The Role Of Muslim Women In The West

Haitham al-Haddad


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salat wa salam

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ala nabina Muhammad

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the sisters

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. In these few minutes in sha Allah, Allah will be speaking about the role of sisters in the West. First of all, let me stress on the fact that

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you need to know that

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the non Muslims are attacking Muslims from different angles, and the worst attack and the most severe attack and the most dangerous attack is the ideological attack. The ideological attack when the ideological attacks becomes mixed with the

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desire attack with the Shahada attack, it becomes a very big attack. And many non Muslims are attacking Muslims from the angle of the role of women in the society. This is an ideological attack from one angle.

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But, and it is also an attack from the Shahada from the desires.

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And once as I told you, once we combine between both of them, it becomes a very big attack. And that's why we see that the Muslim community or the Muslim Ummah, has been influenced by this attack. Now, many people might say that this is just

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a response to the conspiracy theory.

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No, not necessarily. Let us go back to the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and let us see this. All of us know the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam where he said that in our fitness 70 is an ideal candidate finisher, in the dunya Hello, john. Hello, sector, Kaduna. What taco Nisa in our hypnotic videos right you can administer that the dunia is Hawaii is nice is pleasant, is green. And in aloha Mustapha convener and the other in the in the Hadith, that Allah Allah Allah is appointing you as the halifa and he wants to check what are you doing? set up with dunya be aware of dunya and be aware of women, for the first fit enough for any extra l was women.

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Now, we know that women is part of this dunya but why did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam make a separation between females and they don't yet know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wants to stress that the fitna of women is the biggest fitna. And that's why in the other Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I haven't left a fitting up bigger than the fitna of women for men.

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And that's why we say that it is not just a conspiracy theory. If we look around us, sisters, we see that most of the young Muslims who went astray they went astray because of the fitna of an ISA of females. This is one angle. The other angle is

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the one Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran, in the mean as logical what Allah dictum. I don't want to come home that among your wives among your children, I do means enemies for you. The scholar said, the scholars of Tafseer they never say that as widecombe is a fitna just because they are women. But they said here it is, as what the wives means that the sexual fitna is not the only fitna of women. What does that mean? It means that women or females play a major role in this society and they can control the society because the AI is not talking about that sexual fitna of women. No, the AI is talking is taking that one step further. Which means that the fitness of women is not limited

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to the fitna of sexual desires, but it is also

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it goes one step further. What does that mean?

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As I said to you, it means that women can play a major role. Actually, they control the society, whether we accept that or we don't accept that. But as a matter of reality, women control the society. Now many people might not accept that. Let me ask you a question. And I asked so many brothers, this question, whom do you think has a bit of control or a stronger control over the house, he said, Well, to be honest with you is my wife, either because he loves her so much. So he is controlled by her from that angle, or he just want to avoid had been nagging or making his life difficult, for example. So that's why he is trying to please her, or at the end of the day, he wants

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tranquility, he wants contentment. And he knows that whenever he goes to work, and wants to come back home, he wants to have peace of mind. That's why he is eager to go back to home in order to find the tranquility and contentment. If he doesn't find it in his house, then it becomes problematic. So the first thing that occupies his mind is his wife. So, sisters, don't belittle your role. Now, once we talk about the role of women in the society of sisters in the society, I might present any role from my own ideas, someone else might present his own role, but the point is, who is speaking that truth or who is speaking, the reflection of the Quran and Sunnah. One problem in

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understanding this topic is being influenced by a culture. Maybe a person is influenced by an Arab culture, another person is influenced by our Western culture. A third person is influenced by maybe a subcontinent culture. And that's why we say a hacking means that judgment should be given or should be left to the Quran and Sunnah. But remember, the Quran and Sunnah in a very holistic reading. Many people take some

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verses from the Quran, some verses are from the Sunnah and they build certain theories on individual or isolated verses or statements from the Quran and Sunnah. And that is absolutely wrong.

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Now, let us of course I know that time doesn't allow us to have this holistic reading for the Quran and Sunnah. But let us go to the Quran and Sunnah and see how the Quran and Sunnah addressed the issue of women.

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Let us take the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam what he said he doesn't like him to follow baja or Hamza, what sama Ha ha, what I found it for

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definite Jen metadata from just a general of becoming a body shop. If that woman played her five times, and forced her month of Ramadan, or the month of Ramadan, and she guarded her chastity and obeyed her husband. She will enter the dinner from whatever gate she likes. Subhan Allah Allah de. Now, this Hadith, he clarifies that the first priority is the five pillars of Islam. And this should be the first priority for any person, and in particular, our sisters. So that is the first priority above for sunlight for Baha praise the five daily prayers, and for the month of Ramadan. Even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not mention Hajj because, in some circumstances, Hajj is not

