Annoyance or Opportunity

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The narrator recounts a story about a woman who called her by name and missed her. They also talk about a woman who was not in public when asked for help and missed her. The narrator suggests that the woman may need assistance because she is in a situation where she is trying to help her mother with her problems. They also discuss the importance of helping people during the pandemic and how they can use their experiences to make a positive impact on their lives.

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While he was Santa Monica, he recorded in his collection of a hadith a narration

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in which I'm looking at power line who, during his Khilafah, he went to the area of labor

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and laborers area that has a lot of trees even to this day. A lot of date palm trees, a lot of big gardens there and whatnot.

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So he went to this area, and he is midday. And so he sat Illini against the tree under its shade and he was taking his Lulu there.

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Meeting the leader of the whole OMA and he's taking a pay Lula on the dirt underneath a tree. And so he fell asleep.

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a woman from the Arab

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was in the area and saw amongst all of the people

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she saw, I'm going to have Bob sitting down not knowing who he is.

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And so the narration says she comes to him, femicide, Kadoma, she tried to wake him up by touching his feet.

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So Allah wakes up and he sees this lady and so he says Maliki

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Maha, Maha to hear I'm at Allah like, what? What's going on? What's your need, of servant of Allah, and show so she responds by first saying there was some to fecal hide.

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That of all the people that I've seen, I see some some goodness in your face SubhanAllah. He's asleep. And she still sees goodness in his face. So she says, I see something good and in you. And she says that Ameerul Momineen. Again, not knowing this is a man woman she's speaking with,

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sent to us, she's from out of town. And she says she sent to us last year Mohammed bin messimer, to collect the money from the rich and to give it to the poor to collect this account and distribute it to the people of that area.

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And she says that, but he didn't give me anything.

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What one one tema, she says, and I'm a woman who takes care of orphans. But he didn't give me anything.

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And so she says the news has reached us that a meal not mean either is again sending the same man Mohammed bin Muslimah to our area again to collect his account and give it again.

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And so I'm afraid I'm not gonna get this account a second time in a row, you know? So she says this is where she said to beginning to test them to vehicle height. I see some goodness in you. She's saying so can you come with me to Hamilton to Mohammed bin Muslimah? Come with me to him and let's talk to him. So that way in sha Allah when he comes in the coming year,

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he'll make sure he doesn't leave me out. Right.

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So I'm going to

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his, his servant was a servant boy was next to him is he was younger.

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And so he tells yada, yada, go to Mohammed Muslimah and call them to us. And so the woman she got kind of got startled by that. And she says in Neelam Odede have, like, this is not what I intended. I wanted you to come with me, we go to him. Like if I'm asking for a favor, like, it looks bad if I'm telling him to come to me, right? So you say let's go together, and it's okay. It's okay. If he doesn't come to us, we'll go to him.

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So your account goes to Mohammed bin Muslimah. And he tells him a middle meaning you broke.

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So the narration says first tenkara that he didn't like that. He knew this at this time. And Lulu time in the mid day. I don't know how Bob is calling you. It's because of an issue. There's something going on. So he says mash up No, like, what's what's up like? What do you know why you don't want to talk to me? And he says, he says, No, except that I saw that there was a woman next to him.

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And so Mohammed Muslimah comes, and he finds I mean, mumineen just where he was under the tree. And so he says a Santa Monica. Yeah, I meet them what we need what amatola

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as salam alayka Yeah. Ameerul Momineen Warahmatullah he greets him with a greeting of salaam but he says Amelia what we need and who's there listening

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the woman

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so when she when she heard I mean, the narrator says faster here to a Gemilut Gemma Gemma talei Hatha Yoga. So like, you know, let's say you go to talk to somebody your shirts, kind of like untung and you're unbuttoned and whatnot. So once you realize he's in front of a mirror we need himself she kind of like fixed everything up and took a step back.

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And so then what we need is begins addressing Muhammad and Muslim

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and he sees a teddy K for Hakuna wasn't in public Islam. Do you know how we knew were before Islam? Muhammad the Muslim I know he knows he's in trouble. He's He's Yamana when he left I generally only when he don't, don't rush to judgment. You

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And then he says could not Ocala Tara swell honorable Jimmy and we were a very small number and we were poor and all of the Arabs around us were enemy thoughts and he sees Yama we need to Hajj and Allah Yomi domini don't don't rush to judgment does give me a chance. And he says, and I sent you last year to collect the money from the rich and to give to the poor, and you didn't give this woman anything.

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And then he says, I mean what mean?

