Haitham al-Haddad – Differences In Opinions

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The importance of educating students in order to avoid mistakes and achieve unity among Muslims is emphasized, as it is crucial for individuals to teach their views in order to avoid mistakes and achieve unity among Muslims. The difficulty of teaching Muslims' views in isolation from their own lives and the need to love each other is also discussed, along with the importance of avoiding hatred towards Muslims and encouraging love between them. The speakers emphasize the need to remove fears and encourage love between Muslims and to encourage students to teach their views in order to avoid mistakes.
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How can we as Aloma understand the difference of opinions and use it to unify ourselves? Find out more on the straight path.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to the straight path. I'm your host, Fuad Mohammed. In a previous episode, we talked about a practical way of implementing unity, especially with Muslims living as a minority in non Muslim countries. But today we're gonna talk about achieving unity within ourselves, especially with dealing with issues such as difference of opinions, the different school of thought, the different way we phrase. So to talk more about this, we have the pleasure of having with us, Dr. Saif Ali, Mohammed site from India, as well both of them unfold from the UK. And as well shake Haytham and head dead the director of the Muslim Research and Development

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Foundation and organization and attend Think Tank, which is aimed towards finding the solution of Muslims in the West. Thank you for being with us shake, we were talking about the practical way of implementing unity within the Muslim ummah. But then comes the difference of opinions. And in that episode also you mentioned that there are differences that we can tolerate and differences that we cannot tolerate. What are some of the difference we can tolerate with or other Muslims

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spinomenal Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam, ala MV mursaleen Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Advani, the differences that we can tolerate are the differences that carried out out of good intention Okay, this is the main criteria, the differences that are carried out out to good intention, what does that mean means the person is doing them okay or is carrying out these

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certain rituals is doing them because he thinks that this is the hub or this is the truth means he is our will, as the scholars said,

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Now, examples of those differences.

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Someone, Take, for example, the issue of prayer, we have so many differences in terms of the way we pray, some people put their hands here, some people put their hands under the navel. And some people, for example, they move their fingers, and some people don't move their fingers, some people recite Bismillahirrahmanirrahim loudly, some people don't recite it loudly and so on. This is an example. Okay examples from prayer. Now, there are some other examples. Look, for example, the issue of Zika. We have different examples. Giving Zika on jewelers, golden jewelers and adornments. Is it obligatory to give the card or it is not obligatory, we have two opinions. You know, the Hanafi

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school of thought said that it is obligated to give the cat the majority or the three schools of thought they don't believe that the cat is what had for example, to do tawaf in a certain way after surgery or

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to do to opt in once you are doing better.

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And Yani the flood or terror, these are again, differences.

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So these are examples of differences and there are so many examples, in fact. Now, why did I say that? The core issue here is to carry out anything out of good intention. And I haven't said that differences in minor issues or in separate issues. Now there are differences because there are some differences in 50 issues that are carried out out of desires and

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These differences although there might be in minor issues, but in general, they should not be tolerated. For example,

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for example, if someone if someone not giving zeca

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for my golden jeweler is because he doesn't want to give zakat.

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He doesn't want to give Zakat and he finds it difficult to give Zakat on this money. This person is different from a person who believes that Zakah is not obligatory on golden jewelry. I don't know that the difference is clear yes or not. This is a fundamental difference. And that's why when you see someone who is doing something different from what you do, first of all, don't jump that he is not following the sooner it check. What is his motivation behind this? deed? That's why Allah Muhammad in an American model for a monster book, he was asked a question What about Judo?

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The skin of Fox? Can we use it or not? He said it can alter our will and if he thinks that it is okay, after dibaba, then it is okay, then you might advise him. Okay. And that's all. But if he is a hammy, if he is an army, then stop him from doing so, or enjoying the good and forbid the evil. Why? What is the difference between Parliament and the army Parliament? He is doing that because he is thinking that he believes that this is okay. The other one, he doesn't believe that it is okay. And he might be doing it out of desire or he doesn't know, then if he doesn't, you know, just try to advise him not to do so but palatable and he has his own interpretation. So this is the main issue,

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to be honest with you, as we are talking about this issue. This is a very fundamental issue, even some differences that we might not tolerate.

