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The Jessa, a woman who lost her desire to drink alcohol and have a good time, is rewarded with a proportional reward for those who hold back their desires and have not committed any actions that are shameless. The importance of acceptance of others' struggles and responsibilities as a means of rewarding them is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to be patient and not give up on their children. The importance of fearing a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger of a danger

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Now hamdulillah

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Dr. Medina, is the hula hula hula hula hula hoop La da da da da da La ilaha illAllah

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Muhammad Abdul Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was Javier followed

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by the Buddha Billahi min ash shaytani r g.

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La Casa de La La mattina illa Anta Muslim moon

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Alia Eva de la havapoo covenanter de de la cama Rilakkuma korilakkuma, la la hora Sula, who *athon Sophos and alima. Armand, there's a hadith that Abu huraira a loved one who married to the Prophet of Allah Azza wa sallam that is both in Sahih Bukhari and Muslim in which the Messenger of Allah so awesome says sobre la Lumo, la fille de yo ma la villa in the loo that there are seven categories of people that Alice Papa will shade on the Day of Judgment.

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seven categories of people that are lost people will shade under the old gentleman and provide shade for them on the Day of Judgment. The day there is no shade except the shade of color. And the shade of Allah here refers to the throne of Allah.

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This the seven categories, the Hadees, lists them one after the other, and I'll list them all out for you initially and then we'll talk a little bit about what the the what some of the benefits are in these seven categories and how we can hope to be inshallah in all of them.

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Number one is Mr. monatti. A just ruler. Number two, Shaban Najafi me Valentina, a young person who grew up worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Number three, Roger

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Moore is

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Bill massages, a person whose heart is attached to the muscle

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whose heart is literally attached to the muscle. Number four, Roger lanita haberfield is Tamara here are the

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two people who love each other for the sake of

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their relationship is built upon the Brotherhood or Sisterhood of Islam. That's why they meet and that's why they separate. Number five, Roger Dundar tomra that two months I've been working with Jamal, for color in the office.

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If a man in this example, who a woman of beauty and status, someone that everybody seats out, and once that kind of a person, or that kind of a woman invites him to have intercourse invites him to do this shameless act outside of marriage, in the confines of marriage, of course, it is praiseworthy acts of worship. This is understandably outside the confines of a marriage. And this person while being tempted,

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doesn't give in to the temptation. And he says in the awful lot, I feel a lot I cannot engage in this action. I fear the the accountability that I have to give in front of a loss partner.

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Number six, Rajan SATA SATA, SATA pata

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hatanaka, Allah Masha Allah who mentored me, a person who gives charity.

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And when he gives charity, he does it so secretively that

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as a figure of speech, his

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his his left hand, does not know what his right hand is spending. The figure of speech here is to show hyperbole, because your hands are connected to your bottom right, it's actually physically impossible for one hand to do something while the other does not know. But when it's given us an example. Metaphorically, it shows that even the closest person to you

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have no idea that you're doing this. This is something literally nobody on the face of the earth will know that you did except Allah subhanaw taala. Who knows everything. That's the idea of giving charity so secretively, literally nobody knows about it.

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And number seven is Roger de la hollien. forefather Dinah, who a person who mentioned or remembered a love, in a moment of silence in a moment of seclusion. Nobody's watching and in that moment of seclusion

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After remembering Allah, the tears of, of fear of Allah, the tears out of the hope of Allah's mercy swept up in his eyes, or her eyes, and the fall, that is a person who is also included in this seven people, seven categories of people. All of these, as you notice, are people who are not named. These are categories. So all of us can be in one or more of these categories. And that's the incentive of the Messenger of Allah wa sallam is providing us here, that these categories are there, so that we can aim to be of this. This is not something Excuse me. This is something that is well understood from the Sunnah of the prophet or salon, and from the actions of the Sahaba.

