praying behind him, or whatever the case is that in that situation or for example, the budget is huge. Let's say the budget is 100 lines long, and there's a guy printing in the middle of the machine now if you try to go around him you're going to walk five minutes to get around him. So in that case, the scholar see that there are two opinions the first opinion is that you skip three lines and then cross him What do they say? How many lines skip three lines and then cross them and the second group

00:27:48 --> 00:28:13

of scholars they say you imagine that you you cross him from outside his line of vision. So if a person standing and praying Salah how many lines would how many lines would he see while he's praying I don't know maybe five lines six lines, then cross his line of vision and then you can go however many scholars they say that this ruling of skipping three lines are outside the line of vision only applies if the budget is Jamia if it's what what's the jam image anyone remember?

00:28:14 --> 00:28:51

The main central large much if it's a smaller budget walk around because a smaller image it's easier to do that the jam image it is very hard. However in Mecca and Medina this ruling is excused altogether because it's very difficult to even cross three lines. You just want enough space to cross one line three lines is another discussion altogether. Yes, do not sit down until you have performed a greeting prayer is best to pray for each of which readings to do the class 50 times they've Amazon is giving us a special thing. He's saying that when you come for Juma pray for God before Juma and an Egypt or God read surah class blah, blah, blah 50 times. Right. And then he gives

00:28:51 --> 00:29:04

a virtue for this. The Hadith is interesting. It's a weak narration. It's interesting narration he quotes from quoting what is the narration? Whoever does this will not he says it's in a hadith that whoever does this will not die and tell he is showing his place in Jennifer's.

00:29:05 --> 00:29:30

So the virtue is quite big to write the honey this week in his nature, but the virtue is so great, the one who does his praise. So they've lost 50 times in each of the cards and all four cards put together 100 times. Yeah, no sorry. 200 times, then for this person will be the reward that he won't leave this world until he sees his place in general. Yes. Do not omit the greeting prayer even if the Imam is delivering the sermon. Now this is according to the safaree school of thought there's a footnote there was read Yes.

00:29:31 --> 00:29:59

In 100 the school One should not pray or read anything once a sermon begins. So according to the Shafi school of thought if the Imam starts to hook about you come in, you want to pray to the gods greeting of the parent you can do so. According to the Hanafi school of thought you will not if the mama started, you don't pray anything you don't talk to anyone you don't read any Koran you silently sit down and listen. Yes, it is from the Sunnah to recite in porterhouse Surah Al anon. Taha NERC. If you cannot do this, then recite surah Yaseen leafleting

00:30:04 --> 00:30:37

Do not neglect recitation of these rules on the eve of Friday for their recitation holes, great mirrors this hadith is here. The problem is that Sahaba came to the Prophet said Allah Allah was set up earlier the last one. He said a messenger Allah, my memories weak. I want to make my memory sharp. So how do I do it? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told them that the night that proceeds Friday, meaning the night of Thursday and Friday, you know that night between Thursday night and Friday morning, that night, the prophecy blossom said wake up, read for God. And in each regard read first regard to me today are seen second regard to Israel Islam himself. The third

00:30:37 --> 00:31:10

rockets read sort of humming the Han fourth rocket read sort of milk. And then the last one says as soon as I did this, my memory became very sharp. So when we were kids that when we were students and mothers are memorizing the Quran, I remember this was a normal practice, especially for those who are memorizing the Quran. This was a normal practice, we will find one student who had memorized all these students, we tell him, you lead us and we follow Him in prayer, because we didn't know them. And every Friday night, tonight, between Thursday and Friday, the students would make sure they prayed. They were prayed in twos everywhere you would find the measure twos 222 like this, Following

00:31:10 --> 00:31:26

this, how you evaluate your loved one, and it has a great power. Trust me, when you follow this honey, that it makes your memory very, very strong and it gives you that strength to memorize and become more sharp. Yes, whoever cannot do this should recite surah class many times and invoke many blessings and peace upon the Messenger of Allah.