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They can be tolerated, because of the motivation behind them. That's why the issue the criteria is not to look at the difference. But you combine between the nature of the difference and the motivation behind the difference. For example, sum up we know that we have to observe certain understanding towards the names and attributes of Allah, Allah, Allah, that we don't make that we don't make the hurry if we don't negate them, we don't divert or change the meaning etc. Now, we know that some scholars from the past fell into this mistake, but those Escalades are considered to be among the scholars are fairly similar, although they might have, they might have that wheel, they

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might believe in the ashari methodology by changing the names and attributes of Allah gelada. Now, but their motivation is what

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their motivation is to reach to the hub.

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Okay, it is not just a sub, okay, or being stubborn towards their own belief, and we don't believe that any of the Muslim scholars is falling into this big problem because almost every scholar in general, he is a trustworthy person. And Allah Jalla Allah gave credibility to the Muslim scholars. So this person in general, okay, especially the well known as colors, those colors fell into this mistake out of what good intention, they were thinking that this is the Hulk and a sharpie in his book, and at some, he mentioned that there were some people who used to believe in extreme views, alien views, deviant views, but they were okay accepted by the Muslim scholars, why? Because the

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motivation was good motivation. And he said, the clear sign that those people have the right motivation and the good motivation is the fact that when the help was clarified to them, by others, they left their own their own belief, okay, the distorted belief and they followed the truth. So in a nutshell, it is what we should combine between the motivation and the act itself.

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That is a summary of this critical point. I'm sure. There are many other details to be discussed about this issue. But I want to shift it here a bit shift. And we know about the schools of thought. And following the schools of thought, many asks as well, I mean, for example, they take it to the extreme views of that if one person is following this school of thought I should not be listening to him, I should not be taking any view for him. To give you an example, what has happened in my country, one of the brothers who follows the hanafy method, he refused to pray behind one who is following another method based on making mess on the socks that are that is not leather. I mean, how

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do we make the normal person understand that it's okay, that if you're falling another mess up from them, what are the inefficient initiatives we should take in order to clarify these things? Again, it is education. And we have to educate people that you don't judge people according to what you believe in this issue. You judge people according to what they believe, if it is a valid opinion, according to any school of thought. Okay, again, we don't judge people according to what you believe, judge people according to what they believe if what they believe is

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a well known or is an authentic opinion according to any school of thought. That's why

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an Imam said he did not say of an Imam Malik or about this, shall we pray behind someone? Okay. Who? Sorry Haruna Rashid, ask Allah Malik, shall we pray behind someone who bleeds and pray without tubal? Okay. He said, shouldn't I pray behind people such as say the Messiah upon what do you want me to leave Salah behind such people just because they believe something in contrary to what I believe no, that's why Okay, we tell people and I know this problem prevails in different countries. We told them, this Ahava have different views. Is that true or not? And many issues I shall be allowed to Alana refuted many Sahaba and even she said that credible and credible felon and we know

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this and

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more ad revenue devil the puppy he hold different held different views from many other Sahaba

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You know, when a smile of not fan was coming to the hotel, and Mr. Nakata said you never had worsen and you came to the hotel. So they have differences. They have differences. Even Abbess probably allowed to Anna Anna and Jade. By the way, we can give some very good example of how the Sahaba used to deal with these differences. When we talk about even a battle of the loader and and who was a they have these differences, but we never heard that they haven't except to pray behind other Sahaba

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which means that although they have these different views, but they will not

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they will not judging others and the acceptability of the acts of others. According to their Shirky views. They are judging others according to their views. That's why in some of alimony he mentioned a very interesting masella if someone you know eating the flesh of a camel.