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For example, the prophet of Allah wa Salaam, one who once was explaining that there are eight gates to paradise, or seven gates to paradise. And then he said,

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a person could enter from this gate because of this good deed, or that good deed. And then a workers would be asked, can someone be you know, invited from all gates? And the messenger said, Yes, and I hope you're one of them, to show that these kinds of incentives are provided. So that we can have a variety of good deeds that we do a variety of reasons to shoot for the the ultimate price, which is paradise, the idea of the shade of a lust pantalla the shade of the throne of Allah sparkler More precisely, is because it's pertinent. There's something in Arabic called a desert woman, Jin Salama, right, this is an axiom in the Sharia, the last part that will reward you from the category or a

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proportional reward to your sacrifice. So for example, if a person is, is chased, they have made sure that they hold back desires, and they have not committed any type of action that is shameless,

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then the reward for them will be of that proportional category in general, that pleasure that they withheld from themselves will be given to them in general, if somebody withheld from themselves the pleasure of alcohol, drinking alcohol and having a good time, then the Jessa is the alcohol of gentlemen, the wine of Jenna that is not that does not intoxicated, and does not cause the person to lose their their senses. You see, this is something that we find in the shred era, as the reward for the author. And also in like, the punishments of the linear, both of these things are go hand in hand. So the seven that Allah shades on the Day of Judgment, the, the the, the, the reward is

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synchronized with their, with their sacrifices.

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The person who is standing up for justice will have to face lots of enemies, and will make lots of enemies and will offend lots of people. But you know, it's being a person who is just a leader who is just, you will not have any friends. If you want to make friends, you should sell ice cream or something. But if you want to be somebody who does the right thing, people probably will not like you, historically speaking.

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And this was true, not only for like great leaders in the past, but even the Sahaba even the Messenger of Allah sauce on them. The monastic wound did not like the prophets.

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They were people who did not like a walker so deep, and would come to armor and criticize armor.

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You see, these were these are the greatest people of all time. But when you are adjust ruler, inevitably, you will have enemies

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standing up for justice, that is the cause of much heat in the dunya. Allah provides shade in the afternoon for somebody to grew up worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. In their youth, as a young person, the temptations are everywhere. The Temptations are everywhere this person took shelter, in the religion of alone, this person shall shelter themselves kept away from something that was impermissible. While accessible. It's they're very easy to get. But they kept themselves away from it, that reward for them. The the the reciprocal reward is going to be that Allah will shade them when nobody else will have a shade. Just like they shaded themselves from temptations in this dunya

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Allah will shame them on the day of judgment when other people will not have that color. There is a very beautiful symmetry in all of these categories. A desert woman gentleman that's number theory. That's one thing to realize that a lot of these categories

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There's a lot to say about them. Obviously we don't have time to discuss everything. But I will comment on a few.

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A young person growing up in the worship of Allah, and a person whose heart is attached to the Muslim by the woman I'm seeing the word in the Hadith is Roger stone

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called boo boo mala from Bill massage or Raja

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Raja Sabha visa Putin. It's literally a man. But as the scholars of Hadith described, this is a bit harder, for example, explains that he says this word Rajan is used as it is an example. It's not only meant for men, and this applies for a man and a woman equally. If a sister is tempted, a girl is tempted by a man and she says, I can do this for the fear of Allah, she has the same reward. You know, this is something than Islam we have that the reward for a man and a woman in the effort is the same. So like, even when it says, you know the word Rajan, his hair has

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llama Humala vuyani. This is not meant literally to be a man or a woman, it is something to give you an example.

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A young person growing up in the worship of Allah.

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While having all sorts of temptations, this is one of the most difficult things to do. One of the most difficult things, if you think this was hard, back in the time, if you think this was hard, in different places, in the areas where there's massages in a van is given out loud. And on the loudspeakers, it is much harder, here in Canada, here in Toronto, much, much harder, because temptations are all over the place. They are literally all over the place. And even more accessible than in the past. Very easy to get somebody to hook up with somebody very easy to do something that's Haram, very easy to find somebody who will lead you into the path of drugs, very easy to get

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a drink from somewhere, no one's gonna question what you're doing. Very easy to kind of like just slip in the shadows and find yourself it'll disguised among all the different types of people, you don't have to stand out. It's very easy to do all of these things. It's very difficult. On the other hand, to stand out as a Muslim, practicing, wearing a hijab for a sister, wearing your your your your beard and your clothes, a modesty as a man,

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lowering your gaze and not checking people out, you will stand out. If you stand in an elevator and you're not looking at people, people think you're weird.

