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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the influence of Islam in the UK and Europe, highlighting the success of Islam in the UK and Europe, as well as challenges faced by Muslims in the financial crisis. They stress the importance of not letting people think they are just being away from Islam and the need to be cautious. The deen of Allah and the deification of the deity of Islam are also highlighted. The Muslim community in the UK emphasizes the importance of providing the wrong information and causing negative consequences, while also emphasizing the need for cooperation and collaboration between Muslims and non- Muslims. The representative from the Muslim community in the UK discusses financial and educational challenges for Muslims in the UK, emphasizing the need for unity and cooperation in violence and graduation. They emphasize the importance of coordinating with brothers in the educational field to address these challenges.
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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah the way I see

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Islam and Muslims these days in the UK, in particular and in Europe, I really see them in a very positive light.

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And Al Hamdulillah Islam and Muslims, they are we are as Muslims progressing very well in the UK.

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And Islam is flourishing in the UK and in the

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the whole of the world and in Europe.

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I sat with Brother Hamza, he just came Hamza zoek. From my era, he came from Philippines, he said, we visit villages, and sometimes 60 People accept Islam, 50 people accept Islam, and so on. And people are willing to accept Islam wholeheartedly quickly. So there is no worry about that at all. My dear brothers and sisters, we need to be worried about a number of things. Yeah.

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First of all, we really need to be worried of being away from Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, or thinking that the deen of Allah, Allah, Allah is not the best way forward.

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Which I call it in sometimes as sort of liberalism. Yeah. Okay. So to not let us not get into the discussion, the ideological discussion about liberalism.

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When we think that the deen of Allah, Allah, Allah, any aspects of the deen of Allah, Allah Allah, the best for humanity, then it is a problem. When we think that Islamic finance is not the best way for us as Muslims and it is not the best way for the world. When we don't think that Islamic finance will solve the financial problems and the financial crisis the whole world is going through then this is a problem. Why? Because Allah, Allah Allah says who will lead the salah rasool Allah who will who that will be in ill health Allah, Allah Allah sent His messenger with the Huda with the guidance Allah Allah Allah also says in the huddle Khurana de Linetti he aqua, Allah, Allah Allah

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says this Quran guys to that what is better this is in general and even in particular in Islamic finance. Allah Allah Allah Allah says Allah Medina Colonia de Bella Pomona in Dhaka Maya Kamala dia Tabata, vishay upon minimis, our delta Allah mentioned that that those who take river they are waging war against Allah, Allah, Allah and His Messenger reads Surah Al Baqarah. You see how Allah Allah Allah describes Islamic finance and Allah Jalla Surah Al Baqarah, in almost the third part, the last third part of Surah Baqarah Allah, Allah Allah started to speak about the importance of giving the charity for the sake of Allah, Allah Allah in so many. And then Allah Allah Allah Allah

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spoke about the prohibition of riba in few I add, and then Allah Allah, Allah, Allah spoke about other Islamic financial system Surah Al Baqarah is the main chapter in the Quran that includes that talks about all elements, almost all elements and all systems of an Islam, and one of them is the Islamic financial system. So if we believe that the Islamic financial system is not going to solve the problems of the world, then we have a problem, then there is a serious problem. This is the first challenge we are facing when we don't believe that Islam is able to provide solutions for the problems this humanity is facing.

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Yes, brothers and sisters, please do remember this. The second one, my dear brothers and sisters is disunity. When we are this united we will not be successful whatsoever That's why Allah Allah Allah Allah warned against this unity in the Quran and Sunnah in numerous occasions, where Latinos are oferta fellow within her very welcome Allah, Allah Allah called the believers are in naman immunogenetic for Allah Allah Allah Allah mentioned that Rama comes when there is what when there is unity That's why Allah Allah Allah says was the movie that hit me and voila, Telford Rocco and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, stick to JAMA, stick to JAMA, stick to them. And they'll Hamdulillah

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you know, it is not secret that I've been ill okay in the last few weeks, and Al Hamdulillah the overwhelming reaction of the Muslim community of yourself, my dear brothers and sisters Wallahi it is amazing. And it shows my wife one of the friends called me from Saudi Arabia and he said Do you have family members etc. around you in the UK? Because I said Wallahi I have more than 4 million members. I have very close family not extended family. Yes and the brothers and

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It says what they are doing is amazing Subhanallah and it shows the real Brotherhood and the the real sense of, of unity and the that My dear respected brothers ancestors is a sign of success. This is a sign of success, we should be proud of what Allah de la Allah has given us. And we should be careful of any kind of disunity. Yes, and we should continue inshallah progressing. More and more, I'd like to say to conclude by saying My dear respected brothers and sisters here in the UK, Muslims in the UK, are doing extremely well Alhamdulillah. And they are setting a model for other Muslims all over the Europe, what we need now is to continue this, coordinate our efforts, and just go in a

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very mature way continue doing this Dawa in a very mature way, the language of

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maybe the language of violence, the language of the extreme language, maybe we need to abandon that language, because we don't need it. We need the now. Okay, just to continue doing our data continue help other whether Muslims or non Muslims all over the world. And we see you Allah He, yeah, now Alhamdulillah that the British Muslims are setting a very good example. We need also brothers and sisters to build more institutions. Yeah, more Islamic institutions, with educational institutions, with our financial institutions, especially finance, we are struggling in terms of building financial institutions. But in sha Allah Insha Allah, people like you will be able to build more

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financial institutions and those financial institutions who follow Islamic Guidance will not just help the Muslim community, but it will help the non Muslim community because they are facing financial challenges. And as you know, I'm sure many of you here are experts, experts in finance,

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or they are following what is happening. Everyone is talking about the recession, the coming recession. Yes, Jeff. Yeah. And I don't know whether that is true or not, okay. I'm not an expert in that field. Okay. And, but anyway, everyone is talking about it, and we need to be ready for that. And, as we said, we believe that Islam can provide solutions for the financial problems for the humanity, the problems humanity is facing. And that's why we need to build more institutions to face those challenges and inshallah brothers, be free in your thinking. Alhamdulillah now, there are brothers doing

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Dawa work, whether inside the UK outside the UK, different styles of data, our online data direct that we're authoring books, there are so many brothers active in the educational system, then the educational system, they are writing books in that field. There are so many brothers and sisters are involved in in, in the political field, which is good and we need more than that. And keep doing that. Keep doing that keep generating more projects, brothers and sisters, but make sure that you coordinate with each other, we coordinate each other with each other. And in sha Allah in sha Allah, the future will be bright. Keep smiling, as I saw, as I always say to people, and keep looking up,

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keep working with your head up, inshallah does alcohol or heroin