What Should I Do If I Cannot Wake Up For Fajr

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Prayer is one of the pillars of our religion. Prayer on time is something crucial. Salah should never be delayed without a valid excuse. A lot of us find it difficult to wake up early in the morning to pray Fajr? What should one do? What is some advice that can be given to a person who finds them self in this situation?

Shaykh Saad Tasleem answers

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What do you do if you were unable to wake up for

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the process that I'm told us that if we don't wake up, we're fragile we sleep through it that we should pray as soon as we wake up. Look, federal has many benefits. You know, and I know that the day on what you pray vegetal is unlike a day in which you miss Fisher, you feel that spirituality permeate throughout your day. So praying as soon as you wake up, makes it so that you still get some of that Baraka, you still get some of those blessings. Yeah, it's not as good as praying budget on time, but you're still able to get those spiritual blessings from that prayer. And Allah, Allah Allah knows best