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their opinion of Alabama man is what that eating that flesh breaks the booboo and it is his unique opinion. The other school of thought don't accept this opinion. He said if a hanafy eats that flesh, and he prays his Salah is acceptable. Okay. However, if a Hambali a person who is following the humblest school of thought, eats that flesh and he prays his Salah is invalid. Why? Because the humbly believes that Salah the Buddha is broken when you eat that flesh, but the Hanford the Hanafi does not believe so. Yes. See how they use to respect these differences. And you remember and it was really weird in Makkah, you know, they used to have different for different McDermott. Okay. matar

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A place to live the prayer for the Hanafi, the Shafi the Maliki and the humbling and the followers of the Hanafi they only pray behind the Hanafi and so on. And it is

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only I remember they said it is the King Faisal for him Allah who stopped this and he said all of us Muslims should pray behind one email and this is one of his hessonite Rahim Allah, which is something good Otherwise, the Ummah will be fragmented. And you know, this topic is a very fruitful topic and is a very informative topic. You know, some of the argument this is maybe a joke can be said, they said, is a hanafy man allowed to marry of Shafi woman, okay, in one of the books that and these are some extreme books not written by the well known Hanafi scholars, or the putable Hanafi scholars, they said yes, he is allowed to marry her because it is allowed for a Muslim man to marry

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them meet

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a woman from the People of the Book. So if it is allowed for him to marry a woman from the people of the book, okay, then it is allowed for him to marry what any moment following other school of thought, see, to that extent, to that extent. So, it is true that sometimes this kind of differences, takes extreme forms, but this is one of the ways the practical ways to deal with. So Mmm, what do you say about those people who have taken the view that we can follow any school of thought, when it can shift from one to two? If you think that this is the sincere opinion, we should please Allah? Shake, we can keep the answer for the break, inshallah. We'll take a short break, and

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we'll be right back with the answer for Dr. cibse. Question.

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My world is

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his lab is mine.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back, you're watching the straight path. Today we're talking about difference of opinions and how to understand it to unify the oma just before the break Dr. site if you had a question, if you can repeat it for the sake and for the views? What is the opinion of those people who follow different schools of thought? They don't stick to one thinking that this is the most sincere opinion which I love it like, I might find it from humble. Tomorrow, I might find one. And we both have the proof from the sun the sun from the Quran.

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Yeah, this is a dilemma that many people are facing. And actually, young people are always asking about this question.

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The question, okay, in another format is, shall I follow a specific school of thought all the way? Or shall I move from one school of thought to another? Now, people take two extreme views.

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One extreme on one side, some people say no, you should take follow one method all the way and you should not move outside the method. And even don't ask for the delille or the proof, even if you know that other school of thought is different, or is in contrary to what you believe in Don't even try to investigate which opinion is an authentic opinion. Don't be bothered about it. And if they portray or they project the madhhab as if it is a complete Dean, you are not allowed to go outside that. And sometimes they ask you do you pray? You pray, according to the Hanafi school of thought or do you pray according to the sheriff, a school of thought, as if there is a special different Dean

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for the Hanafi school of thought, another different Dean for the Sheffield school of thought and so on. This view is a very extreme view.

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On the other side, there is the other extreme view as well which says that those

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school of thoughts should be ignored and we should go back to the Quran and Sunnah and we should follow the delille and we should not follow the mother hip what so ever and every single masala we should look for the deli. Of course this view is not a practical view at all because yes you can

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try to follow the delille and understand the delille in certain issues regarding Mahara and certain issues regarding Salah, but But what about issues like boo transactions? What about issues like in terms of art?

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spending, what about issues regarding

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some other transactions nikka marriage divorce, are you going to look for the ideal in every single muscle you cannot This is impossible. Even if you have the issue of time, it is impossible for you to understand these issues. And even if it is possible for individuals, for some individuals, it is not impossible, it is not possible for the whole oma So, that is what another extreme view, what we are saying is

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a combination between both and this is what the Sahaba or the people after the Sahaba used to do because some people say we cannot follow Sahaba in this matter because the Sahaba all of them were the scholars and they used to understand Arabic language and they can understand the idea directly. But we should follow the people after the modality even the people after the modality what we have seen is that the people use to follow a certain school of thought, but when they come to know that there is another opinion in contrary to their opinion, they try to investigate more, which opinion is closer to the help which opinion is closer to the truth that Allah Allah Allah revealed. And once

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they know that this particular opinion is closer to the truth, they move to it, they adopt it.

