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Banana salatu salam ala Rasulillah we just finished Salah Koolhaas on Dr. Mohamed Morsi. May Allah Allah Allah have Rama on him and may Allah Allah Allah accept him as Martin

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Subhanallah we have finished this Salah here in London, so many Muslim countries, they did not even offer to pray Jana Janaza on him on Salah and Subhanallah look at the level of volume and injustice that was exercised against him and against his family, maybe against the Ummah by letting just the very close family, his wife and maybe his children, to offer Salah to janazah on him. But in fact, in reality, this shows you that he was a lion while he was alive, and he was a lion after his death because they are afraid of him, as they were afraid of many other leaders before him, even after their death. Subhanallah apart from him being a righteous person, because many people said, it is

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confirmed that he's a half of our Quran. He reads Quran frequently he was fasting Mondays and Thursdays, he was praying Gemma in domestic and with his people, he was leading actually the GEMA in the palace. Apart from this because the Egyptian people and I met many of them, okay, during his time, they said, We don't care about this, we want a qualified person to lead us. He was a qualified person, in fact, because he was a qualified person to lead the Egyptians. That's why they got that, again, it's him, he has PhD, he has been a politician for a long time, actually, he won as a PA as a parliamentary person, okay. For five years, I think in he was one of the best in the world. So he

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was a politician, he knew what he wanted to do. Because of this, the whole world, those who do not support justice, and those who do not want to see Muslims developing themselves, and maintaining real justice and freedom in their countries, they plotted against him, look at the amount of injustice that is taking place in the whole world. They have seen this person who was democratically elected, and then just thrown out just easily like this and then thrown in the prison for more than six years or almost six years and in in very bad conditions that everyone is speaking about them. Yet. No one did anything to him. This volume, yes, as Allah Allah, Allah, Allah says, that he will

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not let this roll to go away. Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah enjoys

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justice, and Allah, Allah Allah commands us to observe justice. And Allah Allah Allah Allah commands us to, to maintain justice. And, and Allah, Allah Allah says in the Quran in Allah, Allah you could provide him in the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, a little Maluma tune, yo Milka Yama. Imagine what happened to Dr. Mohamed Morsi, and the injustice that took place against him and against his brothers who have been thrown in prison. There are many lessons to be taken from his life now like Allah, Allah have mercy on him, first of all, why do we support him? First of all, because of the injustice that took place against him, as we said, secondly, because he was the first Allahu Allah,

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we will not say that the last

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president, legitimate president, that who came to power by the will of people, and this is the legitimate, the best legitimate way of appointing leaders and that's why we have to stand for that and we have to clarify that to the whole world. We need to continue the struggle towards justice and freedom that he started with his friends and with his colleagues, we should not let the struggle he wanted through to be in vain. We should not give up because it is a long journey. And obviously, this will happen Allah Allah Allah Allah says Allah, Allah, Allah Allah enquanto Momineen am says Concur Rohan Sakata myself, oh my god from Metro. These tests will happen to anyone. And we should

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remember the Prophet Sal and statement when he said, I should do nasty Bella and Al Anbiya Otama. From Milan, the most tested people are the prophets and then after that, those who are close to the prophets in terms of run this life Subhan Allah is going to vanish. Where is he now?

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We have our trust in Allah

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devil Allah that He will be smiling. He will be enjoying in in his grave. Allah Allah, Allah Allah. We have trust in Him after what we have seen that his grave will be part of Jana. Where are the previous oppressors? The pharaoh of Egypt, where is he? Now Allah Allah Allah told us that he is in hellfire and anyone who follows the path of that kettle, from the pharaohs, the contemporary Pharaohs now without in Egypt or other places, they will face the same destination as Farrell has faced Allah Allah, Allah Allah. Now he is the one who is dealing with him and Allah Allah, Allah, Allah is the most just an Allah, Allah, Allah is the most merciful and he observed everything we

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have like yellow Allah, Rama on him, and may Allah Allah Allah give our own victory. And see brothers, Allah Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran, the MCS compartment upon muscle power MacArthur Mitchell was a young widow have been a nurse, when he LM Allah Who Medina men who were died, I mean come shahada, Allah, who embody me and these are two important lessons. Allah wants to see whether we will continue that struggle or not. This is one and Allah, Allah. Allah likes to take some people whom he loved as martyrs, and we wish that he was one of them.