00:31:29 --> 00:32:02

Now, here I am, because it says that on Friday, take out some extra time and send peace and blessings on the prophets of Allah Han to them. The idea of sending peace of blessings on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam unfortunately, in America is foreign. There are very few people who even understand the virtue of sending solo and the prophets that allowed them. When I go for Hajj, I always tell my brothers, that brothers and sisters that sense a lot in the process that alone isn't. It has many virtues. There are 10s of times, or brothers are coming telling me that chef, I didn't even know that you're supposed to send that off in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for

00:32:02 --> 00:32:16

this day. I didn't know that it was something you're supposed to do. You're supposed to take out time every day and send someone the opposite of some of the profit or loss Some said whoever attends whoever sends 10 salutations on me in the morning and 10 in the evening. I will intercede for him on the Day of Judgment.

00:32:18 --> 00:32:25

Is that amazing or not? 10 in the morning, 10 of the evening, not even 30 seconds. I will intercede on his behalf on the Day of Judgment Deal or No Deal?

00:32:27 --> 00:33:01

Deal or No Deal? That's a deal there my friend. That's an amazing deal. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us and Hadith that whoever sends Salam on me abundantly whoever sends Bruton Salam salutations on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam abundantly, he will be standing close to me on the day of jasmine. The Hadith is narrated by mama titillated Alma de la Jani. So the more Salawat you send the closest you gain to the prophets of Allah. So the closer you'll be standing, where are we going to be Allah knows, maybe Far, far, far away. And this is one of those things that you can gain closest to the prophets that allowed Islam on the Day of Judgment, not through money,

00:33:01 --> 00:33:37

but just sending salaat always sending Gruden Salam on the purpose of always doing that as much as you can. There's another very beautiful tradition by a Marvin Yes, if you know the long line. He says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah subhana wa tada has appointed an angel who travels to the earth. And anyone that sends saddam on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he hears it. He takes that Salaam to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he says, a messenger of Allah, so and so and the Hadith says he mentioned that person's name and his father's name, that so and so the son of so and so gifts that up and the purpose of the law, there's some

00:33:37 --> 00:34:11

says, I replied to that person set up. How beautiful is that? How do you know when a person sends the rules and salutations of the populace to them? The angel hears that he conveys it to the office of the law. They sent him the proper set of audits and then replies with that setup. There's another Hadith by wave niqab that's also narrated by mom till we get on with the law era, the famous tradition, the purpose of the law, Hollywood cinema sitting with one's hobby and this hobby sort of messenger of Allah. I have a time that have appointed to use for deacons to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala And out of that time, I'm going to dedicate one fourth of it to sending salutations on you

00:34:11 --> 00:34:12

is that okay?

00:34:13 --> 00:34:48

The purpose of the lobby is Sallam said one fourth is okay, but if you increase it, it's better for you. So he said okay, a messenger of Allah have appointed a time to for the good for remembrance of Allah. I will now dedicate half that time for sending salutations on you. Is that okay? The Prophet said a lot of them said half is okay but if you increase it's better for you. He said our messenger of Allah okay. I have dedicated a time to send salutations on you. Two thirds of that time I'm going to use to send salutations on you and one third for the kind of Allah subhana wa Tada. The purpose of a lot of some sin. That's okay. But if you increase it's better for you. He sent a messenger of

00:34:48 --> 00:34:58

Allah I will dedicate the entire time of my Vicar just for setting salutations on you. The purpose of the lesson smiled. And he said that's a hobby if you do this.

00:34:59 --> 00:34:59

A lot.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:05

Forgive all of your sins, and Allah will remove all the difficulties from your life.

00:35:06 --> 00:35:24

Two things will happen for you you ever stress you're worried about an exam or marriage or business, the sim The easiest way to get rid of your stress is to send some of the profits that alone isn't enough solid like a second alarm, right you sent a lot in the offseason allows you to make it easy for you last month, it'll make your life easy for and this is

00:35:25 --> 00:35:57

a very authentic narration. And along with that Allah will forgive your sins. According to one tradition. The Prophet said last time he told us a hobby that if you send salutations on me, the entire time that you've dedicated for the law, Allah will give you more than what the person asking us lucky if you guys understand, the one who was making a lot of Allah, Allah will give you more than what he gives to that person. If you use your time sending son a lot than me, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us if you send one of the prophets of Allah and Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you 10 salutations.

