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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of kissing in religion and how it can lead to intimacy. They suggest that kissing should not happen while fasting, as it can lead to more than the official legal limit of 60 days. The speaker also warns against kissing someone who is overcome with desire and advises against kissing someone who is over 30 years old.
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Just kissing my spouse break my fast.

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Short answer is absolutely not our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Ayesha narrates that the Prophet says would kiss me while he is fasting. So it is authentically narrated that this is something that does not break the fast However, our scholars say that if a person is young and newly married, and they're worried that the kiss might lead to more than this, then they should avoid this because obviously, what is forbidden and what breaks the fast is intimacy. Kissing does not break the fast but what if kissing leads to intimacy, what if a person is overcome with desire so a person knows himself and herself and that's why one should judge in and of itself kissing does not break

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the fast and it is allowed to kiss. However, if you feel that it's going to lead to more than this, it should be avoided because Allah subhana wa tada does not want us to come even close to committing a sin and be very careful because the penalty for breaking your fast normal bond is to feed 60 people or too fast 60 days and if you can't do that, then to feed 60 people so therefore try your best to avoid it if you feel is going to lead to more than that.

Does kissing one’s spouse break one’s fast? What is the Hadith narrated by Aisha RA in this regard which clarifies explicitly?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi relates and answers.

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