One Thing I Can Do To Be More Focused In Prayer

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Focusing in prayer is a challenge to some of us. If there is one thing that one could do to improve the focus in prayer, what would it be?

Shaykh Saad Tasleem answers

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What is one thing that I can do to be more present and focused in my prayers?

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Look, I know this sounds cliched, but if you really think about the fact that this could be your last prayer, that can make that prayer, very spiritually deep and spiritually strong. Imagine in your prayer before you start any prayer, you tell yourself, I may never get a chance to pray again. I may never get a chance to seek forgiveness from Allah again. I may never get a chance to gain reward from Allah. This could be my last prayer that will make that prayer. Very, very powerful and it will come from your heart. If you truly believe that this could be your last prayer ever. at a loss penalty. Allah knows best