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If, if that's the case, I'll let me tell you something. It was not intentional, either.

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To her I missed her, I just I just messed up. Or maybe she didn't even come to me in the time when I was there. But it wasn't intentional. So I'm gonna have Bob tells him then in the coming year, this year, when you are going to go there, make sure you give her there's a guy from last year and there's a cat from this year as well. And then he tells a woman it'll happen in a hurry but you know, go to the vet and we will ammo lucky I'm going to give you as well something now to go back to go back to where you came from.

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So this narration is very interesting, but there is this a couple, one one couple points I wanted to mention from it.

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And the first is as the chef I was listening to when he was explaining this hadith he mentioned very beautifully. He said that

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the mercy and the love of Allah,

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the Mercy of Allah, I mean, this woman is in Atlanta, she doesn't know anyone in and from all the people she could have went to to ask for help. Who did Allah guide her to Amelia meaning and the mercy of Allah not just to her, but to the orphans she's taking care of

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that they are now being provided for. But what I found profound was when the shift said and the mercy and love of Allah to Allah, Allah, Allah Himself.

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Now why is it mercy tomorrow, he's trying to take a nap and his nap is disturbed. And now he has to deal with this issue. You know, one day he gets a little bit of rest. He's, he's the leader of the believers. But he mentioned that Allah subhanho wa Taala didn't want for me to hop up on the day of judgment to come and meet him. And there is a complaint that someone has against him.

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So Allah brought this woman to Ahmed while he is asleep,

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so that he could take care of her affair and not have this responsibility on his shoulders on the Day of Judgment. Subhanallah

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and it brings brings the question, when, when you and I are presented with issues of, of somebody in need somebody who requires something, somebody who asks some assistance?

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Do we look at look at it as an annoyance or as an opportunity?

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Alright, especially with COVID, right, one of the things our lives have all changed and likely permanently in some way, right, we've all changed in some way or another. The kids haven't been affected greatly. We have been affected differently. One of the things that has happened is that we've become more in some in some aspects more individualistic, where we're looking out for our own well being or if somebody sees you and says, you're at, you're at a store and somebody says, hey, I need a ride to such and such place in the middle of a pandemic. You don't know who he is, you don't know if he has illness or not. There's there's an issue of of concern and legitimate concern. I work

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in the ER I saw more deaths in the last year I've seen in my last five years. Like I understand that there's legitimate concern.

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the spirit of a believer

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when these opportunities come, how do we look at them

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as an annoyance as a fatigue as a as an issue that bothers us or as an opportunity right now I'm the one who he was a man who would take his responsibility very seriously right when he would do his nightly patrols and he would in the middle of the night walk around Medina look for anybody who is in need. So one time he's walking and he finds he finds a man sitting out standing outside of a tent and he hears the cry of a woman inside. And so he goes to him and you know, he hears the cry. So he goes to him and he finds him and he sees what's going on and he says My wife is about to give birth, she's in labor and there's nobody to help her. So I'm gonna hatachi Right away goes to his wife on

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Qualcomm. Binta honey are the lawn woman whom the daughter of it was his wife eikelboom. And you know what? What's very interesting the wording he used to address her he says headlock he entered in saqa hula hoop in a key.

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Would you like to have some gadget that Allah has brought to your doorstep? Allah has Brian opportunity for you to come and she says what's going on? And he explains certainly says yes, until she goes and she delivered helps deliver the baby. And then she comes out and then she tells him I'm gonna have to cook some food also when he left to cook for them. And so he's cooking while his wife is helping deliver the baby of this man's the man's wife. And then uncle dawn on her comes out from the tent and says, Tell your friend that, you know, his wife gave birth. But he says I mean what we need

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Tell your friend the man didn't know that was a middle of what we need. Right and so when he realized that he was again shocked but the point being held lucky Min fietsen and sat Allah Who unique is there some just opportunity Allah has brought to your doorstep for some agenda? Do you want to take advantage of it? So brothers and sisters, ALLAH SubhanA presents presents to us opportunities throughout our lives, small things, big things that we can either look at our perspective really dictates how we respond. Do we look to it as an opportunity for fight and opportunity for edge and opportunity that Perhaps Allah will prevent us from having a responsibility

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in the day of judgment as a means that we raise our rank and our sins be forgiven? Well, luckily, I only lived America. If you only think that Allah will be in your your assistance so long as the assistance of others, or do we look at it as an annoyance or a fatigue? We asked Allah to give us Sophia an amicus amongst those who are and found us leanness that we are most beneficial to people and those around us. Allah means definitely animal somebody