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In the last lesson I'll sudi law while I do cyber sending receiving concealed I said I'm I think I'm gonna have to lie about a cat to everybody. Good morning Good afternoon Good evening jhala we will be starting soon another live webinar in this wonderful series of the shift side this name so please do join in, grab your coffee, grab your tie, and tell us where you're logging in from sending your setups inshallah, as we get warmed up here, as we wait for the live broadcast to kick off inshallah and to spread into everybody's newsfeeds. And sha Allah will be the start. We'll be starting soon. Let us know where you're coming in from below. Welcome, everybody. Bismillah

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I got my iced coffee here.

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It's an afternoon a beautiful afternoon here in Houston, Texas. Why do you wanna set up the Fira from Manchester, England. Welcome Welcome. So half from India.

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Why did was set out when I moved to LA? Welcome everybody will be starting shortly inshallah Tada. Please do. Like, Comment Share. Let's help out the algorithm a little bit chocolate out as we as we start on this incredible session, an important session and a very common question. For this session sponsored by deception a study of chez THON which is an online course by chef Syed this team that we're launching this month through and mothership online. And that common question is Why did a lot create a thought welcome a stood out from Leicester the UK sumiya from the UK as well. shantelle from Western Australia. Is that Perth? Or where are you in Western Australia? shantelle Perth was

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one of the most beautiful cities I visited and it reminded me incredibly of Southern California, except for all of the signs that said beware of poisonous everything on a lot. It's like so countless Orca had deadly venomous animals everywhere in the parks and all of that no law protect you all. I mean odor from Liverpool. Welcome. I call Sarah.

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Sarah from France. Radical Sarah love, nature nature maniac from London, of course because London is a very maitre stick town. I'm being sarcastic, but I guess that may be why you appreciate it. So be Brummie, that's Birmingham, I think Burmese or Birmingham right shentel Yes, Perth. Mashallah. So Perth Yeah, beautiful city. shentel Marshall, what's a beautiful city jameelah from London Why take was set up Okay, so we're warmed up a little bit. We're warming up a little bit medio from Pakistan welcome Miko set out what I have to LA but I got to Julie from Myanmar. Right Aiko said I want to have to live in a car to Sabrina from Bangladesh. So he's coming in with a question right off the

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bat. I've been told a THON is locked up during the round robin recently been told the small shout things are not locked. I would encourage you, Sophie to check out our our session last week actually where we discussed this topic. And so go to alma If you haven't RSVP for this series, the link will be shared. And then you'll get access to the recordings as well. So amido says what state am I from? I'm in Texas, the great state of Texas.

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So you can you have the RSVP link in your in your description by the way. It's in the description here. And so if you have RSVP for this series make sure you RSVP get access to your recordings. Always from Bradford welcome Oh s and misc from Sweden Mashallah. And Minnesota

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severe Minnesota is as beautiful as places any in the summertime in the wintertime it says challenging places any. Okay, now, sad to say the site, Miss Dumbo Alico Serra de la Okay guys, let's begin in sha Allah hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah it was like the same Seaman kathira It is great to see you all, I'll remind you right on the offset to again like, comment, and subscribe, are we if you're on YouTube, then subscribe. If you're not on YouTube, then just share this inshallah let's let's let's get this in front of as many people as we can.

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South Carolina from Karen Why did was set out when I moved to LA and sobre las panatela bless you all. Now, this this session is sponsored by a course called deception a study of shared thought and which is taught by shell sad to sleep. And this course just sad this taught all over the world on site at hamdulillah. It's now online for people to be able to take advantage of and this course is devoted to studying it nice. Studying him studying his tricks, studying his you know his history.

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Learning about the tools that he uses to misguide mankind and so today we'll be answering inshallah, a question that is very, very common and that is, why did Allah subhana wa tada create shavon and so I'd like to welcome chef outside

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the living legend himself. Welcome chef.

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Well young here it's an absolute pleasure. Mashallah, so Shipside

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First of all, you're always looking better than me, which is frustrating, but that's not what's what's going on here. What's going on with this? This? This hoodie you got this is beautiful, man. It's not a hoodie. It's actually a nice.

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Yeah, it's different than probably something you've seen before. It's something I designed myself. On my website. You can go check it out. Sad. Same calm wash or soft sand there, you know both places you can go check it out. But yeah, it's there.

