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A salaam alaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. My brothers, my sisters, some of us have a weakness of showing our emotions online, in our statuses on posts, not realizing that the people out there are not all sincere. A lot of the times we may be going through an issue in our lives. And we think by posting about it by advertising it by telling the world about it or even by hinting to the world that I have a problem. It will solve my problem. No it won't. In fact, it makes matters worse, people begin to think you have a problem. And yes, they may be right. But then those who are insincere may begin to advise you wrongly that can happen. Secondly, sometimes those who are sincere

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but don't have the expertise of how to resolve the matter may also advise you wrongly, that can happen too. But sometimes people seize the opportunity to spread a lot of gossip behind your back. Sometimes people spread so much slander and gossip that it becomes toxic, that itself becomes a major problem. People lose respect not just for you. But for the matter at hand, people begin to create stories, they fill the gaps with shape bands whispers and therefore it's definitely not a good idea to start showing your issues your problems to the world. Sometimes you solve your matter in a short space of time that the world still continues to think that your problem is major and that

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you are in a mess. If they were to meet you two years later, five years later or sometime later, they would still say wow, I hope everything's okay. I hope you're fine. You know, I heard you had a major issue and so on and so forth. And the problem was resolved long back it was none of their business anyway. So to hold your cards close to your chest is definitely a teaching of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. You don't need to give every detail of your happiness or sadness to the whole world. What either job or home among me I will healthy other Obi Wan our do Illa Rasul Allah Allah Marimon whom Lima who Levinas them buena hoomin home, one Allah, Allah Allah kumara Mehta who

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let about too much shaitan Illa Allah Allah, Allah Almighty details speaks about how

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from among the qualities of the hypocrites is that they begin to announce any news or anything that happens to them or anything that comes to them. They literally advertise it, they broadcast it, Allah says other OB Eva means to broadcast the broadcast the news of goodness or the news of sadness, it's not a good idea. Allah says, you need to know. Go back to Allah, go back to His Messenger, go back to those with knowledge, they would be able to guide you as to how to extract the rulings that would help you in your circumstance in your situation. And Allah says, had it not been for the favor of Allah, many of you would have simply followed Chapin May Allah protect us from

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Shavon this is a good piece of advice. There are people whether they have a problem at home, with their spouses, at the workplace, in the country, political, non political, whatever it may be. If you are in a mess, there is no point in advertising that you're in a mess because Subhanallah the people sympathy will not solve your problem. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us solve our matters or problems or issues Akula kolyada was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.