Finsbury Park Attack – Unity amidst crisis

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Bismillah R. Rahman from the law salatu salam ala Rasulillah. We were just in order. And we heard very sad news about what happened in Finsbury Park, the terrorist attack that took place in Finsbury Park last night. First of all, let me use the same language that our prime minister used after the attack attacks, she said enough is enough. So is she going to use the same language now saying enough is enough? To what? To those who are radicalizing radicalizing non Muslims against Muslims, including many elements from the government. They are radicalizing non Muslims against Muslims by targeting Muslims, alienating Muslims, calling Muslims names calling to stop extreme to stop

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extremism spreading as they say, by mosques, by hate preachers, by madrasa systems and by other Muslim activities. Why don't we say the same thing about the non Muslims? We have seen actually, we have seen after the London attacks, that there were some I don't want to use I don't want to be racist and use,

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say white racists who were promoting hatred and actually promoting violence against Muslims. We have all seen that. Have they called them head preachers? Have they arrested them? Have they put their pictures as they put the pictures of some Muslims who may say things that the wider Muslim, the wider community might disagree with? How they put their pictures and calling them hate preachers and extremist and so on? Now, the reality is no. So why don't we say enough is enough regarding this institute, institutionalized

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discrimination and targeting Muslims, why don't we say enough is enough. So, this is the first message that has to be said, Now, maybe this person tends to be mentally ill or maybe whatever, but I am talking about the immediate, the immediate response of the government of the media, the media, most of them, none of the media outlets called this as a terrorist attack. Okay, a few hours now. Nam has said that, but all media outlets, I think all media outlets called the terrorism terrorist attack in London, which immediately they call it terrorist attacks, because they knew that there are Muslims or there was actually they didn't you know, but they suspected that those who did it were

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Muslims, but now, the standard is different this double standards will add to the problem will add to the severity of the problem and will alienate Muslims more

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anyway apart from this apart from this, we need to say enough is enough, okay. Why? Because if the society if the British society the Europeans, yes, actually is divided, then everyone will suffer. Everyone who suffer will will suffer we have set a clear message before that we don't want the terrorists whether they are from Muslims or non Muslims to divide us we live in one boat, we live in one boat if we are divided, then the boat will sink that was my message after the London attacks. So, we have to be careful and we have to say enough is enough. This is a very important message that has to be passed to the government to the media outlets and to the wider non Muslim society. Now,

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for our Muslim brothers and sisters, we need to say to them we have to be careful not to be divided because Wallahi if sectarianism starts then the whole country will suffer from that and we as Muslims will be victims of that and non Muslims also will be victims of that it is not conducive for any issues. Okay, so we have to be careful. The another important message for our brothers and sisters just be strong. Don't panic. Okay. We Muslims have strong Allah Allah, Allah says in the Quran, let

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me know that

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public commonality and other than Kathira you will be tested and you live in your wealth and you will be tested

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And Allah Allah Allah said that you will hear from the disbelievers. I then can hear a lot of arm. But Allah, Allah Allah said what interfere with a taco liable vocal Qaeda whom che.

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If you have patience and have Taqwa, then whatever they plot will not

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my brothers, my sisters, stay strong, we are Muslims, we are strong. The other thing, we should not lower ourselves, we have superior moral morality. We have high morality. We follow the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we don't take revenge. Yes, we don't act based on on emotions, we act based on Sharia, and the law of Sharia the flag of Islam, which is the highest standards, or highest standard of law, this is another important message that we have to observe my condolences, of course, to all those who passed away. May Allah Allah, Allah have Rama on them, good news, maybe for them and for their families that they have died in these last 10 nights of Ramadan.

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And they were killed actually, in those last 10 nights of Ramadan. When they were worshipping Allah, Allah, Allah, maybe some of them were doing sujood maybe some of them just finished the data or prayer and the last part of the night. So condolences from one side but Hampton that gay died in a very good situation. May Allah Allah Allah have Russia on them, we need them now to have so many activities to support them to support their families, as we have done with with with the West London fire. Also, it is important to remember my dear respected brothers and sisters. Before that, I would like to mention something. Okay. Another important point to the government in particular, and I want

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our brothers and sisters to raise this issue. Now many people have said I'm the only one to the protest regarding the West London fire. Okay. And I have seen so many people, Muslims, okay, who attended that protest? They said they confirmed that maybe 70% of

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gun fell tower or block there were Muslims.

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And many of them are talking about revenge that the police deliberately did not help the situation deliberately. Now that accusation has to be cleared that has to be clarified. Okay. By the police, by the government. Okay. Now, that accusation might be seen as a strong accusation now by so many Muslims, when they see that look, the in this attack in this terrorist attack Finsbury Park, the police did not respond if except, according to some brothers who were there, except after half an hour or so? Yes, why even the treatment is different? Are they taking revenge? These questions have to be answered and declassified before we turn against each other. Okay. And again, we have to be

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careful of sectarianism. If it starts in any country, then all will suffer all will be victims of that. Anyway, the Allah Allah Allah protect us all. And remember brothers and sisters, sisters, that Allah Allah, Allah is the Protector. Allah is the half. Make sure you say your car, daily morning, the evening at car, etc. When you leave your house, but don't be afraid. remain strong. We are Muslims. We have we put our our trust in Allah de la Jara. And then after that, we just keep going Alhamdulillah Sati news. However, just to smile, and say Alhamdulillah it is like a muffin.