00:35:58 --> 00:36:32

You make one blog for the Prophet of Allah, Allah will give you 10 in return. So this is a very good thing Sunday that we should make a habit of daily basis to send peace and blessings on the Prophet. So a lot of stuff. So here especially on Friday, take out some extra time and send peace and blessings in the classroom. Yes, as soon as the mommy emerges pleasure your prayers and speech and occupy yourself with responding to them. When the theme comes out when a man comes out, no more talking, normal reading for our normal salaat everything, cut it out and pay attention to the man Yes, with listening to the sermon and learning from it, during which time we should leave off

00:36:32 --> 00:37:07

speaking completely. It states in a tradition, a person who loves their mom is delivering the sermon says to his companion, be quiet or has spoken needlessly. And whoever talks needless he has no Friday prayer. So even if someone's talking next to you, are you supposed to tell them to be quiet? No, this is an issue only come from someone that comes late people wave at him like this. Now during the whole demo, if someone comes in the machine, are you supposed to wave at them and give them Salaam? You're not supposed to just let them sit down after Salah is over then you can go and convey regards to them. Yes. So even saying be quiet is considered talking. What is proper then is to use a

00:37:07 --> 00:37:44

gesture rather than a word to silence another person during the sermon again, according to the Hanafi school of thought you will not even make any gestures you will sit there silently without making any gestures let that person come and let it be yes after this follow the mom in prayer as detailed before what do you have finished and have made this allegation that before reciting recite them before speaking recite the fact he has seven times remember reading or giving a certain two hours to read after the masala masala is over before you speak to anyone he says read the facts seven times yes if last seven times in the two chapters of protection seven times each. This

00:37:44 --> 00:38:14

protects you from one Friday to the next and will be and will be a guard against shutdown. See after that all law Are you free from what oh praised one over originator or restore almost merciful Oh lovely. enrich me with what you have made lawful so that I have no need of what you have made unlawful enrich me with obedience to you so that I have no need to disobey you and enrich me with your grace so that I have no need of any of so I have no need of any other than you

00:38:15 --> 00:38:50

after the Friday prayer three to four or six hours as all of these have been related in different circumstance so you can return aka fg masala if you want you could read for ricotta Fisher masala if you want you can read for a card and then terracotta for that making a sixth temperature masala. The common opinion in the Hanafi school of thought is that after July up for a cutscene that followed by to the godson however even Twitter itself is also established for record itself is also established. And six records is also established. Depending on how your schedule is you can read accordingly. Yes, make sure you stay in the mosque until or at least until after and search diligently for the

00:38:50 --> 00:39:21

honored moment. Since it could be any time in the day for hopefully you will find it while you are in a state of humility before a law, humbling and treating him humbly and reading. How sad is it that some of us when that moment of the law comes a special window of the law that we talked about earlier that the law is accepted. Everyone in the world the pious servants of a law are searching for it and we're sitting back and playing video games during that time. And we're sleeping to that moment. And we're watching TV during that moment and we listen to songs during that moment. we're engaging and haraam during that moment. For Juma we should remember there should be a higher

00:39:21 --> 00:39:45

standard. You know how for for Ramadan many of us we unplug our TVs and no video games during Ramadan. We should hold ourselves to that standard every Juma every Juma no TV, if you're someone who listen to music, no music, you know if you're someone who smokes no smoking on Friday, make that your special date that this day is the day that I'm going to live as if it was my Friday as if it was mine or Milan. That's why because it said try to even

00:39:46 --> 00:39:59

fast remember you told us to even fast on Friday, make it a special day. Things that are even you know maybe okay on Jamal, try to cut them out as well. Yes. Do not sit in idle gatherings in the mass. With storytellers. Don't say what story

00:40:00 --> 00:40:23

tellers. They used to have these people that would gather people together and tell them stories, these nice, juicy stories on one of your loved one would beat these people up when he found storytellers he'd get them He punished them. The reason is because storytellers they tell people stories that are full of fabrications. And they deviate people from listening to the Quran and reading the Hadith of the Prophet. Awesome. So he says, don't engage in these things. Yes. Rather, what's the common storyteller that we have today?

00:40:25 --> 00:40:54

novels very good, right. Everyone likes reading novels. And like watching movies. All day long one didn't like storytellers at all used to beat them. He said this is a waste of time. So watch out for this. Yes, rather attend only meetings of beneficial knowledge, the kind which increases your fear of a levels tide, and decreases your desire for this world. or indeed, ignorance is better for you that knowledge that does not summon you from this world to the next. So seek refuge in all levels tied from knowledge that does not benefit. I'm going to read the footnotes.

