Can I Work In A Bank As A Computer Programmer

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Can one work in a bank as a computer programmer?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi questions the sheer enterprise in totality and how it is haram as such. He condemns it strongly ethically, morally and religiously.

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I work at a bank when my job as a computer programmer.

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So anything that involves directly working with banks being hired by banks, we as Muslims are very, very cautious about this, because obviously, we believe the whole enterprise of interest is something that is not healthy, not good it is how long. So if you are directly supporting the infrastructure, that is definitely a problem. However, if you're working for a company that then subcontracts to other companies, so you're working for a neutral company for one month, your project is with the bank for another month is with a hospital for a third month is with the city ordinance or whatnot. So your job is with this company. And the company is then subcontracting you. In this

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case, we can excuse it, because your primary income, your primary job is with a neutral company. And if you have to go for a short period of time, then you are forgiven for that if you're not allowed to get out of it. However, to work directly for a bank or an institution that is clearly held on for example, we cannot work for a beer company, right? We cannot have a job, even if the job in and of itself is might be permissible, like make a computer infrastructure for the beer company. I mean, the point is you're supporting an infrastructure that we strongly ethically and morally disagree with. So we would say that no, you should not work directly for the bank as much as possible and try

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to find an alternative career and job and the shallow data. If you put your trust in a lot a low we'll find a way out for you.