Feiz Mohammad – Steroids halal or haram?

Feiz Mohammad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the potential consequences of steroids, including chemicals and hormones, which can destroy the body's liver and lead to health problems. The speaker also warns against trying to justify steroids and encourages people to focus on their desire. The conversation ends with a brief recap of Islam's views on happiness and freedom.
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Another issue before I pass it to our beloved brother

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I was asked as I was coming in tonight

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and I thought I'll touch on a little bit about steroids.

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Say hello there are a lot of beefed up gorillas here.

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And I'm not pointing the finger at any individual But America law

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you're gonna wait for the first one

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gotta get your secret and

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the issue is what are still in a nutshell

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that are used and abused. Why the athletes there are synthetic version of testosterone, as in Vedic version of testosterone and male hormone, naturally, man and woman produce testosterone bomber or hormones that regulate the body.

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The body's most basic functions, throwing one's testosterone insult, throwing it out of balance, blah, blah, he can have wide ranging consequences. It can cause catastrophic consequences. Now, who comes and tells me No. Oh justify my use of steroids? I am sure they're okay.

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But what

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steroid have a major risk, whether injected or the tablets, most of them

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have a major role in destroying your body,

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your liver

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in aggressive behavior,

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problems, development of breast tissue, high cholesterol, diabetes, mood swings, paranoia, the thickening, enlargement of your birth, especially your forehead, your hands and your jaw.

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Most of them have psychological problems that will occur. Because you think about it. It's not hard to depend after using steroids. I want to be on this. Because one day you are walking pencil neck and a few days data. You are beefy. These are the big eight. What do you expect? You're going to crave them.

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You're going to crave them more and more. It becomes psychological. You know what a walk again like a pencil neck. Now you got what do you want to use biceps, and you had before any 30 inch biceps, it becomes a mental problem.

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A very hard problem to withdraw yourself a disease and many of them cause the growth of cancerous tumors medium for life.

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One of the brothers said to me No.

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As long as my doctor monitors my use of steroids, I'll be fine.

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I get done. talk nonsense. Stop kidding yourself. Stop talking from your desire.

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It's a desire speaking. Now your heart.

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There is no professional doctor.

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No professional doctor. This is a fact. New professional doctor can safely prescribe steroids for non medical reason.

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You might ask why? It's a problem. Because the long term effects of steroids, which many people don't understand this long time effects of steroids is unknown

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is unknown. And this is the opinion of the experts. Even a normal blood test that you have will not necessarily mean that your liver is normal.

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This happens in the future. You could be positive to them. But because of them in the future also desires will be negative. Another brother said to me, okay, I will take safe drugs to prevent the side effects of steroid nonsense.

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I don't know where they get this from anything to justify. They used to steroids out like say drugs to prevent the side effects of steroids. Safe drugs.

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In fact, depending on that safe drug, it will cause equal or more problems than steroids.

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Again, is this opinion on the experience for lie destroys your brain tissue, your heart tissue, your blood cells.

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I want to ask one simple question.

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Did you not create us with enough testosterone?

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And hormones? Are we saying that you're Allah, you know, you have created created me in a efficient way, you did not give me enough of this. You know, I can't do my biceps the way I want them to, but you did not give me enough.

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Simply what you're saying. So

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Excuse me, but I want to do something extra,

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is exactly what you are doing.

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It's almost kind of what Allah says about the shaitan interpreted? Verily, I will mislead them around in them, false desire. And then he said,

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and I'll order them to change the nature created.

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order them

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to change the nature that Allah created.

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Do we really need it?

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Do we really need to go against the creation of Allah?

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The natural way Allah created us, does he not know what is best for us? What we need, how much we need each other, we know better.

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Go get an implant and extra hand as well. Said I have two hands have three hands. Because hormones, testosterone, you're doing exactly the same thing. You're adding to others creation, exactly what Allah warned against. And the list goes on. We're not here to discuss steroids. But in a nutshell, this is the situation of steroids and stop trying to justify head on. It's one thing to say is Hassan al committed a sin. That's a man who say that a man say that. But the other person will say no, no. Yes, it is a sin. And you are committed

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to following your desire

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he's an evil person is a sinful person. I'll forgive you.

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Bro brothers and sisters.

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Islam clearly illustrates that genuine happiness, genuine freedom cannot be bought cannot be one cannot be by buying the dunya and the trash of the dunya. The only way you will ever be happy in both worlds, is to sacrifice that which is beloved to you for the most beloved. And that is definitely Allah subhanho wa Taala you will never ever get to the upper ground. By taking the lower ground. You will never ever get almost pleasure by disobeying him. You will never enter Jenna was in ambivalence about it knew that the clash that you are fighting today. The clash between the two lives here between the good and bad is in fact, the clash between the two afterlives and understand

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the good equals Good and Evil equals evil. Now let's count Allah bless you all. And you know what I saw on that which he loves, and I'm sorry, sure.

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we'll leave it now.

Are bodybuilding? Is steroids halal or haram?

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