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that then you said? Is that what it's called? No satisfying. calm. Oh, sad. Sad. This lien? Mashallah. Mashallah. Yeah, so this is a piece we call it a lotta because it is the third piece that I designed for this for my collection. So it's officially called metadata. So ha said, That's that I thought, so it knows what's going on man was shot was

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she recognize it in that? Do you know what this is? Do you know this is right here. So Huh? Oh, let's see if you know what this is. All right.

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Jeff, we're hearing a little bit of echo. Maybe from your end. Do you want to just play around with your mic and see if we can fix this? Yeah, I can check. I think the echo is gone. I heard the echo too, but I think it has gone. Do you hear echo? No, no, it's gone. Okay, we're good. Okay.

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Excellent. So she has deception. This is a course that's really dear to you Why? Well, this course actually spent a lot caught me off guard a little bit. I mean, I've you know, I've never teach a subject unless I'm, you know, passionate about it. But it really took on a life of its own, I didn't realize how much this course will be appreciated, how much people are going to how much it's going to change people's lives. And it's always weird to hear, you know, someone say like, a course a seminar changed my life. Because you feel like, you know, Subhan Allah, like, that's completely in the hands of Allah. And, you know, it's just, it's weird to hear that. But this is one of the

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courses that people out of all my courses. This is the one that people say, you know, that one changed my life and I was going in a direction and I was lost and you know, things going on. And this really gave me clarity in my Deen. And it doesn't it doesn't sound like that for a lot of people, you know, when they hear James Bond, they think of Oh, this scary being you know, we're supposed to be scared of the ship on you know, the devil and you know, in pop culture and you know, modern day culture, we think of the ship on almost as if it's either like a joke, right? Oh, the devil in this and that whatever. or for other people, it's something to be afraid of. So like in

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horror movies and scary movies, like that's what the show fun is used for. So people don't really understand the significance of the sheer fun. And you know, going back to the Quran, and going back to the center, which is what we do in this class, you really understand how much Allah has emphasized

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us protecting ourselves from the Shia Thawne and taking the ship on as an enemy. And so and also for some Muslims, it's the Shia thorns almost a scapegoat, right? Oh, it's the chiffons fault. The ship on made me do it this year paunchy upon, right? And one of my most interesting things will make me hydrate. I remember every time I've made hydrate, I recall this when it comes to the gym, not the stoning. Like, people lose it. People take out all their anger and their frustration, because then they're like, Oh, this is like, I'm stoning this sheer fun, you know, so they're like going at it, you know, like, you made me do it, and you made me do it. And people run out of rocks, and they

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start throwing other things. I've seen people throw like slippers.

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But that's, that's what you know, that's what a lot of people, you know, think of when they think of the sheer fun and when people take this seminar, they realize how practical It is, in terms of how fighting against issue upon actually brings us closer to Allah gives us clarity in our Deen and helps us overcome a lot of the problems that we may be dealing with. So so that's why, like I said this, this, this course really took on almost a life of its own that I didn't quite expect. I mean, I knew the topics important, but hadn't done a lot of benefit hadn't done and a lot of benefit has come from the seminar. Um, they're not Excellent. So you have a question that we've all heard asked

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before. It could be, as you know, asked us innocently by a five year old, you know, child just you know, asking a question or it could be asked by someone who's on the brink of faith, for example, or losing their faith, which is, why did Allah create shade bonds

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So open I leave the floor to you inshallah out of love to hear your thoughts. Yeah so first off before I get into this topic today I want to say that we do cover this in a lot more detail in the seminar. So there's aspects to it that we simply don't have the time to cover here and in the seminar as well, we can have more back and forth in terms of q&a and things like that and more discussions, but I will try to get into it today inshallah to at least cover some of the broad aspects of this topic. And this was this topic you know, was put into the seminar because it is a question that naturally comes up. So in the seminar we study you know, the story of the shell bond,

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the how the she had been, disobeyed Allah and not just disobeyed Allah but he arrogantly disobey Allah so when, for example, the she had been refused to prostrate if police refuse to prostrate to the marriage ceremony, Allah commanded him to do so. Allah said, Why, what has stopped you from from making such that? And then at least he replies, he said, on a halal mint, he said, I'm better than him. Halekulani minara haluk, the human thing that you created me from fire, and you created him from clay. And this is really a level of arrogance, where he is saying to Allah, that I don't deserve to make to be put in this position. And he's accusing a lot of actually being incorrect. And