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obligatory on women. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not mention the cow because normally the men are the people who have money. However, if the sister has money, she must pray she must pay the zakat. And then the other thing, and God did her chastity, this is a critical thing. And look, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam equated between guarding the chastity and praying five times and fasting the month of Ramadan which emphasizes which emphasizes the role of guarding chastity, so that should be taken into consideration. And that should be one of the priorities. And then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says, We're up at Viola or Zelda. And she obeyed her husband, then she, Allah,

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Allah, Allah will allow her to get into Ghana, and from whatever gate she would like. Look in the other Hadith

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, when the women came to him and they said, the men are going for the head, but we are not going for the head. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he had to coordinate

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that the Jihad for you is the hedge and oma, now, the odd when Elijah lavalla is spoke about the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yan Isa and NaVi taka taka taka Bonneville Kohli family vehicle Bhima. And then Allah Allah, Allah says to

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the to Nisa, and NaVi,

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that if you don't obey up there and allow others to live, they don't obey Allah and His Messenger Allah, Allah, Allah will replace them with other women, which means that the role the

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main role of any system is different from the main role of any brother or from the male. That is a very important point. Now, I like to stress on this point, because so many sisters are confused. And because of that notion of equality between the two genders that the West is promoting, many sisters are influenced by that and they think that any role is given to men should be given to women. And of course, that leads to injustice towards sisters, because there are some responsibilities, sisters cannot bear if we put them on sisters that will be unfair for them.

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So, from this, and from Adela and in particular, if we look at the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the role they used to play during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam do similar with starting from hajiya, which is the time before a gap and the time during the Macan period, and then ending with a shadow of the law and the other wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, we see that the first role that those wives, the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam played is to support the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his demo. We all know the role of the detail of the Allahu taala and

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her when she got married to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So that in light of Hara when the revelation is started, and he came to Medina and he says, The moon is the moon and she said, Allah, Allah, Allah will never let you down because you support the weak person, etc. So she supported him from that angle. She supported him by her money. That's why when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after she died, and once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sitting with Arusha, Ravi Allahu taala, Anna, and the sister of Khadija Hala came and the prophet SAW Selim said, had been to Hawaii and he became jealous. And she said, even

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you remember the sister of Khadija, and that old lady, he said, she supported me by her money, what no one supported me, she endorsed me while no one endorsed me. She accepted Islam

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at the time, no one accepted Islam. So, that is the first rule sisters is to support the husband. Now,

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of course, this is for the sisters who are married. And we are going to talk about the sisters who are not married. But let me just emphasize or let me clarify more about this point, supporting the husband for sisters who are married, supporting the husband in doesn't mean supporting him in his dialogue, but supporting him by providing him with the with full happiness with full tranquility with more with moral support is the support that we are talking about, even if you are not involved directly in that with the husband, but you are involved in directly with dialogue

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or with the data that is considered to be part of the data. Let us take this example. One time, I do remember that my wife received a call from one of the sisters and she said well, my husband is coming late. He is coming late for the whole week, every single night. And because he is doing some projects, so I'm really upset and she said what I

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can do, what can I do. And then this sister, for example, if she understands that by being patient by giving her husband this moral support by not nagging and demanding so many things from the husband by taking care of her children, by trying to relieve her husband from so many other responsibilities, she will be passed

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to her husband in the world, please sisters do understand this point, don't think that he is getting the reward, and you are not getting anything, it is true that your name might not be known, you it is true that you are not the one who is delivering the lecture, but be sure that if you have the right intention, you are getting that

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reward with your husband. Now,

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many people saying but if the sisters or if the sisters are not involved in directly in power, who is going to give the power, no, look at it from this angle, of course, we are going to speak about this, but look at the first point from this angle, the more your husband can do data, the more is better for the whole society. So instead of you giving data and your husband is giving data, and of course when you want to be involved in data, the husband has to give up some of his time. And you need to give up some of the other responsibilities. And therefore, therefore, when both of you are giving data. It is it doesn't mean that to manpower, or ma'am one palm power and one woman power are

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giving the power. No, that is not true. Don't be deceived. Because once you are giving the power, that has to be someone who is taking care of the children, which means that your husband is going to take care of the children and he is not going to give down. But if you support him and he will be able if you support him, he will be able to dedicate more time for the data and the children are going to be taking care of yourself. Now, I know that so many sisters might not like this, but this is the reality. And that's why if you look at the Quran, you will not see and if you look at the a Hadith, you will not see that Allah Allah Allah put certain burden on women in terms of enjoining

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the good and forbidding the evil or giving the our Dawa is

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first of all the responsibility of men

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and that is generally speaking, that is the first point. However, if this is that is not bad at

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all or the sister is married, but she doesn't have children or she has some time, then it comes the second responsibility. A sister is normally is a daughter

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is is a system for a blood sister for another person.

