How to Achieve Happiness

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Miss Smith, here was

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our goal, to feel content,

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free or 40 to feel happy, and I have a peace of mind.

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I need to do good deed. This is what I was saying I'm sharing the I mean Amira soil I mean they're cutting a winter. We're home. I mean, Polina here, no higher tomboy, you will enter jersey unknown at your home be as any McCann we are unknown, this is in salt and Nile, the bees men, Camila men is home so about does this is in the Arabic language it is usually defined as a condition. You do this you get this unless has Minami la salida whomsoever does good, the mean the current into whether it's a man or a woman, woman and then the auto believer in a law. Remember the condition men whomsoever what will I get your law? I do a good deed. I am a human being man or a woman, it doesn't

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matter. I believe in you. And I believe in all the pillars of a man What will I get? Look at the way Allah said fella no here No. This is a form way of saying we will for sure

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make him or her live

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a life by him pure, healthy, happy content, peace of mind and the reward of good deed and believe is not only in this life because this is Filipino here now hire them for you but we will give them the good pure happy life in here. And then there your Allah what will I get? We live two lives we are here. But then there is the final abode will energy ziana home eduroam vs Anima can we I'm alone and we will reward them in the best way.