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The speaker describes a roswaal that ends with a woman named Leona and her uncle. The speaker describes her as a woman with a bravery that is seen as a prick and tries to grab control. She refuses to allow her brother to grab her and claims she is the one who gave her brother control. She refuses to allow her brother to grab her and claims she is the one who gave her brother control.

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Natty Leona fish award you

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will end up with the dwell of the weakest moment of a roswaal hisako Sara, most beloved to me, and specially these days, he went to Bali. After stadia his wife died and his uncle died, went to the four Fs city north of Makkah, calling them to Islam did not believe in him. Not only that, they actually humiliated him, made fun of him, send the children around, throwing rocks on his noble leg and bleeding. And he looked stood looking at maca. And he made this jar and the jar stays like this that the Doha is like this. You're on Long Lake or a lot to you. A school love it. You're a lot you I complain, my weakness, walk in there to heat it and lack of my resources or sources. Well, Hawaii

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alumnus and I am being of no value to people, your hammer Rahimi, the most the most Merciful of those who have mercy and our hammer Rahimi, you are the one who's most models for those who have more mercy elements actually, who are you leaving me to? Who you are leaving me to? This is a swelling santosa Who are you leaving? To whom you are entrusting me to someone distant that attacks me, or an enemy, that you gave him control over me. And this is the part illumio can be Kahala buena Holla Holla Valley, if you are not,

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if you are not unclosed with me not pleased with me. If you are not angry with me, then I don't mind. I don't care. But however, your protection is much better and more unpolished to me much bigger. I seek protection in the light of your face, I will do be naughty logic. I seek protection in the light of your face, which illuminates the darkness and through which all affairs in this life and the hereafter become right? may never may never that I should incor incur your rife Your wrath may never that I will incur Your wrath or that you should be displeased will with me. Look at the last part. I will appeal to you. I will appear to you This is a roswaal is not to sit on my

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beautiful sisters. This is a roswaal a sort of center what all in you should say. I will this is the continuation of the DA I will appeal to you till you are pleased with me. There is no power. There is no way except through you. Hola Hola. quwata illa Billah

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