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Depression, sadness, pain… There are all true feelings one encounters. There is a point in everyone’s life when they go through sadness. Is it okay to be sad? What about being in pain from a certain incident? Does any of it affect our imaan?

Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed explains.

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a sign of my lonely man,

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one of my biggest pet peeves is when people say things like, a believer should never be sad. The reason why this is such a problematic statement is because sadness in and of itself is a normal human emotion, just like happiness and fear and anger. These are creation of Allah subhanaw taala and everything that Allah has created, he created with a purpose, even sadness has a purpose. Now the problem is when sadness turns to despair. So to answer the first question, can a believer have Eman and still feel sadness will? Of course they can. Because the prophets I seldom felt sadness he went through the year of sadness after he lost his wife and his uncle. Yeah, Paul valleys, Sam had

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so much sadness that he cried until he went blind when he lost Yusuf Ali has sent him sadness doesn't mean that you have low Amen. However, what he meant does for us as believers is that it protects us from despair. And so we have to really be careful about these terms and how we, we misuse these terms. And we have to be very, very careful to understand the deep difference between sadness, a normal human emotion that has a purpose, and despair or hopelessness. Sadness is something that's part of being human despair and hopelessness is from shaitan shaitan is always trying to make us give up shaitan wants to say well, there's no point so just stop trying. That is

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actually a shaitan II thought, however, a person can go through grief and can go through sadness as long as that person has Amen, then that that Eman will make them continue to have hope even when they're in pain. And I i one thing that you'll notice is when you look at the door of a uvala his salon you find this within that door that you bought a salon says enema Sania literal and to our hammer amin indeed despair and it rather indeed distress has befallen me that he is he is acknowledging his distress will enter our home rahimian and you are the Most Merciful of the Merciful. See, even while he was in his his most difficult time and he was being tested year after

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year. He's still continuing to have hope in the mercy of Allah. So when we go through our difficult times, it doesn't mean that you have low Eman because you're sad. However, let that Eman make you acknowledge that things can get better that things will get better and continue to have hope in Allah.