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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the best way to resolve a marital conflict and suggests a multi step process. They also advise finding a solution among yourselves and your partner, and mention the importance of finding a solution within their legal framework. The speaker emphasizes the need to stay within the legal framework and not take on anyone who may be saying lies.
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Couples going through a problem a scenario situation what's the best way to resolve their marital conflict

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The best way to resolve their conflict a multi step process should be done first and foremost try their your your best as a couple to resolve it amongst yourself. direct communication dialogue, merci tenderness, love. Allah says in the Quran, if you want reconciliation, Allah will bring about reconciliation. So try that. If that doesn't work level two is to approach extended family and friends, get people involved who know the both of you and have family interventions, family dialogues, if still, that doesn't work. There's a third level which is essentially a family intervention at a more professional level. Allah says in the Quran, if there is a marital crisis or

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a marital dispute, let the husband choose one arbitrator, let the wife choose one arbitrator lead the two arbitrators then get involved and try to resolve the dispute. Now in our sheds are those two arbitrators, they are legally binding they have to be listened to. So an elderly or a wise person from both sides of the family will get involved listen to everything going on, and then pronounce a proposed plan of action, what should be done. Now obviously in an Islamic land, there is a next level that might possibly be going to an Islamic court or a judge or a call the obviously, in a land that does not have the laws of Islam. This is potentially awkward, because obviously the laws that

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would be followed will be slightly different. I would advise even in lands that are not Islamic. The couples should try their best to go to the masjid find somebody there are Islamic arbitration councils in many non Muslim lands. I know here in America, in England, there are many families, Sharia councils, try your best to go through that going to the courts, has positives and negatives. And I'm not saying we should not do that, at the same time. One should try one's best to try to find a resolution within our framework within our laws of Islam. That is definitely what is best. If there is no other option for a person to get their legitimate Islamic rights then to go to a court,

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then then this would be allowed but they should always have a scholar, a person of knowledge who will help them and guide them through because we don't want to take more than what is due upon us. We don't want to be unjust according to our system. We want to stay within the laws of Allah subhana wa tada and Eliza knows

What should be the steps taken to resolve marital conflicts? Whose help should be ideally sought?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers.

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