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She passed away just before her. They wanted to take her with me to help us. She passed away. And I really I, yeah, Annie, I missed her and so on. He said she was a very righteous woman. He said, I lived with her more than around 50 years. And she never told me No.

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I don't think that it is that but when you miss someone

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whom you used to love, you will remember all the good things, which is good, which is good, at least he will make dua for her. Anyway,

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imagine that you have the wisdom behind this. This is how I see it. Imagine you have an argument with your wife, and she became angry, and she thinks that you did something wrong or bad to her cetera. And you left the house. And then you said, Okay, I really any you regretted and really, I need to maybe rectify the matter and reconcile. So you texted her and she's you said,

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you know, darling, let us go for a dinner together.

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What will be her answer?

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know, but he gives the correct answer. Maybe he because he's.

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So what is the answer?

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No, she will never say yes. She will say what? No.

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So he knows the answer.

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He said he knew the answer, because he said he will tell him Get lost. So he must have received this text message.

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So she will say no, no, please listen to this, especially brothers. Yeah, she will say no.

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What is the common mistake many brothers do? And this is small mistake leads to big mistakes. And that's why we need to know the psychology of each other. Yeah. Many brothers will say she said no, or get lost. He will reply by saying, well, you don't deserve it.

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It's my fault. Yeah. Or if he's not practicing, you will say I go for another one.

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What will this lead to? To bigger problem or bigger problems? And sometimes it will be the start of the end of the marriage.

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Yeah. By

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if this scenario happens, yeah. You need we as men need to understand that. Women like to be chaste.

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Yeah, don't expect when she thinks that you have any doubt with her badly or something like this, or you made a mistake or and then you regret it. And you said, darling, let us go for dinner. She when she says no, it means what?

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Yes. But please beg me again to come with you.

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No, seriously, this what it means? Yes.

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We have this common problem in the Islamic Sharia Council. And when I asked brothers, yeah. And sometimes Yeah, and it is very common. The brother is sitting next time next to his wife and they say so your wife told you know? Yeah, what do we do? He said you either I will say no, no. Or I will just say Okay, forget it or not come back home or, okay. Today I'm not

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going home and spend my night with with my family with my parents are I am going with my friends. And this will increase the problem. I say that no, here. No. What does it mean? Most I think all the husbands that I met, they did not understand the meaning of No.

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Seriously, it is a serious issue. And when I say no, it means yes, but send another text for me. Please beg me. I want to see that you are really chasing me. When I say this, all women stopped laughing.

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All of them start to love. And I asked them is this true or not? And they say yes, this is true.

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It doesn't mean no doesn't mean really

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No, I don't want to do it. It means what?

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Send me another text I'm enjoying this request

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chasing me.

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So we have to understand this mentality this I understood it from the legislation of what

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ya, Allah Allah, as I told you, maybe this is the hikma because if you go to your wife and listen, we are migrating let us very concerned. She will say no.

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Most men will feel offended. She said no. And that's why it is a common question that we received that the man said to his wife, I want to hurt to have Rudel. Yes. And she said no. So I said she doesn't want I left her. No, it was a mistake from you just to leave her like this. You should have persuaded her more. So she closed the door and said take her back. She has no consent to refuse or her consent to refuse is not condition a condition for it to be valid. Is it a clear? Yeah, more other

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part of the wisdom of this.

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Normally as it happened to