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righteous and pious By the way,

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at least by the way, was elevated to be with the angels.

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At this time, he was there he was watching what's going on?

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We know that Elise is from the jinn. And we know that the jinn they had the or they do have the freedom to choose between being righteous or not righteous. A police with his freedom of choice, was the most righteous of the jinn.

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That is why he was with the angels. And he led the predecessors they said about him, I believe it hasn't been but if I'm not mistaken, for woosehill Mela, aka the peacock of the angels. Why? Because the angels reach that status with their without the freedom to choose angels or worshipers are in a state of submission to Allah subhanaw taala and willingly, but Satan, a police, he was righteous with his freedom of choice. But be careful now. Because that righteousness and piety caused him to be arrogant. And arrogance is an act in the heart.

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And you know, who knows what's in the heart of in the chest

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yalom Hall in a metaphysical, he knows the steel of an eye and what your chests conceal.

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Satan brothers and sisters in Islam as Allah subhanho wa Taala introducing Adam to the angels. He's already developing organs, and envy and hate for us. without us even being in existence. You see that arrogance was inside. Now for Allah subhanho wa Taala. To get that arrogance out.

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The development of Adam has to carry on.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam,

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the orientalists they always have an issue with the hurun talking about the creation of Adam or his center because they don't understand the Quran. Or they go after the Quran to find some here and there. In order to close doubts into the hearts and minds of Muslims. They go after the Muslims first by the way.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam their issue is Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran spoke about the creation of Adam from dirt. When Torah the creation of Adam from clay from water and then from three nil acid from sticky mud. And then from Sol Sol in Hama in the snow and then Sol Sol in CalHFA ha This is what is all of this, which one is Adam made off? They do not understand that these are the stages of creation.

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The first stage dirt, and this is a beautiful Hadith the Muslim Hadith Abu Salah, sorry if I'm not mistaken. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah subhana wa Taala created Adam from a handful that was picked from all over Earth. Min Kava Kava hominin.

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The dirt that was sand that was dark dirt, there was an and that is why the variation amongst our between our colors you will find that black Adam, and then you will find a white Adam and then you will find a yellow Adam

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is and then you will find that beauty Adam and then you will find in pure Adam, you will find easy Adam and you will find the tough Adam is you will all atoms and we are created from that handful that was baked from all over Earth. Now this dirt was mixed with water.

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If you mix dirt with water, it becomes what clean. That's why Allah created Adam from clay from green which is water with dirt. If you leave the clay or the mud for a while, it becomes legal as if it becomes a sticky less sticky, because the moisture is decreased the level of moisture in the dirt with water is decreased then becomes worth sticking to utilize it and then after that

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is known hand in hand I must know what is known that sticky clay was left for a lengthy or a longer period of time.

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It became number one stinky, it smells smelly. It became slicky unless smooth and at the same time it became

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What color was darker? Then Allah subhana wa Taala with his own hands, brothers and sisters in Islam, he molded and shaped Adam.

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And then he lifted for a period of time woulda made Adam. Hello Hello Adam Allah surah T. And a lot of people by the way, some holla Muslim misunderstand this hadith they say that Allah and especially the import this from the People of the Book do they say Allah created Adam? On the picture of Allah yeah if you know your Allah, Allah, Allah created Adam on his shade, that means Adam up, Adam did not go through stages, different images like we do. You see, we are the children of Adam, in the womb of the mother we are a sperm and then we are a piece of flesh and then on and on. And then even once we come out of the womb of our mothers were babies and then we grow up we go through stages and

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then old man and youth and so different stages no Holla Holla who Adam Allahu Allah subhanaw taala created Adam the way that he fashioned him, molded him and then So Adam did not go through stages. Baby and then infant and then a child and youth that man then old man, no Adam did not go through this. Adam was created one time, one time molded from that clay and then it was left for a long, longer period of time. And then Allah subhana wa tada until it became so solid, caring for her dry clay. If you do like this salsa, mix of mix a song and then Allah subhana wa tada breathed

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the soul in Adam and then Adam came to existence, Lost Planet Allah breathed in him. So we say to the orientalist, and Mr. Shipley, that's the name and an Arabic that these are the stages of the creation of Adam. So if you see that Allah subhanaw taala, speaking in the Quran that Adam was created from water, that's one stage, Adam was created from play. That's one stage, Adams created from cleaning Lazarus, sticky clay, that's one stage, but you just have to group all of them together.

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Sisters in Islam.

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One important lesson that we need to learn from the story of creation of Adam alayhis salaam, is what we mentioned regarding that story of creation of the heavens and the earth. Now a shadow person out he will want to see, I have not made them witness me, Allah subhanaw taala speaking, Allah subhanaw taala speaking photograph, I have not made them witness me when I created the heavens and the earth, nor the creation of themselves. Human beings right now, they teach a theory called the theory of Darwin,

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the theory of evolution. You're a law, you know that the theory of evolution is what? That Mother Nature created Adam, and then Adam developed his way he became a monkey chimpanzee and then chimpanzee, he became a human being. Yeah, How the hell did he get this from? You did not witness that. Here's how Allah Subhana Allah is telling you that how Adam was created.

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The Theory of Evolution is totally against not not completely, there are some aspects of it. Like, you know, there are some aspects of the theory that is okay. But you saying that we were eight, and then we developed with a full now and we became human being? Give me a break? And basically, what do you do? How come we're not developing anymore? How come we stopped developing now? Okay, we will, as you told me that we're chimpanzees. And then we took that for now, how come we're not developing now to be some another creature we thought? That doesn't make it? It doesn't make any sense. No, Adam, was created with the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. In the fashion that I just mentioned, the last

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thing that I want to share with you regarding that story of Adam, is how important the soul is. You see, Adam without the soul was nothing was nothing. Basically,

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Cooper and oxygen and hydrogen and what given Adam the life

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the wonderful coffee mug

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Adam became a life when Allah Subhana Allah breathed His soul, in the spirit into Adam, from Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala breathed into Adam, here allow my how honorable This is to the children father

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tells you that, you know,

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how Allah Subhana how much Allah subhanaw taala loves Adam

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Children of Adam, especially those submit to the Creator, especially those who believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Brothers and sisters in Islam.

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With this, we conclude basically the process of the creation of Adam. But we have not ended or finished with Adam alehissalaam. Adam now is in existence. He is now a human being, after the soul has been breathed in him. Now he's about to begin his journey into this world. Let's find out the next episode of The Best of stories. What happened to our father, Adam alayhis salaam. I want to remind you again, brothers and sisters in Islam, that the story of creation, whether it is the world, or the creation of Adam alayhis salaam is so important and a key to understand a lot of our Deen till the next episode of The Best of stories. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh