Abu Bakr Zoud – The 3 conditions of gratitude

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The conditions for gratitude are identified, including acknowledging the blessings, being mindful of the loss, and listening to advice. The importance of gratitude is emphasized, and listeners are advised on how to live with gratitude. The speaker emphasizes the importance of gratitude in shaping one's life and offers advice on how to live with gratitude. The three conditions for gratitude include identifying the blessings, being mindful of the loss, and only using the blessings in the harms of the loss. listeners are encouraged to use the blessings of Allah to entertain oneself, make people feel happy, and obey the boss.
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Now, let me discuss with you the conditions of gratitude. What are the conditions of gratitude, there are actually three conditions for gratitude. In order for your gratitude to be accepted by a law, there are three conditions that you must fulfill. Number one, you must identify the blessings, you must identify them.

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So once you've identified them, that is the first condition of being grateful. You identify you recognize, you know that this is a blessing. Because if you don't recognize a blessing, how can you thank Allah for it. So you must identify and recognize the blessings of Allah zosen. Number two, the second condition for accepted gratitude

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is to acknowledge that the blessings are from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And to love Allah zosen for these blessings that He has given you, Allah Zoysia he says and saw that the non woman becoming nemat in feminine law, Allah sosial says, any blessing you have been given, then it is only from a law, law. You know, sometimes people give you something, people give you a gift, people

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do you a favor, these are blessings coming from people. But ultimately they came from a law and people only a means in how Allah delivered the blessing to you. So the first condition identify the blessing. The second condition acknowledge that the blessing is only from Allah. And if a blessing came through someone in a form of a gift or money or whatever it is, then you need to recognize that they are only means otherwise the blessing actually came from Allah and no one else. There are many examples in the Quran. Look at Sulayman alayhis salaam. Look at Suleiman's attitude when he looks at his entire kingdom. So the man was a king. He was rich richer than the richest person on earth. At

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slay man, I think he's set up. But even then, when He looked at his entire kingdom, he said the hair that mean for the lobby, he looked at his entire kingdom. And he said this is from the fever and the blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, Allahu Akbar.

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Even this is a condition of gratitude, to acknowledge it's coming from a loss aversion.

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So they man Allah is salam, once again, this beautiful character of acknowledging the fevers coming from Allah appears again, in salt at the nemen.

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He says, in a message he sends to the queen of Yemen, the queen of Southern belle peace. When she sent him a gift, the story is long anyway, she sent him a gift so that he doesn't come and conquer her land. He said to the people,

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he said to them, go back, return this gift to the queen, we don't want your gift. Then he said something incredible. He said, from any law higher remember at Aragon, he said what Allah has given me is much better than what you people offer me of gifts. So once again, he acknowledged he said what Allah has given me he ascribed the NEMA to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we also find in the story of the nine, Volker named when he wanted to build the wall, and people said to him, can we give you money? halogen Abdullah halogen, can we pay you can we give you a trip tribute? Can we pay you money, so you can build a wall between us and huge and huge, that corrupt nation that was

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destroying the earth in the land? So little Carmen said to them, Ma'am, can ni fi be higher law. He said to them, what Allah has given me is much better than what you people want to offer me. Once again, he acknowledged and attributed and ascribed the number to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so this is the second condition of gratitude. Number one, identify the blessing. Number two, acknowledge it's from a loss origin. And as a result, we should love Allah subhanho wa Taala for that. And number three.

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Number three,

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is that this is the third condition of gratitude. Listen carefully, that you do not use the blessing and the fever of Allah, to disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala at all. Rather, you must use the blessing Allah has given you only

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in the obedience and pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Lord Marquardt, once again,

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you are not allowed to use the

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Blessing Allah gave you to disobey Allah so isn't that is that is showing ingratitude to Allah that is being ungrateful to Allah. Allah has given you a gift, and you're misusing it.

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You're using it in sin and evil matters. So, the third condition to be grateful is that you use the blessing Allah gave you only in the obedience of Allah. So Allah gave you the ability to he Do you know this is a blessing? Do you acknowledge it's from Allah? Use only to hear what pleases Allah social. Use it to heat the good words. Use it to heed the reminder, use it to either

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use it in the pleasure of Allah sosial. Use this e to listen to advice. You know, the first problem that the people of the fire have, you know what their problem is, you know what their regret is? People that are going to jahannam you know what their regret is? in sort of the markets there. We all know it, walk all over nesma I will not kill nalco nevyas herbicide. That's the regret, they will see if we only heard meaning if we only listen to what's good. If we only heard the advice, if we only heard the reminders. If we had only heard the Ayat of Allah, and then we comprehended them, we wouldn't have been from the people of the fire. But they misused this blessing. They heard that

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which is how long they heard the mockery against the Quran. They heard the lies against the Quran, they gave the ease to doubts and misconceptions about Islam. They gave the ease to the devil. They gave the Eastern music, they gave the ears to gossip, they gave the ears to to groups and people that just slander and swear at each other. You know how many people have followed pages on Facebook, or Instagram or channels on YouTube? And the only purpose of the channel or that page is mockery? is making fun of people is insulting people and slandering people. Why don't you subscribe to this stuff. And you use this blessing to entertain yourself like this in how long? That means you have

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not shown gratitude to Allah for the blessing of the hearing that He has given you. Similarly, Allah azza wa jal gave you the ability to see, use this in the pleasure of Allah. If you use your eyes in that which displeases Allah, you are being ungrateful to the blessing of Allah. Remember, this is the third condition of being grateful. You must use your site for that which pleases Allah subhanho wa Taala. You get the sky,

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you know, as also Muslim Allahu alayhi wa sallam used to love looking at the sky, but not all geographies, some, maybe some Allah, Allah usnm would always look at the sky. We're getting your Nevada in a summer. Look at the Ayat of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Look at the books the beneficial knowledge, look at the creation of a law, social and say suparna law and hamdulillah llama. Use your eyes for that if you do that. You are thinking Allah social is blessing. Use your eyes, to look at your parents, to look at your children, you know, eyes of happiness so that he can instill love and happiness within them. Use it for that which pleases Allah if you do that you are thinking and being

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grateful to the blessing of sight. However, when you use your sight to see what that which is how long have women, and nakedness and lewd this and shamelessness. And then you make the job difficult on you by following pages of celebrities, by subscribing to channels of celebrities who just post nakedness every day in every hour of the day in the night. Why do you follow things like this? Why do you expose your eyes to filth like this? You're responsible my brothers and sisters in Islam. So the third once again, the third condition

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of gratitude is to use the blessings Allah gave you to obey him not to disobey Him.

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