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If you're at the gym, and you're not looking at people, people think that this is something person, maybe something's wrong with them. It's very difficult to live that live the chaste life that the Messenger of Allah, Allah is describing here, because the temptations are literally everywhere.

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So as a person who is going through some difficulties as a young person, take heart, in that your sacrifices will not go unnoticed, Allah, Allah knows every single type of sacrifice you make, every single difficulty you have to put up with. And every one of those moments that you have to hold yourself back, Allah is watching and recording and your reward is guaranteed. Allah will not waste the reward of those who are doing good. In the law, you will do as well as mercy. This is something we have to understand. And we have to there's no ifs, ands or buts about It's 100% 100%. It's very difficult for a young person to grow up,

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worshipping Allah, if that person did not grow up in the masjid.

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If that person did not grow up in the masjid, a very difficult proposition. That's why some of the commentators of the Hadith say that both the categories are mentioned back to back, a young person growing up worshiping Allah and a person whose heart is attached to the Muslim because when you grew up worshipping Allah, you are probably growing up in the message. And when you grew up in the masjid, your heart will become attached to the message, you would find peace here, your friends will be here, you want to come back again and again to the Muslim, you will want to move to a place where the Muslim is close by

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your life starts to revolve around the message. That's what a person whose heart is attached to the muscle. That's what it looks like.

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But for that to happen, most probably that child had to grow up in the mud. And here comes the important piece for us. This is the one that's the thing we have to consider.

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We have to as a community. try our best to make it easy for our kids to grow up in armistice. I have little kids I'm the lead many people here have little kids. Our goal should

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Be that our little kids should grow up in the masjid, to feel happy in the Muslim should not feel that the Muslim is a place where they get yelled at and screamed at, and they get dirty looks, they should feel happy like this is their second home.

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And this goes both ways. By the way, I'm not saying that the mother should be turned into like a gym, and the kids are playing soccer in the back while Salah is going on. That's not what I'm proposing either. But for the muscley, for the person who's praying for the leadership, for the Imam, all of us have to understand that these kids have to grow up in the Muslim for them to have a chance to survive. And we have to all be patient, all of us have to be patient. If some child is making noises while you're praying, so be patient, but at a level to reward you for your patients. That's what somebody actually means the other, that's actually the definition of suburb, you are

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able to bear some inconveniences. That's what it actually means. So just bear that a little bit. It's okay, Allah will reward you for that extra. No need to lash out on somebody who's young, and maybe a little restless and perhaps a little loud. Okay. And for the parents who are bringing their children to the masjid, there is an extra responsibility upon you that you have to perhaps bring some things that will keep them occupied, maybe some books, maybe something that they can do in the mud without causing a ruckus. It has to go both ways. It has to both parties are responsible for making this work, but it has to work. There is no reason for it not to work. And there can't be any

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situation where we just give up on our kids not being in the method. It has to happen. Because when they grew up in the masjid, in Charlotte, their hearts will be attached to them as they will grow up around friends that will remind them but less popular around families like minded families, and that brothers and sisters, that support of believers is what's necessary to help us ward off the evil helps us stay away and stave off the temptations. It is critical. These two things go hand in hand. Who matters marijuana was the federal law developed infrastructure.

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Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah he, for Allah Allah He was happy Allah

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what are the people mentioned in this of the seven people that the Messenger of Allah also mentioned and there are more in other hotfoot in this hazard seven is a man who A Woman in White same woman of beauty and a sought out or sought after woman wants to engage in a shameful act with this person.

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And now this person while having that opportunity available, and he is you know, feeling special about himself because he is getting all this attention.

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doesn't give into it. He does not give into this temptation.

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He says in the awful lot I hear a lot.

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He says what used to be the SLM said, who was sought out who women literally were throwing themselves at him.

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But ah to look

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at her and let's see, he was one Nakata lavabo Akala. T de la, locks the doors, pulls him in, ropes him in,

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close the door so that this he has nobody can see him, invites him. She's a woman of character and beauty. She sought out she has power. People look up to her. But usually the law says in Abu Dhabi.

