Habib Bobat – Living As A Muslim In A Multicultural Society

Habib Bobat
AI: Summary © The importance of preserving one's identity and values in a relaxed society is emphasized. The responsibility is to showcase the beauty of Islam to people, but also to their own behavior and behaviors. Olivia, a woman presenting Islam to her neighbors, tells a man at the airport that she wants to present Islam to the world. The speakers discuss the history and context of Islam in modern Nigeria, including pressure on rights and desire to showcase its beauty to the world. They also mention the importance of men learning from women and respecting their values.
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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Hina

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Villa Himanshu and fusina woman say Dr. Marina Maria de la, da

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da da when a shadow and

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Buddha Sharif Sheree, cara, wanna shadow Anna Mohammed Abu rasuluh mavado kulu bajo de Barco Tara for an image evil for Korean Hamid

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Amina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem odo Rowena Sabina Rob de caban. Hekmati. Well Moreover, Tina has Anna was the ideal home builder. Here

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we are Polina Vu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Ben levani. When I saw the lovely Masada gonna be you will carry him.

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Under will Allah respected elders in brothers.

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We live in a multicultural society.

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We live with people from different backgrounds.

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We live with people who belong to different faith groups.

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Our neighborhood is made up of Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Christians, and other faith groups also.

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So it is in a setup like this, we need to ask ourself, what is our role and what is our responsibility?

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Number one, we need to preserve our own identity as Muslims.

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We need to cherish our own culture. We have a unique way of doing things.

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We walk, we talk with dress, we do business, we do our functions and everything else in a different way.

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And then there are the other communities and other members of the society that do the exact same thing. They also eat, they also dress they also walk, they also talk, they also do business, but they do it according to their teachings, according to their norms, according to their standards. So in a setup like this, where we live in in a multicultural society, it is imperative that we as Muslims preserve our own identity, our own culture, and our own norms.

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That's the first responsibility. The second duty on every person sitting here including myself, is to exhibit the beauty of Islam to the world and especially in the environment that we are in.

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Keep in mind what I said. And this context is important. We live in with Muslims and non Muslims. We are interacting with people from different faith groups, and people are getting to see how we carry ourselves. And based on that they make judgments about Islam. So number one is preservation. Number two is exhibition. We need to exhibit Islam we need to show the beauty of Islam in the way we do things.

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So yes, we integrate with the with the broader society, but we don't assimilate in terms of our practices.

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And unfortunately, we are exposed to the cultures of other communities. We can relate to holidays and days like good World Day and Good Friday, and Guy Fawkes Day and Christmas Day and many other practices during the course of the year that take place. For example, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day. This is exposure to the culture of other people.

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But how much have we exposed the other people to our culture? That's a question.

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How much of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Have we shown to the world?

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How much of the teachings of Islam have we told the the people that are working with us? How much have we shown this to the world?

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Brothers Islam is not only confined to the four walls of this Masjid.

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The non Muslim will not be will not judge you based on your a badger that this meant he performs so much of Salah he gives us so much of Zakah he goes for so many cameras, he performs so many hedge people, the non Muslim world don't have insight to our embed and our worship.

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But what they do have insight to is our character, the way we treat them, the way we interact with them the way we we deal with them. They have direct insight to that

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and people are not judging us based on our eyebrows. Other people are judging

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As based on the way we carry ourselves in the outside world.

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And it is said to know that sometimes we as Muslims do doubt our own religion in our own practices.

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May Allah preserve us, may Allah protect us from doing such, we should become die in a war we should become koalas towards Islam and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in his practices.

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And for this, we have a role and responsibility to fulfill

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every person that is connected to us, in some way or the other should get the message of Islam.

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Every person that's working with us or working under us should know about the message of Islam, what it stands for, what are its practices, and people are curious about Islam. They don't know what are the true teachings of Islam, and it is our responsibility to show them the beauty of Islam.

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I was at the airport or Tambo international just after the Paris attacks. And there was a sharp focus on the Muslims. They were once again brought under the limelight and people were scrutinizing Islam and its practices. I was at the airport and I was at one of the restaurants. And I found a phone, a gentleman left his phone behind, and he went ahead. So I thought to myself, this is an excellent opportunity to present Islam to the non Muslim.

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I scroll down through his context, and I came across some of his family man family members, and managed to trace this person's brother in law. I phoned him I gave him a ring and I and I said to him that Listen, I'm at the airport. And I think this phone belongs to somebody who is connected to you. He said, you know what this number belongs to my brother in law. Let me see if I can get my sister. He phones the sister and the sister says to him, that child is meant to to wait just outside the security counter, I'm coming back. He already did his security, his security check. He comes back and I told my wife, I want you to stand next to me because we are cleared up in a job in

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Florida. And the man comes is he is rushing because he has to go back to catch his flight.

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And it was an expensive phone. It wasn't a cheap phone. You know, I took the phone and I gave it to this man. He looks at me and he's stunned.

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Muslim, and he looks at my wife.

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At that time, I told my wife today we were able to present the case of Islam to the world. This man is hearing about Islam in the media in the negative light. Muslims are portrayed as terrorists, fundamentalist extremist jihadist, etc, etc. This is his mindset and his perception about Muslims. But today he's seen a different angle.

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And I said this man will not think according to what the media is feeding him. And he will say but just just few moments ago, I saw a man dressed in the Islamic garb. And I saw his woman also. And this is the teachings of Islam. This will leave an indelible impression on that person's life. Wherever he will come across a Muslim, you will see them differently. So each one of us has a responsibility to show the world the beauty of Islam.

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I was at the spa. And I was in the queue waiting in the in the ATM to withdraw money. And there was an elderly man struggling to you know, take out money from the ATM. So he looks around. And then he sees me. He says son come here. He gives me his bank pin, his card pin and he tells me please help me take out the money. I'm asking you what made the man do that he knows me from nowhere.