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Why is this? Elijah Allah clearly says what what do you allow her to pursue that will lead and remain calm or pay Allah obey Allah obey the messenger, and obey what old Emery minko Allah Allah Allah did not say obey the

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the school of thought. Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran as well we're internetseiten fishy in photo do who Allah Allah what was good if you have a dispute about any matter, then what refer it to Allah and His Messenger Allah Allah Allah says in Kokomo Illa Allah there are many other Yeah, and our generalities will not run anymore. Meanwhile, Amina de la la hora, sudo, Amara Enya, Khun ella homonuclear to mean me to him, it is not for a believing man or a believing woman, if Allah Allah Allah and His Messenger decides on something to choose another decision. Now what does this mean? means if I know that this is the opinion taken by excess color, and this opinion is taken by Why is

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color What am I doing? Okay, I should investigate more. What is the opinion that is closer to the heart because here there is a dispute and the Lord Allah Allah commanded me to what? Follow the truth. Now don't say that I cannot follow the truth don't say this. No one should claim that he cannot understand the Quran and Sunnah. No one could say he cannot understand where these colors come from. Yes, in certain circumstances, we cannot but in some other circumstances, if the scholar said this is my opinion, and the delille behind my opinion is this and the other scholars said this is my opinion and the Delete behind my opinion is that

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let me give you a rational proof. Now, if, okay, if someone has a problem in his eye, okay. And in his in his eye, and he went to Dr. x, not Dr. sayfudine. Okay, that another doctor, and he said, The doctor told him that you have to take this kind of medicine. And then he wanted to investigate because this is a sensitive issue. It's related to his eyesight, and then he went to another doctor, and the other doctor told him, No, be careful that Madison might what caused you to lose your eyesight. What are you going to do what any he

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human being is going to do, is he going to say, well, but I used to go to doctor safe and he is my school of thought I should follow Him, irrespective of the situation. No, no one would say this, he will say, Well, no, this is a sensitive issue. Let me investigate more. But once you get to this stage, and you've gone to one doctor one month, haven't you seen another month of his reply? And you've seen this difference in front of you, how can you practically work out for yourself which is closer to the salon How can I do this? Okay, the first step just before that, the first step let us establish the fact that in some cases, when we hear that there is another view, let us take it one

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step further. As I said, Dr. x told me this Dr. Y told me this and the matter is sensitive, let me take it one step further, I will put what more effort towards understanding the heart towards understand studying the issue, I will make an effort to understand what has this medicine to do with the eye? What are the main components of the ingredients of this medicine? Who said that this will badly affect my eye and so on? I will investigate the matter further. Similarly, when excess color said that this is halal, and why is color said that this is how I come up, just pick and choose. That's why all the scholars agreed that picking and choosing from the mme is something that is not

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allowed in America, he stated that he clearly

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stated that as well. And they said that about a horse, Alfa kaha fuckathon duck down who follows the concessions of the football he is actually becoming a heretic. Now, this is from a rational point of view, at the end of the day, what are you going to do? You will take it one step further. From a practical point of view, yes, you might reach the situation that well I investigated, okay. But I reach to a point that I cannot know which one is the truth. Okay. Let us take the example of the eyesight. Okay.

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Let me ask you a man, what are you going to do if one doctor told you, yes, go for this. And the other doctor told, you know, be careful. If you go for this, this will harm your eye and you might lose eyesight, you try to investigate this issue further. And you could not reach to anything, what are you going to do? Either was adult for matter shift? So either I'm going to continue asking and researching, ask a third opinion.

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Or just don't go for anything and wait, or I can't see what else I would do? Because I might not I'm not in a position to be able to I've got no experience. So I'm left as a layperson. Exactly. So, either you will investigate more, or at the end of the day, you are going to what you are going to put yourself on the safe side. Okay? Is that true or not? That's why even from us and also the point of view, this color said if there is a matter of differences, and according to an opinion, you might be subject to punishment, or learn or cursing from Allah, Allah Allah or might be subject to do something Haram. And on the other hand, the other opinion is not subjecting you to this. abstain and

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put yourself on the safe side. Okay. See, Jani from an authority perspective from an Islamic perspective? It goes in line with what our yes our Russian with the common sense yes. Okay. So, this is one way of dealing with that. Now, this means that we can study according to one method, but while we are studying, we knew that there is another method or there is another opinion in this particular issue, In contrary to our opinion, and it is closer to the heart, then we should investigate. And if we knew that the other opinion is stronger, then we adopted as simple as that. And this, okay.

