What is the BEST WAY to Balance Dunya and Akhirah during Ramadan

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of balancing university studies with real-life life during their upcoming busy period. They emphasize the need to focus on one's goals and stay away from disfeasement and family activities. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of reading the Quran and working hard to achieve their goals.
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Now the next question is very good. And this applies to everybody, man and woman and young and old. What is the best way to balance? And this is for university study the question, but I'm going to put in general, what is the best way to balance university studies with doing as much good deeds as we can during Ramadan? So let's let's take it, the sickness question, and let's apply it to everybody. Right? Those who work and they have to work, and those who study and they have to study those who are at home, and they have to take care of the family. That's a lot of work, young children, or they have their parents or their parents, they have to take care of them. Right? How do we balance?

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Basically, basically, and SubhanAllah? Very recently, we had this discussion when Allah brought Ramadan for us, when Allah subhanaw taala made this a blessing and obligation for us. And when he said that, in his words, Subhan Allah in the Quran, what did he say?

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Right shuttle Ramadan and Lydia NCFE he'll call and the month of Ramadan is the month that Ramadan that the Quran was revealed, right Pinochet, Domingo, Musharraf ilyasova, summa whomsoever live or see the month. They need to fast that's the obligation. Right? And the woman Carmen Commelina, oh Allah suffer it, find the tune am and those who are travelers are sick, then they make it up later. Right? Allah didn't say we have to

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the life has to stop. And we have to do nothing.

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Right? Allah said,

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bring the balance back and see, see what I am saying. Bring the balance back because outside Ramadan, the balance is like that. This is dunya and this is my after my focus, my time, my efforts, my energy. My planning is about my dunya most of us, we focus on this, I need to be successful. I need to study I have to get a plus I am in law school, I'm in medical school, I am in this I just got married I need to focus on my house all this it's all dunya I'm not saying it's haram, but I'm talking about the balance. And then how often I think about my after my place in Jannah my meeting Allah subhanaw taala me being in the grave what Allah will ask me what I'm going to answer is

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usually much less focus.

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Ramadan, I need to bring it back.

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I need to bring the balance back.

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And in the last 10 days is specifically I need the balance to be like that.

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So what does that mean? That mean? Everything that I have to do I continue to do and pay attention to what I said I have to do. Meaning universities I cannot take time off from university. I can't

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can take time off from university that's not Allah did not tell me that. It's not an excuse. I drop university because it's a month of Ramadan. No. And we all know this. We all know this statement. They the Sahaba fought the battle of better the most difficult battle where their numbers were like this. More than 1300 the believers in more than 1000 to the disbelievers in

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the day of Ramadan not the night that they are from when they were fasting didn't stop didn't Rosario saw to Santa didn't tell them let's delay the battle till after Ramadan will get tired we have to pray Taraweeh and then I know what does that teaches me balance and I can serve Allah subhanho wa Taala in everything I do, serving Allah subhanaw taala pleasing Allah subhanaw taala is not the only enthusiam late night Salah in my taraweeh It's beautiful, but how about if I couldn't do it? Right. So for the university, absolutely to do go to your university. Absolutely. You do. What what you have to do that's pleasing to Allah, but I do it in the way pleases Allah. I stay away

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from anything and everything that is displeasing to Allah during my study during my work, because I'm fasting I'm a Muslim and I'm pleasing Allah pantile And two, I keep my obligations, my salah, obbligato the Salah, I do it on fasting or Hamdulillah I do my salah. What about my Quran? Do your best. Do your best, as I said the sooner the sooner is a la soiree sought to finish the Quran once in Ramadan. And then the year he passed away, connect the dots. This is what he said that he saw to center kind of metadata. So Quran Maggiore, piccoli Ramadan in Morocco, the meaning he used to review Subhan Allah, the Quran would say Narrabri once in the month of Ramadan, every Ramadan,

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actually scholars have also extrapolate from this

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that it is a sunnah that you read the Quran with a friend, especially if you're a half full or a half Eva, you read it with someone else. And in the last year before he passed away he did it twice. So you do your best to finish one one part of the Quran, right? Whether you do it all in reading and again, we need to look at our reality and I'm doing my best. So if I spend 10 or 12 hours in my university can any of these classes in Ramadan Can I take them later on? Can you do your best to free yourself in Ramadan if possible, you do your best on a personal level. Can I anything that I can delay it till after Ramadan because it's only 24 hours. It's a long day of fasting I'll get

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tired can I do but if you cannot of course your work. If you can take time off, take it out Ramadan Of course, if you cannot, then your work. You do it in the best way.

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This will be pleasing to Allah so the balance the obligations you hold on them. Stay away from the disobedience of Allah, family, maybe it is difficult for you to do the whole 20 or the Itokawa. Do as much as you can. As many as you can do your best and Allah will make it easy your OB me