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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the issue of praying before the Lord and the importance of not praying after the sunrise or sun sets. They also discuss volunteer prayer and the need for people to pray when they receive a message. The conversation ends with a discussion of the concept of "volley time" and the need for people to pray when they receive a message.
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isn't allowed to pray to Raka for the hater mustard a few minutes before mount of prayer

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praying sinner during a time where the person is for bed to pray because then they'll be solid ly Selim said anytime you say the hungry and so every Muslim no prayer after us up until the sun goes down and no pray after fed no prayer after fudger until the sunrise and NW saw Salam said don't pray right before the Lord when the sun in the middle of the sky these three times were in Nevis or sun lamp for bed

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us to pray

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a show a lot of human law debated over the issue what if a volunteer prayer is supposed to take place during this time some of these volunteer prayers and I'm almost agree it is okay like someone making pull off and you're gonna pray the Torah kind of pull off. Somebody for example, woke up from the Salah woke up from sleeping right before so he must pray some people delay the salon until the sunrise or sun goes down. If it's what if it's an obligatory prayer you have to pray it right away.

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Okay. Also, for example, will never sell allow if a person and LMS said if a person have a volunteer for a reason. Like Like for example as taharah like the hidden message you enter we know that we should listen to the Imam all the time I'm giving you the hope but we're not supposed to be engaged in anything else even thicker on a better we're not alone. We should listen to the hotma but still in the midst of solemn told a man when he entered Did you pray? He said no is it stand up and pray while the person giving the hokhmah which it gives you that is basically if the prayer has a reason for it, you should offer it you should offer that's why I do believe that this is a very strong

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argument and this the mytab Shafi Rahim Allah and what it is about the prayer that has reason behind it are allowed to be performed even if it's a time of nature even if the time we're not allowed to pray. And that's the one ratio Rahim Allah and that's the chose of shuffle the stand between me and have been has him has a story it's just funny story. If it hasn't said this particular issue what led me to seek knowledge because he entered the mustard he said so somebody said don't pray don't sit until you pray stop praying about to pray somebody told him others person to them Hey why are you praying said I want to pray to hate your messages you cannot pray because it's now not allowed

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to pray it's almost mother he said I was confused This one has a proven This was approved. He said I decided to go learn myself to know the answer for that Rahim Allah Tada. So the problem is on when you said no prayer, no just a volunteer prayer but if there is a reason behind you should do it. Find a point. If you really come to the mustard right before another one a minute or two. If you wait, stand up and make the cure until that then is called malice metallics at all.

The Prophet (PBUH) has mentioned the three times in a day where it is forbidden to pray. What happens when we enter a masjid and want to pray tahiyatul masjid? What about the two rak’ahs we pray after completing tawaf in Makkah?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers.

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