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Eid Al Adha is one of the two celebrations we Muslims have. Why is it a big deal? Many think it is just because of Hajj. Eid happens the day after Arafah which is the most important for those performing Hajj. However, there is more to Eid Al Adha that many of us are unaware of.

Shaykh Hasib Noor​ sheds some more light on this topic

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The speaker discusses the importance of evil alpha in Islam, citing a Prophet's statement that the 10 best days of the year are those first 10 days of the ledger in which the Prophet is supposed to go to Mecca. They stress the importance of focusing on increasing one's worship during these 10 days and balancing it with worship during the holy month.

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Why is either of heart a big deal?

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So one of the most important holidays that we have in Islam is evil alpha, which happens at the end of the pilgrimage for those who went to Mecca to fulfill their Hajj pilgrimage, which is a obligation in some is a pillar of Islam. Everybody who is able in their body has the ability and the money that they need to fulfill once at least in their entire lifetime. Now, a lot of people actually think it's only about that, but there's a bigger deal to evil. And that is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said that the 10 best days of the year are those first 10 days of the ledger in which the pilgrims go to Mecca in order to fulfill their pilgrimage. But he also

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mentioned that in these 10 days, the actions that you do will be the best deeds you can do in all of the year. Yes, even more than Ramadan. Why is it because of that special moment that in these 10 days of the hijab, you can fulfill all five pillars of your Islam, as well as it being a holy month. And in that time, you need to focus on increasing your worship just as you increase your worship in Ramadan. And just like the last 10 nights are a time to focus and finish Ramadan on a high note and trying to seek spiritual closeness will last panel data, you need to focus just as much in these 10 days of the hedger and it's sometimes unfortunately, we neglect to focus and to increase our

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evaluator in that time. That is why eagle eyed ha is such a big deal. These are the 10 best days of the