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I will talk about sisters being mothers later on inshallah because that is a major responsibility. Now, sisters being

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daughters for their fathers and sisters being brothers, blood, sisters, being sisters, for some brothers. In many cases, sisters, please let us understand this sisters are ignoring belittling their role within the family members with the household members. And believe me, I know so many parents, and in particular the fathers who are influenced by their daughters. And the most influential person in the household member is the wife. But if the wife is not there, that daughter is the most influential person on her father, if she knows how to influence him. Sisters, you have very strong qualities and you have very influential abilities as well and qualities. But you need to

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know how to use them. This is the secret by lecturing to your husband you will not be able to influence him by claiming that you are teaching your father you are not going to influence him. But by your softness and by your feminine qualities. You will be able to influence your husband and you will be able to influence your father and you will be able to influence

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Your brother as well.

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I am a father, I know that my daughters in particular, whenever they want something from me, I can give it to them. Whenever they speak about something, I put attention to what they speak more than one, maybe my son is talking, why? Because the nature of the sisters, the nature of women, the main the nature of females, when they use the nature of that Allah, Allah, Allah, giving it to them, that will influence that male, whether we like it, or we don't like it. So, you,

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sister, you are definitely either

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a daughter, or a sister for a male person, or, as I said, or you are an adult. So from that perspective, you need to influence now,

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let us imagine that you are a mother,

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you are a mother, believe me, you are the strongest influential to your son, and your children. I asked so many people who memorize the Quran, and I asked them who was the main person to influence you. And most of them said, they are our mothers. Many of them say it is my mother who taught me.

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And I learned and and I memorized it through my mother. So don't belittle that role. I remember that some of our scholars say that their mothers used to teach them the basics of Arabic language. And they grasp that it's through their mothers, and it sticks into their minds

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more over the

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moral support a mother can give to her son, whenever he is going to seek knowledge or whenever he is going for that what is the biggest support for the person. Now, just because of time, I need to mention one more thing.

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The biggest attack, which is a very important thing, the biggest attack we are facing here in the West, is or actually one of the biggest attacks is the feminism attack

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or attack is through feminism ideas. Now who can respond to these attacks. The best people to respond to those attacks or to these attacks are sisters themselves. So if you are involved with in supporting your husband or supporting your son or supporting your brother, that is the first priority. However, if you have time to do more, then focus on this issue. If you are able to do so, for example, we need sisters to articulate their idea about the position of women in Islam. We need sisters to defend the some Islamic principles such as the hijab, we need sisters to even attack some of the non Islamic ideas such as maybe freedom, liberalism, nudity, and these things. Because when

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the non Muslims hear that Muslims, Muslim females are supporting hijab and are

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clearly saying that they are not observing and hijab because of cultural pressure, or because of being coerced or so then they will take that from them. You can do that is through maybe

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one to one communication with female non Muslims, you can do that through writing, being active in forums, being active, not necessarily with your name, being active in writing with us in local newspapers, with the national newspapers, and so on. Believe me, many sisters can do that.

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This is one thing. The other thing is I want the sisters, those who cannot be intellectuals to defend Islam from that point or to articulate actually I don't like to use the word defending defending because we don't need to defend Islam at every single point. But if they cannot articulate themselves

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articulate some of the Islamic principles. Many sisters can play another ball in terms of the other non practicing sisters. And really and truly success, there is a huge problem in terms of the young sisters who, who went astray. I don't want to mention I don't have exact statistics, but from the fact that I run and from a through Islamic Sharia Council, we know that there are some young sisters who are involved in prostitution. This is I will not think, even in some Muslim areas. And maybe I'm sure all of you are many of you know that. There are some young sisters who are involved in drugs. Imagine that there are some young sisters who are smuggling drugs. There are some young sisters who

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are smuggling pornography to other young sisters. And many of those young sisters are being victims of the negligence of their parents, who is going to take care of those young sisters. They need someone whom they can relate to, in some cases, their parents are not. They cannot articulate themselves, they might not be able to speak English or communicate in English with them. So they are left alone, you need to do a lot for those sisters. Just have some organizations that cater for those young sisters, with those young sisters you can have, you can run some activities, and you can influence them directly. Please don't jump into lectures or teaching them. And during the day

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sisters, you can remain in touch with them over phone or over internet, or sometimes if they are living in your locality, they can meet you. This is a biggest responsibility. No one is doing that. Unfortunately, the ancestors that I'm talking about are the sisters, the teenage sisters between 12 until 1617.

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And that is something unfortunately if you look around you you don't see that many may be mature sisters or sisters with knowledge who are aware of this problem who are putting effort to rectify this problem. I know there is much to be said about the role of sisters in the West but because of time limitation, maybe that will be enough inshallah I apologize for being unable to be with you in this important conference. But I'm sure that the other speakers Mashallah can do a better job than my

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than them. This short message that I am delivering to you is through a recorded message. I asked a lot of jell O Allah to give us the ability to pass the data and to propagate Islam and to propagate the message of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and in sha Allah in a future event arranged by brothers in a payable inshallah we can have maybe a didactic lecture and where we will be able to deal with your question Jazakallah pylon salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.