Why Are Some Stories In The Qur’an Incomplete

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The Qur’an is the single greatest book. It discusses everything that one needs. One of the ways Allah (SWT) teaches us lessons is through stories. However, many of these stories are incomplete or are dispersed in different places in the Qur’an. Is there a reason for this?

Shaykh Mohammed Mana explains


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The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the historical context of a story in order to determine the moral implications of the story. They mention that the story was revealed 23 years ago and that the details of the story are important to determine the optimal use of the story for entertainment purposes.

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Why are stories in the middle and sometimes incomplete or dispersed in different parts of the plot?

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When Allah subhana wa tada told us that he is giving us the best of stories in this divine book, he told us that the objective of it is able to attend the L bap for the people of intellect to reflect and to extract lessons along the path data did not give us any stories in the Quran for pure entertainment value. But the objective of these stories are to drive very important, relevant lessons home in the best way possible. Henceforth, Allah subhanaw taala doesn't mention anything for no wisdom. Every detail in every story has a particular wisdom for why it is being mentioned. If there are some details that are left out in the organic narrative of a story, it is because Allah

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subhanaw taala in his infinite knowledge and wisdom, knows that that detail or that piece of information is not what we need at this time to understand the moral of the story. Also, we have the same stories repeated in different parts of the world on or perhaps they are divided into sections, oftentimes we will find that a section of a story is mentioned at a particular time in his life a little longer, it was alum for a specific wisdom, and then the rest of the story is unfolded at a later time in another section of the Quran. Again, we have to understand that the plan was revealed over 23 years. Whenever we are discussing a particular passage of the Quran. We need to understand

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it in context, when it was revealed and what was going on. At the time of the profits that alohar they were selling for why these particular verses were revealed.