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that is the level of arrogance of police of the sheer pawn. And not only that, not only was he arrogant, he blamed a lot actually for his own actions. He, for example, Allah tells us, he says, Fabi have weighed 10, he tells to Allah eyes, he says to Allah, I swear by the error that you have put me in, basically, what he's saying is a lot. It's your fault, that I didn't make sense, the and what he's trying to say here that if you wouldn't have ordered me to do something which I which is beneath me, then we wouldn't be in this position where I would have to disobey you. So even he blames Allah for his own disobedience. This is the level of arrogance of the sheer fun. And there's

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that and then there is, you know, there are the many, many threats that the shear bond makes. He threatens the children of Adam and Eve his setup. For example, He says, I've been waiting, he says, I swear by sorry, he said, Fabio is ethic he says, I swear by your honor. Speaking to Allah knows, we are no, Marian I will mislead all of them, I will mislead all of them, he threatens the children of Adam. Also he says Fabi might have way too many by the I swear by the error that you have put me in once again, blaming Allah for his own error, the Elkhart odonata, homestead article, Mr. Payne, I will sit and wait for them, meaning I will wait and attack them on your straight path. And this is

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you know, Allah has given us set out to step in which we all hopefully recite. You know, and so that, in fact, how in every single prayer is, you know, sit out there, Mr. Payne, Allah Guide us to the straight path. The the the the level of arrogance that at least the chiffon has is that he tells Allah, I will be on the straight path, meaning I'll be waiting for them that, and this is how a lot of people often think that the ship bond only attacks people who have weak a man or people don't have knowledge of the dean, or people who are not religious or practicing or whatever it may be. And this threat of the chiffon tells us that that's not true that it's not true that he only attacks

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those people. He attacks everyone, regardless of how much knowledge someone has, regardless of how, how much a person is dedicated and their worship and their faith. It doesn't matter that she have fun attacks everyone. And we see this here, he says, I will sit on the straight path. And then the shift button says I will come to them from it and no human being the ADM I will come to them from in front of them, woman hunt him from behind them, or emani him why Shema HTML come to them from the right and the luck, meaning I will surround them. And this is just a sample of the many, many threats that police made in front of us standing in front of Allah, please, the Shere Khan makes

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these threats. And so you know, we study this in the seminar and we actually get we go through the the speech of the police. One of the things that we do in the seminar, which I have not seen done before this, we analyze the speech of a police because if you go through the Quran, what you'll find is there are many places in the Quran where Allah tells us where a police speaks. So we analyze the speech of Allah, the speech of a police, as Allah has conveyed it to us in the Quran, to really analyze what he's really about to really understand the shape and to understand police. But as we you know, we go through that and we covered this, the natural feeling that many people have is, well

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if he is such a, if he's such a bad dude, which he is, he's so arrogant in his in his in, in basic in his obedience to Allah and he's arrogant with Allah even and he is going to cause all these

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problems for human beings, starting with the money set up. And we talked about in the seminar how he even deceived the miner who set him. And then you know, he remains a threat for for all the profits and all, you know, all of the children of America has said, He will continue to attack he will continue to try and mislead and deceive the children of them I set on, and the many methods of deception that he has which we cover in the seminar, the natural, the natural place that it leads a person to say, Well, why would Allah create them in the first place? Why even have a creation? Like Iblees? Like, obviously Allah knows what he's going to do? And that's correct. Allah does know

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before. If he's ever disobeyed, Allah, Allah knew that he's going to disobey Him, before he believes ever tried to mislead any of the creation of them. Allah Subhana, Allah knows Allah has knowledge of everything. before it happens. Allah knows. So the question is why why did why did Allah create at least and now there's a general answer. And then there are more specific as the general answers, obviously, everything Allah does has wisdom in it. Everything Allah does has wisdom in it. Whether we know that wisdom or not, of course, not goes back to every single thing that happens in the world, the father of a lot, everything that Allah decrees, everything that takes place. You know,

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from our perspective, it may be bad, from our perspective, it may be painful, and difficult, and so on and so forth. But there's always wisdom in it. And so the question really moves on to Well, okay, there's wisdom in the creation of shale been, what is that wisdom. And this is something which like I said, does need more time to cover but we can talk about just a few points. For example.