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It's the way we portray ourselves. People still have confidence in us. People still look up with high expectations as Muslims and we need to fulfill those expectations. We need to show them that we are Muslims.

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They came to the Prophet of Allah Salallahu alaihe salam and he said Olivia, Allah this lady performs a lot of Salah. She gives us a lot of charity and she fast very regularly. But she is very ill mannered to her neighbors.

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She gives them grief. The Prophet of Allah said she's going Johanna,

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a woman that was steadfast on Alibaba is going to janam On what basis on her treatment towards neighbors. We've got Hindu neighbors, we've got Christian neighbors, we've got Jews and other people living with us.

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How do we carry ourselves with them?

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We need to show them the beauty of Islam but it is it is our responsibility and I end up

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For the incident of Jeremy Corbyn and the palabra de la who, and I take my cue from here, and we take a very profound lesson from this incident,

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when life became unbearable in Makkah, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said to the Muslims migrate to ever senior.

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Now just understand the setup in the context. Muslims coming from a foreign land into another land.

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totally new setup.

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People in Abyssinia are following the Christian faith. They are very strongly rooted in the Christianity faith. It is the predominant religion of the time. And now you as a Muslim coming from Makkah with a foreign religion into another country.

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And so the Muslims are taking an export in a culture for the first time outside of Arabia. They come into the African continent.

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The king is curious. He wants to know about Islam and Darfur when it comes to the court of the king. And he presents Islam to the non Muslim world. So Allah, this is where we take our cue as Muslims how to present Islam to the world. Yeah, Allah. So he tells Najafi you have Malik Khun Coleman, Elijah helliya. Now Buddha,

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wanna kill for heisha? When I told him when you see will jivaro yaku curry you mean not Dr. King, we were in Dark Ages.

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He's creating a context for the joshy for the king. He's telling the king that we were in Dark Ages.

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We used to worship idols, we used to make them ourselves and then we used to worship them.

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And we used to do obscene acts.

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We used to usurp the rights of one another. The strong one amongst us would oppress the weak one amongst us. Is this not the very same context that we are living in today brothers?

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Is it not modern Nigeria that we are living in to a Nazi people usurping the rights of one another? Do we not see people are pressing one another what's happened in the world? Yemen, Iraq, Palestine, Syria and so many other places of the world to be Nazi oppression taking place.

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Oh King, we were living in Dark Ages four couldn't have had Barack Obama sooner when we were in this dark ages and then Allah took us out from the darkness. He sent us Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam Nari funa, Saba, who was Sidhu?

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King, he sent us such a noble man. With such sublime conduct. We knew him to be truthful and honest. For Tawana, who

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was a duck now, we brought him on in this person. And look at how he's presented Islam. Listen to this, for da da da da da da da da da, da da da da da da da da da 1070 King The first thing he told us to worship one Allah only.

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What Donna in a sinful Hades, either in America, where hustlin was silica Rahim. Oh, king, he told us to speak the truth. Yeah.

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This is the beauty of Islam. Jennifer Bina Vitaly is presenting to the non Muslim world. Oh king, he told us to speak the truth at every occasion in our silicon Hades. What? in America? Oh, king, he told us if somebody keeps anything as an amateur by us, we should look after it and give it back to the person.

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Well, hurstville jivaro king, he told us to be kind to our neighbors.

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This is the very same hostile environment in which the Sahaba grew up where they fought each other for years on end on trivial matters. Today, the very same people are saying we should be kind to our neighbors. Yama was silicium Rahim. O King. Our Prophet told us to join ties with people who break ties

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and oking Marana and not too far afield Buhari, no king, the prophet of Allah taught us how to respect woman.

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Pick up any chapter of Islam and you will see the beauty of Islam in India Allah

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Whether it's Business and Commerce, whether it's the marital life of a person, whether it's the social life of a person, whether it's death and burial, pick up any chapter of life in a believer, and you'll see the beauty of Islam.

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We need to show the world that we are different. Your employee that's working for you need to show need to learn from you that you are a Muslim and you are different. How is it that people work too fast for so long? And yet the thought of Islam does not cross the mind. We have a duty to fulfill brothers, at our businesses, whilst we are in traffic, in our practices, wherever we may be. We are Muslims before we are doctors, we are Muslims before we are lawyers, we are Muslims before we are businessmen, we are Muslims before we are engineers, we are Muslims before we astronauts and pilots or whatever it may be in the world. We are Muslims first, and we need to show the beauty of Islam to

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the world.

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It is every person's responsibility here belliveau on me to showcase the beauty of Islam just as Darfur bin Abu Talib left the king in tears, and he said to hammer Banaras was not a Muslim. How can I hand over such beautiful people to you?

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How can I hand them over? Look at their teachings here?

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We are somehow not Allah gives us the ability to live like Muslims, and maybe understand our role and responsibility in the modern context. And may we use an exploit the opportunities that are given to us on a daily basis to show Islam. Somebody dropped something, pick it up and give it to him as a Muslim woman Saleemul Muslim Mona Lisa Neha D. A Muslim is that person from whom people are safe from his tongue and his hands? Latina alamanda amanatullah there is no Dean for that person who's got no trustworthy and honesty in him. These are the beauties of Islam.

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What drew people to Islam in Nova Marbella nuvolexa. A Sahabi comes in he hears this ayat for the first time in his life in accepts Islam. He heard in the La Jolla, La Jolla sir Allah commands that you be just two people when they send to be kind to one another. When he heard this, he said Is this the teachings of Islam? He said a shadow under law or a shadow under Mohammed Abu or a pseudo mela give us the tofik to proper to propagate the message of Islam and to show the beauty of Islam wherever we go in sha Allah

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