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salatu salam ala rasulillah there is a question that people do ask frequently. And whenever I travel in the UK or outside the UK people do ask me maybe because I'm involved in Islamic Finance, about halaal mortgage. Is there any halal mortgage in the UK? Is there any halal mortgage in Europe? We are desperate to have halal mortgage we want our houses and they stopped giving me lectures about having a house and the future of children etc, etc. And normally I do say to them, oh, yes, there is there is. And they say, what is it Helen mortgage? Yeah, tell us what is it? I said, Yeah, it is available? Don't you know about it? And they say no share, please take it seriously, what is it I

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said, well, law he will live there is a healthier way to get your house. You call it mortgage, whatever you want to call it, but there is a halal way. And people say, what is that shall I say to them?

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Subhana Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever prays 12 hours a day, Allah will build for him a house in general.

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And you know what very action of many people, most of the people, they say, Oh, come on. I say what do you mean by come on? What do you mean by come on? As if it is not worth it? As if having a house in Ghana is not really something serious. It's not really something that motivates people to have Subhanallah My dear brothers and sisters will lie. I always mentioned this story. I remember when I was young, I was born and tired. And when I was young, maybe seven, eight, something like this. I remember that a friend of mine, his house, his father built a big Mansion House. And we were as young people we were, we were talking about it and we say oh Mashallah You are a lucky person, etc.

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and his father was working hard towards that, etc. I still remember the color of that Villa Subhanallah, just before they move to the villa car, a car hit his father, run him, and he died Subhanallah even before he moved to that Villa, we are keen to build our houses in the dunya. And sometimes we don't even move to our houses. While if we build our houses in Ghana, we will definitely move to them. Moreover, brothers and sisters, when we talk about a house in general, are we talking about a three bedroom house, four bedroom house, five bedroom house, 10 bedroom house, we are talking about maybe a house in Ghana that is built from gold or silver or both of them? Yeah, we

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are talking about our house in Ghana that maybe we need years and years to travel in that house, to see to discover that house. We are talking about a palace in Ghana, that we will have hundreds of servants in that house to serve us. We will not talk about a house that will be full of frat or mice after some time, we are not talking about a house that we have to pay rent for it or we have to pay rate to charges for it. We are not talking about a house in the dunya that even if we enjoy it, we will not fully enjoy it and we will live a short period of time and then we will leave it for our children who will forget us after some time. We are talking about a house in Ghana that we will

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reside in for ever Subhan Allah My dear brothers and sisters. Interestingly, we should know that some scholar said that if you pray every day, Allah will build for you a house every day in general and some other scholars said no, if you pray these 12 Records, most of the days Allah will build for you a house in Ghana. In fact, my dear brothers and sisters, one house in Ghana is more than enough is more than enough. So Han Allah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam explained those 12 Raka that we need to pray in order to get the house in Ghana by saying to Raka before fudger for a car before the hood to Raka after truck after truck after mother and to Raka after Isha. If you calculate the amount of

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time that you need to pray those 12 Raka a day well life will not take 15 minutes from your time and the work that you will get out of those 15 minutes over ways the time that you have spent in praying those at 12 o'clock. The key thing My dear brothers and sisters, please do ask yourself how many times I missed those 12 o'clock. How many times in particular I missed for a car before the whole how many times the key thing in order not to miss them that remember it early in the morning when you wake up just before going to failure or

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In fact, my dear brothers and sisters, when you put your head on the pillow to sleep, you need to think about what you will achieve tomorrow. And if you put in your mind that you want to get a house in general, by praying 12 Raka a day you will make sure that you will pray the Torah before the foraker before the tour after the after the tour after model on the car after Asia. In fact you will plan for that whether you call it a holiday mortgage, whether you call it mortgage in the first place. It is the best way, the easiest way and the most effective. In fact the most secure way to get a house but to get the house where to get the house in the best place to get a house in

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