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One of the ways in which we draw nearer to Allah, one of the ways in which we get close to Allah, one of the ways in which our relationship with a lot improves, is by fighting and struggling against the ship on as we struggle against the ship on as we you know, in the seminar, we learn about the methods of deception, we learn about how to protect ourselves, and how to be aware of the ship on and how to, you know, seek Allah's help all of that. It the natural outcome of that is that it brings us closer to Allah. And sometimes people don't realize this. And you know, when they take this seminar, they begin to realize that that by learning about the chatbot, and by actively

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protecting oneself against this, you have been and is whispering, that is methods of deception, and all of that, naturally, a person comes closer to Allah and that is actually one of the main purposes of the seminar. The main purpose of seminar is not to just gather information about the Shabbat. That's not it. In the end of the day, this seminar is supposed to bring us closer to Allah and that is the goal of the seminar, that one gets closer to Allah. One spirituality is strengthened when spirituality is heightened. And that is the natural outcome of Allah subhanaw taala. For example, trusting in Allah, and relying upon Allah and seeking refuge, from the she upon in Allah brings us

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closer to Allah. So every time we say, there will be no human is shaped by the regime, I seek refuge with a lot from the ship. And that means we are seeking a lot to protect us. Why do we say that? And I know a lot of people say that they don't really realize what they're saying or, or the significance of what they're saying. When we say rubella. I'm seeking refuge with ALLAH, meaning we are saying that a lot, you are ultimately in control, you have the ability to protect me against anything, no matter how you know, conniving the ship on is no matter how sophisticated his methods of attack are, no matter how persistent, the ship bond is, oh, Allah, you have the ability to

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protect me. And that's what we're saying. And so, every time we say, the Billahi min, Ash shaytani r rajim, we're actually worshipping Allah. And naturally we are drawing, drawing nearer to Allah, Allah to Allah. Likewise, our patients in dealing with the Shia pawn brings us close to Allah, his parents era. So all of that, that's one of the wisdoms. Some of the other wisdoms have a lot. Just learning about this he upon and studying the story of this ship on, we learned so much about ourselves. And we learn many, many lessons that come from the existence of the ship on like, if the ship Villa never created this ship on, there's so much that we wouldn't learn amongst that there's

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many, many lessons. among one of the many lessons one of my favorite lessons is the lesson of what can happen when a person is on the right path. But they become too comfortable, they become so comfortable that they they feel like nothing can happen to me. And in a way they start to become arrogant. They begin to feel self sufficient. And I've seen it happen and I'm sure you've seen it happen with people who are practicing Islam, religious Muslims, sometimes there's there are those who are practicing Islam and they get so confident in their Islam. They think that nothing can happen to them. It's almost as if they're guaranteed gender, they have a you know, a pass,

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guaranteed pass.

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Got agenda for free, you know, go ahead, because you're religious or because you do this or whatever, that you know, you cannot be misled. And sometimes were misled through the door of arrogance. That is why sometimes we find I hate to say this, right. But just to keep it real. Sometimes we find a religious people becoming arrogant, and looking down upon others, or those people are bad and look at these sinful people. And that person doesn't do this and look at this person to look at this, you know, these women that didn't work a job, they're terrible Muslims, and this person doesn't pray this. And they begin to look down upon everything else from from a higher

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place. And that can lead a person to become arrogant. And we see what happened with a police and we're going to study the story of police in the seminar. But that's exactly what happened to a police. He was amongst the worshipers of Allah and his worship was at such a high level that Allah allowed him to live amongst the angels and worship Allah amongst the angels. That is a very high level. But it is his arrogance, his ego that led him to a point which not only did he fall, and not only did he disobey Allah, but he became the worst of those who disobeyed Allah has kind of went to Allah. And it's very interesting here that he had a chance to repent and that's that's the, that's,

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that's a very interesting point here, which we're gonna we're gonna go over in the seminar that at least had the ability to repent. He had the chance to repent, just like Adam alayhis salaam malasana made a mistake as well we're gonna talk about that mistake was but the difference between Iblees and Adam I said I'm we follow the path of Adam, I said, I'm because it said I'm committed to sin. You made a mistake. he repented to Allah and Allah raised his status Iblees made a mistake, right? committed to sin. But he doubled down on that sin, and he became arrogant. And then because of the arrogance, he went even lower. So you can see like they both let's say, they started up here, even

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though the marriage setup started off, you know, we can, it's not really exact. But let's say the boat started here, they committed a sin, obviously, that the sin of abuse was far worse. But let's just say they both came down here, the Madison repented, and Allah raised him up higher to where he was higher to the higher than the place he was before it, Billy's Adams here, please went low, low, low. No, that's just one of the many lessons we learn. Because of the existence of this, you have been also, the chiffon was created as a test and a trial for human beings, we know that there is no life without being tested. That part of why Allah has pointed out a part of our existence, is that

