Habib Bobat – Quran Gateway Series Part 1: Introduction

Habib Bobat
AI: Summary © The title of the Quran is the message of Islam and the loss of the previous century. The title is also the first title to be covered in a series called The Gateway series. The title is a book that is meant to help people understand their spirituality and bring them to the point of being. The speaker discusses the history and importance of Islam, including how it has changed the lives of individuals and brought them to the point of being.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to Robbie Sydney on radio Islam international My name is heavy babat I wish to start a special series and it's titled The Gateway series to the Quran. Every believer needs to link himself to the Quran and without the Quran we are lost. And so with the Quran in our life we are on the straight path, we receive guidance from Allah subhanaw taala and we understand where our objective lies. So in the series inshallah I want to cover the Quran in Revelation. I want to cover the historical background to the Quranic revelation. I want to discuss how the Quran was compiled through the different phases. I want to discuss the multiple

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readings of the Quran. I also want to discuss the miraculous nature of the Quran and also look at the subject matters the subject matters of the Quran What does the Quran speak about? Now let's start off with some introductory remarks. The Quran is the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala it is the message of the Creator to mankind and the loss of Hanover tala is addressing you and I in it, and through it, it is a book which brings eternal bliss. It is a book which is Mubarak which has been sent from Allah subhanho wa Taala. The Quran is the first book which was revealed in the Arabic language, and it has withstood the passage of 1400 years Allahu Akbar. And it's amazing because what

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the passage of time, what centuries the past, even languages become extinct. The rivers change cause civilizations rise and fall. But look at the miraculous nature of the Quran.

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Now what is the name of the Quran, there are five names by which the Quran is popularly known as

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the first one is or an itself in the hurdle or earlier the letter here up one, the word put an either comes from Colorado which means together in Marlena Gemma who will earn it is our responsibility to gather the Quran in your heart. So for an either comes from the root word Karana, which means

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together, or the word Quran comes from Cora, which means to read. So the word Quran either means together, or it either means to recite another name of the Quran by which it is popularly known as is L for corn.

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For corn, the distinguisher the Baraka, Larry nwsl for karnala og de akuna denial Amina de la blesser is a law who has revealed

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for con Tree Service. So another name of the Quran is L for Cod.

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The third name of the Quran is a vicar in national Zen vichara we're in the hula half alone. Indeed, We have revealed the vicar Vicar means a reminder. And the Quran continuously reminds us of our objective in life. Another name the fourth name of the Quran is elkie tab there likkle kita boo la Are you Buffy? This is a book in which there is no doubt so kita which means book. This is also one of the names of the Quran l kita. And the last one that we are discussing is 10 00 Mirabella mean, the Quran is also known as Tenzin revelation, then Gil means revelation which is referring to the Quran. So there are five names by which the Quran is popularly known. The first one is Al Quran

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which appears 61 times in the text itself. So alpha is the most famous name of the book of Allah. The second one is alpha recon, the distinguisher it distinguishes between all good at better. The third one is a vicar very minor. And the fourth one is Al Khattab, the book and the first one is then Zilla revelation. So these are the five popular names of the Quran. And the reason why we are discussing this today is because we need to build a personal link with the Quran we need to establish a personal connection with the Quran. We need to draw guidance from the Quran because Allah subhanaw taala has sent the Quran for a reason. Allah subhanaw taala has created this world

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for a reason. And Allah has sent us to this world for a reason. What is the objective of life? Where did we come from? What is their motive in life and where are we going? What do we do? What don't we do? what pleases a law? What displeases the law? All

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This has been covered in the Quran and that is why the Quran is the manual of life. The Quran helps us understand our objective. The Quran helps us refine our models. The Quran helps us understand our connection with Allah subhanaw taala. The Quran makes us understand that look how the nations of the past were dealt with. So the Quran has been revealed for a reason. The Quran has not only been revealed for recital purposes, understand this, the Quran has not only been revealed for the sake of reciting, rather the Quran has been revealed to take humanity out of darkness and to take them to light. As the Quran itself says kita when and is Allahu la Carlito region nurse Amina bolometric, in

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a new owner, we have a law we have revealed this book to you, we have revealed the Quran to you, so that you may take people out of darkness and take them to know and take them to light. Now understand this in this context, there is a huge gap between Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I sorry, so that was set up.

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There is a gap of 600 years and this gap is known as zemon will Fatah

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which basically means a period which the world did not see any Nabhi whenever the world went astray Allah subhanho wa Taala send out the NaVi. But after is Allah salat wa salam, the world did not see any Nabhi for 600 years. Now, I want you to think and I want you to reflect on this. What would be the state of the world at that time, where it did not see an A B for such a long period. If you as a teacher, if you leave your classroom for half an hour, what happens to them? They'll get off to such mischief. And when you come back and be like er Salaam what happened here what happened here, the world was engulfed by darkness upon darkness. People did as they pleased. Women were treated as

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objects. If a husband passed away, she would automatically become the property of the brother.

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This was how low humanity stood. A woman had no right to inherit. A woman had no right to to do any business. Omen had no right to acquire any knowledge. So the world was engulfed by sheer darkness.