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Brothers, and even for the audience, this goes with the nature that Allah, Allah, Allah with the nature of our intellects that Allah Allah, Allah created us according. Why Because Allah Allah, Allah wants us to what to think, to reflect, to see the signs of Allah dello Allah, and not to see to say as Allah, Allah, Allah condemned the Kufa in nowadays.

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We have seen our ancestors following this path, and we never investigated. We never put anything

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effort to know the hump and we just followed their path. That's why a Shanthi when he spoke about this earlier, and he said those, those who just blindly following one school of thought or one opinion, are included in this contamination mentioned why Allah, Allah, Allah because they don't want to put an effort. And moreover, he said that they fooled themselves by thinking that by just following the Imam, or the spirit, they put themselves in the state, that safe side, and they are not to be blamed. He said, No, because the person in the worldly matters, he will blame himself if he put himself on risk for him because he did not investigate the issue. What about the issues

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related to his Arthur, shall he is stay and say, Well, I am not to be blamed, my Imam is to is the one to be blamed. Because this is a normal excuse you always find because especially people were busy at jobs and so forth, they always use the excuse that we don't have the prerequisite even to look into the matter. So we'll just take one school of thought and call it a day. So it's important you have the sincerity to say exactly. That's why you remember we said that the criteria is what the motivation behind what the action that the prophet SAW Selim says,

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The motivation is very important. So if the person is sincere, in following the help, he will be excused. But if he did not put any effort to follow the hub, then the blame and making the efforts it should be on every single Muslim. Of course, of course, according to his ability, we have to be careful because Allah Allah, Allah said, Now you can do from La nevsun illa. Allah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, he didn't want to come to me, if I command you to do something, then do as much as you can. Allah Jalla wa Allah says, Allah Hi, Mr. Patton fear Allah as much as you can. So according to the ability and technology for us discolor said particularly from an open

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ended the criteria of tech leave, okay, is the pie is the ability to do it. So, if you are able to do so, then do it.

00:32:21 --> 00:33:20

And it is not, it is not fair upon the person to put effort to know the materialistic issues and not to know his religion, his Deen and many people claim that they are busy, and they are involved in so many things, okay, but they don't want to put any effort to learn that the and all of us know that people put any, a lot of time spent a lot of time to watch videos to watch TV more than Okay, that they can spend to learn their religion. And then when you ask them to investigate within a little bit, to study a little bit, they will say well, okay, I know that I can live alone Epson in Laos, aha, and they start giving these excuses and we are busy, etc, etc. Also says there is a reward when

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you make it too hard. Even if you are wrong, there's a reward. Yes, this is another issue to be added because the person who is putting effort means he had Okay, he will be and he got the help, he will get to rewards.

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Okay, okay, shaker We'll take a short break now. But when I come back, we'll talk about how as Muslims so we can understand each other, even though we're following different opinions. Stay tuned for more on the straight path.

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Welcome to this new episode of focus point. The new generation is has is the good the habit of reading more than before.

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Your question was named basically the problem of Jews who lost their function in society.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back. You're watching the straight path. Tonight we're talking how to deal with difference of opinions and a different school of thought and how not to make it a barrier towards unity. Shake in the very first segment you mentioned the story of even a bass and sight

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And what are the etiquettes we can take from the story and just to work in unity, even though we have difference of opinions, yes, this is a very interesting story in a bath, and they both of them among the Cabal of the Sahaba, the greatest scholars of the Sahaba and both of them specialized in for, you know, our problems at the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said about date.

00:35:26 --> 00:35:55

Now, they used to differentiate receptor of the Elantra and who and even at best used to the whole different opinions on one masala of variety and the issue of the inheritance or the share of the grandfather if there is no father means if a person dies and he has a father or a grandfather and brothers, who is going to take the inheritance and the assets.