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we will be tested by Allah subhanaw taala. There's no life in which we will not be tested. And one of the forms of that test is a police. But I want to caution you here, I want to give you a remind you here that luck tests us with the chiffon and Allah doesn't just leave us to say here, here's the shift button, you figure it out. Right, try to try to try to fight this ship on on your own. That's not how it works. Allah has given us the tools to fight and to defeat the ship on

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those tools come with knowledge, and they come with understanding, and they come with putting the time in and that's once again, that's what this seminar is really about is taking the time to learn and understand how to defeat the Shi upon. Those are some of the wisdoms and I could honestly speak for a few hours about the many many wisdoms of Allahu panaway data in creating the share button. But I don't want to go on too long here. And you know, there's a lot that we covered in the seminar, as well. So the rest of it, I'm going to leave for the seminar. But I do want to say, you know, this is one of those matters that we're speaking about the wisdom of Allah, we will never truly fully

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understand the wisdom of Allah. But even just contemplating this this point, there's so much that we can learn about the ship on about ourselves and about why Allah has kind of created the ship on in the first place. Sheikh Ahmad, I know is a quick question a little bit of a long answer to your question, but there's actually there's even more as well in the seminar.

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No, that was beautiful. Just that the look ahead. And for everybody listening. I think Shipside mentioned three reasons or three wisdoms behind the creation of shared thought and so let's let's see, do a quick exercise here who can list out what the three reasons were?

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You can tweet it out you can share it if you tweet it use the the hashtag for the seminar, which is deception. SOS hashtag deception SOS study of shame upon. Otherwise, Sherry here in the chat, what were the three reasons what were the three wisdoms that she'll side mentioned? This is a course again, that's available on an Melinda online and Melinda online. And she you mentioned,

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you know, this notion of, of the issue of a test, which is really important. Like, imagine if a person showed up at an exam, and there was no exam. Like it wouldn't make sense. You know, you go to a driver's license exam or you go to some sort of standardized

00:25:00--> 00:25:09

test that you need to take from one stage of school to another or what have you, and there's no exam. And so yeah, the fact that shaytaan exists, makes sense. Allah

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created us to test us. And so there has to be that. And I love that point that you mentioned about it increases the quality of our worship, because of the fact that you struggle against shade Thawne. And the importance, one of the things that this class teaches for sure, which you you mentioned at the beginning is just becoming Cognizant, like how much how much more aware students become

00:25:33--> 00:25:36

about shavon in their everyday. Yeah.

00:25:37--> 00:26:13

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, there's people who say, like, I never like the ship Bond was there kind of, in my mind somewhere like, it's just, it's just part of culture, right? most religions have the concept of the devil or Shaban, but it's so passive. But as believers a lot over and over in the Koran Allah has mentioned that she upon Allah said, Take him as an enemy, he's your enemy, take him as your enemy. And so for us, it's, it's it's a different relationship there. But you know, that's what happens with the seminar we've become really we've kind of aware of it. Do people do people leave the seminar feeling like shaytaan is incredibly strong? Or do they come out feeling empowered

00:26:13--> 00:26:50

themselves, or what's what's the reality when they leave? Yeah, so here's the thing, people who take part of the seminar, or only hear like video, like short videos, or certain videos about the seminar, they'll come, they may come to a point where like, Oh, this, she had thought, you know, he's so powerful, or, you know, laws, give them these abilities, you can whisper does whatever, and they may become fearful. But if you take the seminar, and this is my promise, insha, Allah to Allah, that you will leave empowered. And that is my goal, that by the end of the seminar, and I got, I'm gonna say you got to hit the whole seminar, even if you sign up for the seminar, don't take part of

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it, don't take like the first half of it and be like that. The other half, I'll take it, you know, I'll do it later, do the whole thing. Because when you get the complete picture, which is, you know, a complete understanding of the ship bond and the role that the ship on plays in our lives, then, and learning the tools, definitely students feel empowered. Against this, you have been aware, conscious, but empowered over the thought that they they have the ability and gela data to defeat the shield part. Excellent. And that's really, I'm glad that you mentioned that, because a lot of people do are scared of the idea of shavonne, they might not even want to attend the class, because

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they're like, Ah, this is too scary for me. But the idea that, if you do take it, and if you don't just dwell on the first couple of modules, where maybe you know, Shetlands history is shared or what have you, but that you actually learn about the tools that you can use to overcome share thought, as well as the tricks that chiffon uses. You learn. I was just I had mentioned last week as well that the plotter shaped line is weak as Allah Subhana data mentions his plot is weak, and we are very, very empowered by Allah subhanaw taala to overbought overpower had more to overcome him. Excellent. Upside that we're at the half hour mark, do you have any last parting advice that you'd like to

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share with everybody here?

