Is It Allowed To Sleep Naked

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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The speaker advises against wearing clothes while alone during nighttime, as it is considered considered considered dirty and may cause embarrassment. They recommend covering oneself with a bed cover and not leaving one's clothes on until the person is comfortable. The speaker also suggests that individuals should avoid touching their body until they are covered.

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isn't allowed to sleep naked

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hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah, if the person means by sleeping naked, like he will be taking off all his clothes or her clothes off, but they will be covered with a cover sheet. bed sheet that's, you know, permissible, that's not considered technically a person being naked, because he is covered with a cover on his bed or her bed. But if the person want no cover, he just want to you know, what, on the mattress just naked?

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Would that be a lot? If the person basically took off his clothes or her clothes off? Because the husband and wife want to intimate together? That's also permissible? And do they have to immediately cover themselves after the finish? Not necessarily. But can these can the person stay basically uncovered naked? What it looks like that the practice in the early time that people don't have a concept of pajamas and underwears and stuff like that, and they don't used to have their clothes on when they go to bed? Usually they will cover themselves with something. But even if, if we imagine that the person became naked while he's sleeping, and I don't see this as a son, but it is not

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something I will recommend, because a lot of him a lot talk about covering the private parts while the person's alone does he or she must cover that while they're alone. Definitely everybody agree that there's something highly recommended for you to do. And the majority said that some few scholars said it is must actually and it's a sin to stay naked. For no valid reason like going to the bathroom or while having intercourse with your

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spouse. And some became more strict about that. Don't Don't forget that even if nobody can see from human gene sees and in the Hadith and Nabi sallallahu wasallam that's reported

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by Muhammad Rahim Allah said, fo our attack, protect your our cover it because also you don't know maybe it's one of the kids come in during that time and wouldn't be appropriate thing

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to happen. That's why I lost my thought and sort of not talked about the issue of taking permission before entering to that place where parents are sleeping or staying. And that's before fudger after Asia and naptime because that's usually people will not have clothes on. And that's the proof that the majority said it is a lot for the person with us alone to take off his clothes, and especially if it is for coolness as well. Somebody who's very hot mentioning this in the old days and sold specifically mentioned that and so the bottom line is my recommendation for you is to cover yourself with a bed cover. And if this happened make sure that the door is locked make sure you see this

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midnight before you take off your clothes. And you try your best to cover at least your private part area will allow

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