00:40:57 --> 00:41:33

It is improper to speak in a mosque of any worldly manner, the Messenger of Allah so loudly with some said, it will come upon a people a time when the topic of their conversation in mass will be worldly matters. And Allah wants nothing from them. So do not sit with them. So in the budget, there should be no worldly talk, we shouldn't talk about things that do not relate to allow the muscles that allow it or the benefit of the matters of the Muslim Ummah, or just your religion in general, yes, increased several patients at the time of the rising of the sun at the time when it moves from its zenith. And its setting as well as to the as the as the call to commence prayer. When the mama

00:41:33 --> 00:42:02

sends to the puppet and entertain when people stand up for the congregational prayer. We may be that the honored moment falls at one of these. So here even though because it is telling us these are some of those times that scholars have said, are those windows where that line is accepted. What are some of those times in the tolerations when the sun is rising on Friday? Then he said he gives another opinion, right when Juma time enters you know where the sun moves from his Zenith. That's another opinion. Some scholars say that that law is accepted. So I said make the law during that time. He says in the revisions, when the sun is setting, that's another opinion like I told you guys

00:42:02 --> 00:42:36

between the between our son and mother did that period there. Then he says in Alabama, when a farmer has been called for gemasolar scholarship, that's also the time so use that time to make the law that he says industrial industrial Ducati. Remember, when the hottest climbing the puppet, that's also a time that was accepted. You remember that he was climbing the football, remember? And he said I mean, I mean, I mean, you remember that narration, the prophet is claiming the puppet. And at each step, he said amin and this hobbits are a messenger of Allah, why the Prophet said angels, he was making the law and I was saying, I mean to this law, and at the first step, he made the law, a lot

00:42:36 --> 00:43:08

made that person be destroyed, and not an order. But just the three laws that were made, made that person be destroyed, who does not earn his Jenna, while his parents are learning allows parents are living and the Prophet amin, and he sent me that person who destroyed who enters into the lawn and exits without his forgiveness being done, amin and the Prophet said, May that person be just an angel said may that person be destroyed, who hears the prophets name and does not say some of the law that he was sent him and the profits that are mean to that. So from that Hadees, we learned that this is a very powerful moment to make law. So again, this is one of those opinions on when the law

00:43:08 --> 00:43:43

should be made. And then after that, in the pm Ignacio Salah when people stand up for prayer, that's also a time to make this law. So similar the amount of thought is given these times when you know, you can utilize these very special windows to make your last so that you can catch that special. Yes, make a great effort of this day to donate in charity, whatever amount you're able to, however small so as to combine the good eggs of praying, charity, fasting, reciting Quran, remembering a law and engaging in spiritual retreats try to give some support as well when you come for gym, when you're on your way out, give some charity for yourself is beneficial and also for the massage. You

00:43:43 --> 00:44:19

have to understand the massage that we go to in America in particular, they function of our donations. The massages are not run by government, you know back home. Many countries in the Muslim countries in the Middle East specially the massages are run off our OIC of government money, right? It's money that's allocated for this. These massages are not and every person needs to make sure they played their role. If not every day, at least when you come for Friday. In your wallet, bring $10 bring $20 bring $30 give $1 each to your kids tell them you go put it in, go put it in go put it in when we were young my dad used to give us $1 and every Juma we used to go put it inside the

00:44:19 --> 00:44:56

subtotal box and then we leave the machine after that. So make a habit of giving some thought to the budget every week. If every person who attended the Jamal Salah gave even some money, the massages will not even need fundraisers. But many of us don't even think it's necessary to give a call when it comes to law. We should change our mentality when it comes to Juma make sure we give some sort of do yes. Make this day of the week especially Dedicated To Your mighty man because Allah says make Juma a day that's only about your afra the other six days you might be a little about the dunya a little about the Acura you know, between he says Juma only about the whole day from beginning to

00:44:56 --> 00:45:00

end. Your focus should be about how can I be prepared for the hunt.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:23

After Yes, hopefully maybe a penance for the rest of your week. He said if you use Friday properly if possible, allow me turn the rest other six days into Friday as well for you. That reward might extend to the other six days as well. So with that the chapter of Juma comes to an end. We pray that Allah subhanaw taala gives us the trophies and ability to act one of them said sort of Long Island i said earlier was Savage. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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