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It is at a time where a woman had no rights. It was at a time where humanity was at its lowest in every way possible, say going to jail for Rodia low tide on who paints a picture of us when he was summoned by the joshy, the African King, and when he asked the Muslims, what is your religion about and I want you to reflect on this I want you to understand in which period the Quran was revealed, and how the Quran changed the life of Sahaba and how it still has the power to change the life of any person today, and I want you to to to pay attention and reflect on the word of Sayidina Jaffa raviolo Tylenol. So you're extending the court of Najafi and he has been asked to introduce what is

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Islam and he's been asked to explain what is his message? So he says you have Malik Coleman and Elijah Hillier. Okay, what do we tell you? We were gripped in J. Hillier. We were in the days of ignorance, and now boodle Islam, we used to worship the items that we used to make with our own hands. That's how low we were not cool made that we used to eat of the carcasses that would be found on the road. If we found a dead animal, we never gave it a second thought we would indulge in it immediately. And we would not worry whether it's halal or haram when octo or ham and we used to break off ties. We used to break a family relations. We used to be cold towards one another. When

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you see

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an old king, we used to fight with our neighbors. We used to Ill treat them we used to Ill treat our neighbors and we used to be harsh towards our neighbors yakou COVID You mean a dive a king in our time, the strong one amongst us would devour the weak one amongst us. There was no concept of looking after the vulnerable people in our community. We are gripped in the dark ages deal for what we use to commit all kinds of obscene acts.

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We used to perpetrate all kinds of gunas and all kinds of sins. And now say that a jar for the a lot, Alana goes on to explain that oh King, we were in these dark ages, when a last send on Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he came with the Quran and you reform the ways, and he told us for Mr. Rana and Nava de la vida, he told us, don't worship the idols.

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don't worship the idols, worship Allah, worship Allah alone, worship Allah alone, who is the creator, the maker, the Sustainer, the cherisher and the nature of the universe, worship Allah alone and don't worship anyone else besides Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he told us to speak the truth at every juncture in our life. He told us to be kind to our neighbors, he told us to be trustworthy. He told us to join ties and family ties with our family members, he told us to be kind to the orphans. So what say that a Jaffa is presenting to Natasha is that look where we were.

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We were in sheer darkness. And look where Allah brought us through the blessings of the Quran, and through the blessings of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, and he is presenting to Jaffer a complete model for success in this world in the after. That just is how Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reformed our ways through the Quran. Even here, in your land, you can see success.

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So what we learned from you brothers and sisters in Islam, that the Quran was revealed at a time where humanity was at its lowest.

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And through the reformation of the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala transformed the lowest of low to the highest of high. The very Sahaba, who are the lowest of low in society today became robiola, one whom were the one they became the dwellers of Jenna. They became the flag bearers of of Islam, all through the blessings and the Baraka of the Quran. So, this Quran Kitab when Angela who illegally took region nurse Amina guru Murthy, in a note that we have revealed the Quran to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so that you may take humanity out of darkness and bring them back to light. This is the objective of the Quran. This is why the Quran was revealed to us to take us out

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of our own darkness and bring us to the knower of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And even today, 1400 years later, this poor man has the propensity and the ability to transform the lives of people and to transform the ways of people. Even today go to any Hancock, go to any spiritual leaders gathering, you will see that Quran is part and parcel of his techniques in reforming the people. So poor animal remains another day of gamma. The Quran was not only revealed for it to be recited, the Quran was rather reveal, to transform our lives, to take us out of darkness to bring us to the straight path to make us aware of our objective to make us realize why we are in this world to make

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us understand who our Creator is to make us understand what pleases a law to make us understand what displeases a law to make us understand what is good models. The Quran is a complete code of life.

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And if a person who holds on to the Quran will bring his life to success Mashallah, the more closer we bring ourselves to the Quran. The more news the more blessings of Allah we throw in our life, and the more success we have in our life. And the more we drift away from the Quran, and the further we drift away from the Quran, the more destruction we bring to our lives. So the Quran has been revealed for a reason.

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And that is to conscient eyes mankind of the purpose and the objective in the life. And if a person has the Quran in his life in sha Allah, He will never go wrong, never go wrong. So today we have discussed why the Quran has been revealed. Today we've discussed why we need the Quran in our life, because we need guidance. Who then leanness the Quran has been revealed for humanity not only for Muslims,

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who then leanness lacto Regional semiautomatic in a nor the Quran has been revealed for Muslims and non Muslims alike.

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Like the Quran has been revealed for Muslims and non Muslims alike. every person, every person can draw guidance from the Quran. And so we need to establish a strong link with the Quran. And this is the objective of the series that we have started today, the gateway series to the end. And the objective behind this series is for us to link ourselves to the Quran and for us to bring, bring ourselves closer to Allah subhanaw taala through his divine book, and for us to reform our ways, and to live a life of purpose, to live a life of objective and that can only be achieved if we have the Quran in our life. These are the intentions behind the series. And by the end of the series, you

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will be left with profound love for the Quran number one, number two, you will have a strong connection with the Quran. And number three, you will have a daily routine of reciting the Quran. That's what we wish to achieve with the series of hours. Allah subhanaw taala gives us the tofik and the ability to benefit from whatever has been said and whatever we will discuss in future also inshallah

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