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My last parting advice is sign up for the seminar.

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You know, I say that, no, no, but in all seriousness, I say that, because, you know, I know a lot of us, we're dealing with a lot and the world is very complicated. Our lives are complicated. You know, a lot of times you listen to a lecture, you know, this is a like a 45 minute talk. And it's great, you know, to be inspired for that time. And then sometimes we feel like I've got, you know, I'm going back to my real life and real life is messy and complicated, and so on, so forth. These seminars, they're designed to tackle like, the messy stuff, the reality of our lives are those people struggling in their lives or even, let's say struggling with certain sins, even we talk about

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addiction in the seminar, you know, real problems, that's what you know, an extended seminars for, you know, if you just wanted to hear the story of it, please you can go YouTube it I'm sure there's a lecture on, you know, the story of police and that's great, you hear hear a lecture. Or you may say the tricks of SharePoint, you can I'm sure you can Google that and you have the tricks of SharePoint will come up. But this seminar is meant to connect you to the knowledge that Allah has given to us where we can apply this knowledge and live

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live with this knowledge to get closer to Allah in the real world that we are living in. And so that is why I like the seminars like these for me, you know, I do a lot of speaking, lectures, talks, I go to conferences, and you know, even YouTube videos, and I'm trying to get more active on my YouTube channel. But this is for me, the most important aspect of what I do is these seminars because this is really where I feel like you know, lives can be changed, where people can really really come closer to Allah and find clarity and comfort and support in their lives. So that's why that's why I know it sounded like a plug like this go sign up or whatever. But but I mean it when I

00:29:59--> 00:29:59

say that

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

I can tell you know why? Because if you if someone doesn't know you, you actually are not a seller, like you don't like to do that you don't like to sell, or you personally like to sell things. And so I'm at the price when you just said, you know, sign up for the seminar, because I'm surprised. But I can also understand because for example, when you have a course or you have something that you really believe in, like you've seen it, transform people's lives, like for me with his majesty, the names of the law courts that I can tell people, no problem, I'll be like, sign up, like, I can sell that no problem, not because it's anything to do with me, but because I believe in this content so

00:30:38--> 00:31:07

much. I believe that it has the power to help people with such sincerity. And when you said that, I'm like, okay, he really believes in this course. Like he really goes for him to be like, you know, just sign up. So it's a mother online, you heard it directly from the guy stone stone called licking your face and said sign up for the course which means he only is able to do that because he's seen it transform people's lives and he believes that it'll transform us so great. That was fantastic. Exactly.

00:31:10--> 00:31:45

Okay, so with that everybody inshallah Allah will see you next week for our last installment to shut out of this session. In the meantime, check out the the reasons why chef side mentioned for the wisdom of creation of shaitaan ChildLine, if you haven't gotten the recordings or if you haven't RSVP, RSVP so that you can get the recording as well as get the reminder for next week so that you don't miss it. inshallah tada and until then, we will see you online if you if you must, and you're like I can't wait, I can't wait for seven days then just go on to a motive the online register for the class you'll be able to consume the first two modules of this seminar inshallah to Allah before

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you reconnect with us next week in sha Allah. And I would like to shout out Amina, who mentioned three reasons in the chat. What do you got? I mean, I said the three reasons are Allah created the Atlantis tests in our belief. Another reason is what are there to increase us in our mind. And the third reason is to make us better Muslims by obeying Allah Subhana data. Is that is that are those three correct? Yeah, the third day they're all correct. But they're two of the it's two of three.

00:32:16--> 00:32:22

It's Yeah, it's very close. Very close. They're all correct, though. They're not not wrong in what you mentioned.

00:32:23--> 00:32:55

But as we mentioned, struggling against the Shia fun brings us nearer to Allah. Allah we mentioned that I guess the one that she missed is that through studying this the Shia bond and the existence of this Shabbat we learned a lot about ourselves through the many lessons we learn through what she went through and as actually going through now as well, but very good, very good. Let's does awesome. Is that guys okay with that, we'll call it an age. It's like a fish outside and for everybody for joining us. See you next week inshallah. Tada. So

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sound, money, language