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The speaker discusses the restriction of night prayer at home during the current COVID-19 lockdown, and how it is not allowed to be done. They suggest using a phone or digital device to cover the prayer, and stress the importance of reciting the Quran to connect to it. The focus is on not trying to make a mistake, and the speaker suggests sharing the video and bell icon for notified subscribers.

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As we pray all night prayers at home during this Ramadan lockdown, should we recite from the few sources that we know by heart? Or can we read from the Muslim?

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This question is important because it reminds us that actually, the night prayer is upon us individually. And it's not a condition for it to be performed in the mosque. In actual fact, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his own personal practice was to pray at home as well as many of the companions. And it's only for the benefit of the masses who don't know so much that they need to be led by someone who can complete the Quran with them so that you can hear the complete Quran as it was revealed, in this blessed month that we have the Torah we have prayer. So almost in fact, the Ramadan lockdown is returning us back to our normal Asana, our basic status quo in the sun, which is

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the night prayer ourselves at home. The problem, of course, is that we don't know so much sorters from the Quran, that lack of that lack of variety, we were restricted maybe to a few of the last the 30th of June. And it doesn't then become very wholesome or doesn't become very exciting. And you want to cover more how do you balance between this? Is it permissible to hold something to use the Quran or phone or something like that? In principle, you need to know that movement in the prayer and fidgeting into prayer is a big no no. However, there are levels in the obligatory prayer, it's very restricted, there's very little movement, which is allowed. And even then, though, if that case

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by case on a case by case basis, if the situation arises, there are certain actions which are allowed the supererogatory prior however, that knuffel prayer, what some people call sooner, which is clear Moulay is far less restricted, it's more flexible, it is possible for you to do a little bit of movement, for example, even pray, while sitting down, even praying as the progress of lights and the mud whilst on a camel on the move, and so on and so forth. And so therefore, it is permissible in the supererogatory prayers, like the night prayer for you to actually read from something and turn its pages. Personally, I prefer that you use a phone or an iPad or something that

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is digital, which has less movement required, as opposed to the big turning and so on. And you keep it close to one's chest, you are able to at least have one hand on your chest or below the navel according to the position that you follow where your hand should be, and only using one hand to hold the phone itself and just wondering to turn the page when needed. I think this is something which is allowed and something which is also good. But why? Well, first of all, we have some precedent, I should have the law on her

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servant, the question, he would lead a Sharia law on her internet at home. Now he would know less, which is important, by the way, which shows that even if the one knows less, but they're a male, they should lead the prayer and I should add the love on her has a huge knowledge of the Quran is memorization his understanding, yet she still wants to preserve that that basic principle of the congregational prayer that the males lead and the females follow. And that one would recite from the most have a few pages that will put together at that time, in a very rudimentary fashion, he would he would recite from that. So that's a little precedent there for us. And the need dictates that as

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well. And there's also a desire for us to want to try and cover as much of the Quran as possible in Ramadan where there's a high level of spiritual awareness, which maybe we don't feel at the rest of the rest of the year. At the same time, I do feel that we sometimes get a bit lost in the how debate of Tara we and we forget the why we actually pray Tara We are the pmla it's about getting closer to Allah subhanaw taala. It's about developing a close relationship with the Quran. And that's going to only happen if you understand what you're reciting. If you're invested in what you are reciting, if you are able to internalize, those are verses that you recite, and that's why sometimes it's

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actually best for you to focus on that which you know, which you already have memorized. Even if even if it was when you were young, and it's only a small source, because you know them very well, you're able to spend more time actually studying the Tafseer or reading an English translation before you recite, to connect to them and to internalize them better. When you're praying sometimes and you're following a must have or following a phone, the focus is so much on not trying to make a mistake, maintaining flow, maybe even reciting good tishri that you don't focus so much on who you are standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala. So this isn't just a straightforward answer. It's

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actually not very easy to say no, you should read a must have is better because it's better for you to complete the Quran because the prophets lie Selim completed a Koran every single year and then twice in the year before he passed away in Ramadan, which is good, which I accept. But we can respond to that by saying you can recite the outside of the prayer during the rest of the day, especially as we have so much time on our hands. Now, at the same time, you can see the argument then for reciting that which you're comfortable with where there'll be no mistakes but then

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You're not going to be MPP for adventures, you're not gonna be learning but you're not going to be reflecting and making a debate on the rest of the Quran. So there's an argument for both, and I believe we should combine both approaches, recite a little bit from what you have, and then use a digital device also for the rest of the Quran, which you've reviewed before you recite in the prayer so that it means more in that prep and your pm alone makes you closer to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Wa Allahu Allah. Subscribe to this channel, share this video and click on the bell icon so that you can be notified with every new video at faith IQ