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When it comes to walk in Allah terracotta Allah says while attempt shifting out of the Maha, and do not walk with pride on Earth, in the calendar critical order, because you're not going to split the earth by you walking like that. Well then tap local Jeeva Tula. No are you going to reach the mountains in height by walking like that? In English, they say, don't walk with the swag. Walk with humility. So, the walk of a person also talks about the personality of a person. It can either SMAC of arrogance, pride, and it can also display pomp and glory for a person. Therefore, walk with humility, walk like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now this discussion can also be

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extended to driving. Don't drive with haughtiness, don't drive with pride. There's a certain demeanor when you're driving with pride, you know, you drop the seat as the youngsters to and you don't see much of a person behind the wheel.

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And the person is driving in a certain way, or what the music pumping to give off a bit of a show as to how the person is looking or the person is driving or showing off the car. So all of this included in this first, you are not going to split the Earth. You're not going to reach the mountains