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Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © A man from the UK is holding a court hearing to discuss the history of the Chinese Communist Party and the upcoming demonstration in London. He discusses the importance of raising awareness and education for Muslims in the West, and mentions the need for support for Muslims in the country. The man also mentions the importance of raising awareness for the upcoming demonstration in the UK.
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Nana Hama Haman him the law salat wa salam ala Rasulillah brothers and sisters. Here we are in the church house where the Uyghur tribunal in Westminister in London is taking place. Today is the 24th of Chawan 1442 And it is the fifth of June 2021. And it is the second day of the tribunal. And here with us we have the academic the author and one of the most important activist for the Uyghurs brother, Abdul Hakim idrisi Does that color hair color that I can receive first of all, welcome to

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England and welcome to British Muslims and welcome to

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to your brothers and sisters in Islam. Here, I'm sure you have been following the tribunal actually brothers and sisters, here is the main hall where the Tribunal is taking place and will continue to take place. And we heard also the the different evidences here in this court. Okay. I would like to ask you first of all, I would like to welcome you again. Again. The second thing I would like you to just kind of briefly, what is this tribunal about first of all, and then I have another question to

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Salam aleikum, brother sister around the world and I'm very happy

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that our brothers and sisters from Muslim community in the UK supporting us and

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raising awareness about all your Muslim issue is Turkestan. What which the Chinese Communist regime conducted Islam as a disease

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Muslim as is like a

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backward people and they destroy our masks, transparent in two bars and destroying our macabre and the burnin copy of clients. Normally, this maxima Daliya port it should be

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fifth city and an Islamic world.

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I would love to have like a car here, Saudi Tyrone,

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some Abba stumbled. But still we are here in London, and hamdulillah the free Muslim and the brothers sisters supporting us. And we gathered here

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from around the world. It's it's not imaginable how it's difficult under the live under this Chinese repression. They put more than 3 million Muslims in St. Luke's done in concentration camps. They put rest of them in the fear that they live in the fear. And they put us in the espera more than 100,000 people in depression cap. And imagine for this court, we gathered between 200 to 300. Witnesses

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how how how it's so small, because the Chinese Communist regime threatening their family, their loved one in St. Augustine. It's very difficult to come.

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Still hamdulillah and we have brave sister and brothers come here to testify from this court. It's

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just the fact we bring this issue not political issue between West on the east from the China like this. This is about humanity, human being and then about the waiver Khazar treasures and Muslim people in history. And the Hamdulillah.

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Today, yesterday on today, it went very well. And the whole world could hear about the firsthand witnesses. And it broadcasted live on YouTube from we were terminal and everybody can watch it. Fill it and Harriet and then lecture.

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Okay, that's excellent. Do you think that this Tribunal will have an impact on the Chinese Communist Party?

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I think it will make a very big impact because China's Communist regime hiding its crimes against the Muslim people in this truckster they say are we making them normal?

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people to be a Muslim in their ideology. It's not normal, normal person, they want to make us a normal people. And I think in this this court bring first judgment independent judgment about real situation. And what's happening there. So then can the Chinese Communist Party I think done not can longer ignore it? Because imagine, right now, everywhere, very small Muslim, praying for a portfolio or people what's happening there? Yeah. You know, we have a big problems Islamic country. Yes.

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Everybody knows, but at least myself, I met

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and I expected from every brother every buddy from around the world. Just make dua for the for the Muslim people and peace facing this zone, this tragedy. Yeah, is that gonna happen, but I think to be honest with you, President, Abdel Hakim that there is much that we can do as muslims in the West, and in particular, in London, to support our brothers and sisters, all over the world. And in particular, now, our brothers and sisters in is the case that we have seen what Muslims here and non

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Muslims have done to support Palestinians just in the last few weeks. And next week, we will have another big demonstration in front of Downing Street two weeks ago, we have one of the biggest demonstrations. And you know, that has worked because London is one of the main capitals of the world. And this is England. Okay, it is one of the superpowers because it is one of the V two countries in the Security Council. So I think we can do a lot. And

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I think you would agree with me that maybe raising awareness, at least in this state, raising awareness about Uighur Muslims is mandatory. And I always considering raising awareness and education and media is as the foundation for any other steps. Because later on, if you want to build or establish institutions to support them from different angles, you will need this background do you agree with of course, you know,

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Zack law had us support our cause and that the Muslim is Turkistan. And they were very happy. You are here today in this court on the Get get to the information from the firsthand because

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in London in UK, there are Muslims from around the world. So if the Mecca awareness here and then in the UK, and we can achieve

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everywhere in the world, yes, this is very crucial. And I think you know, as you said, it's a mandatory, it's hard

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to obligatory to to speak about this issue and give support. I'm very happy to meet with you. Inshallah.

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Inshallah, we will we will work together and I hope we will

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bring the peace for the Muslim community and the nation in our country.

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The end of the zone, thank you very much brother of the hacky sack Allah and in sha Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah will what are the law on the Dena Musa the head is definitely

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stuck in Lebanon probably more than MacKinnon

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mean by the whole thing Yeah, we do in any

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yen savvy headed in China,

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you can email

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him knowing

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