00:35:56 --> 00:36:23

Is it the grandfather only, or the brothers or the brothers share with the grandfather. And this must Allah is a very this issue is a very important issue. And I don't know whether we have time to discuss it, and to elaborate on it more anyway. Even above used to say Elia tefillah has a student zayde fear a larger lavalla he makes the grandfather

00:36:24 --> 00:36:55

as a father, yet he considered the grandson as a son. And he doesn't consider the grandfather as a father means a boss used to believe that the grandfather should take all the assets and they used to believe that the grandfather should share into some assets with the brothers brothers, the brothers the brothers. So even a boss used to say Allah tala has it yet. Abby.

00:36:56 --> 00:37:19

Ebner Ebony ebenen, voila, herbal Abby Eben. He considered the son Okay, the grandson as a son. So, he takes the wealth and he does not consider the grandfather as a father means and he should take the whole wealth. Now this is a must. He must Allah

00:37:20 --> 00:37:21

and even

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even Abbas used to call for mobile holla

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with Zaid, what is mobile Hello.

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Interval for talana Abner Abner aka monisha and Anisa C'mon Susannah. So many obtain infinity Allah Allah tala E. ll ketamine means we gather our children and our families and you gather your families and we go to Canada. And we ask that curse of Allah, Allah Allah to fall upon the people who are not following up to that degree. Now someone might say wow, Chapin Allah, what is this? This is something we cannot imagine we cannot comprehend.

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And when they've been above sort of the Allahu taala and who met Zaid, Zaid, although he was older than even above, he took the hand off in a bath, and he kissed his hand in advance was amazed. What are you doing say? They probably allowed to either and who told him in advance Hakka Amina and Nevada be arrabiata Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. This is how we were commanded to respect the relatives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam because you know about is the cousin of the Prophet sallallahu had been abuzz. One time he saw his eight and they it was riding a camel and even a Basset started to take the lead of the camel to guide the candidate. Zaid told him in a bus, a bus,

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you are the relative of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, why do you do that? He said and this is how we were commanded to treat our elderly people and our scholars when they will be allowed to Allah and who died in a bear said Lapa. dematha Leo Merriman cafe Rahim Allah Hosea, he was not happy that they died because he holds a different opinion and that opinion will not be a prevalent opinion. He said the Rahim Allah who look at this Subhanallah Rahim Allah who's eight? may Allah have mercy upon Zaid. Today, in Kafeel, a great amount of lm and knowledge have disappeared because of the death of Zane This is a typical example.

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There are many examples in our history. A Chevy rahima holla. A Chevy died in 212. He said, I never saw a person who is more wise than us a sedan.

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Eunice's Salafi one of the scholars at his time. He said after the VAD, yo ma sakarya a fee. And I am not an akuna Aqua, Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Mecca famous Allah shouldn't be brothers, even if we disagree on all matters.

00:40:21 --> 00:40:50

Of course, on all matters within this any realm that we have mentioned, that's why scheffel Islam, even taymiyah Rahim, Allahu taala said, well, an akula Muslim, a telephoto, lamium COVID Muslim in asthma, where if every two single Muslims disagree on something, they become what this united and they fight against each other, then the unity among Muslims, that asthma among Muslims, that they the

00:40:51 --> 00:41:49

the body of the Muslim, okay, will not remain intact, because every two single Muslims might differ. And there are various examples, if we started to talk about those examples, and how the Sahaba, and how the people after the Sahaba used to deal with these differences, then I think it will take so many episodes. But the point here is, we need to be able to tolerate these views. And as I said in the beginning, before jumping into a conclusion, let us try to understand the motivation behind that opinion, provided that, especially we as collateral and or the seekers of knowledge, we know that this opinion is held by another school of thought. So if we know that, and we know that this person

