Facing Trials with a Smile

Haitham al-Haddad


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Dear brothers and sisters,

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I just finished a conversation with one of the brothers and he was telling me about his wife.

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She is battling concept for some time. And now the concept is is printing badly. And on top of that now she caught COVID 19. And she is really struggling.

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She had

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number of young children, and she is she, herself easily revert,

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and Subhanallah she's going through a difficult time. And every day I receive two or three calls from different brothers. Some of them I know some of them, I don't at all. And they are asking me for supporting advices regarding either themselves or their children, their parents, their wives, their spouses, because of the struggles that they are going through

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due to COVID COVID-19. And today, he was speaking with one of our brothers, and he's telling me that the situation is quite bad. And the number of casualties, the number of deaths, maybe have tripled, not just doubled or tripled. Or maybe it is for time, what was just a few months ago, or just before the COVID. For example, one grave yard Muslim graveyard, they used to bury between three to five people on a daily basis. Now, they are betting on a daily basis between 15 and 20 people, which is three to four times double the usual rate, especially those days. It is a difficult time for all of us, my dear respected brothers. But I would like just to say one thing, which is, as you know, I

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record concert myself for three years. And now Allah Allah saved me from it. May Allah Allah Allah save you. I learned one important thing that anything that happens in this life is good for us, for both of us, Muslims, and non Muslims. Anything that takes place in this life is good for the entire humanity. The only thing that is not good for us is our sins. Our sins, Allah Allah, Allah will hold us accountable for that will me I'm in with another watching sherway euro. If someone were to ask, how come everything that happens is good for us. First of all, Allah Allah Allah says, you read the law because Allah desires is for you. Allah, Allah, Allah also says in Allah be nasty Allah. Allah,

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Allah, Allah is the most coined the most gentle, most merciful to the entire mankind. And moreover, he is what kind of remote minion or Hema he is more kind to the believers. So how can we say that those things that are happening, they are devastating, they aren't good for us and they are part of the mercy of Allah, Allah Allah. Because if we look at the sinful people, people are either righteous people or sinful people, sinful people, including the disbelievers. Allah, Allah, Allah is causing this to happen. So they remember him and they go back to him when

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the after dinner will set you up.

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One of the key reasons for Allah, Allah to send those calamities is for us to go back to him and to repent to him, which is good for us. And as I said, if we don't do that, which means that we commit sins, then we blame no one but ourselves. But if our response is to be satisfied with what that legend Allah decreed, to accept it, and to have supper, then I given the Umbrella Movement in ambala hula hula high as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said amazing the situation of the believer

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of his affairs are good for him. If he were to be hit by a calamity and he chose Southern then that will be good for him. If he were to be hit or receive good news, he will have sugar and that will be good for him. So this includes this relievers and Muslims as for him,

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Good people, any committee that before them, as far as they do not commit a sin after that, it will wipe their sins. It will raise their status in general. It will give them a lot of hype. If someone were to say, but it might be a punishment to from Allah, Allah, even the punishment from Allah, Allah, Allah in this dunya nothing that after the punishment from Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is severe. And this is something else. They are all different rulings from for that, but the punishment of Allah, Allah, Allah in this union is actually out of his mercy. And he wants goodness for those whom he is punishing, because he loves them. And that's why he is punishing them in this dunya

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because he doesn't want to punish them in the asherah. So his punishment does not necessarily mean that he's angry at the person, his punishment for a person in this dunya to is that he is pleased with this person, he is happy with this person, he wants this person to repent more, and he wants to expiate the sins of this person. While he if we understand this meaning brothers and sisters, it will give us a lot of confidence, and a lot of internal reflection and connection with Allah Angela. So I urge all of my brothers and sisters, to remain content with the power of Allah, Allah Allah, to, to remain up not to feel down and go back to Allah, Allah Allah, to do more good deeds, to

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repent Allah, Allah, Allah, to invite other people to Islam, and to say, yo Allah, we are used to slaves, do whatever is best for us, and they choose the best for us, my dear respected brothers and sisters.

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So this is a very important message that we need to pass just very briefly, this life is just the second, one second of our real life, or maybe less than one second of our real life, our real life will continue forever, for millions and billions and trillions of is forever.

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Now, rationally, if I have the choice, to suffer in this second in the police happiny in the rest of the of my life, which is going to last for trillions of years forever, then I prefer to suffer Now, in order to enjoy more. However, Allah, Allah Allah, in order to enjoy the rest of my life, however, Allah, Allah, Allah and the Prophet sallallahu escena advised us to ask Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah here, in all our matters, may Allah Allah Allah protect you. May Allah della Allah give you here in LA de la Allah give us here, may Allah Allah Allah please brothers and sisters may fool Muslims wherever they are

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slonaker brothers and sisters, you heard the shake start off this reminder with a story about a sister battling cancer and COVID at the same time, I can reveal that this sister is actually part of the Islam 21 c team. It's easy to feel powerless when your friends and loved ones are suffering but there's actually a lot that we can do. One of our sisters has set up a set of kajaria page and on behalf for example so we all have the opportunity to help our sister get rewarded at the same time. Please click on the link and donate on her behalf and share this with all of your loved ones, especially those suffering during this testing time. So I want to