Be Careful of What the Children Watch

Haifaa Younis


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This is for all parents. Anytime Allah test you with your children, and this test is

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common with when Allah test you with your children. The first thing you need to say, You know what I say to people and I say don't tell me the details. I say get haram out of your home.

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And I'm talking about how to avoid alcohol. You all probably your mind when they're talking about what you watch on TV, a series of movies. What is wrong with it? It's PG 13 Have you seen PG 13 These days PG 13 is our it used to be 10 years ago?

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And this is for all you who have young children. Make sure you watch the cartoon before you let your children seals Be very careful and messages in them.

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And people are making millions out of our corruption

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corrupting human beings