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My Lord has taken care of me I cannot do this.

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This is the ultimate temptation. The ultimate temptation. Were something that is natural and desirable. But haram becomes very easy. And a person the only thing that stops them is the fear of them.

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That's the only thing. That's why one of the things that the boy said something very beautiful, says that if you find yourself in a place where there's no one looking right, and you think that the cover of darkness, can hide you.

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Then pasta him another inner hero cola in the la de la kavala, moronic

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think about that Allah is looking at you and be cautious of that and say to you

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So, the one who created the darkness can see me. Remind yourself that the one who created the cover of darkness will see me while I'm doing this. And that goes back to the idea of fearing Allah subhanaw taala. The same thing applies to in the Hadith to the person who,

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who when he is by himself, and he remembers the last part on his eyes welled up with tears. The person who gives charity so secretly, nobody knows only to please the last part of the common thread between all of these three is the fear of a law and the desire to only please Allah, Allah and nobody else. That's the common thread the sincerity will in the mill to an Abu the Lucha mukhlis on the whole team. See I was commanded to worship Allah sincerely only trying to please Him and nobody else. This is in the Quran. That's what Allah sparkler is telling the prophet to proclaim the loss of

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the leave you with something, which is, again, like I said, many things can be said about this hobby. But I'll leave you with an example from the Quran, which is the example of our father Ibrahim al Islam. And Ibrahim al Islam whenever he's mentioned in the Quran, he's mentioned very prominently, as hanifin Muslim man Womack and Amina

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three prominent characteristics are mentioned of Ibrahim al Islam, if not all three in order to have these three or all three in every place in layman's terms mentioned in the Quran. hanifin he was Hanif Muslim and what was submitted by Mr. Kennedy, Mr. King, he wasn't a polytheist.

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It goes without saying the father of the Prophet is not going to be a polytheist. Of course, you're right. He is the father of all the prophets that came after him, he is going to be the icon of the heat.

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He is the one who represents the la sala. But when Allah mentions this again and again, Mama kennametal was tricky. Tricky while I'm here, in the benefit there, according to the Mufasa Dean is that Ibrahim alayhis salam, while knowing everybody will look at him and what he's doing, and they'll follow his way for generations after his concern was not his intention was not corrupted, even in the slightest. His intention remain to praise and please Allah, Allah, solely,

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nobody else. A respected journalist told him in the journal called the nasty Mama, I will make you a leader for all mankind.

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But that did not corrupt his sincerity to Allah, Allah in the slightest. And honey for somebody who is, you know, focused as many transitions the word Hanif but one is that he was, you know, not in a effort. He was only focused on Allah Sparta, his only purpose was to make sure his Lord is pleased with him.

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That sincerely was what made that's what Allah describes Ibrahima Salaam, again and again in the filament. That's the most prominent description, the sincerity, his his loss, his desire to please please the last part over everybody else. That brothers and sisters is what's required of us, for us to be to be able to be able to achieve the pleasure of Allah in this life, and the eternal success and the Acura and for us to be of those seven mentioned in this edition, I ask Allah to give us a trophy to be of those who Allah will shade on the day there is no shade. That alone makes us leaders who are just in our families and our communities. And wherever the opportunity arises, that we ask

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Allah to make our kids, those who grew up worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. We ask God to make us and our children, people whose hearts are attached to them as our hearts find rest. And we feel at home in the Muslim as well to make use of those who love each other for the sake of Allah. And our connection. The thing that binds us is the love of Allah and the religion that we all follow. I asked a lot to make us all and our kids and give them the strength to we ward off temptations, the temptations of this dunya the temptations of shamelessness that are so easy I asked God to give our kids and all of us the strength to do so Amira Bella mean, I asked a lot to make use of those who

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give lots of charity that he accepts our charity. And they give us so secretively that nobody knows except Allah smart Allah. And of course we asked a lot to give us the tofik the pleasure of remember

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Bring him once at least once. Where the heart the eyes swell up with tears while we remember who was popular in the LA Lakers or something

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at what's going on and how they are Wilhelmina Lovato kousaka aka w VA