Haifaa Younis – Ramadan The Month of Love – Day 28

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of the love of Allah and how it can be achieved through obeying God. They also mention a video about a woman who wants to stay away from her family and receive the love of Islam. The speaker emphasizes the importance of following rules and rules of conduct to achieve the love of Islam.
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Mr. Smith, you

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said Mr. ecomark, metal worker to smell Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wala early wasabi Manuela

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loving Allah spawn tada and Allah loving us is what we have been covering for 27 days in Ramadan and today's 28th of Ramadan and we are looking at another way that Allah subhana wa Taala will love me and it's very interesting Allah spandana said inshallah to Allah and Ron chapter three and in the verse you have in the planner cool Otto yo la hora su for into our love for Allah Allah yo Hey bull Caffery, say to them, obey Allah and His Messenger for him to allow if they reject or turn back, failing Allah Verily Allah does not love and Katherine and Katherine, those who are disbelievers, rejected Allah pantalla or rejected his obedience or rejected the obedience of Rasul Allah His heart

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was set up.

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So what we are looking at here, the handler of lambing, we all believe in Allah Alhamdulillah. So we are not careful in the general meaning, but here, loving Allah subhanho wa Taala is connected with loving or swatting Salatu was Salam but more important is obeying God Rasul Allah Salatu was one of the ways that will lead me to the position of the loan of Allah is when I obey your roswaal ESR to Sarah, because our Swati thought was pantalla said it also in chapter 3pm. Ron Paul in contempt I buena Allah to be only say if you really love Allah, follow me. Follow roswaal he saw to sit on your webcam Allah, Allah will love you. Well for lacandon Baku and Allah we forgive your sins, Allah

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hoffa Al Rahim and Allah is all forgiving, All Merciful. So let's look at it this way.

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My goal, our goal and while that's what we are learning this Ramadan is I want Allah Subhana Allah to love me. And we learned many criterias of 100 land many virtues, and we learned many things we shouldn't do. Now this one is general, my, one of my the keys to earn or to open the door of the love of Allah that Allah loves me specifically is by obeying God Rasul Allah is

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not only a loving God Rasul Allah Assad or Sarah, we all love him. How can we not love him? Ali has sought out or Sarah How can we not who taught us all this? Who

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taught us about Allah who made us aware there is a loss pantalla who brought us the words of Allah, so loving the roswaal ASR two was set up, there is no doubt Not a single Muslim does not have it even if the usual if we say imagine for Rasul Allah Sato Salaam right now open the door, what will you do? Almost everybody froze. I mean, if they think the thought of it make them freeze, because of the love and the all we have to roswaal the Assad was Sarah. But the love of Allah Swati salatu wa sallam alone, only love only feelings will not get to me, the love of Allah pantalla

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to get the love of Allah pantalla I need to follow him. I need to obey Him and this is what the verse called after your la hora su obey Allah and Allah Rasool fainter will know if they reject, they turned away for it and Allah Allah you're a bull calf theory. Allah does not love those who are disbelievers. It doesn't mean if I don't follow Swati hisar to ascend I'm going to be a disbeliever No, because this believer is the person who does not believe in Allah does not believe in Allah Al Hamdulillah we all do. But to get to the point of the love of Allah, I need to follow up Rasul Allah hisar Torsella. Having said that, we need to change a concept sometimes it's becoming popular. That

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is just the Sunnah

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is just the Sunnah. It's not just the sooner it's the act of Rasul Allah saw to sit out there what this thing he did, the thing he did that by me doing is following it, showing my real love to roswaal as autosar and by doing what he is doing, I will end up in the category of those who Allah long. There is legendary examples of those who love the roswaal risotto cinnamon obey them. One of them is very well known to say not the lagna oma the son of Sade, not Omar, where he used to do things, even if these things not

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act of worship, but even if it is not needed at that point, but he did it for only one reason, because of our soiree saw to a certain degree, and he wants to follow him. And one of these incidents when he was on his camera and traveling with a group of people, and then suddenly he stopped and then turned his camel around, and then continued. So the people around him says, Why did you do that? There is no reason. And his response was, I was with the roswaal he saw to sit in this place. And in that spot, his camels stopped, turned and continued and I want to do the same he did alter your Lahore, I sold obey Allah and hamdulillah we are in the month of we are obeying Allah and

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hamdulillah we're fasting doing our best to obey Him. But let's add to it specially again in this blessing Knights obey Rasul Allah has salaatu wa Salaam and let us know to be of those scaffolds that Allah doesn't love. What did he do in these blessing nights.

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He used to be up all night, all night and it's very well known that one of the 10 last 10 nights or the last 10 days of Ramadan approaches he actually a figure of a speech or an action is he basically stay away from his family. And I feel late, stay up all night, all night. So here I am when I'm staying up all night, in sha Allah, all of us we do that one of the reasons if we if it is not the main reason because our Swati Hassan was surrounded it, I want to do exactly what he did. And that will will earn me the love of Allah I want to finish the Quran at least once because Allah so Allah has thought was reviewed the Quran would say that you bleed once in Ramadan and the last year before

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he passed away earlier salatu salam, he did it twice. So let's look at what let's pick up three things or roswaal is to a cylinder it and I am going to do it today and every day. So I will earn the love of Allah Jacobi me does that move

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