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Feiz Mohammad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of fasting, stating that it is the best way to stay informed and stay focused on what is happening. They also mention the term "naughty fast" meaning "naughty to fast" and how it refers to abstaining from disrespectful or evil behavior. The speaker emphasizes that fasting is the best way to stay informed and focused on what is happening.
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Number eight

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was number a Sophie was so II mean I was so mad Did you know memorize diverseness that stuff

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was so immediate was so mad.

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And asylum is a person who fasts and we know that the Muslims and fasted means linguistically to abstain and control to abstain and control. And we know Muslims fast every month of Ramadan, the days of the 13 1415 of each month, they fast some of them every Monday and Thursdays of every week, some fast every second day.

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But in reality,

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helps you to Muslim fast.

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When should a Muslim fast

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every Ramadan only every three days a month only every two days a month only or every second day as I would as there would probably awarded only is it the best way of fasting

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is the best way of fasting.

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Whoever can correctly answer this question will get a reward in Charlottetown.

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Man is the first days anyone else

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every second day

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the scrolls have differed, we have not come to consensus. Yamato

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taken off you

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can look at economical loss on a lawyer like

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you had your hand up. Someone might not have hold on buddy.

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The best way to fast is every single day.

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But why is it every single day. What am I referring to when Allah says was saw II mean I was saw?

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What does fasting mean?

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It is not only to stay informed food, drink and sexual * early it is to abstain from indecency. obscenity, mischief, evil wickedness, this is fasting. This is fasting. You can fast Baba in silent, as Maryam did,

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as the courier did mentioning.

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Fasting is to keep away from everything that the almighty Lord mentioned and this is what I'm after.

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Your fasting is correct, but it wasn't after that fast.

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So fasting he refers to abstain from everything that the almighty Lord dislikes is displeased with.

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And as Muslims we have we should fast every second of our life in this terminology in this definition

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