00:41:49 --> 00:42:39

is a part of it, and why to jump to the conclusion that he is wrong, and we should not pray behind him. And we should not accept or even sometimes we say that he is not following the sooner we think that the sooner is limited to what we do. And others when they pray differently, they are not following the retina. And we are the people following the show. Now this is one of the big mistakes many people fell into, once we observe that and we answer we have this kind of etiquette, then the hearts will come together in sha Allah, and then we might achieve any a unity on a smaller scale. And then that unity inshallah will be expanded, but who's responsible to relate this information to

00:42:39 --> 00:43:26

the normal Muslims? I mean, sometimes, you know, the layperson of the master, but he's the one who makes the most problems, you understand saying that? I'm hanafy? I'm Chef a, but who's who should bring that understanding towards them? Is it upon the leaders of the community? Yes, actually, this is true. The leaders, the scholars should teach their students and the lay people that there is something called etiquette of differences. And they should teach their students how to deal with others who hold different views. This is upon the scholars, okay. In the first year, this is upon the scholars, okay in the first place. And

00:43:27 --> 00:44:16

the scholars, by the way, should not teach the students shall only they should teach thick in the right perspective. You know, some of our scholars said, one of the mistakes that we fall into, is when we teach what we teach, in isolation of our life, and in reality, is our life. So we should teach what in the right perspective that it is part of our life, for example, and I remember, we used to study with this color, and we came to keekaboo, genetics, the chapter of funerals. And he said that for kaha, when they teach this, they were talking about it from a technical point of view, but the one who is teaching you this, he should teach it from a secular point of view and from a

00:44:16 --> 00:44:55

spiritual point of view, because we are talking about death. And we are talking about the biggest challenge consider our unfortunate common mode and Allah Allah Allah challenge all on them, okay. With this death, we ignore this we ignore the spirituality of what we are studying, we are studying how to put the dead person in the grave, we are talking about the grave whether it is left or whether it is shocked and sometimes we ignore that we are going to the grave and what we are going to face there, when we are studying it why because we have an isolation between what

00:44:57 --> 00:44:59

and the spirituality similarly, we have

00:45:00 --> 00:45:12

isolated from tarbiyah, from etiquettes, from UCLA from nanets. And this is one of the big mistakes many people who teach fell into.

00:45:14 --> 00:46:00

So, we have about one or two minutes remaining on the show. I mean, what is your message to the people out there? And to us as well about the people who are following a mindset, or a school of thought and opinions that are different from you? How can we merge it all together to live as a unified? Yeah, the first thing is, brothers and sisters, let us remove hatred from our hearts towards Muslims, and let us force ourselves to love each other. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said as a Muslim or a full Muslim law of limbo, whether you Simo the Muslim is the brother of the Muslim, he does not oppress him, he does not forsake Him. So and this is the essence of unity to love each

00:46:00 --> 00:46:44

other. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he migrated in Agatha Timothy when he migrated to Medina, and he was a new leader coming to this new society. What was the first sermon that he gave to the people are expecting someone to speak about the policy? He said, Allah do leukomalacia in fact ultimo to hubbardton if Shu Salama Bina calm, should I tell you about something if you spread it, you will have love you will love each other after Salaam spread Sanam among yourself. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was keen that this love between the members of this new community or this new society to have, that's why he said spread Salah, spread salah and the other thing in the Quran we

00:46:44 --> 00:47:08

see Allah Allah Allah says Allah dynamin qulity us and commanded believers to what to say that is better means that's why the prophet SAW sent him said yeah, and he commanded us or the scholar said, if you have your brother, don't call him within him that he doesn't like call him with the name that he likes that most Why? Because this will put love between you and him.

00:47:09 --> 00:47:46

Okay, so this is of course in two minutes. This is the message that I can say. Of course, we have said more about this important issue. Okay. Dad, thank you very much for being with us on the straight path. We hope to have you sometime more in the future inshallah, Dr. Cerf and Bob, I'm on Paul. So it was a pleasure having you on the straight path. And of course, the message is to remove hatred for the other Muslims who follow different opinion. We should always spread love between ourselves. And if you have any comments about the show, or any show you'd like to see on the straight path, please write to us straight [email protected] until next time

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Differences in Opinions & How to Unify Ourselves

Topic: How can we understand the differences in opinions and use it to unify ourselves?

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